Who Is This

September 22, 2014 Saskatoon 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I see this chick around often and ahe always has a stuck up attitude. She dresses like she a skinny white model but is the exact opposite. She is also rude to other girls, my guess is envy and jealousy of hot girls. Just a female hater and most likley a man chaser. Comments?

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Renee Rodriguez

September 22, 2014 San Francisco, Saskatoon 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: From an inbred family, meet the ugliest black trash whore around, Renee Rodriguez. This bitch spends her nights partying and sniffing coke, and fcking any man that will give her the time of day. She acts like a fucking celebrity and is steady breaking up marriages and relationships (7 that I’ve heard of), and even once took advantage of a guy who was too fucked up out of his mind to stop what was happening. Professional whore, this one, she sells pictures of herself online and is a cam whore on several websites. She acts like she’s everyone’s dream, but she’s nothing but a fucking nightmare. She hasn\t once been in a steady relationship, and was just caught and arrested for sucking off someone in a back alley in Concord. I hope they didn’t have sex, because this bitch has some nasty ass warts. The one real boyfriend she had, she beat the hell out of him and he ended up in the hospital, almost dead. If you look like you have money, she will be all over you like flies on shit. Whip out that cock boys, she needs your money to support her drug habit!!!

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Miss Tessa Shwan

September 22, 2014 Saskatoon 11


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the dirty whore Tessa you can find her on fb as Tessa shwan. Sh’ll pull her clothes off 5 minutes after meeting. You can find her running around the hood , partying with the buffalo heads of pleasant hill. She likes to get fcked by guys who do’t change their clothes for weeks upon weeks! She is one nasty slut. Beware!

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Rainbow Douche

September 22, 2014 Saskatoon 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mark Hosaluk and his “best friend” Josh Whelan are BOTH ALCOHOLIC CLOSET FRUITZ! not to mention the biggest TWISTED PED0′s in Saskatoon. so mothers keep your 13-16 year old boys at home! they also shared with me that they think that white ppl are better than any other race out there. omg and during a party i walked in on Josh poking Mark in the brown eye! i was soo grossed out that i puked! they are the worst ALCOHOLICs! they drink every day to cope with the fact that are stuck in the closet. i cant believe mark is dating a girl right now as cover up! she has no idea that these two literal DIP SHaTS go dipping into each others brown tunnels!! they both went to ireland and brought back drd and drd to spread around saskatoon! so watch out these horny poop snouts will poke anything when they are WASTED and they are wasted 24/7!!!!

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NBS Biggest Bad

September 19, 2014 Saskatoon 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Neishia Baptiste, shes a homie hopper that sleeps around with baby daddys and fcks terror squad members, she was also pregnant once by her ex Gerald, but he left her so she drank and killed her baby hoping gerald would pity her, then she did it again about 6 times with 4different guys, she also fought in a walmart parking lot all because of the D she spreads her legs alot so if any one in northbattle ford needs a ferda just hit up this hoe, she fcked her own uncles and she dosent shower at all, she goes and drinks around with guys then acts all innocent, saying she only slept with a couple of them , she smells like really bad fish, i slept with her once but i was drunk & she was acting all easy towards me, once i pulled down her pants i wanted to pull them back up, i didint wanna fuck that so i just made her give me head, then i went to the clinic & realized she gave me ch***ia. shes also very loose and easy. watch out you babymommas, she might pull easy & fck your man.

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Denise Azak

September 18, 2014 Saskatoon 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl she is heartless she has a son and gave up her own daughter for adoption before I got with her. She has been in the abortion clinic just under 10 times and continues to sleep around and party at the bars every weekend… She doesn’t think about what she is always doin and harming people, blaming people thinking everyone owes her something for being a confused fck up and easy ugly skank most of her life. Ohhh yeah !! Lol

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Dirtiest Mother

September 18, 2014 Saskatoon 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this walking drd mother is Chantel her nickname is “Queen” cause the only queen she is……is the Queen of Stds. she has 8 kids with 2 on the way all of them have diffrent fathers . so shes a 38 year old with 10 kids and her boyfriend locked up……
everytime shes alone in her room with a guy she trys to hook up with them she beats on her kids when shes drunk shes a nasty mother…. her kids starve and go to the friendship inn to eat and they live on there uncle…..he lives in the basement with the two youngest daughters …..she partys in front of allher kids…. she has a 20 year old son whos in indian posse and tryed to hook up with a 14 year old before….he thinks hes the shit….. and chantel hooked up with a indian posse guy whos like 26…..that 26 year old is Aj Naistus he hooked up with the same girls that her son hooked up with that 14 year old she was all around the posse boys…..chantel should smarten the fkk up and start being a mother she lets most if the posse crew stay there and they dont even do shit around the house……….fkk indian posse ……

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Ashley Mitchell

September 18, 2014 Saskatoon 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well ive got a real treat for you nik , this is ashley mitchell what can i say shes a coke head slut who cant get her priorities straight. Twinkle twinkle little slut name one guy you havent fuked you dumb bitch hahahaha!! Let me take the honours of putting this slut on blast let me start off with shes a horrible mother lmfao she had me come over while her MAN was in jail sucked my cock for a line of coke while her two little boys ran around her damn place with no diapers on , her walls were covered in dirt and place was a filthy mess. Haha this bitch is also an identity stealer ohhhhhhh how many times has she used her so called friends and familys ADRESSES with fake identitys to order AVON OFFLINE and scam avon for hundreds of dollars worth of stuff ? HAHA this winner has been caught several times stealing from major stores like walmart stealing food , childrens clothing and even the good ole monistat cream HAHA shes a dirty cm bucket thats forsure she even goes as low as stealing dollar store panties sick bitCH HER birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory such a waste of skin right here .Shes so ugly the next guy that takes her used up pussy won’t have to worry about birth controll her face will do just fine ahahahahaha. Oh and dont let her makeup fool you this biiitch is nasty without. Men you dont need-want this whore shes loose and i mean LOOSE smells like fish and that tummy hangs past her vag! Shes got nothing going for her stay away saskatoon!

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