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Donald Harvey – Bathroom Boy

August 5, 2014 Sacramento, Santa Rosa 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Donald Harvey is a self proclaimed gangster now a days. I know some of the homeboys that grew up with this homie remember his history. Sophmore year of high school this clown was caught giving Jeremy Evans head in the bathroom stall during class. Gangster Dick Blower has been denying it for the past 20 years. I think the homies would respect him more if he just admitted what 3 of us saw happen. He has a kid and gf now, so maybe it was just a phase of his gayness, but nevertheless, he’s carried the name cum lips for two decades.

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Brittiany Rutkowski

July 3, 2013 Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Would You? 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this rachet ass girl is named Brittiany Rutkowski. Not only is she a home wrecking P.O.S, but she had no moral compass what so ever. She likes to talk to married men, fishing for compliments and sending photos of her old lookin self. She obviously has no respect for herself or anyone else for that matter. She currently lives in Santa Rosa and works at Forever 21. So would you?

Answer: No, with that hairstyle I’d peg her as a 70′s baby…which is old.

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Giovanni Armani Orange

May 20, 2013 San Diego, Santa Rosa, UCLA 68

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Giovanni Armani Franklin. He has been featured here before I am almost sure of it. This freak likes to harass people online and pretend he is a super model. He likes to photoshop pics of himself in different places. He claims to have 15 modeling contracts with top modeling agencies. Especially Armani. Yet has NO photos to prove it except selfies in his cheap tiny bathroom .He claims he did a Dolce & Gabbana shoot but clearly it is him in his bathroom! His Instagram is full of the most ridiculous tags ever like- #PhuckYoFresh_ – #YuMad- #Haters-He claims to be rich yet he is truly broke and his dead beat dad drives a city truck in Inglewood and his mom is a white trash drunk that he KISSES ON THE MOUTH! Ew… He left Illinois after crying in the deans office in his orange crocs cause nobody liked hi, he terrorizes people on twitter and claims to be a multi millionaire yet lives in shitty apartments in Santa Rosa California. He fcks a 60 year old man( shown below) He brags that his Liberace fake rings are diamonds and nobody can be on “his level” cause He is “about that life”, This poor alien looking freak needs to get a life. He likes to stalk anyone that exposes his truths and needs a reality check. According to him speaking ones mind is illegal and he will sue everyone that calls him on his shit! Nik does this look like a top Armani model to you?

Nope, sounds like a cover, dudes a sugar chaser.- nik

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Santa Rosa Gutter Sloot

June 14, 2012 Santa Rosa 0

Santa Rosa Gutter Slut!

Santa Rosa Gutter Slut!

Santa Rosa Gutter Slut!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of trash’s name is Taylor or so she calls herself “Taylor Made” aka D*ck Squad. She is sooo ratchet!! She is proud of her dirty ugly t*tties that hang down to her belly button and she thinks she’s hella fine. She actually says that her tan makes her look skinnier but nothing will hide those dirty a** rolls! She rolls around in her car screaming out DICK SQUAD! If you ever run into this ratchet ass hoe stay away! She’s into only black guys and talks like a ghetto black girl. Her v*gina smells like TUNA! So plug your nose!

Tattoos do not look good on fat chicks.  PS: looks like you needa trim your bush.- nik

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NorCal Trout Needs To Hang It Up

March 19, 2012 Santa Rosa 0

NorCal Trout needs to hang it up!

NorCal Trout needs to hang it up!

NorCal Trout needs to hang it up!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see this Trout all over Santa Rosa taking pics with girls half his age, or maybe 1/4, he even hopped on the Paris Hilton bandwagon, Nik, Please put this Dirtbag and His DirtyStash on Blast!

What the hell is a Santa Rosa?- nik

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Heather Leno Hoffman

February 13, 2012 Santa Rosa 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Heather “Leno” Hoffman. She is the nastiest trashiest sloot from nasty Santa Rosa. Where trash that cant afford to live in Marin Dwell. She seriously believes she is perfect but unfortunately she has a huge crescent moon face. She looks like the spawn of Jay Leno. And she claims her boobs are real, and i certainly hope they are cause if those saggy bags of flesh were paid for, I’d sue the doctor she went to. Beware anyone who comes in her path, because she thinks everything is about her. The funny thing is that she takes it all in a negative way too. If you say hey sloot she turns around whether you were talking to her or not. Freudian slip there Heather?

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Would You With This Santa Rosa Beauty

January 29, 2012 San Francisco, Santa Rosa, The Dirty, Would You? 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the hottest chick ever.  And no she doesn’t think she is the sh*t or act like she is owed something because Tim Tebow’s dad decided to make her one of the hottest on earth.  I have to ask you Nik, would you with this Santa Rosa beauty?

Answer: No, she has 8 toes on one foot and serious eye baggage.

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What Do I Need To Do

January 26, 2012 Santa Rosa 7

what do i need

what do i need

what do i need

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, huge fan of your site. I need your help because I’m fed up with my body and appearance .  Any tips?  Don’t be to harsh, but at least I know you will tel me the truth.

I can’t see you because of those trash tattoos.- nik

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