Washington Really Doesn’t Have Models

April 4, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 30 8,562 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I understand the Dirty Army believes Washington does not have real models. Well they’re right. Here we have Alannah/Lala/Lalanomelo/Ladida/Whatever-Stereotypical-Ghetto-Name She-Thinks-Of, another wannabe living in Tacoma who spends her time getting high all day and going on Twitter tweeting about how ugly every girl is and how every guy wants her. Now don’t let her teenage boy body fool you, she claims to be one of the “realest” models and “sexiest” in the Northwest. All her photos are generic and boring with her signature constipation-face expression, I’m shocked photographers actually waste their time on her. She is on a personal crusade against all the hoes of the world yet this hypocrite won’t ever tell anyone that she was the girl cheating on her man with multiple guys at the same time at parties and having sex in backyards. She also is on YouTube trying to dance half-naked in an outfit that doesn’t do her non-existent curves justice thinking that will get her famous. She constantly brags about how she makes more than everyone who went to college because she is a waitress and that she actually chooses to make a career out of it. Actually, she can’t go anywhere else because she is a felon for committing robbery with a firearm and went to prison for it. You would think most people would be smarter after serving time but she came out more idiotic than before and continues to waste her life trying to become a model as an easy way out. Does she have what it takes, Nik?

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Abraham Issac Seattles most Hated

April 2, 2014 Seattle 5 5,628 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is Seattles most hated . He thinks he’s a photographer when he takes all his photos with an iPhone . He talks down on the whole fashion community when he wears the same suit every day . He beat up his girlfriend and stole all her stuff when she takes care of his child …. Warning to all don’t work with this loser . He was dishonorably discharged from the army and claims to be disabled yet is in the club every night ! Multiple people have put restraining orders on him !!! He’s now trying to work in Vancouver but little do they know about his dark past ! Let’s expose this jack off !!!!

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Beware of the Scam Rafael Inc

April 1, 2014 Dirty Business, Seattle 47 8,805 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the infamous couple of “Rafael Inc” – “D7Shots” and “Jewels Fashiontz” – their company motto should be “Building our business on the backs of unpaid suckers, oops we mean models.” They are so gross! I think they took the phrase “sex sells” and ran with it. All their “models” are dressed to look like cheap strippers or someone you would see walking the track looking for a John on Aurora Ave. If you are one of the ladies who is pictured as a model don’t get mad, this post had really nothing to do with you. Not being a hater, just posting for awareness so that you know how you come across to people when you are representing and being represented by these people. This is how they are choosing to represent themselves and by working with them they reflect on you, it is your choice if you want them to represent you. Jocelyn preaches networking and is always offing advice on how to become famous. But where do her credentials come from? What makes her knowledgeable of this industry and why does she think she needs to advise people on how to become famous. She does not know how to make a person famous. Nor does she know how to properly network. For her its finding people who can help her, but there is no return to the favor. There are plenty of people who have worked with these two in the past and have had those bridges burnt. Be warned that these two are not good to work with; they will use you for whatever they can get out of you! I was prompted to post this due to a comment I read regarding the Seattle models (And thought, these poor girls are taking the heat for Jocelyns bad business practices) …. Comment read: “I’m actually really glad that something has finally been said about this group of women and Jocelyn Simos. Jocelyn and her boyfriend/baby daddy Dominic (he’s the photographer) run this “Rafael Inc” which is also formally “D7shots” They know how many wannabe models there are in Seattle. So they take advantage of it by telling women that every body shape and height is fine and sells them on a dream. Nice right? Nope. YOU have to pay THEM for a photoshoot. Yes, you heard me correctly. They have contracts and everything that you have to sign. You’ll get a deal for a certain amount of crappy photoshopped pictures on a disc for a few hundred. Now let’s get to these lingerie fashion shows. If they are not asking YOU to pay THEM, you at least have to sell a certain amount of tickets to your friends to come or else YOU have to PAY them to make up for the tickets that you didn’t sell. They have a contract on that too. You don’t even get to keep the clothes. They get a whole bunch of ugly women and put them in a group of uglier women so they all feel like supermodels. It’s a mess. I do feel bad for them, but it is kind of fun watching the wreck happen.”

