Mike Castillo Street Divas

January 27, 2014 San Diego, Seattle 4 6,468 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Mike Castillo or Mike De Castillo as he’s known in Seattle Washington. He has been playing girls online since FINDAPIX! He used to lure girls in with fake pictures. He says he’s from San Diego but he’s NOT! His name isn’t even Mike. He uses his photography as a way to get 18 year old girls to have sex with him. He photographs them and seduces them with his dirty (unshowered for days) penis. He moved out of San Diego because he couldn’t use his friends anymore so he had no choice but move to Seattle to prey on the little asian girls there. He swears he owns “Street Divas” but he has no legal papers to be in the US let alone own a business.

Bestie…come on dude.- nik

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Lock it up Torena

January 22, 2014 Seattle 16 10,014 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick had absolutely no respect for her husband whatsoever. As someone who sees her at the bar all the time, she throws it out there like it doesn’t matter. Well guess what, it does. Acting like a druggie skank who is still 22 won’t get you anywhere in life. Get it together, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Cut her off is more like it.- nik

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The Super Bowl Was Made By Weed

January 20, 2014 Denver, Seattle, The Dirty 115 113,928 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so what is the coincidence that both teams in the Super Bowl this year come from states that Legalized Marijuana?  That has to show you what can happen to a person when they can recover their muscles and bodies with Marijuana.  Both teams looked solid and flawless, really looking forward to this game.

The two best teams this year are in the SuperBowl. It has nothing to do with weed.- nik

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Josh Knight Needs Help

January 14, 2014 Seattle 11 5,710 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this diseased dirt bag named Josh Knight. He is a 39 year old that is always broke and has all the drds you can name. He used date my friend for until he cheated on her with a ho and gave my friend drd. He sometimes goes by trip2knight which is his alias when he sells drugs to under aged kids at raves. Stay away from this guy, he is like a cancer and needs to die.

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Staci Creason

January 10, 2014 Seattle, Wichita 1 8,943 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,Believe it or not this nasty ugly fat sloot is only 20 years old. She is five months pregnant with Jared clifts baby but she is spreading her nasty thunder thighs with a baby in her womb for Brad Smith a known woman abuser and child abuser.that has two different baby mamas and 3 kids he does not support.Matter of fact he is fresh out of the county jail and they are already in a relationship. I thought it was time that this classless bitch was put on some serious blast.I heard from a couple different guys that her crotch smells like the docs of Seattle if you catch my drift.

Yes I smell your drift.- nik

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Seattle’s Hottest Barista

January 9, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 67 101,738 Views

999750_598381450205342_1870133923_n copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Payton Scott, AKA Payton Barista. Hottest chick I ever seen. She looks like she could be in Porno, but she owns one of those lingerie coffee shops. Her body is perfection and she has a beautiful face.  Does anyone have any dirt on this chick or is she prefection?

Major issues with the +2′s, but I would buy coffee from Payton just to see her fake eyes.- nik

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“Asppiringting” Opera Singer

January 6, 2014 Seattle 0 8,699 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick “Amelia (Ame) Zemtseff thinks she’s a total dive–meaning she’s made in her music world of opera, but the biggest role she’s had to date is being in the chorus of an Opera production at Brutish Columbia University (clearly a role they give to anyone already paying the ridiculous tut ion to go out of country to attend school and still not make it) Now, for the countless time she’s in Australasia trying to make he “career” work off of all her family and my brother in law’s money. Check out these pics and tell me if I’m wrong and she;s physically worth it or if she’s a broke ass whore! **by the way the picture I’m posting are all of here with other people other then my brother in law “her fiancé”.

That’s a lot of coke.- nik

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Herb Thompson aka KP

January 3, 2014 Seattle 5 6,987 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy thinks he is gods gift to mankind – first meeting him claiming to be a NY Crip only to see him three weeks later wearing ALL BLUE! He thinks he’s a pimp but just has a dirty ass ratchet 28 yr old posting fake pictures on backpage and claims to be 23 NO JOBS for sure! He claims to have Tacoma on his beck and call when all he really got is a voucher for a bus trip in next two hours he’s a lying conniving piece of shit who promises but never PUTS UP! he’s a has been wannabe who needs to be exposed as the dirt-bag nig**r he is! OH how could I forget this piece of shit practically lives at Motel 6 spending his herion addicted pregnant call girls trick money and thinks he’s the shit.. get a life you moron! and has about 10 kids he doesn’t take care of unless you count the dirt bag who “runs his street in tacoma” wit his 10 kids that would be Dr.Dumb!

What’s with the red ?- nik

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