Mr. Skeezy

September 30, 2014 Saskatoon 60


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is the snake/snitch of pleasant hill. his name is nolan whiteman. you can find him hiding out at his moms with all the other buffalo heads of pleasant hill. he’s constantly fucking his friends girls, and any random fat slut that is down. he’s a needle addict/mth head/ crck head/ downer and raging alcoholic. basically he won’t say no to any drug or girl. he’s constantly looking for a piece of ass because his ass never held a job. well as a matter of fact, none of those pleasant hill wanksters work. to busy holding down a crew that nobody likes. so ladies.. if you want another baby, and i mean fully grown man child. he’s a perfect one for you. make sure to wrap it up cos nolan doesn’t know what a condom is and has no sense of loyalty. enjoy

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Loriee Huntinghawk

September 30, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this dirty scum bag of a person is none other then loriee huntinghawk. this low life has nothing better to do with her time then try to ruin good relationships! she tried to sleep with my husband while he was asleep and blame it on her ‘friends’ after he caught her what kind of stupid desperate little kid does that. her poor pathetic fat ass cant even look after her kid right always blaming other men for fathering her kids when in reality her first cousin is their father. little coward bitch tries to talk the talk but cant walk the walk always getting her ass handed to her after trying to call people on only time she can actually fight is when someones so wasted they cant stand or little 15 year old kids and for anyone who knows her or has met her knows exactly what i’m talking about. good for nothing homewrecker will always be the nothing she is now living in her shitty little ghetto houses collecting social assistance and living off of her kids. poor excuse of a mother.

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Shimly Strippers

September 29, 2014 Hamilton, Saskatoon 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl named snika is a stripper like no other sucks dick for 80 bucks and sneakers.calls her self a high paid ho when she sleeps with men for money just to snort cocaine. Her dream is to be the best prostitite and date ruin men’s lives that are taking. She’s a dirty girl that doesn’t enjoy taking baths and living in filthy conditions . She takes pride in letting women in happy relationships no that she is a cheap girl striving to ruin their homes .Snika shouldn’t be trusted she was a friend of mine and did this to me after I took her into my home because she was homeless. She repaid me by sleeping with my boyfriend and later throwing it in my face she promised him she would give him all her money tgat she earned from selling her body. Was unsuccessful because she barely made enough to support herself. she uses her osap on weaves and cocaine rather than school books and pretends to be a respectful kind person when she and anyone that really knows her knows she trash.

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Leon Ananas and Lynelle Torrence

September 29, 2014 Saskatoon 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Niki here is the most disgusting scum of the earth useless waste of skin I’ve ever known. I’m posting on behalf of my friend because everyone needs to know about this dead beat. Well first off AL his name is Leon Ananas. He has a beautiful daughter that he isn’t allowed to see because of his **v, h**c, drd, w**ted up girlfriend Lynelle poochay-torrence. He called his daughter a mistake (which i have proof of) He used to always help his mother of his child but since that dirty girl came in the picture he doesn’t help worth shit. He is too busy with that whore. He calls and cuts down the mother of his child, but little does he know that she always had 3 sums with guys, unprotected. Sold her ass on 20th for her next 20 bag of coke. She has a bastard kid that he is help raising, he provided them a roof over their heads but won’t send money out to his daughter because she is in control of his $. He isn’t as great as you may seem. He makes $ about 4500 a month but it all goes down his throat and up his nose. He mom should of swallowed instead of invested a waste of skin on this earth. I feel sorry for him because little does he know that public health went to his mother of his child did blood work and looked for warts on her but she is clean. Always gets mad at his mother of his child cause he thinks it’s her responsibility to go find him so he can visit his daughter but if it was any other man a real man would go out of his way to see his child. But ladies and guys he runs both ways loves it up the ass and girls go mark him in you\’ll get an easy ride and a roof over your head if you open you legs .

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Chelsea Wuttunee

September 29, 2014 Saskatoon 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok nik. this gurls name is chelsea wuttunee & has like 6 diffrent baby daddys. and she doesnt even look after anyof her kids. she just pops them out than gives them to the dad than bounces out and on to THE NExt . pretty nasty ! iknow right ? .. anyways this gurl smells bad!!! she is so like ew!. she thinks she is so hot and what not. but in realality she is a dirty whore dog. i member seeing her in the hood and her hair looked so disgusting! like alll in webs and all bunched up like what dogs get what are they called again.. mats ? or something. anyways . watch out saskatoon this gurl is a hoe so hide your boyfriends

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No Shame in Her Game

September 29, 2014 Saskatoon 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have Larissa Gamble for what, the third time? LOL. Where to start with this fat hoe? She dates this fat, ugly dude named Shaun Armbruster who’s always ditching her & cheating on her with his first baby mom hahah then gets mad when he’s MIA for couple days. Biiitch, are you that dumb? If he cheated on his babymom with you, he’ll cheat on you! Lmfao She claims to already “love” him, but probably only inlove with his D cause she’s a big fan of anyone’s D! The photo of her looking tubby on her bed with her titties hanging out her extra small shirt is her profile picture lol. Then she gets mad when guys try flock to her, like why flash yourself you FAS kid? You shouldn’t even be flossin’ your shit I’d your “taken” & “pregnant” . she needs to learn self respect & set an example, as she has a daughter. She’s also bragging about her “big titties” pfft, big deal!! all fattys have titties LOL also every time her “man” ditches her she cries around posting about how she loves & misses her deceased bf. Get the fxxxxxxck over it, he never loved you. That’s why he played you with his bm & was last with her the night he passed away so take a seat!!

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Kody Dirksen

September 29, 2014 Saskatoon 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cocky as fck, thinks he’s gods gift to women. But really he’s a winy little pssy lmao This is a psychotic piece of shit. Kody Dirksen, deadbeat at his finest. His hobbies include stalking his kid’s mom & family. And lying to everyone saying he doesn’t have a kid. Has threatened to slash his kids moms throat and told her to go fall down a set of stairs both when she was pregnant. He’s obsessed with his rubby girlfriend who doesn’t shower. Maybe once a week if she’s feeling like it. she’s a psychotic piece of shit too. There perfect together. Too scared too go for DNA because he can’t keep a job for more then 2 weeks. His family n girlfriend are all so fcking delusional. He cheats all the time. And who knows how many kids he has now!

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Candace Gerard

September 26, 2014 Saskatoon 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Candace Gerard, She is a stupid m*th addict/alcoholic that will fuck anyone for drugs or drinks, She partys all the time with her kids there, 28 and 5 kids! She has a loose loose pussy, she found me on Plenty of Fish we fcked a few times but then realized she had a man, who works at some factory, so thats why she would have me over, because he was at work, when i went there during the day one time he was home and she flipped the fck out on me like it was my fault she got caught, Your a ugly dessy fcked up druggy, i hope to god your kids get a better home, cause them being locked up in there room all the time is fuked up!

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