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Sahil Sharma

March 31, 2014 Seattle 32 9,598 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: where do i even begin….so this guy named SAHIL SHARMA, his family owns MASALA in northgate…he has money. He thinks hes a pimp, getting girls hooked on drugs, and pimping them on some backpage site, like he was proud. Showed me a pic of my best friend and her post online that he posted. Secondly this guy was my friends friend, and after getting in with the wrong crowd he started robbing people. This guy being invited into my home as a homie decides to rob me of all my savings and took $10 grand, made a police report after knowing it was him nothing was done, fuck the police. Then another incident where he messaged me where i was and i said i wasnt home, thinking he wanted to smoke, and coincidentally i get robbed 10 mins later, to my rooomate calling me saying that our door had been kicked down. This guy took everything my macbook pro, ipad, burberry, glasses even. trashing my whole place clearly looking for more money after the first robbery. Whats more unbelievable was that i knew it was him, and contacted him right after asking where hes at, and right after i said i was there too. then all of a sudden he didnt reply??, not to mention that i set him up and he gave himself up knowing exactly what was taken from my house, and when i told him the police had their suspect and theyre going to jail for 5 years, he called instantly asking all sorts of questions. come on that is beyond guity. whats more disgusting is that he preys on girls, knowing i live on my own with my roomate, and have no family found me as an easy target. Oh and before all that asked me for a thousand dollars like i had it, then when i didnt budge asked for 500 and telling me how hes going to jail cause of my freind and all this. which he should of. I didnt listen to my gut gave him the money to keep out of jail, and made a law abiding contract to pay me back fingerprint and all, and after all that the day he was supposed to go to jail theres a pic of him in vegas with my money….then had the nerve to not pay me back… and they day before he was supposed to was when i got robbed by him and most likely his bestie IAN. I even went to court to get my money and of course he didnt show. I even went to his parents house to tell them what he has done and told me they didnt care if i called the cops. Took 10 grand from his dad, pawned his moms bangles which she had to buy back, and took his sisters michael Kors watch. It just disgust me that hes not in jail rotting preys on girls and how other prisoners should prey on him just him robbing me @ times alone and getting my friend hooked on drugs to sell her he should be locked away for life. but due to our police justice system there is no justice. Only karma. Plz plz if anyone can help me put this man away.

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Just Let Me Roll My Sleeve Up First

March 31, 2014 Cincinnati, Seattle 3 6,175 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this is Seth Romanowski douche bag king originally from Cincinnati. The guy is total scum. He cheats, lies, and manipulates anyone he can. He is only in it for himself and his dick. Speaking of can you find someone to help roll up his sleeve first? Can’t get lotion on the jacket you know. A total prick that everyone should watch out for.

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March 26, 2014 Seattle 7 10,210 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a 24-year-old high school math teacher is accused of having sexual contact with two students in her classroom and exchanging inappropriate texts and nude photos. Meredith Powell, who taught at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, allegedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old and, in a separate incident, had sexual contact with a then 15-year-old while the rest of the school was attending an assembly last month. Court documents obtained by KIRO claim Powell admitted her illegal behavior, though she pleaded not guilty on Friday to two counts of third-degree child rape and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes, according to the News Tribune. The court documents say Powell also allegedly sent one of the students a nude photo of herself in a bathtub through Snapchat. Police said Powell also sent sexually explicit text messages to a third, 17-year-old student, according to the Seattle Times. She allegedly sent a text to the 17-year-old’s girlfriend apologizing for her “promiscuous” texts.

Maybe she is just exercising?- nik

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Seattle Does NOT Have Models

March 26, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 67 99,134 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the latest groups of nobodies who call themselves “models” – “Rafael Inc. Models” is what they are called. What is Rafael Inc anyways and what are their beat bunch of ladies trying to promote?  They do lingerie fashion shows apparently, but come on who wants to see this mess of a group parade around half clothed?  They are barely even tolerable with photoshop! Photoshop is for liars, but I would rather be lied to than have to look at the cheap nasty tattoos and WalMart bathing suites. Not to mention the MAC force field they are all wearing on top of the photoshop – they should all have to take completely unedited photos to be considered models!  Nik – with a gun to your head and to save the entire human race, pick on…. Just to hold hands with.

There isn’t one to pick. Shoot me.- nik

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Antonio Frazier Is Nothing But A Thug

March 25, 2014 Portland, Seattle, The Dirty 104 94,912 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Antonio Frazier aka T-Double of “Chase the Sky Productions” or “Frazier Boy Entertainment”… self proclaimed producer from Portland Oregon. A talented small town single mother was just trying to get her foot in the door, refine her skills, and get serious about music. She was referred to this “producer” to help her with that. They had plans of going to California or Las Vegas for 2 months to work on recording but ultimately ended up in Seattle. His family has a recording studio there (not even sure if his connections in CA or LV are even real). Antonio has a girlfriend but was extremely controlling and acted like a pimp; going crazy for her talking to another dude. He threatened to pop her tires, said he was going to KILL her 2 year old daughter!, tried to grab her and go after her but thankfully she wasn’t alone and his OWN FAMILY knocked his ass out, stole her phone then left her in Seattle! He currently lives in Tri-Cities Washington and supposedly is going to move to Texas. But he was also supposed to move to California, and Las Vegas so who knows what the truth is. Stay away from this dirty dirty never gunna make it thug piece of trash!

I never understood tattoos on black people… you can’t even see them.- nik

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