Flap Jacks Anyone

October 3, 2014 San Antonio, Saskatoon 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This dirty, scuzzy girl rite here calls herself a woman, when in reality shes nothing but a trick that sells her ass for money to every and and old man she could find!! She has a kid that she doesnt take care of what so ever! And when she does have her kid shes either drunk or high on crack! She loves old dirty CACK! I heard first hand that she infected people with s***yllis and hep**is c! So watch out boys! Double wrap if your guna tap that nasty cheesy cunt! This girl deserves to be put on blast before she infects the whole town!!

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Douchebag Of The Year

October 3, 2014 Dirty Cops, Saskatoon, The Dirty 327

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, first this guy is a cop? What a joke, and says a lot about the Saskatoons police. Biggest douche I’ve ever met. I feel bad for the gf as Dan has cheated on her multiple times this year. I would know! Keep taking steroids Dan, cuz you need to draw the attention away from your ugly mug.

Cops take Selfies while they work?- nik

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Joey “The Snake” Maeys

October 2, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Joey Maeys and looking out for this douchebag. He borrowed $500 dollars from me to impress a girl. He wanted the money to buy weed and take her to a fancy restaurant et. al. But wants does he do? Fcks off to be never seen again. He never paid me back nor was there a girl. I knew the guy for 12 years then he pulls this stunt.

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Kimberly Kishayinew

October 2, 2014 Saskatoon 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this walking dead girl is one disgusting dirty bitch,her name is kimberly kishayinew. youll see her on back page selling her pregnant hiv ass. shes on her third kid and her youngest is not even 8 months, she doesnt take care of her oldest. she gave many of men hiv and she knew she had it, she should go to jail. this sick bitch needs to keep her legs closed for her kids sake. her last baby daddy is CRAZY ! he always beaten her in front of their baby. god i hate her if i ever see her it would my lucky day to MURK HER.

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Darlene Rose

October 1, 2014 Saskatoon 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this ugly beast goes by the name of Darlene Rose Okemaysim-Sicotte and is from Saskatoon. She is nothing but a big skank that has four kids from 4 different fathers and she always sleeps around with men that are married. She is also a complete weirdo that thinks that everyone is always talking about her and meanwhile she always like to stab people in the back. I hope people realize who she really is.

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Mr. Skeezy

September 30, 2014 Saskatoon 60


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is the snake/snitch of pleasant hill. his name is nolan whiteman. you can find him hiding out at his moms with all the other buffalo heads of pleasant hill. he’s constantly fucking his friends girls, and any random fat slut that is down. he’s a needle addict/mth head/ crck head/ downer and raging alcoholic. basically he won’t say no to any drug or girl. he’s constantly looking for a piece of ass because his ass never held a job. well as a matter of fact, none of those pleasant hill wanksters work. to busy holding down a crew that nobody likes. so ladies.. if you want another baby, and i mean fully grown man child. he’s a perfect one for you. make sure to wrap it up cos nolan doesn’t know what a condom is and has no sense of loyalty. enjoy

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Loriee Huntinghawk

September 30, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this dirty scum bag of a person is none other then loriee huntinghawk. this low life has nothing better to do with her time then try to ruin good relationships! she tried to sleep with my husband while he was asleep and blame it on her ‘friends’ after he caught her what kind of stupid desperate little kid does that. her poor pathetic fat ass cant even look after her kid right always blaming other men for fathering her kids when in reality her first cousin is their father. little coward bitch tries to talk the talk but cant walk the walk always getting her ass handed to her after trying to call people on only time she can actually fight is when someones so wasted they cant stand or little 15 year old kids and for anyone who knows her or has met her knows exactly what i’m talking about. good for nothing homewrecker will always be the nothing she is now living in her shitty little ghetto houses collecting social assistance and living off of her kids. poor excuse of a mother.

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Shimly Strippers

September 29, 2014 Hamilton, Saskatoon 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl named snika is a stripper like no other sucks dick for 80 bucks and sneakers.calls her self a high paid ho when she sleeps with men for money just to snort cocaine. Her dream is to be the best prostitite and date ruin men’s lives that are taking. She’s a dirty girl that doesn’t enjoy taking baths and living in filthy conditions . She takes pride in letting women in happy relationships no that she is a cheap girl striving to ruin their homes .Snika shouldn’t be trusted she was a friend of mine and did this to me after I took her into my home because she was homeless. She repaid me by sleeping with my boyfriend and later throwing it in my face she promised him she would give him all her money tgat she earned from selling her body. Was unsuccessful because she barely made enough to support herself. she uses her osap on weaves and cocaine rather than school books and pretends to be a respectful kind person when she and anyone that really knows her knows she trash.

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