Heather Garvin Has No Shame In Her Game

October 15, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 27


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this four foot nothing coke whore gets on every guy she meets out after a couple drinks. She’s hooked up with twelve of my friends in the sigma u and sigma pi fraternities. She’s the bigger slut I’ve known since I’ve attended ASU! She’s crazy too she deals with the trauma of getting dumped by hooking up with every friend a guy has that she can physically get her hands on!

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Scottsdale Died When You Left Nik

October 14, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty 173


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what happen to Scottsdale?  This pic makes me sad.  Remember when all the bottle girls were smoking hot and had sex with anyone and everyone?  You need to move back here, Scottsdale died when you left.

**These are Maya girls, not sure if Nik can publish.- JV

JV are you calling me soft?- nik

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Amanda Baird

October 13, 2014 Sacramento, Scottsdale 23



THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Centerfolds stripper Amanda Baird who has a son in elementary school. This post is her wake up call. She just got this ugly tattoo in addition to taking her clothes off for money. Amanda your son is getting older and so are his peers. How would you feel if you were in high school and all your friends rubbed it in your face that they saw your mom naked? Or when he goes to college how are you going to feel when you strip and fuck his friends and they rub it in his face? Time to grow up and be a mom to your son! Get a real job and some self respect!

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Zac Rand

October 13, 2014 Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I would like you to meet Zac Rand, a roided out sociopathic liar who received the Purple Heart in 2011 after his humvee drove over an IED. When Zac arrived home, he milked his Purple Heart medal for attention and when that ran dry he started exploiting the death of a local fallen soldier. Dustin Feldhaus was killed in Afghanistan in 2011 and was recently featured in a documentary called “The Hornets Nest”. When Zac got wind of this feature, he pushed his way into Dustin’s family claiming to be Dustin’s best friend. Shortly after, he got a tattoo for Dustin on his forearm and even attended the pre screening with Dustin’s father. Recently Zac was featured on the news for making a tribute video of Dustin that was taken down due to copyright issues. In this video Zac claims to have grown up with Dustin when, in fact, they were merely acquaintances through the Army. As someone who knew Dustin well, not only myself, but others have stood by idly hoping Zac’s charades would end. However, that does not seem to be the case and this most recent feature crossed the line. Nick, Dustin was an honorable person who actually fought for this country, not some pog like Zac. This sickens those of us who were close to Dustin and neither he nor his family deserves this. Please help expose this attention deprived veteran for who he really is, a disgrace.

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The Real Thunderbolt Ross aka “Hulk”

October 9, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty 422

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Thunderbolt Ross, aka the “Hulk”, is exposed. Here’s a picture of the dweeb in his real environment, which is a recent upgrade from his basement tool cave. He loves to brag on-line about what he would do to all of the women on TheDirty but in reality his only experience is with himself and his computer.

Is that really him?- nik

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New Scottsdale Industry Douche Bourke Floyd

October 8, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so there’s a new douchebag roaming the streets of Old Town these days and his name is Bourke Floyd. Is he a player? He tries to be, but being big and ginger isn’t on his side. Is he your typical 30k Millionaire? Let’s just say he “owns bars all over the country” yet spends every Thurs, Fri and Saturday working at the bar “he owns” or ehmm, “works at” called RSVP Social Club. He isn’t the least bit shy about flashing his resume of tall tales to anyone who will listen. Hi-lights include, playing in the NFL, specifically The Bears, playing guitar in the band alt-christian band, Switchfoot, Writing music for O Town, Cofounder of the ROC race, and owning bars and clubs from San Diego to Charlotte. None of which carry any weight. The only thing Bourke Floyd can actually claim to be is an actor. He had a stint on Dawson’s Creek (Sorry to date you Bourke) and some b-list movies in the 90s. He actually uses head shots from his glory days on TV on his tinder profile! It’s pretty hilarious. All I can say is if you see this smooth talking scumbag…RUN!

HAHA, the worst part is…chicks buy his BS and he still gets laid. You can be anyone you want in Scottsdale. It’s like SimCity.- nik

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David Garcia Needs To Stop Talking To My Girlfriend

October 7, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty, Westside-AZ 119


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my girlfriend is attractive and gets lots of male attention online and in public but this is the first time she had been harassed by a man she both knows and is married too. She worked with David at United Health Services in the past and during that period they became Facebook friends. She was still single and only started dating me in July. From what my girlfriend told me she hooked up with him twice before finding out he’s married with kids. He has been obsessively emailing her online saying he will leave his wife and kids to be with her and says that he’s more of a man than me. David I want you to know that we have all the records of your online harrasment and are headed down to court today to get a restraining order. Your a sick freak who needs to leave my girlfriend alone and take care of your wife and kids! What type of scumbag cheats on his wife the mother of his kids? This guy lives in Queen Creek Arizona and has been known to hangout at Westgate in Glendale and Downtown Phoenix on First Fridays. Ladies beware.

He must be a JohnJay Van Es fan.- nik

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Pot Dealer lives with Mommy

October 6, 2014 Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I have yet another dirty douche to expose! Meet Corbin Donahue who is a small time pot dealer who thinks he’s the Heisenberg of pot dealers in Arizona. His girlfriend kicked him out recently so he moved in with his mommy down in Tucson! Pretty pathetic for a 36 year old who dropped out of ASU because he couldn’t get out of remedial math! Karma is a bitch because this guy used to date my sister and he got her on heroin and she almost died of an overdose. Let’s hope mommys boy gets busted by the cops soon so he can have a nice relationship with a big biker butt buddy in the prison shower! I hear the soap is extra slippery in prison….

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