William Boudreau

July 24, 2014 Saskatoon 13



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this douche bags name is brad William boudreau. He runs the site swift current confessions. He likes to spread slander and he’s to big of a pussy to do it under his own name. He trolls the uck out of it pretending to be 3 other people. He spreads lies about people and tried to have my best friends baby away from her. He also send a bunch of thugs to my door to have them steal my dog. He also send people over to some guys house to have the shit kicked out of him, only months after his dad was killed after people came in and jumped his dad. How horrible is that. He is secretly gay. He fucked his good friends gay brother. The brother added pictures of them cuddling on his instigram. He tried to get a local restaurant closed down by spreading lies that the employee has a*ds/**v! I secretly think that he has h**. Why else would someone be so anal about spreading lies about other people and their diseases. If he wasn’t dirty then Maybe I would believe him. He also takes way to many mirror selfies to be straight. He is high maintenance and that’s odd for a guy around here. Defiantly something fishy about him. Ladies watch out and demand a drd check if he even tries to persuade you. Nik please help me spread the truth. We the people are done loosing and want to win one finally

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Kaitlyn Pawluk

July 23, 2014 Saskatoon 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thia girl goes by the name os kaitlyn Pawluk. Dont let the pretty makeup fool you she is one beat down feene. Didnt she used to be a “stripper” here in saskatoon? Or some sort of cheap as escourt? Oh baby your going places …as much as you can be in toon city I guess. Thats probably where she contracted her drd… to many bareback. Come on girl wrap that shit up. Think twice before putting your dick in this little number… chances are youll catch something for life. Thanks for ruining my sexual life you effing whore. Karma in a bitch and il come right back for you. And for everyone else she has managed to pass along her little girl too. Figure your life out and stop persuing anyone and anything that will give you the slightest bit of attention. You make me sick ypu drd infected whore. One tipnof advance wash your pussu before fucking mulitple guys on the same day…. might help with that rancid smell you have down there sometimes

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Sniffer Goof

July 23, 2014 Saskatoon 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Junior Pritchard , This clown thinks he’s such hott shit now that he’s shacked up with a white trash flabby cow named Jody Robinson who by the way has seven kids, seven different baby dads, saw this goof the other day when he was with her n acted like he never knew me, go wash your warts u nasty fck, this guy has fucked every junkie hooker out ther with no rubber, no wonder he uses an old pic of himself on facebook , fckin looks sick, prolly caught something from Jody, she once told my gf she got gang banged in a bathroom cause she was board, these two deserve each other lol junior aka “dirty ” the name suites u ,

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Regina’s Pepsi Fiend

July 23, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shyanna lee pfeifer-Longman She fcks for money or coke. And she can quiff on command she claims its her talent she even claims her pus pus can blow bubbles she had to go to the hospital to get a rotten tampon out,Shes a compulsive liar. She has a bunch of used moldy sex toys. Shes a freak of human nature the semen her mother should have swallowed. She is nothing but a write off of a person. Who only cares about herself She gives the guys from gmc blowjobs for workout pills and protein shakes she got fired from golds gym for being to f*ckd up on pre-workout all the time, and got caught fucking old men while working. Shes been to every school in the city because everyone knows about her baby carrot story “miss vegetarian” got a baby carrot stuck in her pus at lunch showing off!HA Shes literally had 6 abortions! plan parenthood is whre she be AT! The bitch gave me cla**a twice! Nik shes the definition of DIRTY! She likes 2 roll with fugly’s to make her self look better, she talks SOO hood and raunchy Hood-rat mouth clean chinin..classy Oh no far from!She knows shes trash!She rolls with huge broads so she dont get cot slippin,Cause she try’s throwing herself at any man who’s got a chick. NOW Don’t get me started on her coc**ne addiction, CokeWhore is dis chicks Deffinition. hollywoods=Freerezbitch!We caught her getting drilled by five black dudes in the back Of the hooka smokin CRAK!EWmade her lick the her shit off my dick, Sour smellin puss and its permanent! I puked on it!

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Saskatoon Fish

July 23, 2014 Saskatoon 203

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is melissa lee a dirty little gold digging pof whore.she prostitutes herself off to anyone willing to buy her stuff.she came over to my house and sold me sex for hair extentions and a cell phone while her 5 year old daughter mya was in the other room learning how to be a prostitute just like her filthy pig of a mother.her personality is as fake as the hair I bought her.don’t believe a word this dirty little tramp tells u she is just a fat prostitute looking for a dollar.she can look hot but believe me I’ve seen her with no makeup and no hair extentions in she’s just a fat ugly pig when she takes that clown mask off.u can find this skank hooker on plenty of fish she gave it up to me on the first night we met when she was 8 months pregnant.also I banged her with no condom and I have banged alot of dirty girls with no rubbers so beware!!!

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Engaged Sloot

July 23, 2014 Saskatoon 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this whore is engaged & loves to talk with her exs & even tried to get with them for a movie night, sorry Tasha but the truth had to come out from all the times you told me not to tell anyone, your secret is reveled, the poor man should leave her btw shes only 20 gonna be 21 this coming month to young to get engaged & one time she was telling me how long shes been cheating on her one ex Jeremy with her soon to be husband I felt so sorry for the poor man,&when she decided to leave Jeremy she tells him shes forced to get married to the dude lol shes such a whore back stabbing bitch who needs to be put on blast I hope your soon to be husband sees this of how much of cheating lying cnt you really are ps its jesse the guy needs to know

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Shayla Nault

July 22, 2014 Saskatoon 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch named shayla rae nault is the biggest HOE you’ll ever know acting like she better then all the mother is the world claiming she’s the best when she with a guy who beats her and she allows this guy to beat her child and don’t do nothing about it smh ! Any ways she always trying to act like she is the best she started to hook in meadow lake and coming to Saskatoon for more always calling other people walfare bums when we all know that’s who pay her rent food and stuff for her kid can’t get off her fat ass to work or even go workout better watch out for this slut she will fck any one who will give this hippo attention , she awakes crying around saying she can’t take care of her kid or money for her kid but the next day she will be buying drinks or stung with the money she gets ! She trying to go to treatment for her relationship another stuff and take her kid who dose that anyways this is a girl you don’t not trust !!!! She try’s to black mail her baby’s dad that if he dosent go back with her that he will never see his kid dumb Ditsie broad not to trust !!!!

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Saw Him in Light

July 21, 2014 Saskatoon 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey this is josh, I met up with this guy from POF we had a good time all around he was being nice and thought I found a winner. Little did I know this guy has genital warts on his penis, he told me he was born with this and tried to make me engage in sexual activity with him, he got mad and kicked me out of his place because I didn’t want to. Luckily for me I have a friend who knows of this guy and told me he was a man whore , going to clubs and picking up random girls and taking them home. I\’m glad I got kicked out of his place and I’m glad he pulled it out in the heat of the moment and with the light on too, to see that wart. Girls be careful of this guy he will try his best to woo you with his charm but in the end it\’s not worth it.

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