Sage Boehner

June 25, 2014 St. Louis 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sage Boehner. Cheated on his girlfriend with a 47 year old obese woman, Vicki Wilkes. Had multiple online affairs with older, nasty women. He even got with his best friend’s mom in high school. Behind his girlfriend’s back, for over a year. He has mommy issues. He thinks he has fooled everyone from his church into thinking he’s the innocent one but he was completely in the wrong the whole time.

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Dam Reichelt

June 25, 2014 St. Louis 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet dickless Dan Reichelt. This clown is quite possibly the saddest excuse for a want to be play boy the world has to offer. He will take down just about anything that breaths. His M.O. is the talk of love. His game is so weak that he lures young chicks in with lies of love and promises of an amazing future. He’s normally got about three donkeys on the go at one time and when I say donkeys I mean the girls he gets are a 4 on a good day. He brags about being a dealer when the only thing he deals is drd’s. This guys such a baby he actually passed out when he got his first tattoo. His second one is the oh so original phrase “live for something or die for nothing”, quite ironic id say for a 30 something year old who still lives with his parents. If their are any young girls left in Vernon that haven’t been dinked by Dan I strongly suggest staying as far away from this clown as possible. I know a girl who once slept with him and actually went to see a hypnotist to try and erase that memory for her mind. She said having sex with Dan would be like having sex with Warren from “Something About Marry”, “have you seen my baseball?” Dan is a giant man baby and his 50 shades of douche game is just about as pathetic as his performance in the sack. Dan if you read this. It’s really time to get a life. Your about to hit middle age and that “live for something” quote on your chest that looks like it was drawn on by a seven year old with tourettes is proving to be the latter half that applies to you.

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Beatdown Barbie

June 24, 2014 St. Louis 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met this run down loser at the bar hooked up with fat ass it was like fucking a football player.she calls herself barbie yeah fat run down amazon barbie.nasty pssy and disgusting body and horrible lay anyone one want this beast her name is christine from highridge

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Racist Juggalo Dads

June 20, 2014 St. Louis 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: These 2 “JUGGALOS” Ha what a joke Right!!! have impregnated girls and dont take care of their own . Theyre Racist they hate everyone who aint down with the clown there so called Music (icp) The skinny guy NEEDS HELP he should be at centerpoint on meds he is psychotic and cuts himself when he doesnt get his way His Name is HURSHELL NEELEY  (ofallon,missouri) & the Fat guy his name is PAUL LOCKHART (wright city,missouri) if they feel that you crossed them in any such way they WILL call C.p.s on you and Lie like dogs on you LADIES BEWARE the fat 1Paul Isnt a Tattoo artist hes a loser with a tattoo machine he cant draw for shit and has Hep C. These guys are dangerous and scary you will see these guys around everywhere feom STLOUIS AREA to Wright City Beware!!

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Married Fisher

June 19, 2014 St. Louis 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is paige shes a freaking crazy ass psycho path. She is on every daring website you could even think of.but shes married! She never ever brushes her teeth nasty!!! Everyone calls her Capitan D cuz she smells like fish she talks about killing her exs and putting them in a pig farm so the pigs can eat them. She lives with so many animals its unbelievable she lets pigs run free in her home she is the nastiest person I have ever met.

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Keller Williams West, Cottleville

June 17, 2014 St. Louis 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mike Galbally comes off as a smooth sailor. However this dirt bag was cheating on his wife and two kids. He works for Keller Williams Realty West in Cottleville, Missouri and is a smooth talker. His mistress is also on this site Bonni Luckett. I have known all parties involved in this scandal and while Mike was doing Bonni who happened to be married to Phil his wife was traveling home to care for her sick mom with two young kids. (one child happened to be a new born). His wife ended up finding out the weekend of her birthday because Mike was using a secret messenger. His EX wife is a hard worker who also got her real estate license, works a full time job and also takes care of the kids, while Mike was out doing Bonni. Mike runs the real estate company STLFINESTHOMES.COM, please make sure you spread the word DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. This man has no morals let along any integrity what so ever. Yes people cheat, people lie. However, Bonni gave Mike a really good story about how Phil beat her and one thing lead to another, while they were both married. Mike picked up left his family and now is a dead beat dad to his kids. Look on his facebook, pinterest, etc, he changed his pictures for fathers day to show his kids off. He wants people to think he\’s a great person and a great father. HE IS NOT. This man DOES NOT SEE his children! He has not seen his children since March.

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Scouting for more then Cookies

June 17, 2014 St. Louis 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not your typical girl scout. This is Kim, she may come knocking on your door but she doesn’t know which closet door to come out of. Sexuality bi-polar maybe her druggie baby daddy can give her something to make up her mind. One minute shes hot for me the next she’s not. Im tired of her playing games with me and everyone needs to beware!!! She may look innocent in her girl scout vest but she uses people to get what she wants. Her co-workers cant stand her, she is lazy at work and uses her child to get her way with her parents and her on/off bf (when she wants to hide from liking girls she goes crawling back to him) So next time you order girl scout cookies, check her badges who knows where else she has been besides the dugout of Jeffco’s baseball team. I would keep on scouting if she comes knocking. Im closing my door on her.

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Sondra Dickherber

June 11, 2014 Scottsdale, St. Louis 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: So,let me tell you about Sondra Dickherber White!! this chick is so nasty that she can’t seem to keep her pants on to save her life, she was engaged to a good guy, now married to the poor sucker and was meeting up with customers from her old job to have sex, even gave a hummer to one of her suppliers in the office, came out and cleaned off her knees laughing! shes also a thief up on a class c felony charge of stealing from her boss! hell why not funded her wedding, got her a bigger add on to her wedding ring and helped pay for the down payment on her house! shes disgusting! and a liar! she tried to tell the cops that she buried the money in the back yard and when that didn’t fly blamed others, WITH CAMERA EVIDENCE…SERIOUSLY IDIOT! THIS IS SERIOUSLY ONE GIRL WHO DOES NOT USE HER BRIAN FOR THINKING OR HER MOUTH FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH!

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