Hope Cull, Abusive Junkie

August 12, 2014 St. Louis 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl used to be my neighbor. She would come over and flirt with my ex fiance. She did drugs while pregnant and her poor baby seems to look like he has mental health issues. Me and my ex fiance broke up so she left her baby daddy to get with him then she dated another guy and then got back with her baby daddy.She walks on the street smoking pot with a 14 year old and also drives under the influence with her baby. She has bowed legs..no eyebrows…and a witch nose. She admitted to me she has an incurable sad and acted like it was nothinh. She does so much meth she weighs about 80 lbs and her front teeth are all filled in and fake. Watch out ladies she will fuck everyone including homeless people. Her and her supposed baby daddy met in a park they lived in. Her house smells so bad from the meth and her baby breaths that in everyday. She even tried to hit me while she was holding her baby. The baby is in danger. I called dfs.

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Chubby Chasing Dbag

August 11, 2014 St. Louis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies Ladies Ladies watch out for this SCUM BAG… Dont let his charm and manners fool ya this guy is dirtier than your public toilet. He is famous for trolling dating websites looking for his next victim in the St. Louis area. Tyler Schmiderer is infested with all kinds of drds and because of these expensive treatments is now bankrupt! Have fun paying for his next date!!!

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25 going on 45

August 11, 2014 St. Louis 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, natasha renea..sharp..smith w.e. the fck she’s going by this week is the perfect example of what happens when drinking..drugs..prostitution take over. she is only 25 & looking over 40 with her wrinkled face and sagging +2s. have you seen her without her top? her nipples are cockeyed & point in different directions..I feel bad for her kids she is a terrible influence on them. wonder how man she would have now if she didn’t have 5 abortions by now..she is a train wreck!!!!!

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Tedi Chase

August 6, 2014 St. Louis 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heyy Nicki im so happy you have this site because i know one dirty bitch lol her name is TEDI CHASE !omg where do i start … First things first this girl got an abortion just because the baby was BLACk like why fuck a black guy if you dont want a BLACK baby but she did not have a problem keeping and jerrys ugly ass white baby like come on hoe keep your legs closed bitch lol one time she sent a picture of her nasty boob to his phone and i picked up his phone like bae wtf are these things on the screen lol this girl has one huge nipple and one tiny nipple like i cant even get mad lol one time her dumb ass had a video of her getting fcked by this cop in stpeters he says in the video you can hear him lol say tedi whats that smell she says what smell the cop says that smell down there she said huh the cops bends down and says fck when was the last time you washed your ass like damn thatsso gross for someone to have to tell you to wash your ass lol nicki please help me stop that hot mess come people plrase put her losse floppy pussy to rest and pray for her family i know they have to be so embarrassed to have to call her family sorry god for she hasfuked up

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Bosnian Sloot

August 6, 2014 St. Louis 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amela Arnautovic. The true sloot in stl. Don’t let her innocence fool you! This girl cheats on her “boyfriend” and she out every weekend drinking. But she claims she dose not drink.. she’s not fooling anyone though. She gives herself and her family a bad name! Not to mention the Bosnian girls in St. Louis a “REP”. She claims to be this “True Bosnian”…yeah right! look at her! She pretends to be a nurse..it takes school, hard work as well as dedication to be a nurse! She brags that her sad boyfriend Alvir Karacic buys her everything she wants.. when actually she\’s the true definition of a gold digger! This sloot is so fake! She will act like your really good friend one day then talk sh*t about you to everyone & stab you in the back! Stay away from this girl she is St. Louis’s fakest, & dirtiest sloots!

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Hoefallon Ratchet

July 31, 2014 St. Louis 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Courtney Sikes.. probably the worst friend and girlfriend you could have! She constantly screams for attention through social media uploading 1-3 selfies a day with her sloppy tits hanging out or posting things about sex and drinking 24/7. then wonders why no good guy actually wants to fuck with her. she messed around with 2 of her friends long term boyfriends while messing around with plenty of other dudes. her friends call her out constantly for texting and driving while drunk all the time. Im a friend of her friends and im tired of hearing about her bullshit because they all talk shit on her while shes not around.. did i mention shes slept with almost 50 people (not including women) and claims shes not a whore? LOL. Hoefallon ratchets at its finest!

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Brittany Barth

July 31, 2014 St. Louis 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Barth is the dirtiest, nastiest slut! I walk in the bathroom of a neighborhood bar and what I found will never be unseen! This nasty slut was doing the dirty with my best friend’s boyfriend and his buddy. This girl was buck ass naked except for her shoes. Who does that in the bathroom of a corner bar???? With someone’s boyfriend?? AND another guy???? Brittany Barth! That’s who!

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Cheating Cheerleader

July 30, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 47


THE DIRTY ARMY: hey you guys, this girl is my ex. we dated for over a year and it turns out she was cheating on me the whole damn time, her name is Ali Haller. she is a cheerleader and Dancer. the whole time when we were dating i was never allowed to see her phone so i guess i shouldve known something was up. but anyway she cheated on me with multiple guys and some of them included some other members of my wrestling team. shee will be going to missouri sts=ate university in springfield missouri. watch out for her she is likely dirty and wants nothing but to use you for material things and sex just as she did to me. she comes off and plays herself off as an innocent ditsy cheer leader girl but she is actually a manipulative cheating whore.

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