Obese creeper Boy

June 26, 2014 Seattle 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, love your site! This obese piece of shit thinks he’s so hot and Seattle is pretty small (club wise) so I run into him sometimes. He starts off by buying other fat girls drinks but at the end of the night when he realizes that he just spent his last dollar on some ratchet, he goes crazy. He stands outside the club like a loser that he is and starts screaming and crying. On top of it, he smells like ass. He’s so fat that he can’t walk a block without sweating profusely. I was walking to my car one night when he thought he could pull some dumb shit with me. WRONG. And he also wont stop harassing me and other random girls on facebook. Every couple months he makes a new account to message the girls who have blocked him on his old account. He doesnt really speak english so he types it in punjabi, since we’re all indian (the dot not the feather). LADIES BEWARE OF THIS OBESE BOY!!

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Rick Casas and Stephanie Lam

June 26, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: In case you haven’t known, you may be one of the 100th victims of being perpetually lied to from the this slick Ricky Casas. If you haven’t been aware, he’s married ladies. Also in the army. Thought you had your chance in the military life well, supposedly this chick that doesnt know that while secretly filing a divorce to the current spouse he invited a young lady to pose as a potential new wife. Mind you, that lady never showed up but her sister did. ANYWAYS, the current 18 year old Stephanie Lam didn’t know he’s been bumping uglies with every woman in Tacoma yet not even a day of sleeping with said potential wife’s sister, Steph shows up only to fill the lonely void in her mind to be comforted by mister Casas. While having a boyfriend. Also she slept with his friends. And her sister slept with Casas. But everything’s all dandy fine apparently? Boyfriend wants to beat Casas ass yet they all continue to live within a cycle of cheating and sleeping with whatever moves. Therefore i just wanted the ones who know Casas and Stephanie Lam that yes, they are cheating on you and yes you need to get your genitals checked.

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Kaitlyn Louthan

June 20, 2014 Seattle, Vancouver-WA 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kaitlyn Louthan is a slutty juggalo twat. She is a fat coke whore who will sleep with anyone she can get her slimey hands on. This bitch is almost always partying. Smoking weed, drinking, doing coke, x, yet again, whatever she can get her slimey hands on. Her family and her post on FB about her court dates like it’s something to be proud of. She also has a community service selfie! Classy, right? They are hicks who just sit around getting fcked up all day. Nothing but druggies. And this ugly bitch truly looks like a Cousin It product of incest, pics don’t even do it justice. She just sucks dick (which I hear she’s terrible at) and snorts lines all day. So pathetic.

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Khris Wilson

June 16, 2014 Seattle 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty ass disease carrying low life SLUT has drdS… CH***A AND ****S and he never wears a condom, he beats women and is a drug dealer. BEWARE LADIES and if you actually choose to fck this gross anorexic pig WEAR 4 CONDOMS and bleach your chocha afterwards…. this guy is known for spreading drdS from Renton all the way to Vancouver BC Canada. He is the UGLY conehead squidworth looking goof on the RIGHT in the picture

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Livmon Stafford

June 16, 2014 Seattle 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk, I just learned that one of my friend’s cousins is currently under the spell of a 36-year old loser of a pimp wannabe, Livmon Stafford. Rachel S*****y really is a good and sweet girl, but this guy has been supplying her with meth and other controlled substances. This fool has been in and out of the legal system since he was in his teens. Apparently life has not taught his anything but to use women in the most despicable manner possible. Rachel even calls him her man, when he is still hooking up with a sloot named Maria Rogers and he is not shy about posting pics about this on his FB page. Recently Rachel got busted up in Bellingham for stuff that her family would absolutely be shocked and ashamed about, and this douchebag just left her in jail to rot for a couple of weeks. Time for an intervention and for this guy to go to prison. BTW, I wonder if the IRS would be interested in the pics with him showing his pimp proceeds?

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Lummi Moma

June 16, 2014 Seattle 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Meet Shanice Jefferson-Hillaire Lummi Washington slooot! This chickis so desprate & pathetic She hooks up with young boys and sells herself to men via fb and f*@ks her own uncles to help pay her rent. She sells off all her daughters belongings to afford her addictions but tries to act like mother of the year in public. So sick! Straight up loser that lives in a fantasy world that she’s so hot and everyone in Lummi hates her but it’s really because she sucking off all their men. She’s the most crazy delusional skank around spends hours plastering makeup on and neglects her daughter so she can stalk fb men all hours of the night sending naked shots. She has abortions like they are birth control. The latest pedophile man that she found in Nevada brought home to live around her daughter… Guys beware of her she stalk native pages all around the states!

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While He’s Away

June 13, 2014 Seattle 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Amy Linder(or Woodside as she tells men) this womans husband is deployed he reads these things she is a whore last time he was deployed she slept with 8 people i know right come on slut have some fucking dignity she has three kids with the man he forgave her once and she is at it again going to Off the Hook looking for dick what a slut. So who has caught clamydia this deployment from this slut

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Misogynistic Drew

June 10, 2014 Seattle 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kid Andrew (Drew) Stites he thinks he is God’s gift to women, but he is a low life piece of shit who needs to be put on blast. He’s a sheet metal worker, but is an embarrassment to those who are in the trade and do work hard to earn a living. He has a violent temper that has led to a record with the State and a short rap sheet and he’s had to pay into a victim’s assistance fund for the shit he’s done. The crew he hangs out with is no better and provides shade for his deeds to all the women he hits on at the 24-Hour Fitness club where he works out. Looks like he might have another tall beauty on the hook, but someone needs to warn her about who he really is. Just an absolute POS and punk!

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