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Greg Lover

December 19, 2014 Saskatoon 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tracy Kasokeo is the biggest coked out dick loving sqwa there is… All her kids are from different men. She uses her FAS as an excuse to whore around because she doesn’t know any better. She fcked her aunties Old OLD man to get some coke. She fcked him in her vehicle while her child watched then casually drove him home to his wife. She sucked my dick and gave me a sore cock.. But she swallows… Still wasn’t worth it.. She will do anything and anyone for coke she does her make up like a cliwn , but looks scarier without it… No cure for ugly face and ugly person all together

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Basketball Queen

December 19, 2014 Saskatoon 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this mother and daughter duo are whores who like to share the same cock. They shared quite a few guys already. They both have a thing for men with wives and like to f*** around. They like men of all ages and all races. Savannah (the daughter) turned to black guys apparently all the other guys weren’t good enough for nasty cnt. They wonder why they’re still single and have no friends but each other. These two are dirty bitches and to top it off the mother Jessica is a teacher who likes to bother the young boys.

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The Blue Diamond Duo

December 19, 2014 Saskatoon 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Theae two need to be put on blast, like mother like daughter, i was going to SIIT with Barbara and she asked me to come out drinking with on a friday, shes been hittimg on me ateady since school started but im not into fat chicks who smell but decided to go for drinks , well we end up at blue diamiond wer her mom is an her mom tries to hit on me n grab me lol i left those drunk bitches like i mean have some respect i heard later Barbara had a drd and was still hitting up BD lol

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The Side Tail You’ve been looking for

December 19, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Will fck your man knowing that he has a gf or wife .. Will do anything for you includes going to visit you at your home you share with your partner and watching the kids he has with his gf … The real side hoe … Just don’t fck her without a condom because she try’s to get pregnant to keep you… Easily confused thinking what your man does for you he would do the same for her!! She still lives at home with her mom .. Shes always looking for someone to take care of her .. Opens her legs to nearly anyone she gets it from her mama as they say like mom like daughter .. Lindsie jordanne Celine is what she goes by on facebook … Don’t try confront her because her whole family writes statements to the cops

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Two Timer Peter Soita

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Peter Soita has 2 girlfriends and plenty of side bitches. He will pretend to be you friend and rob your medicine cabinet and take any money he sees around your house. Be aware and stay away from this man.

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Mothers of the Year

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Both of these girls are unfit mothers. One the mother of the other girl ” Paula Bee” on facebook doesn’t even know how to look after her children she has, which I lost count of. Yet she’s also in a gang. I’m sure you all know the one who everyone is in! “TRANNY SQAUD” This girl is a fcking joke. She has been living with H** for how long, yet she is on the black pages selling her ass. Oh well at least she gets by right? Instead of living off of welfare, a measly $255.00 a month which you can get more when you work for a living. She is really pathetic. I feel seriously sorry for her kids for what they have to go through, always hitting them and forcing them to go outside without proper clothing, and drinks and gets them high when the youngest is under 3. I’d say they belong in Child & Family Services, at least they will be treated right! What else can she give besides opening her lips for more kids. She thinks shes all that because shes in a gang but yet shes straight ugly! & doesn’t have any eyebrows always draws them in. Both of these girls are UNFIT MOTHERS! Paula’s daughter has a kid with a 26 year old jail bird, when she is only 15 herself! But most of all their kids belong in care! At least they all will be treated proper.

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Baby Momma Drama

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon, Winnipeg 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these 3 really need to be put on blast. Come on seriously! Carlos is a complete loooser who bounces back and forth between his two baby mammas. Angel and brittany. Angel is fcking retard for always taking his dumb useless ass back. When he is at her house she does everything for him and when I say everything I mean everything ! Carlos takes advantage of her and in the end always leaves and ends up hurting her Nd their kids. Thats where brittany comes in the this picture. She hooked up with carlos while carlos was with angel and she knew angel was at their home waiting for him with their kids. But that didn’t stop her from being with carlos and getting pregnant. Everyone told her that he already had a babymamma and he always ends up back with her but that still didn’t stop her. I feel sorry for her no she gets to go through everything he put angel thru. And I doubt he will even be there for her kid when he ain’t even there for his first two kids. He probably has gotten other chicks pregnant. He is a compulsive liar only thinks about himself. He thinks he is this big tough drug dealer when he has no money haha how do you sell drugs but are always broke living off of your babymammas or other people. I know a few people that he owes money too cause he ripped them off. Angel told me personally that she even paid a debt he owed one time. Hurting much. Brittany told me that he owes her money too lmfao really taking money from your babymammas you da man ! I know all of this cause I know all 3 of them personally. I have them all on my fb and I find it funny seeing angel and Brittany’s statues about carlos makes me lmfao cause thses girls are so stupid thinking he loves them. Carlos creie for Angel and his kids when he is drunk. Grow the up man and quit acting like your all that. When in reality you ain’t shit but a deadbeat!. I feel sorry for you babymammas. Nik please put thses 3 on blast! Tell me what you think of their fd up love triangle nik?

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Mykayla Bearboy

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this betch has got to be put on blast! mykayla your a dirty little hoe and everyone knows it. the worst part about you is you brought I little boy into this world and you drank throw your whole pregnancy and idk how anyone would ever want to f*ck such an ugly beast!! this hoe thinks shes a f*cken 10!! yuck f*ck, everyone knows your not. I feel bad for yur son to have such an ugly piece of sh*t like you for a mother… and honestly you should start acting like a f*cken grown ass woman and ditch that southside gang already. its sick as f*ck to have your (1month) old son wearing a grey flag around his belly area… you need to have that baby taken away.. I heard you had the clap not once but three times! always trying to act tuff and say your solid when all your southside home girls sit around and talk sh*t about you.. we all know your ugly as F*** and we’ve seen you fight aha mykayla just shut your mouth and get a real life and quit spending your sons money on drinking you deadbeat hoe!

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