Port Orchard Homewrecker

February 19, 2014 Seattle, Washington 6 5,716 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I want you to put this butch (not bitch but she is)JODI ECKLUND on blast. My first mistake I guess was getting into a relationship with a lesbian but in the end we got married and had 3 boys, all under 5 right now. For at least the last two years this Port Orchard homewrecker has been contacting my partner and professing her love for her, that she misses her, sappy bullshit really and in the end they’ve exchanged secretive emails, texts, phonecalls and even meeting. They are former “lovers” and I finally caught up …stupid me but the reason I want her put on blast is because she has hurt my three little boys through her meddling – she can have her ex (now mine) back but hurting my kids is unforgivable.

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Frostbite NoNo’s

February 19, 2014 Seattle 55 10,656 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok. First off these girls are fckin gross. Their leader is a mother of two children, Douglas and Natsha, Both have no father around as Dette (their gogo leader) is such an idiot she has sex with rapists and child molesters. She is like a size 12 and seems to think she’s a size 2…. She calls her team gogo’s…when in fact she has no formal training or experience with dancing. Instead she got turned down by every crew in Seattle…so she made one… behold frostbite gogo! She is a terrible person who leaves her kids with the men she’s dating…just to go get wasted at raves, pretend she’s a gogo and sleep with the first man the shows her affection. She thinks bashing on others is ok, she will tell u to your face … First time I ever met this girl, she was at inferno at el rev and she was 6months prego and high as a fckin kite while wearing gogo gear…mother of the year people! She blows marijuana and pill smoke in her babies faces when they don’t stop screaming. She beats on all of her boyfriends …you can ask these men : Tevor, sky, donnie and John. Everyone is tired of seeing this crew of tramps run themselves into raves thinking they are top shit…when in fact….they just look like shit. Biomorph nessie or Vanessa, is a whore. She will sleep with any man, I’ve seen it. Hailee meow is a drug addict…heroin and meth…yum She calls herself a boss and princess…and for some ungoldy reaon thinks she Ariel..bwhhahaa… She needs to get a job, stop living off the state and using its money to buy her crew gogo gear…and walmart panties that she glues childish sequins too and calls it a costume when it looks like something my grandma would make for herself. Did I mention most of her girls are under 18yrs of age… So with that said…this girl needs a reality check..as she’s fuckin fat, mean, disgusting, a bad parent and horrid dancer. Watch out for frostbite gogo…they may just freeze your dick off. Someone needs to tell this girl to stop dancing b4 she falls on someone in a crowd and breaks them in half!

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F-Dub is Single

February 17, 2014 Seattle 14 6,471 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lynsay is back on the market… Shocking. Not. She is out trolling the bars, casinos, and dating sites with her cleavage on display to try and hook herself a meal ticket. I managed to dodge this bullet a couple years ago, so this warning is a public service announcement for the Seattle-Tacoma area. If you’re going to pump & dump, strap up!

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Earl Thomas Getting Female Digits? What About His GF

February 7, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Seattle, The Dirty 65 101,271 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t know if this is of any interest to the people of Seattle. I came across an interesting interaction from what appeared to me to be a thirsty female looking for a champion drink. Apparently Earl Thomas was acquiring the phone number of an older blonde who looked a little on the noodle side. But, I thought he had a girlfriend, and a baby by said girlfriend. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE thirsty females of the world let our players just be football players. If you know he has a girlfriend LEAVE THEM ALONE! We need them to be settled in their home lives so that they can concentrate on their game and bring us another win for the city! Chansi Samantha, that means you!

