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WSU Teacher Trolling for Underage girls and Students

December 14, 2014 Seattle, Spokane 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brian who is teaching Biology 106 at Washington State University in Pullman. When he isn’t teaching, he is trolling for young girls on Instagram and trying to get you to message him on Kik for sexual chat. Of course, his live-in girlfriend has no idea when he is in his office he will send any girl a picture of his leaking dick and will send you aggressive messages wanting to meet up for sex. He also doesn’t care how old you are as long as you send him sexy pictures. This loser should not be teaching a freshman class, and who knows how many of his students he has sexually harassed. He will also openly admit to previously being a drug dealer. Ladies, don’t go see this loser during his office hours.

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Obsessed with the Past

September 26, 2014 Seattle, Spokane, Washington 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this Miss Piggy look alike Jennifer Esposito soon to be Beernink (her second marriage) contaced me online trying to inquire if I was married to a person she knew. I had no clue who she was but I was married to said person. She then ranted on about how she dated him in highschool for a short time and hung out with him after her first divorce all prior to me meeting my SO. I could care less. But she couldn’t let it go…( maybe because I was thinner, younger, prettier who knows) She decided to write me again and I said straight up : “hey Fifty Shades of Grey was released , and lonely bored women like her might like it and forget about something that happened fifteen years ago. I let it go, blocked her and went on my merry way. But this woman is OBSESSED. Like SWF obsessed. I was told by a mutual friend that she cyberstalked me before I deleting all my accounts. She would dissect my photos and read every status update. She then contacted another one of my husbands exes by phone to gossip about me. She tried getting information from other people, even people that are friends of family to ask all about me. Again, I have no clue who she is, yet she recognizes me from my husbands old myspace page we havent been on since 2007 several years after they broke up in High school, What a creepster. She even told my husbands ex that she is purchasing an online detective search engine for a few dollars to look me up, find our address and private information. I have a psycho ex on my hands. Thank God we live in California and her fat ass is in Spokane Washington. I feel bad , not really haha, because she is also posts online that she is depressed, suicidal and bipplar and has an everlasting love for Jesus Christ. Looney toones I tell you. Nik , please post this broad so any of her future exes can change their locks now and block her online before she becomes obsessed with you!! ( I heard she is very angry I took all my accounts down). She is a scorned divorcee obsessed with high school and her exs new loves and cannot control her own weight or emotions. Nik, maybe you can forward her a suicide hotline number or something. I included a picture of her new fiance, maybe his exes will stear clear of her. My husband said she was just an easy piece of pssy, maybe she can be easy on her exes future partners and leave us the hell alone and invest in a treadmill .

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Spokane Factory

September 4, 2014 Seattle, Spokane 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to two of Spokane’s dirtiest gays! One of these guys was born and raised here (obviously he has the most disgusting teeth ever) and has recently returned. So here is my PSA these guys both have the gift that keeps giving. They have a habit of inviting random guys into bed and then not disclosing the parting gift they will be receiving after their romp. The blondie there is also a tweaker, is on every form of government aid available and has on a few occasions (he won’t ever admit it) exchanged oral sex for money. Pretty sure these guys couldn’t get any classier if they tried. Gross.

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Kendra Catfish

July 17, 2014 Boise, Spokane 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This 300+ catfish ended up getting caught on the catfish reality tv show. Here is the thing Nik, the only information I can find, and I’m not even positive about, is here full name, where she has lived & the one guy she was married to. I’m hoping the dirty army can help! She currently lives in my hometown of Coeur D’alene Idaho. It’s around 100,000 if you count the 4 close by cities. No one here has even seen here around town or works with her etc. The episode with her in it only aired once, & it was in the vault until this years season finale. She was a major catfish, stole 3 different girls pictures etc. Anyways I wanna know why MTV won’t post her episode on the website & why it was filmed last season & not broadcast tell now? I think her name is Kendra Gutierrez Radja. I think she was married to Jason Radja from Chicago IL for a year or so. Can anyone confirm this? Or explain the hush hush on her episode? She needs to be on blast! She was the worst kind of catfish ever.. She blamed the whole situation on Blake the guy who was catfished! Thanks Nik!
The 3 pictures are all the information I could find on her.

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Spokane’s Dirty Dental Assistant

December 13, 2013 Spokane 1073

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lindsay Birdsall one of Spokanes biggest and dumbest girls! Shes married has a 4 yr old, is 23 and is fat! My friends boyfriend of 4 years cheated on her with this girl, then she started dating him and he cheated on her with my friend in a week of them dating! She believes it only happened once and they’re still dating but the boy Brandon is still texting my friend and sending Greg pics! Brandon cheated on my friend many times and always said sorry and that he loved her now hes doing that with Lindsay and she buys into it, dumbass lol. They both deserve to be on here for all the DA to see, one of Brandons dick pics included!  Click here to see the pictures he is sending.

