Walk Of Ignorance

June 3, 2014 St. Louis 52


THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, first off I dont even have to explain how idiotic this band is. just look at their name. these guys have been around for as long as i can remember and still havent given up, unfortunately for everyones ear holes. their lyrics have no meaning what so ever and the music is just terrible. they talk about killing girls and “fcking faith”. how exactly is that possible? zach hydar there guitar player is one of the biggest man whores in st. louis and uses girls for what he wants them for then dumps them like the piece of shit he is. he is nothing but trouble so girls, stay away. they have a song called her demise which is about killing a girl and dumping her body in a river like wtf who writes about shit like that??? they think theyre the hottest shit around because they played with Whitechapel. well heres some news for you guys everyone thinks youre a joke. adam has the shittiest vocals ive ever heard and the drummer is pretty shitty too. call it quits guys, everyone stopped caring back in 2008.

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Eaton Drugs

June 3, 2014 St. Louis 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashley Eaton is back on the prowl looking for a new guy to support her drug habit. Not only is she claiming to be a “model” for Down Home Hunny’s but she’s selling p*ssy on the side, The only reason these Nasty Bitches made this modeling page on FB is so they could get more clients, you can find her on the south side hanging out on street corners or in Walgreens buying boxes. Watch out Fellas cuz she is carrying more then that little ass around, she is definitely positive on the drd cuz she doesnt believe in using condoms.

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St. Louis Rip-Off

June 2, 2014 St. Louis 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so tired of seeing this girl and now her new little sidekick going around the STL area ripping off hard working people and taking hard earned money for their “event planning business”. DIrty nasty whore Kasey Lucas needs to stop scamming people off for her husbands Heroin habit. But you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife so she keeps doing the dirty deeds to scam people and get her husbands next fix. Heard they have recently gotten into Meth production as well. As for this white trash Alison Wuebbels…she comes from a methed out family and is only in college because she does pornography on the side. Guess they thought they could pull the wool over everyone’s eyes but there are people who know the truth and will put it out there for the world to see!

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Beware of Samuel Swanson

June 2, 2014 St. Louis 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies don’t date Samuel Swanson! He is a liar, a cheater, an abuser, and a deadbeat daddy. He has 4 kids that he doesn’t have anything to do with or support in any kind of way. He spreads diseases. He is a very good manipulator and knows all the right things to say but ladies its all lies. He lives in East St Louis IL but will say he lives in ST LOuis MO. He drives a gold Saturn Vue that he got from me his second baby momma. Ladies pass the word around don’t let your friends family or yourselves get involved in his player games. Beware

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Bront aka Dontay

May 29, 2014 St. Louis 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dont know what this is a female or male this bitch is tran hoe all her baby daddies where one night stands she really dnt know who her kids daddy is bitch claim she jus had a baby by my man so her bumb ass husband better get a blood test shes ran through cant make a whore a house wife pill popn drunk no life havin ass whore train whore lol shes dust wit her track record she would want to go crawl in a corner and die the dub knows these hoes

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Psychotic Mama

May 29, 2014 St. Louis 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Holly Bess. Holly Welch’s crazy mommy! As for those who don’t know who holly is just look down alittle further and you will see.  this drunken whore grandma goes out and gets drunk with her daughter every night!! Holly Welch, where are your kids when you’re doing this!? And this mama is so crazy too! She must be on meth just like her daughter. You can just tell by her body and face! Haha I uploaded another pic she took of her daughter while in the hospital and in the comments she said “holly wanted me to take pictures!” Lmao what kind of attention whore wants their mom to take pics of them while laying in a hospital bed!? Like seriously girls, you’re acting alittle TOO desperate! She takes risqué photos of her daughter all the time on Facebook and she is just not mom material! That’s clearly who her daughter looks up to when it comes to raising her kids cuz neither one of them are good moms! Sorry to put ya out here like this but the world needs to know just how desperate and slutty and trashy you both really are! K. Love ya! See ya never. BYEEEEEE

Also See: Holly Welch

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Holly Welch

May 28, 2014 St. Louis 59


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Holly Elizabeth Welch! Lmao she is Saint Louis’ best model! Or so she says. Aparently she’s going to be famous! But as stated on here earlier this week. She’s a trailer park meth whore. Lmao she is so bipolar too! She posts everyday about wanting to be in a relationship, but then she wants to be single! How much she hates her life and her ex boyfriend then how much she loves it and she\’s gonna be famous! New flash dummy, models are DONE by the age 25. And you my dear, are already past that! You\’re never going to be a model! All you are is a drugged up, trailer park whore, meth shootin dead beat mom! Someone for real needs to take her kids away cuz she just ohh man… She is just not fit to be a parent! Stop posting about how you get drunk every night with your whore mom! No one cares AT ALL. The only reason you even have friends is cuz people love to watch a train wreck!

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Bipolar Bulldog

May 27, 2014 St. Louis 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly hoes name is Corbyn. She’s a real loser who still has to have her mom drive her around because she’ll never get her permit. I worked with her at Hardees and she asked me to take her to prom. I usually don’t take charity cases but I felt sorry because she had mental diseases and no friends. We dated a lil bit but I broke up with her and hoped she’d leave me alone. One fine day she and some random number (her new bf) start sending me text messages saying how I must have a small dick and he’s twice the man I am. First off I DONT CARE I broke up with her!! He’s some racist egotistical weirdo who keeps trying to fight me and calls me and my black friends n-words when he’s like 4 years older then me. Listen bro yea I dicked your girl pretty good but I don’t care about that fat emo anymore. I hope the two of you get married and pass your fat, mentally retarded, racist, loser genes onto your unfortunate kids. Leave me alone already and grow up!!

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