St. Louis | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Crusty Curt

September 16, 2014 St. Louis, Washington 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the dude is Curt Croy. He’s from Troy Missouri, we went on a date and he showed me his entire house. He’s extremely creepy I felt like he wa going to keep me locked in his basement and let his psychotic cat kill me. We went to dinner and he talked about getting with me the entire time because he is a pig. After dinner we went to his house and I didn’t want to go inside because he made me extremely uncomfortable. And as soon as I backed my car down the drive way he starts yelling at me ” where’s you’re friend, my car is leaking anti freeze, did you plan this? You’re extremely sketchy.” And then texts me saying “sorry something was knocked over.” He’s a fucking nut. Then calls me strange/crazy. Yea right dude get real. If he sees you out in public he will follow you but won’t say any thing. Dude is off the chain lol stay clear ladies

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White Trash Wigger

September 16, 2014 St. Louis 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets see, his name is stolle. Hes a white trash hustler. Gets with all kinds of girls, doest care who hes hurt. Hes all about himself. Pos status.

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Turning Troll

September 15, 2014 St. Louis 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok! You tell me if Holly Elisabeth welch is not the nastiest, dirtiest piece of shit you’ve ever seen!? Every pic I see of her gets worse. She really does look DIRTY! And the sad thing is she thinks she looks like a model!! Lol

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Sloots in a Bucket

September 15, 2014 St. Louis 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: These 3 chicks are total SLUTS!! They all have mixed kids, fat, and think they are the shit! Amanda, Emily, and Lori. Watch your man around these 3 i heard the Lori girl is supposed to be a Christian but hangs out with sluts who drink and smoke weed and leave their children like its nothing to chase DICK!! Bad mothers in all. Make sure you blast these chicks Nik.

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September 11, 2014 St. Louis 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl you need to keep away from your boyfriends your boyfriend with kids or husband she fcked her ex best friends uncle who had five kids and in a relationship for three years with a girl that he had a kid with (This is my boyfriend that she fuked) and she loves in carbondale illinois 21 year old that just does it cause shes bored evil whore.)Her name is jessica nelson and thats my dog thats in her arms.just wanna warn other people to keep there men away so theydont get there family wrecked like i did. This happened a month ago but just found out saterday

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Justin Smith

September 8, 2014 St. Louis 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Justin Smith, the dog beating, small penis, steroid injecting douche bag that used me for a place to stay. I met this guy on POF (big mistake, why was a sexy girl like me on POF?) and he sounded too good to be true. This guy ended up having no job, no car and claimed to be a secret agent. I let him stay with me and my kids until I caught him beating my dog in front of my kids. What a damn psycho. He is overcompensating for his little weiner by using steroids and getting huge. Put this douche on blast so other girls can avoid the trouble!

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Dead Beat Dad of 2

September 3, 2014 St. Louis 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here is a prime example of what a low life looks like. Meet Billy Cheshire, Not only does he have two kids he refuses to help support but hes also a whore. His main goal is to say whatever he can to get you in bed spread his DRD knock you up and leave. He’s a know cheater and a pathological liar. He has two baby mommas and two little boys that he hasnt seen in over a month. He will lie and cheat on whoever he is with just to get one thing. He was caught red handed cheating and still refused to fess up to it. He is a worthless low life with no goals or an education. He has even lied about having cancer!! Hes told so many people different stories about his scar, like he was stabbed in a bar. He got his appendix removed. so people beware and stay as far away as possible. He will leave you pennyless and with a child, and with an incurable disease!!!

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St Louie Scumbag

August 22, 2014 St. Louis 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Shane Kruse. We recently broke up because he couldn’t keep his stick in his pants. I forgave him for sleeping with my friend because we were on a break. Then I found out he slept with my sister. I probably wouldn’t have known but we both endes up with the cl*p the same week. He cant hold a job and lives off of disability that he scams the state to get. Oh I forgot to tell you he and his mother come up with new ways to scam people out of money every week. He has a child that he hasn’t seen seen since birth and has never paid child support. He and his mother are disgusting pigs who never clean and live in squalor. My advice to anyone who dates him ( hide your bank cards and keep antibiotics around).

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