Bridget and Dacy

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik , i no my spelling is bad and i have bad grammar. but yall will understand anyways.. lol OKay look at these two , Bridget and Dacy ! , i remember i use to go to school with these girls back when dacy was a hoe lmfao , i remember she invited me to a party so i went and there was a bunch of black guys there and i was like EW okay what the F is this it smells like africa in here , ( no a fence lol ) anyways . i go in the back room and here is bridget and shes like omg dacy i thought you wernt gonna bring anyone here lol i was like k well wtf peace out haha so i left and dacy waslike come one these guys have ‘ Money ‘ lmao , anyways long story short these 2 sexy bad bitches are so NOT GOOD , yeah there hot as fawk but there vaginas are filled withs sins!!! so watch out saskatoon we got some dirty dogs running on the lose! , Oh and you can find these 2 gurls at the RAIN GETTING FREE DRINKS. LOL BROKE BITCHES NOW A DAYS . HAHAHA OH AND BRIDGET I DONT LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOUR HOT ! I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOUR HOT AND DACY YOUR JUST A WHORE . THAT GOES ON DATES AND DATES AND DATES , LIKE DESPRET .. OR MAYBE NOT …. MAYBE A GOLD DIGGN HOE!!!!! …. HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE I DONT LIKE THESE GIRLS AT ALL ! THERE SO SLUTTY AND SO CONSEDED AND JUST PICTURE WHORES !!!!!! . STUPID BITCHES SHOULD GET A LIFE THAN BEING PRETTY AND SLUTTY SLEEPING WITH EVERYONES BABY DADDY AND MAN AROUND SASKATOON FIND THEM IN ANY HOOD HOUSE IN THE HOOD IN SASKATOON . EW

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LG Hunter

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Kurtis Schafer , AKA a child molester . This sick Fck was dating a women who birthed his child who also had a daughter from a previous relationship , who he sexualy molested . And she’s no older then 10 . Niki post this scum so people know who to keep their children away from him . He was in jail till late August for his fcked up pedo crimes , which isn’t even enough time for taking away a small childs innocence.

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Fort Saskatchewan RCMP

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirt RCMP from fort Saskatchewan who can’t get enough of himself Curtis huculak

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Hands In Her Pants

October 20, 2014 Saskatoon 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I gotta tell you all about this Josh Mason guy who goes by JoshP306 on pof. He plays nice and sweet one minute talking about how bad he had it as a kid till you feel sorry for him and give him a date. He tried to pick me and my friend up on pof giving us the same story playing the cool good guy talking all sweet making promises and sh*t. I was going to give him a chance until I showed a pic to a girlfriend of mine then she got all concerned. I guess Josh met her with some of our “friends” one night then got her drunk and she woke up in a bedroom with his hands down her pants trying to get some. Thankfully she woke up in time and she charged the goof, the f*cker was a rent a cop for the hospital so who knows who else he has touched with his greasy hands. The f*ck didn’t say anything about having sex assault charges or anything before trying to get with me and my friends. Ladies don’t fall for this waste of a boy or he might hurt you. Check with the police, I did and they said he has to disclose it to every woman he has relations with.

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October 20, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: okay ladies this here is the biggest Nominee douchbag ive ever seen or heard of…HIs name is Michael W Smallchild. He has been kicked out of his rez and Saskatoon and currently lives in Regina. I wonder why? He comes across as a nice polite guy but that’s a front to get what he wants from you like booze, crack, blow or sex. and he will only talk to you or kick it with you until he knows your broke then he will move onto his next mark. He usually hangs around ladies on cheque days such as family allowance day. Or someone elses payday. He collect welfare.I have never met a guy who thinks soo highly of himself. But yet works at Labour Ready in Regina, Sk and drinks Lucky beer. Very classy! I mean some people on here have every reason to be stupid because there young but this douchbag is old as f&^k and thinks he can score any chick he wants. The only chick whod put up with him is his on again off again girlfriend Tara Weber from Harbor Landing. I told her many times that hes a loser and im not going to fight over a Nominee. He says hes a pimp but he got taxed in 2013. He brags that he has street hookers but they are just a couple girls that will do anything for a drink, hit of crack or blow. Very gutter and street. He has a DRD frequents bars such as the Smittys, the Kings Head and tries to party with people who are above his class. Hes one fugly broke azz loser! so dirty army pass the word on and ladies do not give him a chance because he has FAS/ADHD and is just dirty!!

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Baby mama slut

October 20, 2014 Saskatoon 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi people this tiny girl is Ashley silva . Idk if u heard of her but apparently every dude In ns has had a taste of this . She used to be a nice thick beautiful girl & now she’s dead looking pale & just down right disgusting she has so many eating problems and Blames in on her baby . Saying her baby holds her back . You’re a piece of shit mom get real. Oh yah her Real LEGIT baby’s dad is Dakota spence who is not a dead beat . He tries to see her but ashleys stupid bf Brady gee threatens to break up with Ashley if she lets him see her . Can u say issues ? How bout you stop chasing dick hun & focus on you’re kid . All u see on fb is her crying about her boyfriend who always cheats on her . Calls her no good and leaves her for some thot but she lets him come back & did I mention she wants another baby with Brady and she’s trying to have “a keep a nigga baby” no hun don’t do that you can’t even focus on one child never mind two. Just because you have the income to have a baby doesn’t mean u should . That baby is always neglected & you should be ashamed of you’re self . Puting on fb ouu who has blow . Who has acid who has this and that . Grow up. Crcked out mom & not to mention you’re friend Avery just a known hoe ask around everyone Avery has slept with at least 4 guys since she’s been with Cody . Opppps pathetic hoes .

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October 20, 2014 Saskatoon 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: April Doepker , raging alcoholic chain smoking drug addict coke sniffing slut. fcked all my friends when she knew I liked her and then finally acknowledged my existence after they all fucked her and her crack head boyfriend dumped her. me being a lonely nerd who never gets laid fell for her trap.she is infected with all drd’s. now she thinks i want them. she ignores my calls on weekends and when she is with her million other boyfriends. she texts me sometimes when she is with them but then disappears for a few days with the same excuses. she is always getting blacked out drunk and lets guys have their way with her, she cant turn down drugs. especially coke. so if you got coke and booze, and don’t mind catching every drd give her a call. shes ignoring my calls and texts and knows it makes me crazy.

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Cody Hastings

October 17, 2014 Saskatoon 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is cody hastings he is a cheater ladies he may be married but when it comes down to it all he will come over have sex with you and return to his wife like he the best husband in the world, he will tell you anything he can to get inside your head and manipulate you into doing anything he wants you to do. He lies he cheats and hell he will even tell you he loves you and will leave his wife for you then he will make up excuses not to leave her.

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