Cali Tinker the Thinker Kush

July 23, 2014 St. Louis 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is a drug fiend. No matter how nasty/undesirable you are, this girl will overlook it if you have weed or drugs for her. I met this girl at a small float event, she cozied up to me, was a FCKING CNT to my friends and I let her (which caused most of my friends to write me off), she even manipulated me into thinking that it was okay to be a jerk to them. She never even put out. Which I found out is probably a good thing, cause I heard she has pussy rot or something. Keep away from this girl, cause she’ll ruin your friendships, your money, and maybe your cock.

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Cheating Brittany Falduti

July 22, 2014 St. Louis 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany falduti was a server at a bar I would go to and started talking to me as friends. Then when she would have a fight or argument with her bf micah she would slowly but more aggressively come onto me showing she’s interested in “hanging out”. So she sent me a picture mail of her in her lingerie one night and called me asking me to come pick her up at the strip club bc she was stranded.. I never went and picked her up, just told her to figure her shit out.. Then come to find out she wanted to try put me on blast.. Well sorry bitch, your legs are open like a 24/7 drive thru… Maybe if you would concentrate on your living situation and child you’d be better off… Well have a nice life you two cent whore..

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DeSoto’s Dirty

July 22, 2014 St. Louis 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ms. Samantha Thurmond used to be a very good friend of mine. I got this lil girl off of hero*n to give her a chance becuase according to her, her mother doesn’t give a fck about her. After nursing her to health she left for a few days only to show up a few days later balling her eyes out n saying she found out she had cancer n needed $100 for her medicine. She was trusted & given the money only to find out later that day she was nodding out on the steps waiting in court in DeSoto. Come to find out this 19 year old lil girl was more than I thought. Fu*cking n su*cking anyone n everyone who would give her money or get her high. Watch out for this nasty whore she will suck u dry n then peace out!!

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Sexy but Homeless

July 16, 2014 St. Louis 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Cody but the girls call him Chody Longapecker. He has been on the streets for as long as ive known him and it seems like he never has his shit together. He is a wanna be rapper that thinks he’s gonna get rich. Dont get me wrong tho, he’s not bad and gives some really good dick, but this dude is just a rolling stone. he will probably steal $20 outta ur purse and buy a gram of weed with it. he might just steal ur girlfriend and make u sleep in the car, or sleep on the couch next to you. and white guys arent the only ones that should be worried, cuz he steals black guy’s girlfriends too. he just dont give a fck. never uses a condom and almost always cums inside the girl cuz he thinks he’s sterile. he\’s funny but then again all his friends are still in high school (he’s 21) so he can drink the alcohol he buys them for free. He post up outside the high school and waits for his little friends to get out so he can ‘turn up’, he’s like matthew mcconaughey from dazed and confused. His girlfriends pretty hot though…

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Jewelry Theif

July 10, 2014 Chicago, St. Louis 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here trying to look “sexy” in this picture, is the most scamming, lying and most psychopathic person I’ve ever met. I went to High School in IL and she always wanted to be the center of attention. I remember one time going to pizza hut and no joke she planted one of HER hairs on the Pizza (which had about as much grease as the pizza) then complained to the poor manager that eventually made her a new pizza gave her a free pizza coupon for next time. She also “borrowed” a friends family jewelry and didn’t return it for 5 months, I mean I watched this kid cry because he didn’t know what she did with it. I confronted her about it, and she returned it and almost got the cops called on her. The reason she stopped talking to me and being friends with me is I told her you’re NOT going to bully me (which she’d always be aggressive with me and try to put me down in front of our friends) or other people. She got pissed and stopped talking to me. I want people to know that Jessica is NOT to be trusted, and if you EVER see her STEER clear of this train wreck. I hope this gets posted so people can see this terrible person, Look at her trying to look “Sexy” in this picture!

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Lacrisha Rivera

July 7, 2014 St. Louis 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Lacrisha Rivera, she has 4 kids that she doesn’t take care of she has like almost 10 boyfriends that pay for everything and is about to marry one of them, and she thinks she’s all that because she’s Mexican. Lets start off with she never takes care of her kids, she leaves them with her parents for one week then drops them off at another place the next then they stay at her house but not allowed to bother her or talk to they have to clean or do whatever she wishes, then she has one of her boyfriends living with her paying for everything and even cares and takes cares of her kids yet she cheats on him and goes to bars to hook up with other guys, honestly surprised she doesn’t have a drd people watch out for your man she might try to take him what do you think Nik?

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Trystin Mae

July 4, 2014 St. Louis 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here she Yet again!! NIK I tell ya this Hoe just doesnt stop shes spreads like jiff peanut butter! Again here she is being the slut she’s know for. She says she doesnt care what people think about her THATS WHY SHE DELETED HER FACEBOOK Ha! She has C**bs (gross) and she’s really done it this time. She claims she has a boyfriend but I think she made him up to cover up the fact that she likes old fat guys TRYSTIN will do Anything just to get something free out of someone its pathetic she wears these cheap ass clothes she buys from kids stores and thinks theyre cute when she just looks plain ol stupid. This is a sad case of MAN HUNGARY HOES she needs to get a life and quit trying to spread her drdS to everyone she needs to stop think and listen what shes doing to herself making herself look like trash and making her friend’s and family LADIES if you love and cherish your man keep a close eye out for this girl she’s not sweet and innocent shes a whore and will turn on you when you have nothing to give her anymore MEN stay away from her she will act like shes interested in you and once you say no more she drops you like a bad habit

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Sara Cabanas

July 2, 2014 St. Louis 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: This stupid cunt is Sara Cabanas, she thinks she’s better than everyone and she has a kid at the age 14 and doesn’t even take care of him she makes everyone else take care of him while she goes out to party and get drunk I feel sorry for her son David because she neglects him her and her “husband” Alberto she has a  drd and sleeps with every guy that passes so yeah be careful around her plus she judges ANYONE who doesn\’t live up to her expectations and don’t let her around your kids either she has a record of molestation

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