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Stay Away From This One

November 30, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 100


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is by far the worst person you could meet. Totally fake and very unprofessional. She goes from man to man. Even dating one of my best friends and totally ruined his life. She’s fake from her eye lashes, breast implants, hair extensions and has a horrible nose as you can see in this picture. People need to know to stay away from this freak show. Kristina Figurazh I think you should have saved your money and got a nose job instead! Don’t use her for any business needs. She will take your money and won’t give you the completed work.

Exactly…what is her profession? Please don’t tell me ‘hair’.- nik

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Katlin Rakestraw

November 27, 2014 Seattle 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: About a year ago I met this guy off the buy/sell/trade subaru page. All I wanted to do was trade trunks and continue on with my business. He had different intentions. He drive 6 hours from Washington to bend oregon to “do the trade” when he got here it was all sweet talk and empty promises, which I fell for. About another month went by and everything was good (so I thought) He works out of tocoma for D&R communications and they had to leave to Montana for work for almost a month. They whole time he was texting me morning and night and telling me he wants me to come move into his new house and start a family’s bs so on. Stupid me believed him!! I packed my whole house up in bend put in my 30 day notice and a week before I was supposed to move in I found out he’s talking to another bitch (marissa gilmon) and that she moving in. Hahahaha. So instead of moving into a shitty ass duplex with him. I moved back home to Portland and got a HUGE house bymyself. So guess who finds out he isn\’t happy with his lil homewrecker and hits me up. HIM. Now 5 months later of non stop lying and manipulation and headgames. He’s still talking to that bitch. And other ones including his 3rd child\’s mother. YES 3rd. When I first met him he seemed all about his only kid. I was stoked! Come to find out a few months later that he has a second daughter who\’s 5. And then Even after that he still lies about and denies his 3 daughter. Omg so sad :( he nonstop lies and manipulates anyone he comes around. He even lies to his parents flat out to there faces (which who he lives with) he drives around in his big lifts diesel chevy thinking he is the big shit but he has dept higher than any mountain he could ever climb. Onto marissa gilmon, I should make my own post about her but not to worried. She is so quick to call me a homewrecker but I did some investigative work and found her twitter account (@marissagilmon) this bitch straight admitted to being a boyfriends snatche me. And that she don’t give a fck. NO WONDER WHY YOU GOT PLAYED BITCH!!! And ways I just had to get this shit off my chest and hopefully get some dirt kicked up on this asshole. I know there’s tons of ladies this asshole has approached or even had a chance to try to rip you down piece by piece. So let’s hear it for Katlin Rakestraw

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The anything but wholesome couple

November 24, 2014 Seattle 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bewarned they look sweet but this couple is pure drama trash! Meet annabelle blue whitefield and Michael Caldwell both low life scums that fake love to take from anyone what they want, Ana as she goes by doesn’t work and lives of the child supoort of 5 baby daddies, And Micheal is still under the loving care of his mommy. They are known around the belfair/ kitsap county area stealing any pills they can get, using meth, trying to convince dr. to give them pills and both area’s should be on high alert they don’t care who you are Micheal stole from his own mother and grand mother, so much cash was stolen from his mom to feed his drug habit he actually was arrested on forgery charges and had to do a 28 day in patient program, obviously that helped.

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Just Another Creep Who Calls Himself A DJ

November 24, 2014 Seattle 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet AJ Sorbello, or Gruv1/Spider, or music producer, composer, whatever he is calling himself at the moment. He tells everybody he makes music and I guess he does. In his basement. But really this guy is a strip club DJ in Seattle. He\’s 34, with no really job and yes paid in drinks when he goes out with his 21 year old girlfriend Tatum who looks and acts like a 13 year old boy. He hides their relationship, maybe because they live together with his ex girlfriend, such a happy family. Did I mention he thinks he has “powers”? I wonder what he sees in his future?