What a waste of hearts.- nik

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Homewrecking SloreBag

December 12, 2013 Seattle, Spokane 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kylee Brown is one of the most disgusting, if not the most disgusting people I have ever encountered in my life. She worked with my husband at a restaurant/bar. I was about 7 months pregnant when my husband and I were having some major issues where I ended up moving back in with my parents for a bit. Kylee and her husband had split the month before and had a child together. She is about 3 years younger than me, I am 25. Any way, my husband and I were working on things. We were spending time together, talking, I would stay with him at our townhouse, etc. He went to Montana with a friend and texting me saying being in Montana made him miss me. That night I saw he had talked to Kylee on the phone for an hour (the number wasn’t on the phone record, I had to call and they confirmed it for me, so I think she may have blocked it so I wouldn’t know). I texted her the next day and said I know something is going on with them or is going to go on and I wish it would have waiting until we were actually done. Considering, we were just separated in my mind but were working on things, so seeing other people or fcking other people was still considered cheating or having an affair. Kylee immediately called me and said she had NO idea what I was talking about, her and my husband were just friends, he was helping her with her divorce papers (since he had been married once before) and that she keeps telling him to work things out with me and doesn’t know why he is being such a dick. I believed her. I texted her and apologized for being a bitch and she said it was ok, she would never wish my situation on any one and she was here if I needed anything….mind you, this whole time she was lying and they had already hooked up multiple times. I found out a few hours later it was a for sure deal, and texted her again, when she denied it. I also have the messages she sent to my husband saying the she had spoken with me and reassured me nothing was going on. So, all that right there is disgusting in and of itself. Any way, I did some spying, trying to confirm it all for sure, and it was true. I have pictures of her car at our old place early in the morning, I had followed her back to her place one day from there, which she didn’t know. I did that because even he would not confess to it and I wanted my for sure proof, which I got in full. I was 8 months pregnant, they were having an affair and still lying about it. He told my once a couple weeks after I knew for sure, he wanted me to come back home, and a day later he was back with her. Their relationship went on for about 6 months and then on and off for a couple of months after that. I found out they were a live sex show at a porn store that rents rooms for people to have sex with..so she is clearly a classy person. When he came back to me about 6 months in to their relationship, she TEXTED ME thanking me for taking my trash back and that their sex was better than ours ever was or ever would be. When they got back together, she texted me a different time looking for him, asking me if he was over visiting our daughter and if so could I relay a message. I told her to never text me again, that was a disgusting portrayal of a person and disgrace to women and I would never be jealous of their sex life. She ended up cheated on my husband with another guy who was seeing someone. And her and this guy are still together and she cheats on him all the time. This all took place and is taking place in Spokane, WA. The time frame for our situation was August 2012-April 2012. Also, I have ALL the messages on Facebook exchanged between her and my husband from that time…so while, he also was the other 1/2 to the situation, she was just as at fault and her messages as well as actions show how disgusting of a person she is. So, Nik…would you ever be interested in someone like this? Would anyone with a brain? I hope not. Also…the picture of the cars, is hers in OUR driveway…when they were denying their affair. Gross.

You should both take out the trash.  Only a deadbeat would abandon their child.- nik

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Candace from Spokane

September 27, 2013 Seattle, Spokane 8

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THE DIRTY ARMY: there are some heart worthy pics of Candace, aka Diamond. is she really pay for play?

Sad when the insert of a chair can hide 100% of your figure.- nik

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Diamond the sloot of Spokane

September 18, 2013 Seattle, Spokane 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off, I love you! Thank you for give great advice about the female body. And now…. This is Candace Diam aka brace face barbie aka Diamond. I have no clue how this sloot has never been on the dirty! She’s been a stripper at Stateline Idaho for the last 11 years. She have gone from stripper to port-a-potty. She makes no money at the ‘career’ and sells her phone number to the highest bidder. This ‘model’ does many photo shoots that she pays for. I thought real models get paid? She tells people she is a fitness model yet never won anything. Says she is a runway model at 5’2? She is asking to be a DC, look at her Facebook page. How can someone be so gross? Every action she does is for the attention from nasty old trouts. After seeing her FB you’ll notice she is pleading to be a true Dirty Celebrity.

Doesn’t look like she’s promo’ing anything, just a sloot.- nik

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