Candace Gerard

September 26, 2014 Saskatoon 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Candace Gerard, She is a stupid m*th addict/alcoholic that will fuck anyone for drugs or drinks, She partys all the time with her kids there, 28 and 5 kids! She has a loose loose pussy, she found me on Plenty of Fish we fcked a few times but then realized she had a man, who works at some factory, so thats why she would have me over, because he was at work, when i went there during the day one time he was home and she flipped the fck out on me like it was my fault she got caught, Your a ugly dessy fcked up druggy, i hope to god your kids get a better home, cause them being locked up in there room all the time is fuked up!

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Backstabbing Brandi

September 26, 2014 Saskatoon 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is trash. She abandoned her oldest child who is only 13 for some loser. She took her other 2 kids with her but she is now living on welfare in a trailer. Its so like her to do that. This guy was taken when she first was with him. If he can cheat on the first girl who is to say he won’t cheat on you sweetheart? Keep thinking your better than the ex cause she is working and wouldn’t abandon her kids like you have your oldest. Also she would never be a tramp and steal someone’s man like you have. Brandi, you have sunk low before but this is lower than low. You lost all your friends because you wanted to be with this guy. Maybe you will take a cast iron frying pan to this guys head like you did to your ex? Well if you do he will die and this guy you are with now has a plate in his head. Love how you think you are better than everyone else but remember this sweetheart, you are the one living in a trailer in the middle of bum f*ck nowhere on welfare while the rest of us are living it up. How does it feel to be trailer trash now? Also how is the clap? Have you told Charles you have it from sleeping with his neighbor? Guess not. You will always be a whore. You can run from Saskatoon but you can’t take the whore outta you.

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Player Alert

September 25, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy’s name is Pat Knox mafit he goes by Pat Knox but he is well known in Regina all the ladies in return I should know this guy he most likely has either slept with you or one of your friends cuz that’s just the way he is he acts like he’s single and he acts like he wants a committed relationship in this and that but he will do anything to get in the sack with any lady doesn’t matter if you’re fat skinny or just butt ugly he’ll sleep with you anyway he’s really not even that good and the bad that’s the sad part. He’s known to lie cheat and steal so please ladies keep your legs closed around this guy. …. p.s he’s had chl**dia and a bunch of other drd’s I don’t know exactly which ones and I honestly don’t care but I do know that he was trying to pick up my friend even though he’s got I don’t know how many women on the go… women need to stop falling for the whole I want a committed relationship bullsht he hasn’t changed he never will its just the way he is hes born to play…

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Kara Bildfell

September 25, 2014 Saskatoon 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this diseased little mth whore is kara bildfell.she will fck anyone that gives her drugs.she is married to some fa**ot loser named troy campbell but she cheats on him everyday with a new different guy.she will fuk anyone with meth or coke.I didn’t find out any of this till after I fcked her and she tried to get her goofy boyfriend to fight me but when I went to meet him he ran away like a little bitch cause he’s just a mth addicted little bitch coward.I regret fucking her now cause her pussy smelled like a rotten salmon with a yeast infection but I didn’t know she was such a big meth whore.I hope I didn’t get drd or a**s from her diseased sushi.u can find this filthy little skank on the backpage turning tricks to support her meth habit.if u see this little tramp around stay away cause she will make your life hell and probably give u a disease.I got the clap from her before too a long time ago.she is a filthy disgusting piggish whore so if u want a bj just look her up on Facebook or the backpage.she is really cheap and easy and will fck u for mth so go get her boys.just remember to bring a couple points and a couple rubbers cause she’s a dirty one

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Jenn Dedecker

September 24, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this home wrecking bitch is so gross and dirty she sleeps with any one to get a beer, she is a cheating hoe who cheats on all her boyfriends and doesn’t use condoms, she had 10 abortions from 10 different guys and broke up my friends family. she is so ugly she dresses like a slut to pick up guys. she needs to be on here so all the girls know she is a drunk mother who never watches her kid

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Younger and better then Everyone

September 23, 2014 Saskatoon 171

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im 25 years old , i live off welfare and fraud them because my child molester bf lives with me and works . He has court for molesting my neice but i know he wont touch our daughters because he loves me even tho he had 3 other children during our 10 years together! Im bipolar but never diagnosed . I have multiple fb accounts to stalk my molesting bf exes. I have 4kids and is tighter and better then any other bitch around s’toon. My dad has aids and me and my sibblings might have it because he molested us! I have to admit all i am is a keyboard warrior and a floppy pussy in life ! I’ve been chasing my adult 12 now for many many years and one day soon ill finally graduate! I drink every child tax and weekend with my kids in the house but its ok cuz tommy wuttunee my man wont touch them he pinky promised! You will never find a unedited pic of me anywhere because im ugly and fas looking if you want to have a 3some with me and my man add me on fb , leanne tiffany , leanne rabbitskin , tiffany kaypasewat , leanne n tommy which ever personality i feel like that day oh did i mention i can beat box with my pussy when you eat it

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Toilet Twyla

September 23, 2014 Saskatoon 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is one of the dirtiest hoes! She tramps around in P.A. and Saskatoon thinking she’s hot but really this 4ft midget is just a sloppy drugged out cum dumpster. Twyla Tiffany Napope has kids with unknown fathers and another one on the way with a mystery father because she prostitutes herself out online on bp and let’s these random men cum inside her. She gets other ppls clean piss to pass drug tests just so she can see her kids. She’s a total heatbag on fb advertising drugs for sale for her brother and then this dumb cunt can’t understand why he gets busted! Any guy can go buy drugs off her and share em with her or bring your own and she\’ll f*ck n suck you no rubber. This slut will snort blow, smoke crack, jib, meth, pills, you name it (even while pregnant) and she\’s no stranger to gangbangs so bring your homies. This bannock (no) ass longback sits on fb all day judging ppl and putting them on blast but it’s time she gets exposed for who she is!

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Bonnie Tudor

September 23, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: bonnie tudor, or what most call her is cousin fucker! this girl fucked her own cousin at his wedding. when the cousins wife eventually found out she dumped him and the cousin committed suicide. bonnie takes no responsibility of this. then she manipulates a guy into buying her a house then cheats on him. he obviously left her. she runs a daycare out of her home. YIKES!!!! parents, this is not the type of person you want looking after your kids. she is a manipulater, cheater and liar. she was going the bars and giving blowjobs in the parking lots. she lets her mother run the daycare to go out during the day to sleep around with married guys. she slept with her daughters friends dad who was married. this chick is a real piece of work.. anyone who knows this bitch should stay away from her. she comes off as the stay at home mom who doesnt do any wrong but she is a drunk who will sleep with anyone.

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