lTracy Head

September 9, 2014 Saskatoon 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this big ugly fat bitch goes by Tracy Head but is well known to PA & Saskatoon as ..Whore..Scuzzy bitch..ratchet whore…skank…hood rat…money monger..B.O smelling how. She’s named many other names for wrecking 3 marriages at her old work place and cheating on these so called husbands she forced to leave their wives and families. With her stank ass. She’s also known as using men ..even her own family ..HER dad andt her brothers for money. She cleaned out her last boyfriend using up his dumb ass for money he bought furniture and everything and once she got what she wanted she left him for another married man. These men aren’t so bright. But this is a post to warn all you “new” potentials in Saskatoon she used up PA and us wanted on every corner from a wife or girlfriend or a man she’s duped. So look out Saskatoon. She’s an all out whore. She smells of BO really bad during sex and according to men who have went to that god awful place she has a huge smelly vagina aka loose bucket.

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Naomi Pass Around

September 9, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: This 29 yr old broad likes to talk shit about other hoodrats meanwhile shes the biggest, oldest hoodrat of them all. She robs guys for coke and even her own friends, she acts like she doesnt sleep around but she goes home with a different nigger every wknd! Even fucks around with her friends men and gets knocked up by her baby daddys cousins.. shes lived on welfare for more than ten yrs … se lives in a dirty run down 2 bdrm 4plex with her 4 kids and bunch of her family members. They are coked up, drunk or slamming 24-7 . She claims shes ballin outta control but accually shes always stealing from malls for grocery money for her starving kids Because she spent all her welly check for drugs. Shes a coke whore she will do anything for coke .. and on top of all that she has drd !!!! The reason shes been single for so long and has to fck with randoms

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Erin Chester

September 9, 2014 Saskatoon 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well let me just introduce (not the only) but one of many sluts that come in and like to throw their cat around! I constantly hear of this “woman” (shes20;and should act like it!) being a little snake going around sleeping with multiple guys! Even hear of her messing around with her bbdaddy while she\’s taking turn with other dudes. She sleeps,or sucks off guys Just for food, booze or drugs (when she claims she’s always drug&alcohol free) The girl has a kid she doesn’t even take care of but acts like she’s mother of the god damn year. She’s retarded, lies her way through every little thing she can, just to get some dick. Then she’ll leave you and you’ll hear about her being with someone else a couple days later. Oh yeah, I was recently at a party that she was also at, she got thrown and kicked out. Later on Someone mentioned that they heard she had an hpv (genital warts) I’ve also been told shes had multiple drds, and she would spread them around purposely!!! they say don’t believe unless you see it, but I thought I’d do the humanly thing and warn some people out there about this lil nasty Cumdumpster . Karmas a bitch yo, and you’ll get yours.. Sooner or later.

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Crusty Cory

September 9, 2014 Saskatoon 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shit dirt here is 20-year old Cory Charles/Bird. He claims to love and miss his two babies so much yet he hasn’t seen them in almost a year, nor made the attempt! He has two baby mommas, almost had three until the baby was miscarried. He also cheats on his girlfriends repeatedly and will also throw them down by their hair, slam doors into their faces, and throws them around whilst pregnant! He is nothing but low life scum. He doesn’t work, doesn’t go to school, and has no motivation to get off his ass and do anything! He’ll threaten to k** himself if you leave him, and he spazzes out and throws his head through walls, and cuts himself, and attempts hanging himself. He’s a fcking psycho. Takes meds for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and suffers from depression. He’s a fcking sick cunt. He’ll use you for love and sex, because he’ a lonely and wants to live off of you. -.-’ he’ll ask to put butter in your ass and ask you to push it out, and he’ll constantly try do anal. And he eats ass too.

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Dude with 20 Kids

September 5, 2014 Saskatoon 192

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is thomas wuttunee aka tommygunnz i was with im for ten years trying to make a family but guess i was the only one comitted he was getting trolls pregnant all over the province and fucking my gay brother and my sister in the process. ten years is a long time to be spending with the wrong person so im getting back at him by letting the world know just how screwed up this prick is i always use to catch him looking at kids online cams and gay dudes and now hes waiting to go to prison for molesting a family mameber so yeah im not that mad anymore knowing his life is fucked up now i just wanted to vent cause this sick fuck thinks nobody knows his sick way but i do and im done by tommy and ps dont drop the soap !

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But First… Let Me Take A Selfie

September 3, 2014 Saskatoon, The Dirty 125

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, best friends not only stick together they lick together. Good old Britt Foot, Tasha Baier and Sara Irving… and that over tanned Beth broad. You Four are just a bunch of silly ass goof tramps who have no dignity or care for your self worth… Anyways back to these three goof troops licking each others boobs. You three deserve the slow clap in the sl*t department. Have some class and keep that shot under wraps. If you guys are into… don’t take pictures and send them out and when the world sees then cry wolf. Like piss off already Sara and Britt. You have fake boobs we know we know… the entire city has seen them via the text messages you send out to any man thirsty enough to give you the time a day. Keep your shirts on and maybe men or just the public in general will respect you ladies. You got fake boobs… they aren’t exactly rare in this city anymore… you wanna cookie Britt and Sara? And frankly Tasha…. you bat sh*t crazy we all know this but I know even you know better than this sh*t. Get it together girl!!!!!!!!!!

 I clicked, the boob job on the left is terrible.- nik


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Camp Fools

September 2, 2014 Saskatoon 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. I like to introduce Alfie Piche & Delaina Mccallum. Alfie Piche is the biggest camp slut there is. He thinks he can score whoever he wants, whenever he wants! He doesn’t give a fck about that ring on his finger. All he cares about is getting is next lay. He has a beautiful wife at home while he’s out on the run with a camp whore Delaina Mccallum. She’s a whore from buffalo narrows. But then again who isn’t a whore in buffalo narrows? She started taking this HEO program saying she’s out to change her life for her kid that she abandoned with her mom. She’s a lying little whore. She’s been passed around. Talk about used n abused. Dumb loose cunt should fuckin know better. I guess they are better off together lol but most likely he’ll be calling home in less then a week when he figures out what a nasty ass hoe she is my rant of the night.

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Piapot First Nations

September 2, 2014 Saskatoon 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This THING here is Shantelle Toto from Piapot First Nation…she’s one of those chicks who is FOREVER pregnant. She made herself FAT just so she can play it off. She lies so much and always had pretend boyfriends that no ones heard of. She would say she’s getting married all the time meanwhile no one wants this pass around…except for her now “fiancé” Billy Laswisse lol I feel bad for him. He thinks he has himself a great wife. Meanwhile she’s a Facebook whore. She’s always messaging guys who already have women and I know because she messages my man all the time trying to spill her relationship problems to him. I have other friends with the same problems with her. She thinks us ladies get jealous of her because we call her out on her slutty ways but this conceited little home wrecker has it all wrong. Pretty sure if some woman went to your man with the same sleezy shit you pull on our men you wouldn’t like it either. Better watch out ladies, don’t trust your man around this whore. She acts like she’s the perfect housewife on Facebook meanwhile she’s a snake. Poor Billy lmao

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