Seattle Seahawks congrats on being champs. Truly deserving this season. Keep banging b*tches Earl.- nik

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Erich Brown

February 5, 2014 Seattle, Washington 6 5,575 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik do I have a real DIRTY.COM for you!!! Wow Erich Brown is a piece of work. After hooking up with him awhile back I was introduced to his crew. What a bunch of coke heads and druggies. Now mind you I party here and there but this guy cant keep his nose clean or his dick in his pants. I feel bad finding out later he was really in an on and off again relationship with his girlfriend Melissa Wolfe. He has cheated on her more times then I think I have changed my panties. God only knows how many girls from his crew he has fucked. I know some are Taylor Bass, Melissa Weiland (aka Melli and supposedly Melissa Wolfes good friend), and many more, I dont want to name to many names as its not fair to them. A few of these girls have told me themselves. They didnt know him and I hooked up so I guess they felt they could confide in me. I used to go to parties at his house and he would ditch his GF so he could hook up with other girls and do blow all night. Whats funny is that his crew would never tell this poor girlfriend of his even though they were all friends. (WHAT A GREAT CREW THAT IS) If you are out a club just watch him try and mack on girls when he DJS, he will be sly and does it all the time. Yes I was one of those girls that feel for it, so I dont want sympathy, but I do want all the girls out there to know that he is a player and he will cheat on his girl. Hey if you wanna fuck a DJ then go ahead that’s cool, but least know that this DB has a girl. He will always have blow with him and some great music, but he is a cheater and its time the other girls of Seattle start to hear and know it!!!! I feel awful for his GF and wonder if she is just too stupid to know or doesn’t care. I feel bad for this crew and for all the girls in it cause it makes me wander how many of us he has fucked and why none of us talk about it???

I’m getting a forgy vibe from him…maybe its the braces.- nik

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State Rep. Roger Goodman Drives High As A Kite

February 5, 2014 Dirty Politics, Seattle, The Dirty 37 90,739 Views

Rep._RogerGoodman_fit_600x600 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Washington State Representative Roger Goodman. Roger is an advocate for the marijuana industry, which a majority of voters in WA approved in 2012 for recreational use. Roger is also the chair of the House Public Safety committee in the state legislature. Roger is also a HUGE hypocrite when it comes to impaired driving. Under the penalty of perjury, his ex wife claimed he often drove with his young children in the car while high as a kite. This is the same guy who proposes tougher DUI laws for political cover. This guy is a complete joke and the State of Washington and his children deserve better.

You guys got your weed and your Super Bowl victory… what more do you want?- nik

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Low Budget Sloots

February 4, 2014 Seattle 12 6,745 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok I have to seriously put these two loser skanks on blast. one goes by “roxie” her real name is victoria and the other (fat one) goes by “kali these two girls are no good, manipulative and think that they can go around in life scamming others to get ahead! roxie was married to this guy in the military and would go out on the weekends and talk to other guys. when they were about to break up she moved right in with this other guy and banged him to get favors. kali moved in with some military guy after a week for a “contract” marriage with her YOUNG daughter after knowing him for a week! he then threw her ass out because she made him mad and she has NO job. she threw her kid away and let her live with the parents, well, because she just didnt feel like being mom. sick. anyway these two girls (who i thought were good friends) totally took advantage of me when i (feeling sorry for them because they are broke as fuck) let them work in my massage studio for FREE. yes thats right FREE, plus i taught them everything i know about the world of sensual massage. they laughed at first at what i did then became interested as soon as i mentioned how much money i made. well anyway they seemed to let all the money go to their head and when i asked them to help pay for expenses they claimed they would not even help me with the amount i wanted because that was too much! mind you i helped them set up ads, let them use my supplies, did all the laundry. they would come, work, then leave! i am so angry! and then feeling totally used i broke off the so called “friendship” and said fuck it go do your own thing bitches. now i look online and these hookers are copying my wording for ads and even working in the same CITY taking my clients. roxie before even said that driving all the way to my city was SUCH a hassle and she didnt even like it here. so to see they got a place in the SAME city, using everything i taught them! roxie got a set of rock hard looking tits probably from another guy she scammed. she has a track record of seeking out guys to bum off of and can never be fully independent. kali is just scum and fcking stinks. one time she was walking past me wearing her lingerie and the pungent aroma of musty sweat, and mildew vagina hit me so hard i wanted to cry. well you know what they say, what goes around comes around. good luck you manipulative whores.

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Leslie Finally Busted For Ripping People Off

February 1, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 27 97,457 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Leslie has been lying and stealing for years! Finally busted and looking at felony charges!!! I can’t even count how many people she has stolen from then made up crazy stories to cover her butt!! She is a druggie that needs to pay!!

Go Seahawks!- nik

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