Kris Naidu is a Cheater

October 21, 2014 Seattle, Vancouver 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kris u know u cheat on ur gf so stop trying to cover ur ass!!!!! No ones gonna believe me and my word but this pic proves hes a cheating smelly hindu!! I feel bad for ur GF!! Stop lying to her an every other girl u talk to!!!!! If i knew he had a GF i would have stayed away!!! He doesnt mention his GF anywhere on fb or instagram so how was i supposed to know? Cover your tracks better wen chilling wit different hoes so we cant expose ur ass hah!!!! Once sum things on the internet its on for any one and everyone to see forever just like this post!!!!!

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Nastiest in Tacoma

October 21, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Alexis, and is by far the nastiest and grimiest bitch in Tacoma. She is fat and flabby, but thinks she is the hottest and sexiest piece of ass. She is a escort/prostitute, and has many adds on Back Page and Craigslist and she goes by “Yummy Faith”. She has a son, but she chooses money, drugs,and dicks over him all the time. She takes off to different states for months at a time to make her money, leaving her poor child with whichever family member that will take him. She is a mud shark and talks like she is black, and posts the most ridiculous and ghetto shit on Instagram and Facebook all the time. She needs to be put on blast, and to have people tell her the truth because she is so fcking delusional about herself and her life. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has DRD, and goes at it raw with her clientele. I feel so bad for her son, and one day he will know that his mother chose the life of screwing nasty men for money and drugs over him. This thirsty bitch needs a reality check.

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Implement Ebola Travel Ban Now

October 21, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 260


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel like it’s my duty to try and spread the word that the US needs to immediately enforce a travel ban on Ebola stricken nations. The US Government’s first order is to take care of the safety American Citizens. Not to put all our lives at risk to ensure the economies of African countries don’t suffer. Our job as a nation IS NOT, contrary to popular belief, to be the world police, world healthcare provider, world aid provider….all on the backs of US Citizens. 70% of patients that contract Ebola in Africa die. The disease is so easily spread that two professionals in an American hospital contracted the virus from a SINGLE African carrier of the disease. A travel ban would have stopped this outbreak. The government is trying to stop a panic, because there is a real reason to panic. They know if the American people learn the truth, there will be hysteria. The American people deserve to know the truth so they can have a hand is stopping this pandemic. Write your senators, congressmen, president, mayor…..whoever you can. If you don’t and your friends, family, kids get sick, being bleeding from every orifice and die, it is YOUR fault for not taking action. Nik, tell the people what they need to hear.

I’m still waiting for America to focus on America. Obama please, I will pay you under the table like Jay Z…just focus on US.- nik

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Mexican Thieves

October 20, 2014 Seattle 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: These 2 Mexicans stole money from my house. Please report if you see them. Met them in white rock. One is in the military and the other works in the legal system. They need to be reprimanded. We don’t need people like that serving in those fields. They said they live in Seattle. They are in their early 20s. They are really ugly too.

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Fake Wakeboarder Brenden Leib

October 20, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 53


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, alleged “pro” wake boarder, Brenden Leib, is dirtier than he appears! From his online dating scandals to manipulating girls to make sex videos with him this boy hides a lot of who he is. Within the first two weeks of dating him I found a file named “girls” on his laptop. This file contained at least 20 home made sex videos from girls he had slept with. Then when I was able to google him, he had posted three videos on Porn Hub (PussyWake). When I told the girls what he had done, he lied to them saying he didn’t post them. After a few more months go by I realized I stumbled upon a “finance” form with a list of 67 girls he had sex with. The worst part about that is that he refuses to wear condoms! He is the horniest guy around, needing sex three times a day and if that’s not possible, he will jack off at his office desk! When I found the list I also found out that he had slept with a hooker in Costa Rica for $10! But then, more time goes on, and I find out that he had been key logging me for months! I wasn’t doing anything, but I guess he had a guilty mind. After I find out he logs into my Facebook, creates an email in my name, and blocks certain people in my account. So when I find out where the key logs are being forwarded to, I get access to everything he has been doing. I find out that he had been watching his ex’s sex videos on the reg. He is a dirty cheating liar.

I can’t tell if this helps him or hurts him?- nik

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Robin Johnston

October 15, 2014 Seattle 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this obese transgender “woman” Robin Johnston is an alcoholic and sex addict. Everyone in Bellevue be warned, she will fornicate with any male that will stand still long enough and consume any and all alcohol that she can get her big hands on. Her enormous whale vagina is constantly on the prowl for new victims. She thinks she is so Vogue and classy but I don’t know. Will you please look at her face? She is 22 going on 45. What do you think, Nik?

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Bumb Witch

October 15, 2014 Seattle 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch’s name is Sydney Slyke. She is a whore, slut, cheater, liar, and the list can go on. She sleeps with whoever and it doesn’t matter if they are married or have a girlfriend. She goes around to the clubs every weekend running her mouth and going home with whoever. She loves her black guys….watch out! She thinks she is the shit because she lost 80 pounds and got a nose job, but sweetheart, it still doesn’t change how ugly and dirty you are. I hear she is saving up for a boob job, that is if she can keep a roommate long enough so she can pay off all her other bills. Needed to put this bitch on blast so she knows her place.

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RIP Suk Joon Sung

October 15, 2014 Hollywood, Seattle, The Dirty 131


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as I’m sure you know Suk died at the young age of 42 and the family is planning a funeral here in Seattle. If anyone would like to donate please visit: This comes as as shock to everyone. God rest Suk Joon Sung’s soul.

I think I met this dude once or twice. He always treated me like a gentleman.- nik

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