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Whatcom Countys Dumpster

November 17, 2014 Seattle 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Whatcom County’s local cum dumpster! Aneva Myers (Love) will fuck anyone and anything as long as she can get a couple bucks to pay for rent! Oh wait that’s right this dirty hoe just got evicted from her apartment! This bitch attempts to be a home wrecker, if a man’s got a job that’s what she’s going to go for! If he’s married, has a family or whatever she doesn’t care! She’s on the prowl for her next free ride! She has 4 nasty ass kids that are just as big of losers as she is. So men, if you just want to fck something to get rid of your blue balls, the look her up! Offer her $1 she’ll take it! Hell for $2 she’ll let you Eifel tower her and put it in her ass!! She loves it when you cum on her face….just wrap it in latex or she will try to take your paychecks! That’s why most guys cum on her face…this bitch even got knocked up by her ex boss! Has had 4 different “daddy’s” for that kid. She tried to fck all of her ex husband’s friends. Got knocked up with her latest kids on “accident” cause that dude was her drug dealer. You can follow the slime trail that her cunt leaves all over. She has escort ad’s posted even…dumb cnt thinks she’s hot shit…she’s got half of it right…cause she is shit…nasty shit!

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The New Generation

November 15, 2014 Phoenix, Seattle, The Dirty 247

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two are KC and Ava aka Ruthie. These two are totally wild and quite entertaining follows. One lives in Seattle and goes to university while the other lives in Phoenix. They travel back and forth to terrorize both cities with one another. They are both cam girls. They are engaged to be married to each other, but their relationship is totally open. They fully embrace their wild lifestyle and display a lot of it on twitter, tumblr and Instagram. The drinking, smoking, pill popping, having lots of sex and dressing in a very provocative way seemingly to challenge the power of the male gaze. They are the newest iteration of the young alternative feminist, digital and underground. They live hard and fast even post on social media that they don’t see themselves being alive any longer than the age of 30 years old. Both are total sh*thead hotties and Ava’s body is unreal (her breasts were already unbelievable before the implants) and following them gives a fairly interesting look into alternative youth culture. They live on the internet and are part of a small social media clique of ultra hot cyber chicks like Sabrina Nellie.

You can tell by the blondes stomach that she is the Husband.- nik

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These Girls Ain’t Loyal

November 15, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I wanted to tell you about this girl my best friend was with over the summer. She was pretty much a nobody until he started seeing her, and taking her out to all the fanciest and high end restaurants in town. He spoiled her in every way possible. Couple months pass, and all the sudden she bails on the relationship and starts acting like a complete sloot. She thinks shes the sh*t now, and literally posted pictures of herself with other guys a day after she broke up with my friend. Since then, she blocked him from her phone and all other social networking sites. It sucks seeing my best friend so sad and depressed over this unthankful hoe. Any suggestion on how to get him out of his depression? I know he can do so much better!

Nothing you can do. Sucks to say it — “time heals all wounds”.- nik

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Watch Out Single Moms

November 13, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to let the dirty world know about this guy, Robbie Walden. He’s a pretty well known country singer around the Seattle/Spokane area and presents himself as this hard working family man. I met him during a concert, while with my son.We talked and he said to keep in touch. I thought he wanted to do something regarding autism awareness, my son has autism and that was what we talked about.later that night I got a Facebook message from him. He started to pursue me hard from then, he brought me flowers, wrote me a song, told me it was love at first sight and he and his wife were separated. I gave in and fell in love hard. We spent the next few months basically moved in together, talking about marriage and kids. He even wanted to adopt my son. I am not one to trust men or let them in my sons life too, but I fully believed him as did my whole family. During all this, he never once saw his daughter, told me it was because he couldn’t stand being around her mother. 100% a Facebook dad.  Then in September his lies began unraveling, his wife texted me. And I confronted him, he just said she was full of it and ignore her. Me and him became strained and it all came to a head after one of his shows, during our argument he hit me twice right in front of his best friend and then he crashed his truck.His wife pathetically took him back. He still messages me saying he loves me.  He is truly f*cked up in the head, seriously the most narcissistic selfish boy ever.  Click here to see his Greg. 

Sounds like an amazing country song.- nik

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