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These Girls Ain’t Loyal

November 15, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I wanted to tell you about this girl my best friend was with over the summer. She was pretty much a nobody until he started seeing her, and taking her out to all the fanciest and high end restaurants in town. He spoiled her in every way possible. Couple months pass, and all the sudden she bails on the relationship and starts acting like a complete sloot. She thinks shes the sh*t now, and literally posted pictures of herself with other guys a day after she broke up with my friend. Since then, she blocked him from her phone and all other social networking sites. It sucks seeing my best friend so sad and depressed over this unthankful hoe. Any suggestion on how to get him out of his depression? I know he can do so much better!

Nothing you can do. Sucks to say it — “time heals all wounds”.- nik

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Watch Out Single Moms

November 13, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to let the dirty world know about this guy, Robbie Walden. He’s a pretty well known country singer around the Seattle/Spokane area and presents himself as this hard working family man. I met him during a concert, while with my son.We talked and he said to keep in touch. I thought he wanted to do something regarding autism awareness, my son has autism and that was what we talked about.later that night I got a Facebook message from him. He started to pursue me hard from then, he brought me flowers, wrote me a song, told me it was love at first sight and he and his wife were separated. I gave in and fell in love hard. We spent the next few months basically moved in together, talking about marriage and kids. He even wanted to adopt my son. I am not one to trust men or let them in my sons life too, but I fully believed him as did my whole family. During all this, he never once saw his daughter, told me it was because he couldn’t stand being around her mother. 100% a Facebook dad.  Then in September his lies began unraveling, his wife texted me. And I confronted him, he just said she was full of it and ignore her. Me and him became strained and it all came to a head after one of his shows, during our argument he hit me twice right in front of his best friend and then he crashed his truck.His wife pathetically took him back. He still messages me saying he loves me.  He is truly f*cked up in the head, seriously the most narcissistic selfish boy ever.  Click here to see his Greg. 

Sounds like an amazing country song.- nik

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Rafael Inc Scam And Frauds

November 10, 2014 Seattle 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Attention!!! Rafael Inc./D7 shots are a scam and frauds. Jewels Simons along with Dominic walker and Christian Carreon are the biggest joke in the modeling and fashion industry. lets start with jewels and he Boy friend Dominic. She says she has 15 years experience in this industry but where has she been published? where are her credentials? ask her for her management or talent agency license that you are required to have if your representing models or actors. she makes her models wear outfits you would see hookers wearing. there is no class or standards, she has her models sell tickets and shirt? that’s not being a good coordinator, manager, agent, host that\’s just like being a pimp the models get no money in return. any real agent or model manager would never ever let there models or make them sell tickets or t-shirts let alone make them model or do fashion shows along with promotional events for fee. Now lets get to there modeling coordinator Christian what experience does he have…. None hes just as big as fraud as jewels and Dominic. where did he go to school for management? where did he internship at learn the proper and laws regarding model management? he’s not licensed in any way to represent any models or actors. All in all they treat there models like crap they don’t pay them, they don’t promote them, they don’t get them published.

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Tri-Cities Cheater

November 10, 2014 Seattle 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not his girlfriend…

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More Robbie Walden Intel

November 4, 2014 Seattle 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know I’m not the first girl who he has had an affair with. Robbie goes after single moms mostly. He told me about at least two girls he was involved with while he was living in Nashville, leaving his wife and newborn daughter alone in spokane. He got one girl pregnant and made her get an abortion. He refuses to use condoms. It turned him on the most, when I told him yes get me pregnant, put a baby in me. Also very into everything anal. He really has issues. I think it’s an army thing or something. He also has a very bad temper and hits when he is pushed. He denies ever abusing his wife but he was so quick to hit me and give me a black eye. His wife took him back again which I find soooo pathetic. What kind of woman takes a dude back after he has had his Greg in another woman? Truly pathetic. And they are acting like nothing ever happened. I feel sorry for their daughter. She is going to have some major daddy issues.

