Old Man Con Artist

March 21, 2014 Las Vegas, Scottsdale 3 7,519 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this crook has been one of the biggest financial crooks to come off off the face of this earth. His name is Michael Kruger who is known for pumping and dumping stocks, giving false information, selling unregistered stocks to people and most of all lying to all females about his wealth. He has taken around 100 people on his scam of the Las Vegas Betting Web site ATIG. He was evicted of his place in Vegas. Couldn’t get a place in Scottsdale cause of his credit. And So Cal wants nothing to do with him. HIs son still works here however. This guy is a total waste of time and will take advantage of any little girl. Now says that he lives in Davao Philippines.

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Spring Break Dirty Style At 1 Oak Las Vegas, I Need A WingMan

March 19, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver, Would You? 0 231,308 Views


Ok… so here is the problem, my original birthday party in Las Vegas got rescheduled to Saturday, March 22 during Spring Break. Fortunately, I have the Hawaiian Tropic Models joining me for my birthday (the invited themselves). As much as I would love to entertain these beautiful women, I asked 1 Oak if it was cool to have a wingman contest — A) Because I’m married and B) Because I want someone in the DIRTY ARMY to experience my life for one day. So 1 Oak is down… here is the breakdown:

1 OAK is giving you the chance to turn Spring Break from lame to fame-worthy!

Your whirlwind VIP weekend starts with a limo pickup from the airport that whisks you away to a suite at The Mirage Hotel & Casino. After getting settled in you’ll be dining at hot-spot, STACK Restaurant & Bar with the ladies of Tropic Beauty at your side. The party continues with a VIP table at 1 OAK alongside the legendary Nik Richie, custom VIP bottle presentation and more surprises throughout the night! The next day you’re partying poolside at tops-optional Bare Pool Lounge. Think you can handle all that? Enter for a chance to win the Spring Break of a lifetime!

CLICK HERE to win, fill out the entry form. Oh, and Wingwomen are welcome to enter the contest too. I don’t discriminate (just please be hot).

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Scott Boyd Smith Is A Pig

March 17, 2014 Scottsdale 8 5,961 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy works for Kwik tow on the north side. He selling porn dvds out of his truck to high school kids! I have complained multiple times to our boss to get him fired but nothing happens. I also know he has cheated on his wife with multiple hookers, even introducing them to his little boy! This guy is a pure disgrace and deserves to be put on blast big time!

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Paula West and Dennis Daniels are having an Affair

March 17, 2014 Phoenix, Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 2 7,130 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik these two lowlives are both married. Paula had all her kids taken away from her and her husband by cps because she and her husband were sexually and physically abusive to them. She has admitted she chose Dennis to cheat with because he is black! Idiot Dennishas a bbeautiful wife who just gave birth to their new baby last summer. However, he cheats on her with this..thing.. yuck! Thats where you come in Nik: by posting them on your site the sane people out there can know not to let Paula babysit your kids, that is her source of income besides her government check….

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Youkhanie Khaninia Creep

March 14, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 64 7,089 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I started talking to this guy who seemed to be really in to me recently. He told me about how he got out of a super serious relationship a while ago and made it seem like he’s deffinetly boyfriend material.. Well turns out he’s the type who tells a girl everything she wants to hear just to get into her pants.. I found out that all the money he claims to spend is actually daddy’s money. He’s never worked a real job in his entire life but he always walks around like he’s better than everyone else saying stupid shit like “I’ll buy you” who does that???? Any way so after I found out what loser daddy’s boy he is I left his spoiled fat ass. I seen him around a few times since then and always noticed this disgusting pig always sctratching himself so I decided to go get “checked” thats when I found out the sick pig gave me herpes, and he’s even tried getting with my friends too after all of this. What a piece of shit. Oh yeah, and that serious relationship of his turns out it got him anger managment cause he supposedly beat up his girl friend and her family.

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They Are Real

March 14, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty 177 102,088 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m here to verify that these eyes are real.  No photoshop or contacts.  Now, please tell me these are the one!!!

Those eyes are SICK! As in I like them. The eyelashes are disgusting though.- nik

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Douche Manager

March 11, 2014 ASU, Scottsdale 23 6,503 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fcking douche bag is John Zanzarkini. He thinks just because his dad owns the hilighter he can do anything he wants. He sends my girl stupid pics and texts all the time and tries to fuck her in the back for a free house. Who fcks for a $20 house?

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Homewrecker on the Loose

March 11, 2014 Scottsdale 117 7,035 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik, This disgrace of a human named Crystal Hovar, needs a major reality check and to learn a lesson! She thinks she is hot as hell!! She recently turned 30, and dresses like she is in her 20’s! (Funny how the page is called “The Dirty” and she just turned “The Dirty 30” I guess this suits her some justice). She has no problems walking around trying to be a rachet ass home wrecker. She was caught taking home one of her ex best friends, baby daddy after attending her “best friends” baby shower.. F*CKING DIRTY WHORE!!! She feels the need to act like a drunken hot mess whenever she goes out, and she clearly cannot handle her alcohol. She thinks she can reach out to this guy I know of whenever she wants because they dated for a brief amount of time! He kicked her to the curb because he realized she is a psychotic dirty slutty drunken hot mess who will f*ck any guy with a dick. Can you say FIVE STAGE CLINGER!?!?! She feels the need to interrupt these guys happiness and hates how they moved on WITHOUT HER!! I am not surprised though I have known her for awhile and she does this with EVERY guy she has been with. She thinks because she has a “career” and has a “college degree” her sh*t don’t stink (when you can smell this slut from a mile away) and she can walk around disrupting other peoples happy life’s. She pretends to be a good mom, but she is far from it. What kind of mother moves to another state, and leaves her children behind? Oh I know, a selfish/drunk one! She can’t even hold her sh*t together long enough to keep a sincere long healthy relationship FOR HERSELF, because she is such a psychotic hot drunken mess all the time and it is an embarrassment to not only her but the poor guys she dates! And when they see who she really is they kick her to the curb too and she is on to the next guy or reaching out to her old ex flings. She is a HUGE disgrace and needs to LEARN her boundaries, (you think with her “college degree” she would have learned that already!) and quit trying to mess with other girl’s men, when they are in happy committed relationships!! What she needs to do is stop dick hopping and being a five stage clinger and a drunken whorebag and worry about BEING A MOTHER to her children.

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