Jeremy Gran – Sexual Harasser

July 28, 2014 Saskatoon 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this is Jeremy gran he lives here in saskatoon , I’ve met him about 6 years ago , recently he has tried to come in contact with me over Facebook and I blocked him , he made a fake Facebook acct to get into contact with me again and told me that if I didn’t give him sexual favours he would get my 5 year old daughter involved an post me on your site and to my surprise I’m posted !!! He’s a sexual harasser nik and if he doesn’t get what he wants he steal all your info off Facebook or anywhere he can take it and make up the most disgusting , nasty lies he can think of , he even posted my daughter who is 5 her name on this site and her address an told anyone looking on this site if they are child molesters or rapers they can come to my address and have at us all this because he didnt get what he wanted which was sex !!! He has also done this to many of other girls of who don’t want to be mentioned on here . This guy is nothing but a waste of skin , perverted man and if he don’t get sex of out you he will do anything in his power to make you feel as if u HAVE to give him sexual pleasures for him to stop verbally and emotionally hurting you ! H’s nothing but a waste of life nik perverted, disgusting, woman abuser and plain old man whore and will tear any girl apart if she doesn’t give it up …I blocked him on Facebook as stated earlier so he went and made up a fake account of which I posted where he has threatened me beware saskatoon ladies .

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Loertta Lynn

July 28, 2014 Saskatoon 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok well this little trap .. well shouldnt say little cause shes like 50 sum years old always sleeping with her daughters friends and fucking prtaically every guy out there that will provide a baby sitter or a bottle/ coke cane in her nose. but how does she stay so yung when shes old as fuck ? like GIVE IT UP ALREADY LORETTA YOU HAVE GRANDKIDS AND KIDS THAT AND YUNGER THAN 7 AND OLER THAN 18, YOUR HOOCHIE DAYS ARE OVER NOW. ….but anyways i remmeber i was partying with this old bitch and some tracy bitch and this whore loretta didnt no i had a bf at the party and my man went to the bathroom and she comes along and goes in the bathroom and starts sucking him off for some lines ? so i left the party, ( and oh yeah my bf is only 17 ) anyways .. later on that week my girl comes over and saying this stupid OLD BItch LORETTA LYNN fucked my man … likes shes so old and posing around on facebook like shes on 50 like ew her vagina is probably the size of a watermelon how many kids she gots she is so smelly and gross i herd her vagina looks like the blue waffle from how many decades she bin alive and boning everyone she can possible hop on! and OH YEAH YOU CAN FIND THIS 50 YEAR OLD BITCH AT THE RAIN NIGHT CLUB GETTING FREE DRINKS WIHT YUNG ONES AND AT MANCHESTERS SUCKING OFF GUYS IN THE BATHROOM WITH HER DAUGHTER MIRANDA AND ALYSSA ! … oh yeah not to mention SHE HAS 3 SUMS WITH HER DAUGHTERS , SO ITS A MOTHER AND DAUGHTER COMBO!! WITH THE CLAP AND OTHER STDS! OR STI. SO WATCH OUT

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North Battleford Finest Slumlord

July 25, 2014 Saskatoon 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man Joe Ferrato if you can call him that, is a pimp to the fullest, he says he owns all these house’s in NB and claims to the the biggest business man, when all he is a rental man on run down houses. He is known to frequent young natives girls to do sexual pleasure on him in exchange for cheaper rent, what a classy married man he is. Watch out girls if you move into one of his run down house’s in North Battleford.

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Arlyn Harper

July 24, 2014 Saskatoon 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to Arlyn Harper from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan. Home boy brings a different girl home every week, still lives under his parents roof I might add. He says he would “rather pay for coke than pay child support” for his daughter. There are speculations that he punched a girl in the face. I highly believe it’s true because he lives to deny everything. I almost forgot, he fucked his own cousin. He has so many people after him, has a criminal record. Homeboy talks so big to make up for smaller things.

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Fake Loser Sniffer

July 24, 2014 Saskatoon 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is David Pritchard , biggest goof , wanna b player out there. This guy is currently shaked up with a fat loser by the name of Jody Robinson, she has seven kids by seven different baby dads, this clown is so messed up he thinks her newest addition is his even though the baby is clearly African, the guy Jody was banging to make this kid by the way is 68 yrs old , she’s around 26 . Fckin gross, all because he paid her rent n drug habit. And as for David he once let it slip that he had sex with his 16 old cousin. Fckin skinner to the fullest. ” because I was drunk n high he said” ever sick. This guy has even prostituted himself for drugs, n had no shame doing so, Jody likes to think she has a real winner here but little does she know this goof is out there sleeping around with whatever he can get his hands on, be warned lady’s this guy has multiple stds, gave me one and tryed to put it on me, but little does he know I always get checked so yeh ” DIRTY” it was from u, haha what a nickname this guy goes by, perfect for this site if u ask me, nick what u think?

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William Boudreau

July 24, 2014 Saskatoon 11



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this douche bags name is brad William boudreau. He runs the site swift current confessions. He likes to spread slander and he’s to big of a pussy to do it under his own name. He trolls the uck out of it pretending to be 3 other people. He spreads lies about people and tried to have my best friends baby away from her. He also send a bunch of thugs to my door to have them steal my dog. He also send people over to some guys house to have the shit kicked out of him, only months after his dad was killed after people came in and jumped his dad. How horrible is that. He is secretly gay. He fucked his good friends gay brother. The brother added pictures of them cuddling on his instigram. He tried to get a local restaurant closed down by spreading lies that the employee has a*ds/**v! I secretly think that he has h**. Why else would someone be so anal about spreading lies about other people and their diseases. If he wasn’t dirty then Maybe I would believe him. He also takes way to many mirror selfies to be straight. He is high maintenance and that’s odd for a guy around here. Defiantly something fishy about him. Ladies watch out and demand a drd check if he even tries to persuade you. Nik please help me spread the truth. We the people are done loosing and want to win one finally

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Kaitlyn Pawluk

July 23, 2014 Saskatoon 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thia girl goes by the name os kaitlyn Pawluk. Dont let the pretty makeup fool you she is one beat down feene. Didnt she used to be a “stripper” here in saskatoon? Or some sort of cheap as escourt? Oh baby your going places …as much as you can be in toon city I guess. Thats probably where she contracted her drd… to many bareback. Come on girl wrap that shit up. Think twice before putting your dick in this little number… chances are youll catch something for life. Thanks for ruining my sexual life you effing whore. Karma in a bitch and il come right back for you. And for everyone else she has managed to pass along her little girl too. Figure your life out and stop persuing anyone and anything that will give you the slightest bit of attention. You make me sick ypu drd infected whore. One tipnof advance wash your pussu before fucking mulitple guys on the same day…. might help with that rancid smell you have down there sometimes

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Sniffer Goof

July 23, 2014 Saskatoon 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Junior Pritchard , This clown thinks he’s such hott shit now that he’s shacked up with a white trash flabby cow named Jody Robinson who by the way has seven kids, seven different baby dads, saw this goof the other day when he was with her n acted like he never knew me, go wash your warts u nasty fck, this guy has fucked every junkie hooker out ther with no rubber, no wonder he uses an old pic of himself on facebook , fckin looks sick, prolly caught something from Jody, she once told my gf she got gang banged in a bathroom cause she was board, these two deserve each other lol junior aka “dirty ” the name suites u ,

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