Seattle | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Candice, Please Stop Using Drugs

September 4, 2014 Bellevue, Seattle, The Dirty 45

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Candice.  She has such a hot body, but she has a little problem with drugs.  Wanted to say stop that sh*t Candice.  Nik, how do you feel about her body?  Smoking right?  Click here to see her without the dress!!

Dirtyvention. Candice they are posting you because they love you.- nik

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Spokane Factory

September 4, 2014 Seattle, Spokane 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to two of Spokane’s dirtiest gays! One of these guys was born and raised here (obviously he has the most disgusting teeth ever) and has recently returned. So here is my PSA these guys both have the gift that keeps giving. They have a habit of inviting random guys into bed and then not disclosing the parting gift they will be receiving after their romp. The blondie there is also a tweaker, is on every form of government aid available and has on a few occasions (he won’t ever admit it) exchanged oral sex for money. Pretty sure these guys couldn’t get any classier if they tried. Gross.

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Avas Flowers Suck

September 2, 2014 Dirty Business, Seattle 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I ordered flowers for my moms birthday. They delivered them a day late. My mom sent me a picture of them. They looked like they should’ve cost $12. I Paid $93!!! I called to complain. They said they were sorry. Sorry?!? That was it! In the end I got a whole refund, but only after they picked the flowers back up from my poor mom. That isn’t even the whole story! There a few more scary details where they totally dropped the ball. The important thing is… That is bad business. I will never shop with them again. Beware of Ava’s Flowers.

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Former Seattle Mariner Tom Oldham Gave Me DRD

September 2, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Seattle, The Dirty 223


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a few months ago I’m in Seattle for a college roommates engagement party. It was rather dull, so after a few of the girls decide to hit Baltic Room. This guy starts chatting me up saying he’s a Mariners player and huge hedge fund manager. It turns out he was ONCE actually a Seattle Mariner and his name is Tom Oldham. BTW, he’s no hedge fund manager. Just a compliance rat in a cube at Mutual of Omaha. Anyways, we go back to his hotel do some coke and unfortunately I slept with him. A few weeks ago I’m in the shower touching myself before work and feel a bump. I assumed it was an ingrown hair. Well, fast forward and now I have an appointment at the gyno. Beware ladies.

That hat doesn’t look like a real baseball cap.- nik

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These Two Need To Stop Already

August 28, 2014 Bellevue, Seattle, The Dirty 66


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nina Rose and Bruna Araujo…okay Bruna is actually a really nice girl but unfortunately (and I know you have met her so you have own opinions) she is just too eager to please and still thinks she is hot… Nina on the other hand is a fake ass skank and a half. She is the ultimate homie hopper and will do ANYTHING to get noticed. She thinks she is the hottest girl in Seattle, even tried out for D List magazine cover girl…and didn’t win. Please bump this nasty hoe off her self-made pedestal, Seattle dudes are still jockin’ because she has +2′s. But let me tell you, the +2′s are disgusting in person and they don’t mean sh*t when she begs for attention, talks too much and takes more selfies than Courtney Stodden. Ugh Bellevue bitches…you are not LA caliber…get over yourselves. And hey Nina, go home you’re drunk…all the time, train wreck.

Someone please get this girl a Seahawks helmut.- nik

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Riff Raff’s Ex-Girlfriend Angela Jean Needs A Reality Check

August 26, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Angela Jean Christoulis deserves to be on this site because she has zero sense of reality and wants everyone to think her joke of a life is amazing. She thinks she’s gorgeous when in reality she is BASIC AT BEST. She has a huge beak, saggy -2′s and backside flat as a board. She got into a terrible car accident because she and her abusive cheater boyfriend were drunk and she was hitting him while he was speeding on the freeway. Instead of learning from that, she ceased the opportunity to turn it into a big show to get attention and sympathy. Every chance she gets she write out a novel on facebook about her progress, how many pills she has to take every day, ect ect, yawn yawn. She is fake, two faced, shallow, and psychotic. She slept with Riff Raff the z-list rapper and tries to tell people that they dated and he is her ex.. as if she wasn’t just one of many groupies. REALITY CHECK PLEASE!!!

Who is this person? Everyone has slept with Riff Raff, don’t get it twisted sister.- nik

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Barista Payton Is Not That Sexy

August 24, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – Payton Scott, Payton Barista, Selene Scott, Selene Hill – anyone know her real age? I found this video of her looking old and wrinkly. Maybe because I only see her in pictures that she clearly over edits and distorts? Anyone know? Her son looks like he’s a pre-teen, why does she even post pics of him with all her slutty photoshopped pics? And why is one boob Frankenstein!?

You can tell she smells like noodles.- nik

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Gary Leach Sumner WA

August 18, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gary Leach lies and cheats on a fiancée, has lived in Tacoma, Lakewood and.more.recently.Sumner.WA. for.Swift transportation as the supervisor. Met him 3 years.ago and.after some.on and off dating we.saw each other.consistently for 10 months where.he.claimed I was.the only woman he was dating and.having sex.with. After the 10 months of him being bed, for.him, gifts being “friends with benefits” speech. I told him that’s a no go…he to see.each other even.after I told him no within two hours of that conversation I found out.he’s had a girlfriend (he place because of work.schedules) that he just made.his fiancée a few.days before he.last laid up in my bed! This man is a master at manipulation and lies, clearly. I will find out who and I will tell her what a lowdown dirtbag POS he.really is. The man has no.integrity andbis TRASH!

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