Southern Illinois University | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Southern Sloots

July 14, 2011 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 47

southern sleezy sluts

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pick your girl Nik because each one of these hookers are desperate enough and dying to get it in with anyone. All you gotta do is give them a couple beers and theyre down with just about anything. Each one of these girls p*ssy’s are wide enough to fit your head inside. I am second guessing myself that all these girls in the picture arent actually girls . What happened to girls with class? They are no where to be found at siu and this picture is a perfect example of the sluts walking around carbondale. Some of these girls are actually previously posted on your website. But you really need to put them on blast. Especially the one dead smack in the middle with her big ass head this bitch photoshops her pictures to make her body look skinnier then it is. The one all the way to the left is a fat cow btw.

I can only see one chin in the group.- nik

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This Girl Is Disgusting

July 11, 2011 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 39

This girl is a walking std

This girl is a walking std

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Cayman Bone. This girl is originally from sarsota, florida. she is the most disgusting vile piece of sh*t ever. This girl will lie, cheat and steal her way through life. She doesn’t care about anyone who it affects as long as she comes out as the victim. Watch out girls, this girl will try and have sex with your boyfriends. She has literally f*cked 20 guys and she’s only been here for a year.She will f*ck anything that breathes and could be considered a prostitute, except she doesn’t get paid for her service. She’s in the theater program, but she thinks she’s god gift to acting. Please, a lot of people have no talent and she is definitely one of them…well with the exception of sucking every guy she meets greg. she claim’s shes the hottest thing around. *puke*.

Why doesn’t she have any hair. With a face like that she really needs something to hide behind.- nik

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Going Nowhere In Life

June 30, 2011 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 6

going nowhere in life

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are the type of college drop outs that are going to live in their parents basement off their parents money with a baby sniffing lines off their babies high chair. Connor and Nikki attended SIU for their freshman year, barely. They would lay in connors bed high off anything they can get their hands on. They didn’t even have the decency to screw somewhere else while connors roomate was on the top bunk. I don’t even think they have a full brain combined. Nikki wanted to have a threesome with connor’s cousin so it wouldn’t be considered cheating, but it doesn’t matter because she cheats on him all the time anyway. Please prayer for these pathetic people. They say that they are going to move out to florida and go to school out there..we will see how that goes. good luck.

Why pray…its the trailer park life for them.- nik

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Hillbilly In Carbondale

June 30, 2011 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 45

biggest hillbilly in carbondale

biggest hillbilly in carbondale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it is pretty hard to be the biggest hillbilly in the city of carbondale, but not for clara. This b*tch cuts up her own white t’s as crop tops and works out at the rec center in them. Maybe this would be okay if she was skinny but she looks like she is pregnant. She probably is, I wouldnt be suprised. People say she has a community p*ssy. She would leave her thongs around her dorm room and the gross thing is the part that goes up her ass were stained brown. She brags that people think she looks like a pornstar which isnt really something to brag about. At least a pornstar gets paid for being a slut clara you do it for free. Everyone she has slept with says that you can make a wig out of all the hair on her body. She is the biggesst skeezer in her sorority which is pretty hard to be because shes an easy dz.

I just gave advice on what not to wear, sounds like she does the opposite…she must be a frat house hero (that’s not a good thing).- nik

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Fat Retard

June 29, 2011 Southern Illinois University, St. Louis 49

fat ugly retard

fat ugly retard

fat ugly retard

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This round ass broad’s name is Alyssa Hebel. She is like an orange, skin color and body type. Don’t let this bald headed h*e full you her hair is a wig. One day she was walking to class and the wind blew her wig off and I saw her chase after it. I actually sat next to her in one class and she smelled so bad. I couldn’t tell if it was her breath or her cooter. She claimed that she got bed bugs but everyone knows that she has 62 crabs hanging around in her jungle down below. She thinks she is a hippie but her favorite band is nickelback. She would literally bring a gun out to parties and hold people up for food. She also carries around a giant purse aka the “snack bag”. At a party I saw this clepto maniac try to fit a flat screen in it. This dirty dildo got one all fours at cali’s the bar/club and blew a giant fart. Her teeth are so razor sharp at subway she cut her own sandwich with her front tooth. She is notorious for her fat upper p*ssy area and her butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of her skirt and shorts daily. This hillbilly has holes in all her tights she wears under her skirts and of course she isnt wearing underwear. I know her roomate personally and she would always walk in on her shaving her crotch in the sink. Nik, what advice would u give this girl?

It really concerns me that this beast has access to a gun.- nik

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Chester the Molester

June 14, 2011 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 11

Chester the Molester

Chester the Molester

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Jon Poynter. I am posting this to warn any girl who is unfortunate enough to have a class with him or to meet him anywhere. He is a stage 5 stalker. If you are friends with him on facebook and have your number in your info delete your number ASAP. He will get it off facebook and non-stop text you to “hang out” He doesn’t care if you do not respond to his facebook messages he will continue to message you. He doesn’t get the point when you ignore him so your best bet is to block him. He was reported to the RA in the dorm for just being a creep. STAY AWAY from him. He is also only 19 and has some grey hair and his eyebrows are like half white? it’s so weird he looks like a grandpa and he reminds me of quazzie moto from the hunch back of notre dame. He tries to get girls that are way out of his league and its like dude take a look in the mirror my lord.

Clearly he missed the boat and thinks timberlands are still cool for no reason.- nik

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Stay Away From These Two

June 9, 2011 Chicago, Southern Illinois University, The Dirty 40

Moobs & Jew

Moobs & Jew

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where the do i even start out with these two, i mean just look at the pictures, moobs on the left, and a jew on the right. not only are they both just physically disgusting to look at, when you’re around them longer than 26.3 seconds you want to release some kind of flesh eating bug into your ear to slowly gnaw away at your brain. I’ve never met a couple more pathetic than these two, they call each other cupcake for gods shakes, and when you hear them having sex the Jew just sounds like New York City white noise, and all you can hear from moobs is the sound of his ball sack slapping her fat *ss. Not to mention they’re so insecure about themselves that they have nothing else better to do than talk sh*t about their “friends”. So, Nik they say karma’s a b*tch, what do you have to say?

I can’t tell if he is grabbing his breast or hers?- nik

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Miss Piggy

May 10, 2011 Chicago, Southern Illinois University 63

Miss Piggy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dana. You’d think after his nose job her nose would look somewhat decent, but i’d say it looks worse. She literally looks like miss piggy. She always has a super red face from tanning. She wears clothes 10x to small for her to make sure her love handles and cellulite are showing. She needs to be put in a mental asylum because she is a crazy stalker weirdo. Shes a nasty sloot and I dont know where she got the impression that she is remotely cute. She is super loud and obnoxious and I only think her friends hang out with her so they can look better. she is truly the designated fat friend.

That nose job just made her face look fatter.- nik

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