St. Louis | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Adam Capriglione should burn

November 10, 2014 St. Louis 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have the whole scoop here on this scumbag that I know from St. Louis and I feel everyone should be aware. Back in April was when I heard that they had finally caught his ass. His name is Adam Capriglione and as you can see he is being charged with not one or two, but almost a DOZEN sexual assault crimes. This is all sadly too true, my friend, lets just say J fell victim to him and was held captive and mentally and physically abused by this sick twisted fuck!! The worst part about it is he had his little boy around half of the time and I’m sure the poor kid is already going through enough. What kind of parent does this shit? He was also in the army and used to hang out where me and everyone else I knew did, which was this now-closed infamous poolhall here in South County called Ride-the-Rail. I’m still shocked that this shit even happened and J will never be the same again, I feel so horrible for her and her family.

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Mckenzie Shawn Grabish

November 6, 2014 St. Louis 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: The question with McKenzie Shawn Grabish in Kirksville MIssouri is what isn’t happening. Waking up, the foul odor of Gonorrhea-twat seeps through the cracks of every closed door in the house. When the beast finally awakens, each step is accompanied by the clunk of her wide-mouth vagina dragging on the floor. The morning trip to the bathroom is an adventure, where when we think she’s brushing her teeth it’s actually just fervent application of Preparation H for her constantly violated asshole. Seriously, it’s like a walking episode of StarGate. Then comes the day’s events, where when she’s not on all fours she thinks she has complete control over the world and its events. After shame eating due to her art major taking her nowhere in life, she picks a new member of a frat to dance the twat tango with, with blatant disregard for whomever is faithful to her in the hope that it keeps her from jumping in front of a moving car. As the night progresses, the outline of her hungry camel-toe becomes increasingly evident, until it’s all she can do to not hop onto anything that provides satisfaction. Finally, she enters her bedroom, illuminated like glow in the dark t-shirts at a rave by the abstract painting of sex residues on the bed, floors, and walls. And lastly, when the beast does fall asleep, we swear we can hear snoring–though we’re pretty sure it may just be repeated queefing, an exhalation from her tired vagina after a day’s work.

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Heather Shipley

November 5, 2014 St. Louis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Heather. You can obviously tell that she has definitely been around the block a few times with many different people. I honestly believe this woman changes her guys more than she does her underwear. I can tell you first hand she uses these guys to help herself. These fools are dumb enough to let her. She is disgusting and thinks she is better than everybody else. I’ve never met anybody like her that uses people like she does. She will take every dime from you and then swipe it all from underneath you like it ain’t nothing. She bounces back and fourth between all these guys and one girl. I\’m pretty sure that was just an act. She hasn’t been with a women since then

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Too Soon

November 5, 2014 St. Louis 1

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a lot of people made fun of Ray Rice and his poor wife’s misfortunate situation… wanted to ask if you think this was too soon cause their is nothing funny about a man whooping a girls ass.

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Kearney Sloot

November 4, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 60

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THE DIRTY ARMY: One of the finest hoes that loves to get around in the little bitty town called Kearney Missouri here is Chelsey Lewis one of three sisters that are nothing but crazy and good for drama this girl loves to party and get so drunk she makes out with everyone while her man is right next to her this girl will get around once she goes so single! Can’t go one day without the D. She is nothing but waste land hoe. She will use ya for your money and likes to lead you on! But if you want a good Fck. You get a hold of this daily slut make sure there’s no strings attached cause she’ 25 and has nothing going in her life hit her up guys!

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Thot Alert

November 4, 2014 St. Louis 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I wanted to put this dirty dish towel on blast. First off, she loves to give mouth parties to random men from dating websites like. Plenty of Fish for example. She is really a St. Louis fish basket, who is a club rat and loves to play around with unavailable men. She has a nasty apartment and never cleans. Don’t you just love her weird lips. and wig head and fcked up grill. Someone please pay to get her boob implants not that, that would help her. Thought Nik

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Courtney Jones

November 4, 2014 St. Louis 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Courtney will sleep with your man even if she knows you are married. She is a home wrecker, she has 3 different drd’s that she will give to your man and he’ll bring them home to you. She’s a conniving, selfish, dirty slut. She says she takes care of herself but really her and her kids live in someone’s basement. She spends all her money on drugs and alcohol for when her kids go to sleep. Don’t trust her, and if you find your man with her, go get tested!

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Danelle Hurst

November 4, 2014 St. Louis 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: She has taken her son on drug deals before to go get weed and who knows what else, I know numerous people who have watched her son for her so she could get high.There is no better definition of a piece of shit Then Danelle Hurst. She is in no way fit to be parent and treats her mother like dirt who raises her son for her. Her father lets her do whatever she wishes and if she doesn’t get her way she just might put her foot through an aquarium shes just so hardcore its scary!For Danelle if it doesn’t include getting high on pills (z’s), weed, getting drunk or another hideous tattoo on that bony body of hers shes not interested.This bitch thinks everyone wants her and shes hot shit, well sweetie hate to break it to yah but that snaggle tooth was cute when you were 2. The only chance you have of doing something with yourself is if you become the poster skank for aneorxia. Whats sad is that the only person really getting the short end of the stick here is her son. Someone needs to call DFS on this low life skank, And give her some beauty tips because that face would scare a blind man and her hair is so fried and nasty im surprised it doesn\’t blow off her head like a tumble weed. And guys dont worry there’s enough brown bags out there for the rest of you who havent hit already to get a turn. I wonder how it feels to have everyone hate you and know you\’re a worthless fake bitch?

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