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Sailorboy Ed

April 22, 2014 Miami, South Florida 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this guy by the name of Ed. I thought he was a cool guy and we hooked up while he was staying in Miami but I came to find out he is a liar. He told me he was 34, single and into sailing. I found articles of him: he’s a professional sailor, he’s 36 years old, I have feelings he has a wife, he’s on various sites preying on women because he is a man slorrree! Never will I hook up with him when he comes to Miami , just shady!!!

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Pedophile Davey Theiland

January 8, 2014 South Florida, Tampa 17


You’re giving him sympathy points and bashing him all in one.- nik

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Watch Out Guys Revision

November 18, 2013 Fort Myers, South Florida, Tampa 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi there, Southwest Florida and the Dirty Army, I am the REAL Alexandra Drouhard. While I typically do not see myself inserted in the subject lines of sensationalistic journalism, I do think that this particular piece momentarily deserves my undivided attention. Confucius once said: “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.” Sensationalism and bullying tend to go hand in hand in today’s society. Cyber-bullying is an epidemic that is immensely difficult to punish by law for myriad reasons, and sadly, cyber-bullying can lead to suicides, lowered self-esteem of its victims, and can actually even affect a victim’s ability to he hired by many reputable companies that wish for their company’s ambassadors to ensconce an aura of morality and wholesomeness. It would be very simple of a task for me to call upon law enforcement if an intruder broke into my home, however, when an intruder anonymously posts erroneous information about me on a site such as this, my only respectable and realistic option is to shrug my shoulders and be myself. I work hard. Need proof? My tax paperwork, clients, and family could tell you about that. I’m not the kind of woman who goes to work from nine to five- I am actually the kind of woman who stays up late finishing client emails, who voluntarily works on a day off, who makes organic, home-cooked meals for my child and gives him the best emotional and educational advantages, despite being a single parent, and who has a success-oriented attitude in all aspects of life. It is my goal to drive positivity, compassion, and understanding into my actions. I want the person sitting next me to be more successful that I am. Why? Because that is what success is all about: Driving one another to be better. Creating interdependent networks and exuding wisdom. And finally, to the author of “Watch out guys” and the “My Baby Mama is a Hoe” website that have been intended to attack my character: I wish you the power to gain knowledge about what you do not understand. I wish you the compassion and the emotional intelligence to sense when you can make a difference in someone’s life and in the world. Most of all, however, I wish for you the gift of selflessness and the drive to help others. Gaining a broader sense of the world and utilizing your innate skills could change your life for the best. As always: Dress Elegantly, Speak Eloquently, and Always strive to help the person sitting next to you. For healthy lifestyle tips, please also check out my blog: [removed[. Best Regards Nik and Viewers,

Feel better?- nik

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Watch Out Guys

November 8, 2013 Fort Myers, South Florida, Tampa 220

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This one of a kind train-wreck is Alexandra Drouhard. This girl has been making her rounds in South Florida scene for about 10 years now. Shes one of the most calculated gold-diggers you will ever meet. A retired stripper, she knows how to get exactly what she wants. She even BRAGGED about this sleezy club owner giving her paychecks for a “weekly visit”. It’s absolutely disgusting seeing as she is has a poor 2 year old whos he leaves with drunk babysitters. She gets her kicks off making moves on married men and has slept with more than 3 married guys in the Fort Myers area. BE CAREFUL SOUTH FLORIDA

First steady job eh?- nik

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No Innocent Angel

November 1, 2013 Michigan, South Florida, Westside-AZ 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is making life hell for the people who love her. she is a fake and likes to pretend she is black but then calls black people niggers when she doesn’t get her way. she smokes and enjoys meth. don’t let her size fool you the bitch can smoke she recently had a baby by some dude and trap another just because she is evil as fck. she also fuks and suck dope dealers dicks for meth and then goes home and kisses her son with the same mouth. she came to me saying she was in abusive relationship but the dude is only being push to the point, if someone called me a ni[]r and was eating my food and trying to sleep in my house I would slap a hoe too. she has three different guys names tatted on her and she is a home wrecker. any black men want to date her watch out because she will turn on u for even just talking to a female cashier. she will try and get u fired from your job, turn ur friends and family against u and fck and suck all ur friends. this girl needs a check up from the neck up. the sad thing about it is she does everything in front of her own son even smokes meth and marijuana in the same room her son would be in she even has sex with him in the same room. Cps has already been investigating her. from az to Michigan you will be caught

You flashed out the wrong section.- nik

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More Drama for Ashley Kompare

October 24, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Since the original Ashley Kompare post it has been chaos for her and all the people she has slept with that now know about her, you know. Lucas, Larry the sugar daddy, Teri, Derrick and others have all caught wind that she is sleeping with all of them at the same time without telling anyone about her disease and the sheer volume of views from The Dirty has put everyone on high alert about her status. She continues to prey on the wallets of her customers at the strip club and restaurant but her looks and time is running out now that her family know about her Pepsi addiction and side jobs. With all that being said and the truth hitting the air what could possibly be left for Ashley?

Looks good in the bottom pic, must be one of her profiles…- nik

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Spring Hill Man Exposed Himself To Mom And Kids

October 4, 2013 Dirty Predator, South Florida, Tampa 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I could literally puke! Adam Griffith masturbated in front of a Mother & her child! Here’s two links:

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Bruce Amoroso

September 6, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 141

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies have you been offered an amazing photo package to help your portfolio and the only cost to you is your time? Have you been denied your photos when trying to pick them up and been told “you owe me 40 dollars” If so then you have been photographed with BRUCE AMOROSO famous for the fake clothing line “modiroso” where he tried to get my little sister dana to pose for his “clothing line” in her own personal clothing and he would make edits later. This photoshop genius not only photoshops muscles by widening his arms in photos but also will threaten to put your “glamour shots” online for all to see at “Traveling Freelance High Fashion & Glamour Photographer.” When he isnt busy to jerking off to pictures of us, he’ll be jerking off to pictures of us. He talk you into getting that top off 84th picture in for “appearing nude” but not actually being nude? Yeah that is the only way he got me to take my top off plus he was so annoying and I really want to make it in modeling. Bruce you wanted your fame here it is. Ps this is his youtube movie of “behind the scenes” As you can see he isn’t professional nor is his list of credentials they are all faked with what else PHOTOSHOP ladies/girls/ parents with young aspiring models beware. Pedophile. Thief. F*ggot. Are just some of the names i tossed at him 3 weeks ago and threatened I would post on here he told me to go ahead that I was a nobody and nobody would care what i have to say… he claims he can get you discovered!!! please i just discovered he is a fraud! im shocked he is not on here already

$40 must be the fully clothed price.- nik

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