Seattle Does NOT Have Models

March 26, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 67 99,107 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the latest groups of nobodies who call themselves “models” – “Rafael Inc. Models” is what they are called. What is Rafael Inc anyways and what are their beat bunch of ladies trying to promote?  They do lingerie fashion shows apparently, but come on who wants to see this mess of a group parade around half clothed?  They are barely even tolerable with photoshop! Photoshop is for liars, but I would rather be lied to than have to look at the cheap nasty tattoos and WalMart bathing suites. Not to mention the MAC force field they are all wearing on top of the photoshop – they should all have to take completely unedited photos to be considered models!  Nik – with a gun to your head and to save the entire human race, pick on…. Just to hold hands with.

There isn’t one to pick. Shoot me.- nik

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Antonio Frazier Is Nothing But A Thug

March 25, 2014 Portland, Seattle, The Dirty 102 94,768 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Antonio Frazier aka T-Double of “Chase the Sky Productions” or “Frazier Boy Entertainment”… self proclaimed producer from Portland Oregon. A talented small town single mother was just trying to get her foot in the door, refine her skills, and get serious about music. She was referred to this “producer” to help her with that. They had plans of going to California or Las Vegas for 2 months to work on recording but ultimately ended up in Seattle. His family has a recording studio there (not even sure if his connections in CA or LV are even real). Antonio has a girlfriend but was extremely controlling and acted like a pimp; going crazy for her talking to another dude. He threatened to pop her tires, said he was going to KILL her 2 year old daughter!, tried to grab her and go after her but thankfully she wasn’t alone and his OWN FAMILY knocked his ass out, stole her phone then left her in Seattle! He currently lives in Tri-Cities Washington and supposedly is going to move to Texas. But he was also supposed to move to California, and Las Vegas so who knows what the truth is. Stay away from this dirty dirty never gunna make it thug piece of trash!

I never understood tattoos on black people… you can’t even see them.- nik

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Lyndsey Beck the Conartist

March 25, 2014 Seattle 0 6,221 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of Lyndsey Becktold! She plays the victim in order to lower your defenses; then she will use you for money, sex and whatever else she can get from you. She’s manipulative and a down right sociopath! She will take any and everything she can get from you under the disguise of “love”. As soon as you cut her off, she will move on to the next unsuspecting victim that she will manipulate all over again (while still with you, until fully leeched on to the next; for a smooth and easy transition for herself.) Family is not off limits… She will meet your family, close friends and co-workers, and slander your name. BEWARE of this succubus!!!

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Are Tisa Babe’s +2′s Real

March 24, 2014 Seattle, Would You? 24 10,420 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have always wondered, what is your professional opinion. Real or fake? I think she is very pretty. But have always wondered if she is all natural or has she had enhancements?

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Jenelle Benjamin’s a Theif

March 21, 2014 Seattle 3 6,311 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone beware of Jenelle Benjamin she’s pretending to be homeless and reaching out to all of her old friends for a place to stay. Then when you leave she is clearing out all of the valuables in your house and selling them to the pawn shop or craigslist. Fortunately I caught onto her before she was able to get over on me but she left her e-mail logged into my computer and she’s been selling all kinds of stuff on craigslist this past month that’s stolen. Very sad to see an old friend get so strung out on drugs that she would stoop this low and steal from people who are trying to help her. DO NOT LET HER INTO YOUR HOME OR HAVE HER AROUND ANYTHING SHE COULD STEAL.

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Chelsea Marie, Free Loading Slore

March 20, 2014 Seattle 13 6,563 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chelsea, known on facebook as Chelsea Marie. She thinks shes hot shit in Renton. Shes a free loader, selfish, disgusting and will sabotage anyone regardless of who you are. She use to live with a few of my friends and ended up never paying rent on time or at all, claiming to never have any money but always somehow manages to go to the bar or some fancy resturant. Shes also been engaged 2 or 3 times or more! She jumps into relationships with guys from POF, claims they are getting married and then break up 2 months later. Shes a crazy slore. she likes to play the rape card. she almost got my friends husband in trouble because she kept telling people at the bar that he raped her. when in reality she got him drunk and started trying to fuck him. She talks mad shit and is a pathological liar. Her mom doesnt even want her living in her house anymore! Hey Chelsea, how about you take your paychecks and pay all the back rent you owe people and stop flirting with random dudes on plenty of fish. Warning boys, youre not the only one shell be talking to or screwing!

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What Are They Talking About

March 20, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 123 100,139 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my boyfriend and I allow each other to look through our phones because we trust each other.  I found him and his boys having a huge discussion about this girl and how perfect she was?  Now, I follow your site like religion so to me, she is nothing more than a 3.98409. Those eye brows are next level of f*cked up and those +2′s looks like they are trying to fight each other.  What is wrong with these boys?  Are they blind.

Are you sure your boyfriend isn’t a Gay?- nik

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Crazy Racist Psychic

March 17, 2014 Seattle 1 5,425 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Goodness gracious. Where do i start? This old bat claims she is a gifted and a clairvoyant and she gets on line talking shit to her viewers. When I was browsing Oranum I came across her room and she was going off on how black women monkeys, and then went on to hold up a stuffed monkey and said go back to swinging in the trees n***r! She is completely racist. I asked her what she was offering in the private chat, perhaps some profound insight? And she said that she gets all of her answers from her cards… She has no idea what the hell she is even talking about I wish I could have filmed her ranting in her free chat. Just go watch this crazy old bitch when she is online! Amazing that people even pay for this shit.

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