Gary Leach Sumner WA

August 18, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gary Leach lies and cheats on a fiancée, has lived in Tacoma, Lakewood and.more.recently.Sumner.WA. for.Swift transportation as the supervisor. Met him 3 years.ago and.after some.on and off dating we.saw each other.consistently for 10 months where.he.claimed I was.the only woman he was dating and.having sex.with. After the 10 months of him being bed, for.him, gifts being “friends with benefits” speech. I told him that’s a no go…he to see.each other even.after I told him no within two hours of that conversation I found out.he’s had a girlfriend (he place because of work.schedules) that he just made.his fiancée a few.days before he.last laid up in my bed! This man is a master at manipulation and lies, clearly. I will find out who and I will tell her what a lowdown dirtbag POS he.really is. The man has no.integrity andbis TRASH!

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I’m Not Too Sure About Heather Bushaw

August 16, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 46


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok now this he/she is a real douche! It goes by the name of Heather and has tricked many a men into believing that she is a woman! BEWARE this tranny got a sex change and uses hormone treatment to sound, and look like a woman! Their is no worst thing than a liar and Heather is the worst of them all! She slept with a friend of mine and didn’t tell him she was a tranny and well now my guy has got serious sexual issues over it! Bottom line thats wrong and this thing needs to be exposed!

The knuckles give it away.- nik

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Adam Willis

August 15, 2014 Seattle 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Adam Willis tried to rape my friend after taking her to Scottsdale bar. He took her home and tried to force himself her and when she refused he hit her then decided to drive her home then abruptley stopped and grabed her and threw her in a ditch in the mud. Nik put this punk ass bitch on blast!

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Mole-Faced Slore

August 14, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Maelynn. This miserable ape-faced slore likes to talk herself up like her shit don’t stink on Facebook then post on Twitter about how insecure she is. She has two kids and two babydaddies and she’s only 22. Her hobbies include flirting with guys she’s never met before on Facebook to make her latest babydaddy jealous, putting down women who are stronger, smarter and more attractive than her, and pretending she loves herself and her life when truth is… she’s miserable with both. She thinks everyone owes her something and expects the whole Tacoma-Seattle area to bow down and kiss her flat ass then she wonders why she has no friends and can’t keep a man. She has the worst teeth and the ugliest smile EVER and can barely keep her mouth closed because her teeth are so jagged. She likes to air out her dirty laundry online for the whole world to laugh at so she can get sympathy and compliments to make her feel better about herself and her shitty relationship. This bitch needs to be set straight and told that she’s NOTHING special, her looks are below average, her personality is horrible, and she’s not very smart. Mae, get a fucking job, get a life, lay off social media and be the kind of woman you would want your daughters to be.

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Thinks Nobody Knows her Past

August 11, 2014 Seattle 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ni,I went to high school with this girl and she was always so innocent…or at least that is what she wanted everyone to think. Stumbled upon her a few weeks ago and I was a bit surprised to say the least… now the constant hair color changes and such make more sense. Is every girl a future porn actress in the making these days?

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Serial Homewrecker

August 8, 2014 Seattle 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this garbage dump of a person’s name is Justine Nicole Janssen. (Here’s her phone number-give her a ring! Shoot her some hate mail, it’ll be fun!) 425.760.7445. Her crimes include sleeping with upwards of 5 women’s boyfriends at a given time (but who could really keep track?), telling them she loves them, and keeping them around as long as they give her the compliments and attention she needs. I know this because I was an unfortunate woman who’s idiot boyfriend slept with this walking void, and barely turned my head to find other women in my position. Did I mention she is supposedly already committed to a boyfriend of her own in the middle of this whorapalooza? The icing on top of this poop-cake is her faked innocence. She advertises the hell out of her relationship with her so-called boyfriend, makes cutesy jokes constantly, and has mastered the ickiest act of naiveté and kindness. She never confronts people head-on, only dishes out backhanded comments so anyone else who might see knows she’s an angel. Meanwhile she’s in bed with every taken man in Seattle. This woman is a stye on the eyeball of the world after the devil farted in it…if only she’d disappear after a week or so.

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Bathroom Boner

August 7, 2014 Seattle 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Nick Zumwalt, he is a Engineer for BNSf and probably has a g/f in every city he travels to. He played me for months with his smooth talking lies tell one day I got a text from his wife.. Apparently this is a game he likes to play on her over and over I was not the first and will not be the last.. oh and just letting you ladied know from personal experience that puldge in his pants is not his dick cause that fcker is maybe 3 in.

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Profanely Profound

July 29, 2014 Seattle 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: In order to keep my taxes and the local drd statistics down in the area, not to mention others sanity, let it be warned that this clinically diagnosed mental case by the name of Natasha Nease, better known as Dylan in the Seattle strip clubs has more baggage then just a capricorn of drd’s. The initial turn on of your standard “daddy issues” stripper will quickly turn south along with your money and valuables after spending time or effort is placed with this diagnosed schizoid, borderline and level 2 bipolar personality disordered individual. Even if the plethora of prescribed drugs somehow helped the self medicated methamphetamine among others definitely conflicts. Just like a Stephen King novel, you will be constantly barraged in accusations of her own guilty sluty actions in attempts to fill a black-holed void of self loathing and disgust, disguised with tons of make-up, jenny crank diet and hottest person to walk the earth exterior complex as she attempts to escalate every “personal feeling” or “expression” to a physical level of hatred. This is just skimming the top of a quick summary of several years without getting into any details like the refusal to use any protection for either work or personal escapades.

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