Used Up Squaw; Chandra Walker

March 28, 2014 Saskatoon 27 7,647 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this used up Sqaw thinks She’s The best thing in history , when shes really not, her first baby daddy didnt want her and got sick of her cause she was so slutty and fcking around on him , so they got into a fight and her ugly sister called the cops on her and she got her kids taken away for a long time cause shes the SHITTEST mother, who sits on a computer all day and bashes other people, shes immature as fck, with no education going absolutely NO WHERE in life, Stuck in highriver For the rest of her life, doing crack in front of her kids, she just had another baby with a guy who doesnt even want her , or give two fcks about her , who goes out every night and cheats on her with a million diff girls, Now shes stuck with his baby, shes Disgusting nick , and she tried fucking the guy my friend liked back in the day , and he wouldnt fck her cause shes a dirty native, Who likes to get cum all over her face after she gets fcked , shes a horrible mom and im SUPRISED no one has called the cops on her or her sister, her sister did so much coke and drugs when She was pregnant, she had to give birth to a stillborn , at least my friends baby is still here BITCH unlike your deranged sister! They both walk around like theyre shit doesnt stink , and theyre the best thing Thats walkd this earth , they’re the dirt on the bottom of my Shoe, Nik this grimy Sqaw needs to be put on blast ! Fck you changar! KARMAS a cnt isnt it bitch ? You think everyone stalks your life and is OBSESSED with you when theyre really not. no wonder Neil GOSS doesnt want your your fucking gross and prob filled with drd, like All of Highriver is You stupid sqaw, instead of taking the time out of your day to put my friend up on the dirty , why don you invest in a hobby or take care of your kids or go to school and get a real education something youll never have like my friend does, so STOP thinking your the best YOUR A FCKIN low life, like Highriver ,FCK YOU CHANDRA WALKER!!!!

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Babba J Has Bigger Tits Then His Sister

March 28, 2014 Saskatoon 75 9,076 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik man this fat sack of shit is none other then Chris “Babba J” Silbernagel also known as pussy cause he hides from fights when he calls people out. He likes to stir up shit only to run and hide when face to face with the person, or he hides behind his sister. Which most of the time I don’t know who is who cause he has bigger tits then her. He likes to think he’s a cowboy when really in general he’s a pathetic man child hung up on his sad life. He’s on my facebook and offered me money to sleep with him and be his girlfriend, I’ve even heard I’m not the only one he’s done this too and Nik I’d like to see what you and the population think of this sad loser.

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Battleford Slore

March 27, 2014 Saskatoon 32 7,703 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik tyhis is Maryanne night she just may be your dirtiest yet! She has probly fucked the whole north battleford and it don’t even matter the age when her ex bf sug was in jail she slept with all his bros she ran around with mike cote and Stewart Baptiste she slept with Knut even thou his bbmama is her “friend” she was even fuking with the guy that was the reason her bf was in jail she has no respect for herself if u got drinks shell ditch her friends to go fck you then Take off with all you got when u pass out. She don’t mind being a sideline ho if you have a wife or a gf as long as you get her drunk. She would go to roundances following around brad and she knew he had a wife she is a disgusting woman and should be locked up for breaking up families! Now she’s knocked and she probly dosentk even know who’s baby it is but she is putting the blame on someone that has a wife and a one year old already. She’s a drunk whore already talking bout partying once she heals so if you come in to contact with her female or male run dont be her friend her main priority is dick and getting drunk

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Kristen Quinney

March 27, 2014 Saskatoon 6 8,329 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik , Here is miss Kristen Quinney! Onion Lakes skanky homewreaker!! You see, she acts like shes all innocent, when shes not. She has been fcking my boyfriend of 3 years, Daryl Chieff, WHEN SHE knows that i was 6 mnths pregnant. And not only that, she has even been fcking around on her “boyfriend” of 6 years, she probably has some DRD and spreading it like the way she spreads her legs for a dime! And one of my friends ex boyfriend said that he banged her once, and she had krusty granny panties lol, eww! so krissy, how does it feel . pay backs a bitch ain’t it. hoe

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Mark Bender AKA : Vern, Bill, Ted- Moose Jaw

March 27, 2014 Saskatoon 7 6,105 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this piece of work ladies… He likes it when chicks pee in his mouth and large random objects stuck in his ass. I was with this piece of shit for 8 years….We had two children together, a new house, nice vehicles… Blah blah blah. I found a secret cell phone in his truck with 100″s of different chicks numbers and sick messages. He threw me out on the street with nothing. Changed the locks on the house, sold my vehicle, wouldn’t give me back my kids. Ladies he’s sociopathic… This is a warning… He will charm you in the beginning but he is just interested in getting his gross dick wet and his saggy balls dumped.

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Jamie Scuzzy Halkett

March 27, 2014 Saskatoon 21 9,841 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: kssoo this guy has to be 1 of the biggest ghetto waabes you have ever met hes hooked up with girls YEARS younger than him!! We got together WHILE he was supposd to be with his so called “gf” he fckd me in a bathroom becuz he didnnt tell me his gf was at his house!!! Hes the dirtest thing ever I feeel sorry for his “bm” cause he has another kid that she doesnt know about wih my friend! he claims hes hot shit hes a good hustler when he doesnt have ANYTHInG!!! Lives off every1 goes to diffeeent girls ALL THE TIME wo i would avoid thid guy A UGLY GOOF WITH NOTHING!!!! I feel sorry for his “bm” if she hinks he is “faithful” she has nother thing cummin to her! he still trys to get with mr toll thia day!! Hes a ugly mutt ganagter wanabe who aleeps with anythif that walks!! makes a person wonser how he got a actual good looking bm! Hopefully she isnt 16 like the rest od the girls or I should sat KIDS he sleeps with!!!

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Chantelle Bonsan

March 27, 2014 Edmonton, Saskatoon 88 7,382 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this old cumbucket is chantelle bonsan she likes to go back and forth from Edmonton to Saskatoon spreading her legs. Shes pretty much down for anything if you’re willing to supply the alcohol /drugs. Deadbeat mother keeps getting her kids taken away because she would rather shootup/smoke puddles than being a responsible parent. She has 3 kids but only claims 2 . The other one she gave away. She likeable to act tough but when confronted she will run like the Fcking wind. She trys to manipulate people into doing her dirty work. Bitch is so disgusting she would sleep with landlords for free rent . Dumb bitch also fell in love with my babydaddy . Always been his side piece even got the bitch pregnant but he doesn’t care about her kid. He’s to busy being a father to our kids.

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Trista Friske AKA Tricks

March 27, 2014 Saskatoon 47 9,465 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Friske who habits r trollin the backpage selling her patty, couldn believe ma eyes till saw that this gurl has not one but five escort profs!, sucked ma dick for a little bit o sniff once back in da day, whatchout for this trixster… Enter at your own riske when fuckin friske

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