Miz Freak Not as Solid as She Claims

April 18, 2014 Springfield, St. Louis 1 8,759 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s another Springfield skank to add to the collection from everyone’s favorite local fake MC. “Miz Freak” claims to be a solid stand up club bitch. Working hard for that club mama role. Fact is Tomanika’s naked pix and sexting can be seen on cell phones around town, and not her husband’s!!! She’s bitchin at him while he is out of town all the while gettin hers. ZZ Top – taken him three years to grow that straggly ass beard – wants to play gang member cuz he thinks it gives him street cred to wear a bandana and show off his guns, and the club now claims “property” like the 1%ers, only they can’t seem to keep their bitches in check. A quick scroll down Eugene’s dirty shows 4 out of 5 posts are these stupid bitches (and their girls). Whatever they’re selling, don’t buy it. They’re all cheaters and liars. No wonder they all have shitty lives.

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Salvador Manslo

April 15, 2014 Springfield, St. Louis 3 6,171 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty ass nigga is hella fake! he has sex with different girls every hour hes the biggest ho. he gets his females by doing tattoos but his work ant shit “dont go to him for tats. he mit have stds cause he will fuck everyone n everything he stinks like B.O just dont fuck with him hes a asshole n once he gets in yo pants hes done with you! His name is Salvador anaya!

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Seriously WTF

November 25, 2013 Springfield, St. Louis 2 8,122 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Look at this chicks eyebrows!? How can anyone think this looks good!? Put the sharpie down!

XL eyebrows don’t slim down your face.- nik

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Louie Valente

November 22, 2013 Albany, Hartford, Springfield 2 7,590 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nuff said

Those tats were drawn on by his bros.  I decided.- nik

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Homie Hoppin in Independence pt 2

September 13, 2013 Springfield, St. Louis 38 9,276 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: lol it didnt take these nasty bitchs long to find them selves on here, n put me up too. anyways, just some more evidence of these two being the whores they are, codie and sam the two most used up bitchs in the whole 816. here’s what goes on in the head of a rachet bitch. n talk shit about me cause she would take me to shady lady all the time just so I would hang out with her, buy me lap dances n watch. n still going to titty bars obviously. seriously if u got some bars, weed, ex what ever these two fill blow you for it. then think they played you, like no bitch weed grows on trees n my dicks here all year, your the slut whose p*ssy is used up. these bitchs need a life for real

I wonder if they tweeted about how to get them in bed.- nik

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Homie Hoppin Hoes

September 6, 2013 Missouri, Springfield 49 9,076 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: let me tell you bout these hoes, Sam Thomas & Codie Diibon. Ex-mortal enemies brought together by un real daddy issues abd the hatred of one man. these two used to hate each other while either one of them was fckin with this dude I know. n the only reason he left then both its they both have severe issues n try n lay hands on him but he was to big a man to hit either of them back. so after he wised up n stop messing with both if them, in thier desperate need to make sure neither of the other was fckin him they team up and become the walking definition of Independence trash. they post all over Twitter about how they were only fckin this dude cause he always had weed and xanex, flat out admit thier whoredom and dont even see the error in thier ways, that’s the rachet life of these two. who have btw, been ran thru by literally every dude in independence, at least every grimey ass dude. which is probably why they are psycho obsessive over my man, cause he’s on his game. n im puttin these ugly sloots on blast. to close, if you want your greg sucked, call sam or codie as long as u got a couple xanex bars and blunts, you can get it in. will add a post later of all this bitchs ” modeling” pictures, you already know, just because you know a old pervert with a camera doesnt make you a model. especially when your posing him to take the pictures lol to be continued I’m sure..

Chicks usually hate when they’re eskimos..- nik

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Nicole Wright not so Right

May 27, 2013 Missouri, Springfield, St. Louis 1441 6,532 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Nicole Wright(Nikki), she did work for my company but not no more! This girl is complete trash! She’ll open her legs to any man and I mean any doesn’t matter the age. I found out that she was giving drd to 2 of my agents that no longer work for me. I want some attention to be made before she gives this gift that keeps on giving to someone else! Stay away from this pill head!! Nik girls like this make me sick!!!

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Dirt ball in Farmington CT

May 7, 2013 Hartford, Springfield 0 7,303 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy Rob Giuffria has 4 kids, married to a beautiful woman and keeps screwing around. He uses properties that he is selling as a place to bring women. Sick. My friend worked with him and he kept boasting about his “MILF bitches” as well as hitting on my friend. He works as a relator and cheats his clients as well.

Does he look this creepy in all his photos?- nik

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