Taylor Paige

July 2, 2014 Scottsdale 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is my bro’s ex gf Taylor. She has sucked off every dude in Old Town and claims she wants to be a model. The last time I checked models are supposed to actually be hot. She also has a reputation for cheating on her boyfriends. Before my brother, she was with Adam Miller and they broke up when he caught her in bed with a friend. My brother dumped her slutty ass when she admitted she had an abortion after she hooked up with a dude at a bar behind his back, found out she got pregnant, and had an abortion. This is a warning to the dirty army to stay the fuck away from this skank. She acts sweet and innocent but is a snake in the grass and being in a relationship with her means you will end up heartbroken. I hope Taylor reads this and wakes up and changes her ways. She needs help as she is a very sick person.

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Nick McClure, U of A Liar

July 2, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Scottsdale 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Long short story: Nicholas McClure (Nick) wanted to hook up with me, despite the fact he is not really into non-white geeky ladies like me and I wasn\’t really interested in a one-night stand, FWB or NSA, but I finally relented. After we got drunk while I was on meds, he did some risky things I requested, he took video (without asking me), he left a hickey and two bruises on my left breast, and I reconsidered my position on the FWB agreement he proposed, he said that what happened was fun, but he really didn\’t want to do it again. He went on about how terrible he felt after watching those videos, that he deleted them and wished me luck with my stuff because he talked to his ex and he wanted to get back with her. What took me over the edge was that he gave me advice on finishing school because it \”will help improve my life and my potential opportunities too”. Not only he made me feel like a worthless slut because I hooked up with him, but he made me feel like a complete loser dropout when in reality I took a couple months\’ break due to burnout and I was going back. Because of that stuff and my anxiety, I cried for more than five hours. I really don\’t care about the dude besides the fact he was cute (he’s an U of A fratboy and admitted to potentially assaulting another student). Sorry dude, but every man who makes me cry for any reason doesn’t realize I get stronger and ready for a fight. I’m sorry your ex will fall for your crap again.

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How Do Ugly Girls Like GucciGirl Find Such Rich Men

June 30, 2014 Miami, Scottsdale, The Dirty 128



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, help me understand this.  How can such an ugly girl like GucciGirl find such a rich trout?  The girl looks like she was beat by the ugly stick growing up, yet all she does is travel the world and act like the sh*t on her IG.

Does GucciGirl have a real name?- nik

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Julia Bray Oldtown Sloot

June 30, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: I went to high school with Julia Bray and she used to be one of my good friends. But ever since she sold out and started dressing like a skank and working in Oldtown she has turned into the biggest whore. Not only has she banged Andrew Young at HiFI but she sucked off Andrew Kha, Tommy Taylor and Troy Lyons as well! Its time we put this hoe on blast Nik and tell her to keep her cooter in her anorexic pants!!

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Male Portapotty of Arizona

June 30, 2014 Scottsdale 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Can males be porta potty’s too…

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Olesha Ferrari Is So Hungry For Attention It’s Disgusting

June 30, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 222



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this girl announced on her instagram months ago that she was prego and all the creeps stopped liking her pictures and writing all these comments about how hot and sexy she is.  Well, she couldn’t take it and decided to start posting near naked pictures and her huge prego stomach.  Like lady, that is cool to share with family, but to let every weirdo on the net see it is very disturbing.

Are we positive she is pregnant? The side fat rolls are throwing me off.- nik

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Patrick Sheehy Is A Couch Dwelling Perv

June 28, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale, The Dirty 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this hard on the eyes mini man from munchkin land lives on various family members couches. When I met him he knew I had no interest in sex. He would not stop talking about it. Always sending me his perv texts. To think this guy has two teenage daughters just astounds me. He does not understand the concept of no and then the chubby asshole stole my house keys when I wouldn’t kiss him. Do not trust him, let him in your home or anywhere near your children. He’s all drama and problems. Do not give him the time of day!

Who gets turned on by tulips? Weird.- nik

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Is this a Joke

June 27, 2014 Scottsdale 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this “news update” was actually on my timeline this morning. And to top it of they posted a picture of these three hyenas as an example. Apperantly they didn’t take your advise nose before boobs!

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