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Scumbag Warning: Ricky Lee Wilson

June 11, 2013 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I added this guy online forever ago, he’s one of those people who you keep on facebook for entertainment, like freaks at the circus. In the past month he’s had 4 chicks as “in a relationship” on facebook. None of them have lasted more then 10days and almost all of them are barely 18 or under. He’s a chubby chaser too. He picks the girls with problems and tells them he’s different than other guys. You got that right, he’s a scumbag. He ended up in a mental hospital because he told one of his girlfriend’s he loved her after less than a week a*** when she wanted to break up, now he tries to call her a bitch for dumping him while he was in the “hospital”. The next girl he beat up because he thought she was cheating. The next two came and went within a week and now the new one he added 4 hours ago on facebook and now they’re together. It’s fcking sick. He has a daughter and he talks shit on the babymama constantly. He didn’t even know it was his til the dna test and now he acts like he’s father of the year, it’s all an act to get girls to like him. He looks like he got hit in the teeth with a baseball bat and talks like hes more than half retard, he has to use the “I’m a sweet, caring guy who will love your chubby self for you” excuse to get girls. He will post status saying “I love her” “going to (who gives a fck) with her” “so happy with her” and a fck ton of pictures. You’d think the bitches would catch on that he’s a serial creep but guess not. Put this ass wipe on blast, can’t wait to read about it on facebook lol

You lost me at forever ago, and the Facebook mentions.  But I will put the warning out for any other gamers…- nik

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Fake Lesbian

May 20, 2013 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alyce Easton is an arrogant, selfish, evil bitch, known dirty whore and a nasty skank. This girl is a fake ass cocky-for-no-reason lesbian bitch who thinks that her shit don’t stink. The St. Louis lesbian community hates her so much she can’t even show her face in Novak’s or any lesbian bars, and no lesbian will touch her in STL or southern IL. She is known for being a wasted disaster scene in the bars, can’t hold her liquor AT ALL and is falling on the ground after a couple beers. Alyce will be a brazen bitch that will immediatley hit on anything she thinks she has a chance with. Her “Swag”? She prays on young drunk girls,smiling at them, telling them that they are different, ‘special,’ and bullshitting them into bed with her lies and fake charm. Once she has spit this game for a couple days or weeks, the girl falls for her, and she almost immediatly shows them that they mean nothing to her, she will hit on and make out with other girls in front of their face, occasionally even sleeping with guys, or other bar whores, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! What kind of lesbian does that?!? Fcks dudes to fck with girls minds? She has left a trail of heart broken and hurt women in STL with her bullshit and its time the community is AWARE. BEWARE THIS WHORE> She uses people and spits them out, takes them for anything that they are worth and never gives back. She will con you into believing she is a deep and spiritual, selfless person, but its only an act and its ALWAYS temporary. Its a wonder that there isn’t a trail of **s following her too. She keeps the lies alive by often going back to her exes and telling them she loves them, only to sleep with them and dip out once again.

I don’t think there’s anything fake about it, she looka like a man.- nik

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April 11, 2013 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 683

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jenny Lynn Smith. We were, at an earlier point in our lives, friends. Always doing things together, but shes the type to friendzone the people that make a positive impact on her life. She gets with the dumb assholes, like the one in the car picture. Jenny Nonstop talks about other guy needing to come over and jam her clam. When I finally got pissed and left, she stopped talking to me. It has already been a month. She basically put me through hell, and made it out to be my fault for wanting more than the punching bag of her relationships. All without ever taking a break from fcking everything that is living in the state. She’s a dirty bustdown, and deserves her shaming. I am done being the hurt one. Her image is burnt, but I want it in ashes.

The poster sound so emo.  Exactly who I’d expect to sleep with her.- nik

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SIUC’s Newest

March 20, 2013 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Aimee LaPla. She is currently a freshman at siuc and apparently was a VIRGIN before coming to school. She got hooked up with Ian Price (man whore with the clam) and since then has severely gone down hill with her reputation, but up hill with the number of dudes she’s fcked. The amount of rumors about this girl are outstanding, but the worst part is she doesn’t stop messing around. She currently has clamydia and is spreading it around the carbondale campus. She was just recently found getting Eiffel towered by two fraternity men… little did they know she had the clam and they probably do as well too. The past week in PCB on spring break she disappeared for 3 days and was out fcking randoms MOST LIKELY giving them drd’s due to the fact that when she was tested for CL***IA she came up positive, but drank on the medicine which means it didn’t work and that she is still spreading it. SUPER CLASSY GIRL, SUPER CLASSY. ANYWAYS, her underwear was found at a local fraternity house and it had looked like someone cracked an egg in her underwear…pictures of the panties are now traveling everywhere. To make a long story short this girl and her cute clothes and blue eyes shouldn’t fool you. SHE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A WHORE and nobody should touch her with a ten foot pole. Everyone knows she is a whore as well as her friends. Stay away. AND if you ever do get involved with her , which I don’t suggest you do, definitely get tested. Have a lovely day.

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Better Pictures of Trilla Kelly

March 11, 2013 Dirty Horses, Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik whoever posted the orignal post was way too nice to this chic. Heres what she really looks like plus one of the stupid fake bitches she hangs out with. Almost wonder if she posted herself for attention because those pictures were pretty flattering. Someone should call out the whale shes with to.

Horses don’t need bodyguards…- nik

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Sad Stripper Stalker

February 18, 2013 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, I get around the chicago social club scene often and lately there has been problems with this guy russ. Apparently he tries and find out dancers (strippers) real information and invades their personal life. while he certainly is a sucker and always foolishly thinks a girl is into them, he takes it a bit to far. I’ve even heard from a girl that he threatened via e-mail that she better not cheat on him and she’s only allowed to dance for him. controlling much? but if any ladies in the Chicago area want to give me a sympathy date go for it, he’ll fall for anything.

Definitely a first timer/virgin.  BOOBIES!!!- nik

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What Do You Think About Abbey

November 28, 2012 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Abbey Gholson. She is one of the nicest and down to earth people I know. She is a natural beauty and I wanted to see what you think about her.

She has some potential.- nik

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She Wears It Well

November 7, 2012 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Stephanie Oldani, she has to be 400 lbs and if that wasnt enough she is a 34 year old sloot that parties with her niece and nephews high school friends and a HORRIBLE mother to her 3 or 4 year old daughter…(who she had no clue who the father was until she was 2!) She sleeps with nothing but crckheads which im assuming is because thats all that will have her… She claims she doesnt need to lose the weight because she wears it well!! She is a pillhead and has done drugs around her daughter since she was born, even taking her newborn to her dealers house for parties!! Pathetic doesnt even begin to cover it… Her facebook claims she studies social work at SIU and I dont think she has ever stepped foot on campus other than to get wasted. PLEASE put this fat bitch on blast! She is on the right if you hadnt figured that out.

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