Cheater Jenni Knaeble

March 26, 2014 St. Louis 13 8,720 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. This bitch is Jenni Knaeble of Saint Charles Missouri. She is the biggest most NASTY skank. She had 3 kids and was married but decided to give it all up for some man whore Shawn Gurganus.  owner of Vapor Outfitters in Saint Charles Missouri. Anyway!! Everyone needs to know Shawn has herpes and he gave it to Jenni! Too bad she’s a nasty slut bitch who needs to fuk off and keep her snatch shut and stay away from other peoples boyfriend! Anywayyyy I hope you both die and I hope you give your kids the drds your cheating ass got. Also. I like how her profile pictures on Facebook look photoshopped but the tagged pictures of her look like the fat old wrinkly bitch that she is? Hmmmm. You are a dumb skank. My picture is the last one. Sorry Shawn baby, but you’ll never get a bitch as hot as me.

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Soco Garbage Amanda Schlueter

March 25, 2014 St. Louis 53 9,815 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Most of South County can already recognize this drunken piece of trash by sight, but her name is Amanda Schlueter. She wants to go by Amanda Caroline. We work together as servers and she never washes her hands. It’s gross. I feel sorry for the tables she gets because she spends most of her time trying to flirt with the kitchen guys instead of doing her job. This girl is just an idiot. All around. She won’t shut up about how much she drinks or how much weed she smokes. This isn’t middle school so who is she trying to impress? She’s obsessed with her ex and all of the guys she’s slept with because they cut her out of their lives. Obviously they realized what a mistake they made getting with her. There’s really no reason for how obsessed she is with talking about her ex Adam or how he cheated on her because she cheated on him first. It gets worse when you realize she cheated on him with her best friends off&on boyfriend and never told her. She posts tweets and statuses calling other people ugly but she’s got fat arms, a lazy eye, and her hair is over dyed and fried beyond recognition. She’s usually pulling a duck face in selfies because she’s always wearing this awful pink lipstick that accentuates the grossness of her yellow teeth. So really she has absolutely no right and needs to take a long look in a mirror. She should spend her tip money on taking care of herself instead of partying.

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cheaters of Keller Williams

March 25, 2014 St. Louis 17 6,329 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bonni Luckett and Mike Galabally. I have worked with these two for some time. and what they have done i cannot no longer hold in. They have been with each other for some time now. she just recently got married in 2012 to a man that loved her very much while she was in the process of building a relationship with another married man with 2 kids. to many times have i seen these two together while there spouses were not around. while his wife is with the kids and her husband was at work or at home. these two were busy boozing it up, going to late lunches and disappearing from the office for hours at a time. i would not recommend working with these two agents at Keller Williams at all. they have no family values, moral boundaries and are obviously soulless money grubbing people. just a fair warning to anyone and everyone out there. Bonni Luckett is an independent agent. she comes off very sweet and loving however obviously once you get close to her she will screw you over. Mike is a dick and has no care of anyone or anything.

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I Thought She Was The Love Of My Life

March 25, 2014 St. Louis, The Dirty 33 93,790 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, don’t you hate when you meet the love of your life… to only find out months later she is a working girl and sending naked pictures to anyone. Click here to see some hearts!!!

I clicked. Her face looks so much better with clothes on. Questionable Shim.- nik

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Dope Fiends

March 25, 2014 St. Louis 3 6,695 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy’s name is Justin Posley. He is one of the biggest dope heads around st.charles, he steals from little girls also slept with my close friend that’s a guy for dope. He lies he steals and got some nasty ass drds. Nigga get yo shit together.this dude is 21 years old & slept with a 15 year old and try getting wit girls that are 16 and under. He shoots up H**on and anything else he can get his hands on. Pathetic ass dude.

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Public Service Announcement

March 24, 2014 St. Louis 54 10,851 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a Public Service Announcement for all of Saint Louis. This is Danielle Brown or De’Shea or whatever the whore is going by at the time. I was sleeping with her for only a few weeks until I found out she is in another relationship with some Tom guy, plus messing around with a handful of others all at the same time. Normally I would have just moved on but I just found out she gave me DRD. This despicable scum of a human being has scared me for life do to the fact that she is a worthless whore with daddy issues. So please everyone and anyone who has slept with her recently go get checked so you don’t ruin a persons life like the many that she has. Please post this Nik you and only you have the power, D.A.Strong!

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Jessica and Nicky Hoe

March 21, 2014 St. Louis 68 7,396 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start! First off Jessica has two kids, not sure if their is one baby daddy. She cheated on her ex so much. The dirty whore couldn’t even stay faithful while he was serving our country overseas. Jessica has been a whore before high school, so this is really nothing new. I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife. Then her best friend Nicky is the same. Well maybe better b/c she doesn’t have kids running around. Nicky is cheating on the guy she is with now. Mostly influenced from Jessica. Nik these to sluts run around sucking and fucking everything. Not to mention they both have herpes and have had it for a long time. If you guys want a easy lay these two are running around st. Charles. Just make sure you triple wrap it. Jessica will suck a golf ball through a garden hose, and nicky will lay their like a beached whale. Just look at the way she they act in the few photos. Straight ratchets!

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Anthony Mitchell

March 19, 2014 St. Louis 16 9,087 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty ass is Anthony Mitchell. Where should I start….hmm. The fact that he eternally smells of B.O. and showers about once a week? That he tries to get with just about everything that walks and has a vagina? (Doesn’t matter if he is dating someone else or not) He is a certified creep and stalker and if you don’t text him back within 3 seconds he will be blowing up your phone. Of course he is a broke ass POS with 2, yes 2 kids now. He’s always asking people for money and living on people’s couches because he can’t hold down a job. He has to date women who are just out of high school (he’s almost 30 years old) because no one his age takes him seriously. He is drunk every night and smokes weed around his kids. He has a new girlfriend now (who just graduated high school like a year ago, LOL) but we will see how long that relationship lasts. All day long he sits on Facebook and posts pornographic pictures, these douchey selfies (see above) and whines about how he has no friends and no one to talk to. Hope his baby momma wises up and sues for full custody of those poor little boys. Nik put this loser on blast, and women of STL stay away. It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend, fiance’ or husband (or even if this douche is in a relationship) cause he will try to get with you. Just say no and run the other direction as fast as you can.

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