Saskatoon | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Jeff Gustafson

December 14, 2014 Saskatoon, Winnipeg 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nikn This fu*cking low life nasty fat goof likes to date rap woman !!! This isn’t his first time and the world needs to know…. This gross piece of sh*t came over to my best friends house to chill and begged her to have a drink with him… She said no not tonight she had plans to take her kids out the next day.. After an hour of asking she gave in and said fine just one shot, he made her a shot of jäger bom in the kitchen while she was sitting in the living room with her daughter watching tv… He brought it to her and she took the shot.. Moments later she started to feel strange and went and snuggled up to her daughter on the couch, She past out and vaguely remembers him picking her up and caring her limp body to the bed room after that was blank … She woke up with her pants and underwear off with lube all over her lady parts  this nasty goof rapped her in her own home while her children were sleeping … He deservers to die !! This guy was supposed to be her good friend that she’s known for three years !!! My heart hearts for my girl and I want all woman to watch out for this creeper …. Nik I’m putting this fat f*ck on blast !!! You better be watching your back u nasty fat greasy goof !!

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Accusal Gone Wrong

December 14, 2014 Saskatoon 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Haha OK so I guess Sarah demerais has the cl*p accusing me of giving her the cl*p months after I fked her and then try come at me saying I have her something when ppl get checked every six months (hopefully) but yes I guess this is a photo of a girl admitting to having the cl*p as u can see ouch. Your welcome guys.

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Nicole Giesbrech Is So Fake

December 12, 2014 Detroit, Saskatoon, The Dirty 58


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, fake hair, fake nails, fake Nicole Giesbrecht. Why did she run away from Canada? Because she had all the D this place has to offer. I used to catch her at parties sitting at the table sniffing anything she could see. Her poor Asian bf in Michigan has no idea what tales she leaves behind here…..long back. Don’t be fooled by her photo shopped pics.

What is with all that blur?- nik

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Michelle Stephanie

December 12, 2014 Saskatoon, Winnipeg 185


THE DIRTY ARMY: This skank goes by the name Michelle Stephanie on Facebook she will fck anyone who will give her a beer or a hit of meth. You might see her in north end drinking cheap beer with a bunch of bums. She’s heavy into meth and went to jail for stabbing another hooker for flirting with one of her johns. She lives in north end by the train tracks also known as hooker ave. She also has a son she doesn’t take care of but likes to pretend she does on facebook . If your looking for a cheap easy lay this is the girl for you but make sure to wrap it up cause she’s been known to spread sdrd’s I fuck this hood rat once and got something so be warned. Shes also very dumb so a retard could even score with her she talks like a immature little boy using words like yo and homie. Thinks she’s a tough gangster girl but got beat up and couldn’t take a beating so the little bitch grabs some scissors and stabs the other hoe who beat her up and took her john but this hard core gangster got caught big surprise . this all happened at the manwin bar on main by the homeless shelter. Anyone else have any fcked up stories of this hood rat ?

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NBs Biggest Sloot

December 11, 2014 Saskatoon 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: No big surprise here but this is Tiffany Delorme this chick is the biggest slut in ALL of North Battleford she will fuck and screw anyone and anything with a heart beat whether he is single or not so hold on to your men ladies! She has 4 kids with all different men and she has no clue who her baby daddies are rumor is 1 of them is actually her step dads soooooo gross! She is trailer park trash and that is all she will ever be……someone needs to sew her nasty cunt closed!

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Tony Bowman

December 11, 2014 Calgary, Saskatoon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Tony Bowman. One of the most unattractive ‘players’ I’ve met. It is impossible for him to stay faithful to any girlfriend he’s had, and he’ll say anything to make you think he is single. He’s slept with easily 30+ women, plus he’s had and given the cl*p. Hes been cheating of his new gifriend since they started dating and she’s been told but stays with him. I guess she’s just as stupid as he is. He’s mentally abusive, loves mind games and only thinks with his dick. He’s got something to be proud of as far as size goes, but more often then not he’s a minute man if ya know what I mean. He is a lying piece of shit, and I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time with this scumbag. He’ll end up just like his dad- numerous kids from different mothers, single and still banging the babysitter.

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Cheatin Circle

December 10, 2014 Saskatoon 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: The so called womans name is Barbara Lafond and she is apparently dating Joe Gagnon but is out cheating on him with Timothy Niosalke. The live in Saskatoon but she opens her legs for anyone lmao. She sends Tim pictures of herself topless and denies it she even spends Joes money on Tim hahaha and I know Joe he is so stupid he believes everything Barb tells him. Barb and Tim laugh at Joe behind his back.

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Ms Chickee

December 9, 2014 Saskatoon 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Can we all just take a few moments to laugh…. I present you mss piggie.. I mean miss taylor chickie.

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