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Sadaf Kazemian

October 31, 2014 Seattle, St. Louis 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this isn’t just another rant about some slut, this is pretty disturbing. I met this girl when she was just a FOB, about 6 years ago. Since than, I can not believe the image this girl has created for herself and the life she now embodies. Let me give you a glimpse of the big picture, this girl is a legitamate prostitute. She has multiple men whom pay her for “favors” if you catch my drift. She has fcked a man of every race, all the FOBs in STL but she’s popular with the black community. This girl has gotten paid to have three sums with men she doesn’t even know, and the rumor in STL is that her vagina has a horrible odor and hence why men prefer to give it to her up the ass. This girl is an undercover whore who walks around claiming she loves Jesus, although as you can see she’s no advocate for The Lord. The lowest charecteristic of Sadaf is that she sleeps with married men and aids them in keeping it a secret from their wives. She fucked a 48 year old Indian man in his apartment in ballwin while his 2 year old daughter slept in the other room. My family knows her entire family and she thinks that the Persian community doesn’t know about her and her ways, oh we do, and we’re disgusted. P.S I’m certain she gets all this from her mother since I have heard almost every Persian woman tell the same stories about her mother Leila zenhari, who’s had tons of plastic surgery, nose job, and fat transfer to make her ass the size of a 50 pound ball.

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Luke Morales is Scum

October 28, 2014 Seattle 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want everyone to know to NEVER rent an apartment from The Heights at Bear Creek in Redmond, WA. This company is bankrupt, morally and literally, and they steal from their tenants to cover their losses. I recently moved out of my apartment there and was charged $270 for “melted siding” which I had NOTHING to do with. They charged me for damage that occurred due to heat from the sun. When I informed their “Receivables Specialist” Luke Morales that I had not caused the damage, he was incredibly rude and unprofessional. The reason the siding melted is because it is cheap plastic. Essentially they charge their tenants for their own poor choice in building materials. ALL the infrastructure in this complex is unbelievably cheap. It looks okay on the outside, but it is not a nice place to live at all. The walls are paper thin and I could hear everything my neighbors did. When the person above me walked around, it felt like an earthquake and my apartment actually SHOOK. Just from walking. The office staff (mainly Crystal) is incompetent and patronizing. I put my rent check in their drop box, as I was instructed to. A few days later, I received a notice that I hadn’t paid. When I told Crystal I had put my check in the drop box, she flat out lied and said that it wasn’t there. She even went to far as to accuse me of not turning it in. I ended up being charged $100 in excess fees because of their unprofessionalism. AVOID THE HEIGHTS AT BEAR CREEK AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

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Slooty Sailor Update

October 27, 2014 Fort Worth, Seattle 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ex here to give an update: Recently was told that Chelsi had been kicked outta the service finally with an ‘Other than Honorable’ discharge’ for ‘Serious Misconduct’ and that she is still using her married name (a year after the divorce changed it) to try and hide her dishonorable record. So for anyone googling: Chelsi Allen’s military history of reporting false domestic assaul, false rape allegations, perjury case(s), mental illness history, and generally shitty conduct is filed under Chels Danielle Rice. Oh, and she’s still doing the whole “lying about everything” thing. In particular she’s made me out to be the monster (predictable really) and is still faking the ‘naïve Christian girl’ character with a a riveting “I’m a victim” spiel…hell, covering up all that sociopathic behavior is amazing actually. Especially when you realize that she’s actually dating a sailor named Josh Reindl she met way back when and who literally had a ring side seat to all the shit she’s pulled and still believes she’s legit. Yea, no, here’s the vid:  Basically, she told her entire ship (10,000 people or so) that ‘her guy back home’ cheated on her so she could bang her way across base without judgment. The video captions illustrate her real nature: even while pretending to have an ‘honest moment,’ she was keeping a hundred other lies buried and telling a few more for good measure. But maybe she’s changed right?

Also Se: Slooty Sailor

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