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Someone please call DFS

November 24, 2014 St. Louis 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Danelle Hurst again! Taking picture high with her kid and was caught blowing smoke into her 4year old sons face then denied it after I said I was going to call the police then next day I brought it up and she said ‘he needs his fix’ she has no respect for her family or loved ones she has punched her mom several times in the face because she’s didn’t give her drug money she has told me on more than one occasion that she wishes she would of got and abortion because he can be ‘annoying’ and that she’s not with the father she has a serious alcohol and drug problem that she would probably sell her kid to keep her high it’s NOT a safe inviroment for a child to be in this God knows what’s happening behind closed doors

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Someone Enlighten This Dumb Girl

November 24, 2014 St. Louis 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is dumb and needs to wake up. She’s all for protesting what’s going on in Ferguson. Peaceful protests is fine and all, but the people doing it cause a lot of destruction to the area, have fuck the police rallyie, endorse looting and rioting.. She is friends with Bassem, for whatever reason, who is threatening that white people will never be safe. Let’s remember that she is from Spanish Lake, and like every other family who left in the late 90s early 00s causing WHITE FLIGHT, she grew up in perfect white surburbia away from the people she claims to love so much and support. Why did you run away?? I think she is a joke and needs to re evaluate who she is hanging with and supporting, because in the end she is probably going to get hurt as well. There is a lot of anti whites she hangs with, so she is bold.

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I Thought Sarah Jones’ Lawsuit Was Ridiculous

November 23, 2014 St. Louis, The Dirty 24


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a Missouri man has filed a $50 million lawsuit against social network giant Twitter. In the lawsuit, which was filed in a St. Louis area court, Marquis Jones alleges Twitter and other social networks knowingly and willingly allowed their users to harass and bully him online. Do you think he has any chance of winning?

No.- nik

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Kelsey Cox

November 21, 2014 St. Louis 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this would be jefferson county and St. Louis biggest hoe there is. This hoe literally will drive anywhere in St. Louis to fuck for $10 in gas a pack of newports and a half pint of Hennessy. She is known for fucking every group of friends from groups of 3 to groups of 20. And no there is no over exaggerating this is just how she really gets down. She has slept with every dude in jefferson county to south St. Louis to north St. Louis west and east side. She loves messing with married men and has even been known for giving that pack to them. Let’s hope she goes for regular check ups now that she knows how dirty can be. Kelsey is at bake you happy and then after hours she wants to try and make someone else’s man the same way. Hide your boyfriends and husbands ladies because her favorite thing to be is a side chick and she don’t care if you know she has no respect for other woman as long as her 350 lb ass gets off that’s all she cares about dirty no good musty bitch.

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Jefferson County loser

November 19, 2014 St. Louis 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser is greg cooper from fenton he is the biggest loser you’ll ever meet so beware.greg hasn’t had a license in years because he’s had so many dui ‘ s . Greg is a big pill popper and a drunk, he is a con artist so watch out! He thinks he’s all that but clearly he’s not. Greg will try and play you and make you believe he wants to be with you but he is really running game trying to reel you into his Web of cons trying to get you to pay for everything and take care of him. Remember this ugly face you can’t forget it

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Drunken Sloothy Homewrecker

November 18, 2014 St. Louis 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s a little something that I would like to bring knowledge to saint Louis. If you’re a male in the St Charles area, this is certainly a familiar face. This is Danielle Duncan. She sleeps with everybody and by everybody, I mean if you walk into her bar she’s gonna try to jump your bones. She hits on everyone’s man as if she’s hot stuff. Danielle close your legs your dirty ogre. You think it’s easy getting her attention, try getting in her pants. Anybody who’s everybody has taken a turn with her. It’s starting to get annoying and raunchy. A new guy every night, five to ten “boyfriends” at a time. As an ex friend, she has told me many secrets, one being she has genital & oral herpes. Yea I know, gross! She works at Butlers bar and OCharleys. She has slept with her boss at each job site as well as every waiter at the restaurant. She comes home trashed every night which is why she can’t drive, on account of her immature 23 year old butt getting multiple DWIs. She’s always mooching for a ride. And offers sex to all her rides home. St. Louis say hello to the one woman who doesn’t mind the fact that she not only sleeps around, and hone wrecks, but also slept with Michael Johnson, the Lindenwood University Westler with H**/A**S! This Sloothy hoe needs to be put on blast so everyone can be aware of her dirty little trashy lifestyle. She lives in a run down studio apartment with a bunch of crazy neighbors that like to run people off. I’ve never had a good night there on account of all the drama. This slooth deserves nothing more than denial. So if your name is Michael (she has a think for guys named Mike) or in general if your a male that knows her, watch out for the drds she carries. All of her drds are forever diseases that neither she or, anyone that contracts them from her, can get rid of. Nik please throw this slooth on blast. She is most definitely the dirtiest gold digger in St. Louis. Watch out guys. She wants you more than Uncle Sam. Nasty.

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Somebody needs to stop Anthony Rogers

November 18, 2014 St. Louis 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik  This guy Anthony Rogers has apparently been on here before… I dated him for a few weeks before I realized what an arrogant and egotistical piece of shit he is. He slept with two of my best friends… but it just keeps getting worse. He has a million followers on Facebook and was in the Washington Post after he was fired from Thought Catalog for making fun of Ferguson, MO… so his ego and asshole comments have grown. And they continue to daily. He is literally using his website to insult women, say racist things, and overall just be the Anti-Christ. There has to be a way to get him to stop baiting people and hurting girls feelings. Do you have any advice Nik? I don’t want to see this monster keep going on.

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Belly Jaws

November 17, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick Elizabeth Honeycutt is a true definition of white trash. Has had all of her kids taken away by 2 different dads. She sleeps with anyone willing 2 climb up in it. Recently gave one an std ( herpes). She moves from one man to another, moves on once the money runs out, they figure out her game, or they get the bumps. She can often be found at whiskey tango, stalking her next victim.

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