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Anastisa Osipova

March 20, 2014 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anastisa Osipova, MD, OBGYN, Chicago ! Works in Rush Medical University in Skokie, and wheeling. Nastiest theft and HOE! Penetrate your uterus during surgery and won’t tell anyone. OSIPOVA biggest scum of the earth. She gets drunk when she is on call in the hospital, killer doctor. hates her Employer, Constantly talks nasty about them. She care less about our healthy , trashy soviet union russian “doctor”. If U worry about your health then stay away ! Anastisa Osipva hates Elterman, MD and his wife. Wishing them to die. She’s a poor mother, leaving 6 y old at home, dysfunctional family. Warring, if u care about your health and uterus then STAY AWAY.

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Samantha Alexander or Lawson

December 26, 2013 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha (Alexander) Lawson is a young mom, but that’s not what makes her a bad person and a slut. What does is sleeping with 4+ guys on the weekends, not getting her tubes tied after her first kid even though she “regrets” them and doesn’t want more, and oh yeah LEAVING HER TWO CHILDREN IN A CAR OVERNIGHT IN ILLINOIS IN NOVEMBER. That’s why her kids were taken away! She meets guys to uck on meetme then breaks up with her “husband” Justin Lawson just long enough to fuck them. She’s pregnant now and giving the baby to a friend to adopt and I say THANK GOD. People keep defending her but I know a laundry list of reasons why shes a bad person and a shit mom. She ignores her kids and her motto is “theyre fed and clean so I’m good”. You have a baby Nick so you know the developmental mile stones, this kid couldn’t lift his head up while on his belly at 5 months!! His clothes were too small to. Want proof that she’s a crap mom? Go to her friend courtney’s instagram at thatbitchsavage13, notice the pictures of weed and hooka taken while she was with sam and her kid. She claims she isn’t partying while pregnant, but she also claims she aint a hoe. I hope she never gets her kids back, she sure as hell don’t deserve them!!!

No excuse.- nik

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October 30, 2013 Southern Illinois University 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl up here is Candice Tran and the newest member of Delta Phi epsilon. Can you tell which one of these guys is her boyfriend? Me neither. Its the tall dude in the yellow. Now I don’t know him very well but I know he goes to Mizzou, and Candice has been whoreing it up here since last year. Now she looks innocent and sweet in all but deep down shes a closet freak. She shouda been posted on this long ago but the time has come to let all you fellas kno that she will probably suck your stuff. She flirts and fucks with alll the frat guys up here. I feel so bad for her boyfriend, poor guy doesnt know a thing. She has the body of a 12 year old, would it be considered pedophile-ish if i did her?

My guess is none of them.- nik

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This Creep Should Give Up

October 24, 2013 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this has to be the most unattractive creep out there and he calls himself Michael Beetz. He is a bored GINGER who is responsible for posting 80 percent of Chicagoans. The only piece of ass he gets are from the few nasty escorts that will give him a shot. His wife left him for being an alcoholic and her suspicions that he is into both men and women. Nik, this bored shoe salesman from Sears lies about being a modeling scout and has a strange obsession with Chicago Nightlife for some reason. What he does not realize is that Chicago laughs at him and his four Facebook accounts. This anorexic Ginger probably got picked on in highschool and he is taking it out on Chicago. Go to rehab GINGER and go sell more shoes.

I wanna party with this guy.- nik

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Barbie Actually Has Tatas

August 22, 2013 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: How would you like to spend an evening with lady of the night Miss Erin “Barbie” Eubanks? She is the closest thing to white trash as you can get. She has two different baby daddies, but calls a third her boo (he lives in California and has nothing to do with her). She has a man? No matter. Simply let her know you are DTF and you’re in. If you want to bring another male friend, or four, I am sure she would be happy to get some more attention. She isn’t getting enough from those sleaze bags at the bar she works in. Like her status says, she has no problem getting with men. Why not you, too? You can find her at the scumbag bar she works at or Calis in Carbondale if she gets a night off.

I’m sensing some sarcasm in that title.- nik

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Highland Slore

August 1, 2013 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please send a psa out to the bois in madison cnty IL. Unless they want a load of stds and a baby mama stay away from Sam Alexander. She looks sweet enough, but this chick was suckin dick at 14 for one puff of a joint! She has 2 kids by 2 dads, which wouldn’t be so sad except she doesn’t want either and calls them regrets. Her and her bff Sara go to parties and fck all the guys in the backroom. She bragged about doing 4 guys in one weekend then hooked back up with one of her babydaddys a day later! She claims to be a good mom but sits her kids in front of the tv all day while she find guys online to hook up with. Thankfully shes startin to look as worn out as she is, maybe guys will stop knockin up the bitch once they see the saggy tits and flappy belly- on an 18 year old!

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Sigma Kappa’s

June 25, 2013 Southern Illinois University 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl slept with every guy who would look her way. She’s disgusting. She got caught with her pants down in a stairwell at a fraternity house. She even kept a list of guys shes had sex with in her phone. Tacky! She has gained quite a few pounds since freshman year, yet she calls everyone else fat. Her clothes don’t fit anymore but it seems like she can’t afford more with her dads drinking problem.

It seems as if good looking girls have finally realized they don’t need college to be successful.- nik

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Emily Sirko

June 25, 2013 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Attention: this girls name is Emily Sirko (the blonde on right). She lurks in the bars of Edwardsville and St. Louis and has recently been spreading an std amongst the college crowd. Her parents did not teach her morals like the rest of us and she has been spreading drd like a raging forest fire. She will sleep with you, give it to you, and then play dumb and act worried that you might have given it to her. This has happened with one of my really good friends and another that I went to high school with!! Exact Same scenario with both! You have been WARNED!!!

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