Ben Lemons Photography

April 3, 2014 St. Louis 29 10,290 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: More like an old pervert taking photo’s of naked underage girls with his phone. This dude is NASTY! Just take a look, you can see it right in his pedophile eyes. Do you want some candy, get in my big white van lookin’ dude. He thinks that he is the “OG” photographer of Saint Louis, when in reality he picks the trashiest women to photograph, and uploads it in the lowest resolution that it looks like he shot the photo on his 1995 Nokia. Ben Lemons, put the camera down, and pick up your life alert. This city DEPENDS on it. PS- Bingo starts at 6:30.

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Facebook Thugs

April 3, 2014 St. Louis 66 9,082 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Nichole Faith & Amber Fyif Marie are literally the most annoying bitches I have ever met. First off they are both sluts. They will get with anyone and Brittany is pregnant and doesn’t know who her baby daddy is. They are always trying to put someone on blast on Facebook. Neither of you are cute and you are annoying as hell. Brittany acts like she is the only person on the planet pregnant right now she updates her status every hour at least. Brittany accused some guy of being the father and he conveniently had money proved by DNA test he was not the father. Brittany you clearly don’t realize what you have gotten yourself into and I doubt you will be a good mom with Amber in your child’s life. It’s sad because she still parties and sluts it up at the OZ with Amber. Brittany is a homeschooled thot and acts like she tough but reality check sweetie your nothing special. Quit trying to put dudes on blast with your nasty asses. Get a real job and stop finding old ass sugar daddies to buy your cars and places to stay. Ugh rant over.

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False Accusations and Dirty Hands of Holly Welch

April 2, 2014 St. Louis 14 7,504 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Dirty Army. You know this face all to well. This is Holly Welch for those of you that haven’t seen her on this site already. Well now she’s decided to write complete lies about people on the dirty. Well Holly if you are going to point fingers you should first make sure your hands are clean. The person she is making false accusations won’t retaliate against you bc she has already taken legal action but I will. Crawl back in the hole you came from you trailer trash sloot. And quit making up bs about anyone who stands up to you and tells you your a horrible mother and person in general. You wanna say people have drds and are alcoholics? Go ahead bc we all the the truth about you. Quit trying to make yourself look better. It will NEVER WORK

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Like OMG it’s Steve Miner

April 2, 2014 St. Louis 99 6,722 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Steve Miner. He’s a confused little boy that thinks he’s a model but is only a sad little employee at a tanning salon. He steals from everyone he knows. Lies, backstabs his so called friends. And to all the people he works with now, he’s always talked bad about you guys. Have fun working with a liar and a thief. You can find him at Pepper Lounge getting wasted and then picking up a DUI. He doesn’t know if he’s straight or gay, whatever works at the time I guess. People need to ba aware of this she man. He will lie and rob you blind. He even lies about his age and no he is not a model. Don’t buy into his crap!!

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Pint Sized Stalker; Justin James

April 2, 2014 Edmonton, St. Louis 1 10,080 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Howdy NIK -I’d like to put this little Pint Sized Pssy on blast in Northern Alberta. This tiny mite is Justin James, a complete lying sack of Trash and skilled manipulation. He stalks relentlessly any girl in his life. Then keeps stalking when he’s moved on to the next Victim. No Home.. no Job .. No prospects .. Lazy .. Broke .. Useless .. The rumour is that hes on Meth and likes to spend all that free time awake digging through girlfriends Apple Accounts and Hotmail.

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Soco Manslore CJ Dickerson

April 1, 2014 St. Louis 73 8,935 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: South County’s wanna be man whore, CJ DICKERSON wins the title for man slut this week!!! Cj has tried to be a player since he was in high school. The only reason girls go for his so quick is because he is easy to look at & such a smooth talker!!! He claims to fall in love with these girls thinking it will get him laid!! As of right now he has 3 girls he is talking to and I know 2 of them personally!! He’s tried talking to a few of my friends at the same time thinking he is sneaky! He’s on dating websites to find girls with low self esteem, to sleep with. He’s slept with girls he just met (online) knowing the risks of disease & still taking them. He takes too much pride into that gay little car of his. He puts so much time & money into a chick car! Bro step your game up! I know personally he has never been in a relationship that didnt end with him cheating on the poor girl!!! So plllease ladies be aware of the hurt, diseases,& mental breakdown this guy causes!!! please dont fall into that trap! I know he’s good looking, but it that worth catching a drd??

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Cheating Jessica

March 31, 2014 St. Louis 6 8,884 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this girl right here Jessica “dirty” Ive BEEN fucking her for the last 2 years she is “in a relationship” that she’s been suppose to get out of to be with me but she says he smokes with her for free and he doesnt pkease her, weed is all that matters to her honestly she’s puts on such a front at this point I kinda feel bad for her boyfriend….Danny? Cause shes BEEN fckin me so of he’s wondering why shes not fcking him its cause I was, not no more,fuck this bitch. Ever since I started Houlihan’s We STared hooking up….not no more BITCH hope ur dude likes that beat up p**sy. It ain’t happening from him dirty lieing bitch


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Cheyenne Marie

March 31, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 16 7,410 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let it be known, Cheyenne Marie that lives in Belton Missouri, is a nasty drd infested, dope sack chasin Whore. Gentlemen she will ride ur dick and then steal your sack and the leave you a lifetime reminder when you have your breakouts from your gential herpes she gave ya. The sad part is ehile shes giving you her amazing Dirty gift. Like Usher says “Let it Burn. Becuz its gonna. And ladies be aware these are some dudes that have been burnt by Cheyenne.

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