Shayla needs her tubes tied Cook

August 11, 2014 Calgary, Saskatoon 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello everyone this here is miss shayla cook or sometimes she likes to go by miz Latina she thinks shes Spanish or from Mexico or something like that. Anyways this girl here, im not going to call her a woman because shes far from it is a baby making machine. The sad thing is that she doesn’t look after any of her kids. She pops out these kids and makes her sick mother take care of them. Now get this the reason her mom looks after those kids is because shayla is too busy running around from city to city selling her body. She comes back to winnipeg every now and then to say hi to her family, spend a night with her kids and take a few pictures for facebook and Instagram saying she loves her kids so much. Oh my god wait this story gets so much better. Now miss shayla with her no using condom ass is pregnant with the third kid. Not surprising at all. The horrible thing is that shes still doing drugs and still prostituting. Now shes going to have another child who is fas and ADHD like her other 2 kids. This really is a sad story. Dont get me wrong her other 2 babys are in good hands with their grandma (thank god) But come on shayla when are you gonna grow up and take care of your OWN kids. You cant sell your body forever and your mother is not gonna be around to look after your next 6 kids. I guess once the mothers gone CFS is gonna get a bunch more from this girl. Shayla learn how to use condoms or take care of your responsibilities and grow up. You’re already on to your third baby dad. How many other guys you gonna have babies with before you realize thats not how you get a man to stay with you. Get off the old men get a real job and be the mother you claim to be. Sad sad excuse of a parent some people should not be allowed to have babys. There’s people out there that would give anything for a kid and here she is poppin them out like their candy and giving them away. What’s wrong with this generation smh By the way shayla stop with that ugly face u make in your picture ITS DISGUSTING!!

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Natalia Gullucci

August 11, 2014 Saskatoon 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik this here is pig nose Natalia Gullucci saskatoon’s biggest slut. you can find her hookin up with any guy that has drugs, sucks them off for a line or jib hoot then goes back to her bf and kisses him up after wards, trust me she sucked me off at this party and wasnt even good, gave her a hoot of jib then she was begging me for more. ucked her then told her to beat it caz her big ol’ hairy hole smelled like she just came out of a fish factory. found out the damn piggy gave me ch***dia. worst fck of my life!! seen her the other day and now she’s selling jib. way to go there ass face! Saskatoon’s newest jib dealer haha Stay away guys if you were with her go get checked ASAP

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Jessica Sekel

August 11, 2014 Saskatoon 136

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik , this is Jessica sekel went to school with this sloot few months back took a plumbing course with her ive got to say shes the dirtiest ive met not to mention not very bright when it comes to schooling . She has a bf named john of whom she lives with and she cheated on him several times with guys from school . Weve all had our rounds of fun with this slut , she also tried dating another guy we went to school with that’s friends with her sister lmfao . If she wants any kind of career in our business maybe she should stop being such a whore pay more attention to schooling than ucking around with men when she has a bf.

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Samantha Poch

August 8, 2014 Saskatoon 151

THE DIRTY ARMY: It began in January 2013, when I found out my fiancé was fcking this whore, Samantha Poch, for 3 months. She knew he had a fiancé. She didn’t care. They were working around Oyen, AB, and she was throwing herself on him every night. I’ve heard shes a coke head as well. She will sleep with anyone who gives her the time of day. Unfortunately, my fiancé was a stupid idiot who fell for her shit. She will fuck with your life and then claims she isn’t involved.. When she clearly made herself involved when she hopped on my fiancé and took him for a ride. The dirty nasty whore doesn’t care about anyone but herself (but, I guess that’s how whores work right?) I feel that everyone who works with Samantha Poch (and those that have boyfriends/fiancés/husbands that work with her) Should be very aware of this nasty bitch.

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Greg Gobbling Nicole

August 8, 2014 Saskatoon 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this cock hungry chicks name is nicole lafond. She is saskatoons biggest whore and loves the cock! She already has 6 kids which she dosnt even take care of and trys to pretend her hairy gross pussy is tight lmao u can find her trying to hook up with any guy begging for them to come over and see her so she can give u a free std. She is willing to drop to her knees and suck your dick and all u have to tell her is shes pretty. So guys hit her up on fb if your looking for a cheap quick easy lay :) im sure she wont refuse u! Just be prepared to have a stalker afterwards cuz this pig will beg for your dick again. Warning to saskatoon stay away from this cock hungry pig!!

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August 8, 2014 Saskatoon 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty little piece of work decided she would help a man ruin his marriage to a lovely woman (and his life with his two kids), because her 22-year-old fish mart thought he was her “soul mate”. She’s a white trash piece of filth who holds zero accountability for her actions and continues to egg on the PoS husband in his endeavors. Rather than close the tuna aisle and move the fuck on, she and he figure it’s much easier to continue being total twats together. Oh, and her modeling is utter dog shit. I hope this dirty tart learns her lesson.

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Mr. Scott

August 7, 2014 Saskatoon 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: okay every knows mike scott right? .. well let me tell you something about mike scott something everyone should no.So this is what i gotta say about this LIAR… okay i was at this party right and here comes mr. fancy mike scott.. im like wtf i thought he was alla about ‘ sober is sexi’ kinda shit, lol anyways everyone was drinking having a good time.. and here comes mike scott trying to ‘SCORE’ me up.. but he had a Double gulp with some pop in it and he was like telling everyone that .. that was his special ‘JUICE’ (trying to say it was just pop) anyways i was like ‘GIVE ME SOME’ and he sed no but i took it anyways, and here it was !! it was VODKA mixedwith pop !!! and also allll of his little story telling shit he does and says is all a SCAM DONT TRUST MIKE SCOTT ARE HE WILL MIKE SCOTT YOU LOL JK but he pokets all of his MONEY DOESNT EVEN SHARE IT WITH ANYONE THAT HE WORKS WITH HE IS A GREEDY NO GOOD PIECE OF SHIT LIAR . I THINK HE SHOULD MAKE A SHOW CALLED ‘ LIARS’

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Stressed Street

August 7, 2014 Saskatoon 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Taniah Arkan She’s From Saskatoon, She’s 27 Years Old, She Has 5 Kids From 5 Different Guys & One Of Them Gave Her H*V. I Wouldn\’t Fuck Her Is I Was Anyone Yo She Steals Peoples Boyfriends/Girlfriends Like C’On She’s Both way Her Kids Are Gonna Think Its Okay To Be A whore Just Like Her. She Hits Her kids And now Residing in North Battleford

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