Manslore Brian Butteiger

April 9, 2014 St. Louis 24 7,140 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Brian Butteiger. He is a toothless slime ball spreading his sperm all over the St. Louis area. He finds girls on facebook and dating apps and meets up with them for sex. He complains his girlfriend hasn’t given him sex in six months, but can’t leave her right now because his son is attached to her. His ex Tabatha Suarez is on here and she is a heroin junky that left her kids and him in the dirt. His girlfriend Jennifer Tankersley is on here for being stupid as hell, because she knows he cheats but doesn’t wanna be a single mom of four and have to work. They live in a trailer and she bitches and nags at him. He’s nasty with no teeth and smells rotten. Yet somehow he says he’s a player and gets a bunch of little prostitute bitches to sleep with him. Making people feel sorry for him. Him and his girlfriend have six kids between them. It’s sick. Ladies be aware of Brian, he will lie to get into your panties and tell you he is going to whisk you off to Florida and marry you. Stay away from him and his drama. He has two baby mamas that are psycho. He is a pig. And Brian, stop talking bad about Jen’s family. They took you in like family and you disrespect everyone.

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Maggie Varah

April 9, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 0 8,723 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Niik this dirty dirty swamp rats name is Maggie Varah Shes the nastys sloot in central ks, she came here from missouri married a man and then slept with almost every man 3 counties over, shes a meth head and will fck anything just need to make sure they havent showered in over a month, she gave her husband drd she has been fired from every job she has one for getting caught climbing out of a truck drivers truck and she still had jizz on her cheek, her boss asked her what it was she claimed it was yogurt, yet the driver claimed he had no yogurt in his truck and was in fact allergic, they would have fired her for stealing but she got caught climbing out of the truck before they caught how much she stole, she was fired from dollar general for embezzlement she has 3 kids in Missouri that her ex husband has custody of shes currently the secretary of her job she has now and she receives their mail and shes intercept 8 wage garnishments shes supposed to be having from writing hot checks or lawyers that are suing her or the state of missouri for past due child support which there no reason she should be paying her child support all the money shes been stealing shes had credit cards in her bosses name sent to her own residence of course her bosses dont know these things because shes in charge of there bank accounts mail etc, she fucks any guy that will give her a hit of meth shes the trashiest bitch around and has drd defintion of wookie screaming waste matter discharged through anus

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Terribe Twosome

April 9, 2014 St. Louis 13 8,903 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Update on the terrible twosome Britt and Amber!!!!! They clearly think they are Facebook famous now. Lmfao I can’t take it anymore. Your hella dirty, they have some people fooled. Britt is a compulsive liar and amber is a skank. A couple years ago Britt claimed she was sick and lost all her hair but in reality she dyed her hair to many times and her hair fell out. She made everyone feel so sorry for her. And Amber is nasty has slept with so many people she has a new guy friend every week. Hmmm they seem to have many different sides to them it’s crazy. You are a slut if you have more guy friends then girlfriends. Haha also after that last post Amber thought posting pictures of herself in the gym and a bikini would make people think she is just thick…. Britt is in such denial she thinks she needs to be on Real cute Thots. FYI no one is hating on you if they are stating facts and your not FAMOUS..

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Nasty Padder

April 8, 2014 St. Louis 37 9,626 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lol this fat bitch seriously thinks she’s sexy! Wtf? Her bra is seriously two sizes too small! Damn girll

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Weekend Update with Jenni Kneable

April 4, 2014 St. Louis 19 7,963 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik just cuz bitches wanna be bitches I might as well give another weekly update! As you have all seen her on here before this is Jenni Knaeble! Biggest homewrecker in all of Saint Charles County! As u know the story blah blah blah she took my bf. anyway! This bitch is seriously fcking psychotic! Not only did she call DFS on my baby daddy saying it’s me, she told all of my friends I slept with their husbands! Well guess what honey, they DONT believe you because it DIDNT happen! And she still has the nerve to keep talkin shit to me! So here u go bitch! You’re gonna be on here every fcking week until you learn to keep your mouth shut!! She says she’s grown but she keeps wanting to fck with a 20 year old over twitter! Don’t you have some kids to take care of!? Oh yea, this bitch doesn’t even have custody of her kids!! What kind of mother doesn’t have custody of their kids! This chick is a joke and I will be puttin her on full blast until she learns to keep her mouth shut! She thinks she’s the queen bee of makeup too! But bitch your eyebrows go past your eyes! They’re not supposed to do that! LOLOLOLOL. I’m sorry honey but youre just a fcking joke and that’s all you will ever be! You’re not a good mom and from what I’ve heard from your husband and your boyfriend who you supposedly love after being together two months (Highschool much?) you’re the biggest sluttiest nasty crazy skank ever. Sorry to put you on blast again bitch! #NOT. Maybe you will finally shut the hell up!? Oh. Just an FYI when you google your name this website and your previous posts show up! Haha bitch. Good luck gettin that off google!!

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Shawn Gurganus

April 4, 2014 St. Louis 10 6,733 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is shawn gurganus and he’s a cheater and a liar. And he likes to hit women and he has child pornography on his phone and computer. And I got into his phone through icloud and found it all. Hope you burn in hell shawn! I will be putting you up here every day of every week until justice finally comes to you. Don’t worry all of those pictures have been sent to the police! Good luck buddy!

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Jasmina Tuka

April 4, 2014 St. Louis 10 5,766 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tuka the hoe she fuked all the stl guys haha she has a cute lil son that I feel sorry for she dont give 2 shits aboiy him cause she to busy hanging out with that nasty ass hoe jasmina rahimic tuka has drd  so be aware of it stl guys she is one ugly as iraqi girl shops at good wheel no jk about that ppl haha she a stupid hoe that gets fucked by all the guys

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Lying Lynn Selle

April 3, 2014 St. Louis 18 6,679 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all this chic has the hair line of a 80 yr old man, she she consider bangs. On to the real subject at hand this chic I met off plenty oh fish and man I tell you what her snatch smells like fish and she is a real dead fish in bed so I should of known to steer clear. She portrays herself as a good girl from a small town outside of st.louis and recent college grad that landed a new gig at panera corporate office but the real story is shes is a dirty dirty whore. After 1 date I got to see the true real lynn selle. after weeks of her texting me nudes and her fingering herself she disappeared. I wondered were she went then got over it and on to the next pof hoe. Come to find out we have a mutual friend and this chic had a fiance away at college and other guys she was hooking up with off pof. another guy she must of hooked up with posted her on cheaterville and she must of got it removed but now she has been made dirty official!

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