Mommas Boy

August 7, 2014 Saskatoon 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy here is Fabian. Comes off as a nice sweet charming funny guy has some money n treats you right n says all the right words until he injects you with his drd and drops you after he gets in your pants. Says he’s a single father but never seen any kids and stays from couch to couch or at his ugly fat sisters. He ran out on a 200$ tab I paid for and disappeared he uses women and he only lasts 5 minutes on bed if that and never uses condoms he’s thinks he’s tough with a muscular body but once the clothes are off he looks like a saggy old man claims to be a mine worker but never seen him mine anything but wings in the bar. Has a nice truck his mom probably bought for him he jumps for mommy as soon as she phones. This still infected player wannabe needs to diet and deal with his mommy issues learn to f*** and use condoms and to be put on blast nik

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Big Slore Tiny Package

August 7, 2014 Saskatoon 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: this lil slut is like 4 foot nothin loves to go to beilys to find her next victim. victim being the next guy she gives her crusty drd to haha stupid bitch fucked my man shes a stupid lil pass around who loves to flaunt her used up sloppy cunt everywhere in toon. she is always down to get on the dick and last i heard shes a hooker plus that she gets pimped out cuz she loves to get used by guys. careful if this slut trys to get into your wallet or drug stash cuz once you fck her your tainted too.

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Audrey Moffat

August 6, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this attention-seeking lezzy is Audrey Moffat. I am a straight woman who turned her down on multiple occasions. Rejection doesn’t sit well with her, so she has several of her 12-year-old girlfriends harass me… really? She hooks up with pre-pubescent young girls because nobody else wants her. She sits on her ass all day feeling sorry for herself. Maybe if you didn’t attack everybody who turned down your sexual advances you would have some friends. Audrey Moffat is creepy af. She’s not a ‘good friend’ for young girls to have. She had everybody messaging me’why you tryna steal mah woman?’ because she was a little upset that I didn’t like her. So totally disgusting. Go diddle yourself to pics of girls you can never get some more, Audrey. What are you, like 25, now? Find some people your own age to hang out with, scum.

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Cousin Lover

August 6, 2014 Saskatoon 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, this stinky low life loser here is Steve courtoreille . This guy is so full of shit n lie after lie, tries to act like some baller cause he sells 8 BALLZ of crk, but smokes more then he sells, lol this guy is so fuckin dirty he has slept with a bunch of hookers with no rubber( guessing that’s how he contracted aids) even some of them are his own cousins, I wish I knew this before I slept with him, ( thank god I made him wear a rubber) this guys junk smells like he hasn’t seen a fckin shower in months. And always wears the same dirty stinky boxers for WEEKS. Fckin broke ass bum, always tried to come n shak up wit me but told him no fuckin way n to go flail somewhere else. I’ve been told by a bunch of ppl to that this fake ass loser has warts on his dick n tries to say there skin tabs, lol ok bud. Also heard he got kicked out of kitchen duties in jail cause he has herpies n never washes his hands, also heard he’s a major fckin rat and know of some boyz lookin for him because of that. Girls watch out this fckin scum will try n Mack u up talkin a bunch of bullshit, walking talkin std is all this guy is. Beware he is on the hunt for his next victim, FCK THIS GUY IS GROSSSSSSS.

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Moldy Moosewaypayo

August 5, 2014 Saskatoon 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty is jessica moosewaypayo. linked up with her on badoo awhile back n always see her on 22nd n 23rd. found her on pof n alredy knew she was easy from my bro so i went for it. big mistake. all i had to do was say she look good(ha ha) n i got some stuff n she met up with me in an alley off 22nd n let me pork her beside a garbage bin. i was only a few blocks away n drank lots i kind of cudnt get it rite away so she slobbed on my knob til i noticed how big n greasy that forehead was n she had neck jam!!! never seen that b4 in my life so i had to turn her around. she must have some fat kids cuz that hole fit my fist n stright crusty cottage cheesy. smelled worse then the garbage beside us. stupid of me ya i know. rite after she said she had to get back to her man n kids n ditched!!! trifiling hoe. anyways i went to the doc n turns out she gave me chlamidia and ghonorea which i thot were the same thing n thankfully goes away. this one is packing like its in style to be dirty cuz she dont care. just look at her. still waiting on the more serious results. i wudnt of said anything but now she acting like she dont know me lying n saynig we never met n she got a man n they happy(probably her 1st cuz or uncle) she sharing dna and diseases with that guy(ha ha perfect match) but before its spread to anyone offering a pill or a line to the saggy inbred it needs to be known. run away from a stinky snatch or if u can lift throw her in the garbage n make her feel at home. i should of

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Suzy Dunn is Exposed

August 5, 2014 Saskatoon 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello nik, this little gem is Suzy M Dunn. I have had the unfortunate experience of my family ever having come in contact with her. She is pregnant with her third child and is claiming 4 men to be the father of it. (Yeah, real winner right here). She smokes, drinks, and does weed with it. Shes never had a job, always collected welfare, and lies and cheats on every man shes ever been with. She comes across sweet and innocent, but do not be fooled, shes as snaky and skanky as they come. She pimped her own sister Josette who’s as gross as she is (or even worse). She fully admits to drinking for 6 months with her son Jayden, who probably has f.a.s. Lives in a dirty home and never sends her kids to school. Just a fair warning for anyone who may come in contact with this sloot, looks can be deceiving. P.s. You may want to get yourself checked if you have ever been with this one.

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Shailey Anderson

August 5, 2014 Saskatoon 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shailey Rose Anderson, She’s just plain nasty. She was staying at my place for a while and not only did she decide that she was going to be a professional escort but she was going to use our laundry room to sell her body. Several men came over and she suddenly had money. She would message people on kik asking for nudes and if they wanted to have some fun, it didn’t matter who she was with she tried for your friends or your best friends. She would steal and claim it was hers when we all knew it wasn’t. s desperate, she would sell her own belongings and her body for drugs. She’s just a nasty whore who steals condoms and doesn’t use them.

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Dirty Mac

August 1, 2014 Saskatoon 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is marcel, hes a disgusting guy, hes a walking std, this chick told me he gave her something not long ago & you can find him at the club looking for his next target to infect, hes just a cheater & a liar; this guy is nothing but bad news.. he has 2 baby mamas & 2 kids he never sees, cuz hes to busy fcking dirty fat ugly girls, cuz thats all he can get is ugly chicks.. his sons mom can do so much better than this dirty goof troop, if you fcked him check yourself, hes disgusting. Lame excuse of a man & father, he lives off his family & hounds his bm for money , sad lonely guy ; watch out for him girls im just warning you & if you try fck with him , then thats your fault haha

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