She’s Back

August 22, 2014 St. Louis 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s back! Yes holly welch has returned from rehab and just as nasty as ever. Get a job and a life instead of posting disgusting selfies on Facebook all day. Didn’t they teach you self respect out at the rehab center in Florida that you attended on our tax dollars? I would be ashamed to be your parent or children. Enough already

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Adam Fansler

August 22, 2014 St. Louis 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Filthy cheater, claims to be single or divorced. Has bumps in his testicles, that dont go away. Dont trust this silver tongued bastard. complete and utter waste of anyones time. likes escorts and younger women, fat chicks and chicken heads. has no money or character to support his false facade of a life.

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Deadbeat Dad/Alcoholic POS

August 20, 2014 Chicago, St. Louis 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brooks Lee Campbell is a Manwhore that abuses woman and makes false accusations about hardworking American citizens. He lets sluts bounce around in bras and underwear with his 4 yr old son and exposes him to porn and rape. He lives in Herrin Has no job. and Drink excessively. He tried to **ll his fiancee and then makes comments about how others are white trash. He is the Epitome of White Trash. He was kicked out of the military for drugs, but manages to still sponge off his parents and society. He needs to be stopped.

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STL Juggahoe

August 18, 2014 St. Louis 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik, This is Kayla Ferndo. The Overland Cunt. And uh well lets just say that she could work on herself a little. This chick is a homie hoppin slut. She moves from one juggalo to the next. Prolly had most of stl by now. She thinks shes the shit. but nah, she just smells like shit. Shes dirty as fck. Her home smells like a fcking shit box. As of right now shes “engaged” but the dude dont even know they are gonna get married. I feel sorry for him. Shes a pathological liar. She would lie to you about the color of the sky if she thinks she could get away with it. OHHH and uhm shes a baby killer. While she was pregnant with her child she was doing all kinds of drugs. Coke, meth, X, alcohol, etc. Anything this bitch could get her hands on, she was shoving down her and her babys throat. THEN she claimed her dead son on her taxes and got $4,000. After she got the money she picked up her sons ashes and kissed the box and thanked him. Shes sick as fuck. This slut needs to be put on blast. Get a life bitch. You know who this is. Come at me.

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Christine Needs to Wake Up

August 18, 2014 Chicago, St. Louis 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this poor excuse for a mother is Christine Haynes. She is a attention whore and hates when things don’t go her way. She has 3 kids, one girl and two boys, that she doesn’t take care of. Instead her mother and her mothers boyfriend does. She claims to spend all her time with her kids but at any given time in the day you can see her out and about and her kids are no where to be found. She has said on numerous occasions that she doesn’t want her kids but if you try to tell her shes said it she’ll deny it all and slander you all over facebook. She is immature and hates when the spot light is on anyone but her. She also wants what she can’t have. If you are in a relationship and she wants you she will break you up. She will promise to be with you and to date you if you break up with your girlfriend for her. Then if you fall for her tricks and leave your girlfriend she discards you like trash because she can have you now and that isn’t fun for her. She gets mad when people don’t do as she wants. She never lets her boyfriend out of her sight and if he leaves to go home for a little bit she gets pissed. Honestly this girl needs to be put in her place and have a rude awakening. Because the way she is acting is not fair to her children.

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Hope Cull, Abusive Junkie

August 12, 2014 St. Louis 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl used to be my neighbor. She would come over and flirt with my ex fiance. She did drugs while pregnant and her poor baby seems to look like he has mental health issues. Me and my ex fiance broke up so she left her baby daddy to get with him then she dated another guy and then got back with her baby daddy.She walks on the street smoking pot with a 14 year old and also drives under the influence with her baby. She has bowed eyebrows…and a witch nose. She admitted to me she has an incurable sad and acted like it was nothinh. She does so much meth she weighs about 80 lbs and her front teeth are all filled in and fake. Watch out ladies she will fuck everyone including homeless people. Her and her supposed baby daddy met in a park they lived in. Her house smells so bad from the meth and her baby breaths that in everyday. She even tried to hit me while she was holding her baby. The baby is in danger. I called dfs.

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Chubby Chasing Dbag

August 11, 2014 St. Louis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies Ladies Ladies watch out for this SCUM BAG… Dont let his charm and manners fool ya this guy is dirtier than your public toilet. He is famous for trolling dating websites looking for his next victim in the St. Louis area. Tyler Schmiderer is infested with all kinds of drds and because of these expensive treatments is now bankrupt! Have fun paying for his next date!!!

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25 going on 45

August 11, 2014 St. Louis 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, natasha w.e. the fck she’s going by this week is the perfect example of what happens when drinking..drugs..prostitution take over. she is only 25 & looking over 40 with her wrinkled face and sagging +2s. have you seen her without her top? her nipples are cockeyed & point in different directions..I feel bad for her kids she is a terrible influence on them. wonder how man she would have now if she didn’t have 5 abortions by now..she is a train wreck!!!!!

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