Jenay Shakur

October 22, 2014 Saskatoon 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: ew ok nik , this ratchet as girl is disgusting ! she plays out the classy act just to get in boys pants . im pretty sure she is from up north she always trys to act solid but when it comes down to it she can never back up her home girls besides call the cops than go on facebook and flip shit and say this and that ! , point is i hate this girl , she slept with my boyfriend! than i broke up with him , sorry i should say ‘ ex’ but anyways on to the next lol my next bf she fcked him just to get me mad ! so i broke up with him i was like k fck this stupid no good garilla smelly bitch is pissing me off everytime i have a bf she has to spread her infested egg smelling vagina around my men ! but lets get to the point, that was just a little story. anyways this ugly girl ‘ JENAY SHAKUR ‘ i always here the hood talking about this gross girl always tryna say shes SOUTHSIDE or terror squad LMAO! like haha like really than she will deny it when one of the higher ups ask her and she s like no LMAO but she goes around having sex for free drinkgs and free drungs ! she even gives her mom the money she makes from escorting but i hurd her mom pimps her out lmao ! hahaha

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Daniel Caissie

October 22, 2014 Saskatoon 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this pig incest fingered his cousin A.M. and fcked his cousin S.C.same lastname even….fcked his brothers wife while his brother was in jail which probably caused their divorce… n not even a month after his brothers passing he was with his woman in the bed they shared in the home they shared, while ditching out on his 5 kids. he has also fucked his dads wife who used to b a sniffer on the street, this guy is sick! there has been rumours here in ile-a-la-crosse that have been going around for years of his caisse family, except Robyn shes probably the only normal one in that family. that’s probably why they moved away because of the rumours, they must b true, I would leave too. so sick I wont even say what the rumours are!

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Israel Stylee

October 22, 2014 portage la prairie, Saskatoon, Winnipeg 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik and hello everyone my facebook name is israel stylle but my real name is yechezkal malkin i would like to start off by saying i really love getting fcked up the ass by guys and girls thats why i love going to jail also i enjoy beating on women and drugging them up or pimping them out so i can make some bucks. well enough of that i just want to say to everyone that im looking to meet new people who are down to do anything they want to me i just love being ass fcked all the time and socking cock too i hasd to move from portage la prairie because i ran out of people who want to fck me so im hoping to meet people here in winnipeg that would love to fuk me

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Oh Look, Another Tootoosis

October 22, 2014 Saskatoon 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well look who is surfin the pages of POF, Good ol skeez bag Lisa Tootoosis, Her whole profile is fake LOL Mind you if you put down your were a dirty old escort sketched out on crack it might be hard to find a date.

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Christy the Old Slore

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a true white. This girl has slept end her way through everyone at the GEC in North Battleford. She has done so much cr*ck and coke that she has OD on it twice. She now met some guy who is as big as loser as she is, they met at rehab. She has three different kids from three different men all one night stands except the last. We are sure she is full of drds. In her past time she sleeps around to try and get money out of men.

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Bridget and Dacy

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik , i no my spelling is bad and i have bad grammar. but yall will understand anyways.. lol OKay look at these two , Bridget and Dacy ! , i remember i use to go to school with these girls back when dacy was a hoe lmfao , i remember she invited me to a party so i went and there was a bunch of black guys there and i was like EW okay what the F is this it smells like africa in here , ( no a fence lol ) anyways . i go in the back room and here is bridget and shes like omg dacy i thought you wernt gonna bring anyone here lol i was like k well wtf peace out haha so i left and dacy waslike come one these guys have ‘ Money ‘ lmao , anyways long story short these 2 sexy bad bitches are so NOT GOOD , yeah there hot as fawk but there vaginas are filled withs sins!!! so watch out saskatoon we got some dirty dogs running on the lose! , Oh and you can find these 2 gurls at the RAIN GETTING FREE DRINKS. LOL BROKE BITCHES NOW A DAYS . HAHAHA OH AND BRIDGET I DONT LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOUR HOT ! I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOUR HOT AND DACY YOUR JUST A WHORE . THAT GOES ON DATES AND DATES AND DATES , LIKE DESPRET .. OR MAYBE NOT …. MAYBE A GOLD DIGGN HOE!!!!! …. HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE I DONT LIKE THESE GIRLS AT ALL ! THERE SO SLUTTY AND SO CONSEDED AND JUST PICTURE WHORES !!!!!! . STUPID BITCHES SHOULD GET A LIFE THAN BEING PRETTY AND SLUTTY SLEEPING WITH EVERYONES BABY DADDY AND MAN AROUND SASKATOON FIND THEM IN ANY HOOD HOUSE IN THE HOOD IN SASKATOON . EW

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LG Hunter

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Kurtis Schafer , AKA a child molester . This sick Fck was dating a women who birthed his child who also had a daughter from a previous relationship , who he sexualy molested . And she’s no older then 10 . Niki post this scum so people know who to keep their children away from him . He was in jail till late August for his fcked up pedo crimes , which isn’t even enough time for taking away a small childs innocence.

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Fort Saskatchewan RCMP

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirt RCMP from fort Saskatchewan who can’t get enough of himself Curtis huculak

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