Sadaf Kazemian

October 31, 2014 Seattle, St. Louis 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this isn’t just another rant about some slut, this is pretty disturbing. I met this girl when she was just a FOB, about 6 years ago. Since than, I can not believe the image this girl has created for herself and the life she now embodies. Let me give you a glimpse of the big picture, this girl is a legitamate prostitute. She has multiple men whom pay her for “favors” if you catch my drift. She has fcked a man of every race, all the FOBs in STL but she’s popular with the black community. This girl has gotten paid to have three sums with men she doesn’t even know, and the rumor in STL is that her vagina has a horrible odor and hence why men prefer to give it to her up the ass. This girl is an undercover whore who walks around claiming she loves Jesus, although as you can see she’s no advocate for The Lord. The lowest charecteristic of Sadaf is that she sleeps with married men and aids them in keeping it a secret from their wives. She fucked a 48 year old Indian man in his apartment in ballwin while his 2 year old daughter slept in the other room. My family knows her entire family and she thinks that the Persian community doesn’t know about her and her ways, oh we do, and we’re disgusted. P.S I’m certain she gets all this from her mother since I have heard almost every Persian woman tell the same stories about her mother Leila zenhari, who’s had tons of plastic surgery, nose job, and fat transfer to make her ass the size of a 50 pound ball.

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Watch out for Lauren

October 31, 2014 St. Louis 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Lauren Shivers Krosnicki. Shes a straight up hoe thats slept with half the guys in south Saint Louis whether married, single or in a relationship. Oh, and shes married with two kids by two baby daddys. Shes also running around claiming to have cancer, prolly just to get some sympathy and attention. She also is the biggest liar out there. Watch out for her LADIES!!! You might end up with something cause shell do anything to sleep with anyone, and you dont wanna be with the same person! If you know her, dont let her know you like someone, cause she’ll go after them too!

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Do Not Sleep With Married Men

October 30, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aimee Agderian likes to sleep with MARRIED MEN. She is the TRAINING & CAREER DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR at the CLAY COUNTY SHERRIFF’S OFFICE…LOOKS LIKE HER TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT COORDINATION WENT WAY TO FAR… Meet Aimee Agderian, and she likes to have SEX with MARRIED MEN…specifically MY FRIENDS HUSBAND. The purpose of this post is to EXPOSE SNAKES like this who prefer to mess with married men instead of finding their own single man. Attached to this you will find text messages from the cheating husbands phone…As you will see THIS IS NOT HER FIRST TIME DOING THIS…Tell me Aimee, How did that WORK OUT FOR YOU, & HOW IS IT WORKING OUT NOW? As for Aimee asking about the Kids, THEY ARE NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS !!!!! I also have copies of Aimee’s text messages, approximately 116 of them, that I am MORE THAN WILLING TO POST IF THE BULLSHIT DON’T STOP, Ms. Aimee AGDERIAN…ALL TIES STOP, OR MORE EXPOSURE WILL BE POSTED !!!!!

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Rehab Didn’t Work For Holly

October 30, 2014 St. Louis, The Dirty 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Holly Welch. She’s been posted on here before but as a concerned friend I’m hoping to help her! Last time she was posted she got her act together. She went to rehab and genuinely seemed like she was going to try harder to be better for her and her children. Well I don’t know what happened because now she’s drinking again and partying hard and even created a website to be a “slave owner”. Not a good environment for her boys! She’ll ger drunk and make dance videos to put in facebook that are soooo trashy and classless. She’s half naked and stripping on the floor of her trailer! Please Holly! Ger help before it’s too late! You’re embarrassing yourself and your kids via social networks! C;ean yourself up!

Looks like it is time for another internet intervention.- nik

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Pay Your Child Support

October 30, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this duchess bag name is David Morgan from Odessa, MO. He has 2 kids and pimps his girlfriend out to pay the bills, while he sits home and does all kinds of drugs. He beats on her and his kids. He is a slime back in the worst way. He actually went to college and decided it was easier to pimp. He’s got evicted out of his house and lived in motels and made his mama pick up the tab. U gotta feel for those kids having a role model like that. He is the worst father a kid could ever have. They are so sweet looking kids. WHAT A FUCK ING LOOSER!!! BEWARE OF THIS GUY. GF DUMPED HIM FINALLY BUT HE IS ON THE RUN FOR HIS NEXT PREY!!!!

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Goofy Rapper

October 30, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t fck wit goofy raper mod notez he’s a fake thief robbing he’s so called friend for his phone then selling a blacklisted phone to his other friend don’t trust this lier he’s a broke bitch boi he’s try’s to be a bully but just know this raper got kid napped and he anit do shit

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Jill Dames

October 30, 2014 St. Louis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pathetic excuse for an woman’s name is Jill Dames, just one of many Southside Slootsn that we have here over in good ‘ol St Louis. She is a user, a drug addict, a sloppy drunk, and worst of all has herpes. I know because I was stupid enough to fool around with her for like a week and then found out a month or so later that I have it! She claims to take her meds for it but doesn’t and uses any man that she can manipulate with her looks for money and a place for her and her disgusting untrained dog to stay. She’ll act like she’s your best friend but when you don’t devote all of your money and attention to her she will turn on you and treat you and your house like utter shit. One day I woke up and seen that she had gotten drink, passed out, and let her dog tear up and shit all over my house. Then when I confronted her about it she threatened to call the cops on me in MY place! Needless to say, I threw her out and then found out from a friend of mine who had also been with her that she has herpes and doesn’t care who she spreads it to. What do you think Nik? Should we let the latest victim in this picture she is with know the truth?

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Lara Faulkner

October 29, 2014 St. Louis 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lara is on baby daddy #2… She is about to be homeless. She lost custody of her oldest son and now she’s about to loss her one month old baby. She is too busy being a hateful bitch and trying to bring her kids fathers down that she doesn’t realize; how pathetic her life really is…. Lara can ONLY get a job a great clips doing hair because she is horrible at it. She cant support herself let alone a child. Lara is a psychotic head case. Lara meet her baby daddy # 2 at the Bar. As off oct 2014. They would have been together for a year. Yes a year and then he left her right before the baby came because she kept threatening to take his baby and saying it’s not his. So, now let’s see how many men will be in and out of the boys lives now. So pathetic. Who would want this head case!?

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