Girlfriend Beating Druggie

May 21, 2014 Seattle 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Derek Davison he thinks he is the most amazing person in the world but he really is a low life piece of shit who beats the shit out of his ex-girlfriend’s. He was in the marine corps for a year and a half before getting kicked out for doing drugs and beating the shit out of his girlfriend. He has cheated on every girl hes been with, he has beatin every girl he has been with and refuses to change his ways. He loves to see females cry and in pain. He is a meth head junkie and tried to rape me when I was passed out from a long night out then when I woke up and told him to leave me alone he called me a “pussy ass bitch”. He is creepy and gross. Someone needs to beat the shit out of him and show him what a “pussy ass bitch” really is.

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Clubrat Norris

May 21, 2014 Seattle 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Paige Norris she is a dirty bar and club sloot with tons of stds to pass around. She also would love to steal and talk to your boyfriend trust me I would know she did it to me and i was suppose to be her friend, well she clearly proved she didn\’nt care about friendship over a lame dude. She is crazy and will stall you for some attention also. She loves the purple crown can\’t get away from it. Her vagina is so loose you could put a bowling ball in there and smells like fresh fish…anyways men watch out for this tramp! She also has a club male slut she hangs out with that.posted on here named jaye hall! Great combination btw. Just warning you guys!!

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What Do Guys See In Paige Ocktobur

May 20, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 58


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is more of Paige Ocktobur.  Now I totally agree that she has no shape and her body is nothing more than a solid 3.5… but she does have that beautiful face.  I don’t understand how an athlete like Golden Tate would go after her?  Hot as her face is, it doesn’t make up for that body.  I don’t get it.

Golden Tate must have went to private school growing up.- nik


Paige Ocktobur Has No Shape

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Parma Trash – Andrey Pugach

May 15, 2014 Seattle 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is andrey pugach. Of course this m*th smoking , raging H addict, alcoholic is from parm fiend thinks he’s a “man” yet he loves mooching off everyone he can, especially women. I witnessed him yelling at his own sister days before her wedding to order him a new keyboard. He talks to everyone like their his bitch. He has a dodge truck that he can barely afford, always begging someone for diesel. He used to work for greg C at gregs tree service which is another parma low life meth addict. I’ve seen this “man” do any type of drug he can get his hands on. And here recently he just got a washed up 32 year old cracked out whore pregnant, amie Roberson, . She already has 4 kids and her house is nothing but a trap drug house, she has meth pipes laying around while her kids play. This is one of the biggest clucks parma has to offer. He recently got fired from his 10$ an hour job for smoking meth on the job!! How disgusting! Anyways, he loves to post Craigslist adds for people who need his “handy work” when this cluck doesn’t even have his ged. and speaks broken ass english . He will lie straight to your face if it benefits him. I just hope this bum can afford to feed 5 mouths and I hope his baby mama can out down the meth pipe long enough to tend to her unborn baby along with the other 4. Enjoy being a Behind the scene drug addict!!! No one do any business with this fiend for your own safty. I’ve seen him break into his own friends houses and steal their shit to just support his habit. He lies to his own parents about who’s he’s dating and where he sleeps at night. Parma, you’ve done a good job with this cluck. Andrey pugach you are one of the most worthless pos that’s ever walked the face of this earth.  btw the drugs are eating away at your face. Hahaha work head!!!!

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Don’t Trust Leah Savochka

May 14, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Leah Savochka is a dirty girl that just chases athletes!! She thinks shes the hot sh*t and shes a bad person, treats every one like sh*t but gets in their face when they tell her the truth about herself.  She takes it as if someone is talking sh*t about her. She’s so shady it’s not even funny. She needs to be put on her spot.

All I see is the stomach region. It’s like she is almost hitting the second trimester.- nik

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Tiny Greg Schneider

May 14, 2014 Seattle 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, This guy name is John Schneider who not only is a huge DB, but a liar about everything about himself and his intentions. My girls and I first met him outside a club (an all male gay club that is!) and he was immediately hitting on me and my girls that were totally wasted. He We ended the night and again on the second night we went out this asshole show’s up to offer my friend a ride and her being completely wasted took one from him, did way more then he’s probably every gotten and then proceeds to say “I’ll like you so much and will call you, ect.” Now he’s trying to be a player, which by the way he does not have the looks, money or anything to offer clearly in his pants or otherwise. Women of Seattle, and beyond beware of this guy. He\’ll say anything, especially when your drunk which should constitute as sexual assault. I would put where he works, but I guess I’m not that dirty! By the way this is the only pic my girl could pull off his Facebook page because all others he has posted are disgusting, like him!

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Baby Abuser

May 13, 2014 Long Beach, Seattle 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is chrystal cleer real name chrystal Ashley Nelson hiphop world star wanna be bad girl. Just got out of jail for dui and coke charges. She is 27 with nothing but a decent face and a poorly done rack. Large GAP between her cheap boob job. She has a son who she doesn’t take care of she abuses her son when he doesn’t say I love you back (he is only 2) . She ie crazy obsessed with her baby daddy who she hasn’t let see his son in months! Married to a 50 something year old white man who pays other strippers in town. Does coke and gang bangs on a regular. Homeless careless and will Fuck anything with a little a money just to keep some smoke and coke. !! She needs to have her son took and her ass beat. Watch Out For The Possessed Coke Head Milf Who trays to strip but gets kicked out of every club for having sex in the back she is a disgrace

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Marcy Redhead

May 6, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: She came into my life about six months ago. Actually my fiance of 15yrs life. First I saw little drawings she drew for him. Then texts. I would ask him who is marcy redhead, he would say she is a customer at the auto repair shop. He said she is married. I tried to believe him. But then it progressed to him being home a lot. Saying he was at work. Staying out late at night. Suspicious charges to the bank card. Then he brings home this Honda that he claims he is fixing for a customer. Something didn’t sit right with me so I looked at the registration and it was marcy’s cat. I asked him about it and he said it was her husband and he was fixing it. I didn’t believe him. Then things progressed even more where she was coming to the shop. Buying stuff for our son. Bought my fiance a very expensive watch. When everything came to a head and I confronted her she said she knew about me but she was going to marry him and have babies. We are trying to work thru this betrayal. She knew about me and our son and is married herself and didn’t care to try to ruin a family!

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