St. Louis | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Lara Faulkner

October 29, 2014 St. Louis 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lara is on baby daddy #2… She is about to be homeless. She lost custody of her oldest son and now she’s about to loss her one month old baby. She is too busy being a hateful bitch and trying to bring her kids fathers down that she doesn’t realize; how pathetic her life really is…. Lara can ONLY get a job a great clips doing hair because she is horrible at it. She cant support herself let alone a child. Lara is a psychotic head case. Lara meet her baby daddy # 2 at the Bar. As off oct 2014. They would have been together for a year. Yes a year and then he left her right before the baby came because she kept threatening to take his baby and saying it’s not his. So, now let’s see how many men will be in and out of the boys lives now. So pathetic. Who would want this head case!?

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Holly doesn’t give you Wood

October 27, 2014 St. Louis 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is holly welch I’m sure everyone on here knows her very well by now. Just wanted to update on how ratchet she is. What kinda mom puts pics like this is Facebook? Lol get a life you sleeze

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Odessa Sloot

October 26, 2014 St. Louis 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Allison blessie, this girl loves shards she will do anything to chase that sack, even if she needs to suck a dick. this girl is a fake person and if your friends with her i feel sorry because one day she will stab you in the back, allison blessie is so easy all you need is her number and its game on. i seen a video of her putting 8 sharpies in her loose tunnel. pusy. never bring her around your homies she will fck the hole team. if she says your her best friend watch out when things dont go to plan your pretty much dead to her. controlling and a syco shes a man beater and pathetic

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Jeffco Psycho

October 22, 2014 St. Louis 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this ratchet little whore,Janie Rosenthal. One of Jeffco’s finest! She’s a mother of 2, but a fck buddy to many. She’s been admitted to the nut house 3 times, and she’s always bringing drug addicts around her children. She’s fucking her first baby daddy’s brother, so her kids won’t ever know if he is Uncle John or daddy John. I’m almost positive that they are using drugs together. Happily ever after, right? She will fck anything with two legs(I would say and with a dick but I’m pretty sure she swings both ways) Don’t let those cute little dimples fool you. Behind that ugly face is on fcked up individual. Her own family doesn’t even want her. She’s bipolar and refuses to take her meds.( No beauty or brains). Her only safety net is a restraining order. So be careful Nik, when she sees this she may threaten to slap on across your fat ass.

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Ebola Will Kill You

October 22, 2014 St. Louis 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik I know a dude from St charles Missouri he is the nastiest of the nasty. He is known to fck anything that walks but it gets worse he is 26 lives at home wit his dad and sold his car for some girl who is also on the dirty. He rides a bicycle around town literally a bicycle wit a little motor on it. He is known for giving multiple women herpes n still doesn’t use a condom. He is literally gonna end up in jail for spreading that around the area. Now to top it off bolth of his best friends dated a girl his one best friend was engaged to marry this girl but she is a huge whore to and is also on the dirty wit his best friends dick in her mouth. Nik I dunno how someone so horrible can rest their head a night n be able to sleep it’s so sickening here’s a pictured I found online that someone posted abouhim

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Habitual Liar w/a Little Greg

October 16, 2014 St. Louis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is David Eugenr Eikerman – 43 yr old habitual liar that lives in St. Peters, MO. The lies this man told could be deemed a health hazard and considered psychotic. Let’s begin at the beginning… so we v met on a dating website. We message, exchange numbers, text, talk but never met because he claimed he was a tattoo artist and was always working. I stopped texting because he never had time. Months go by and he gets ahold off me again. He tells me that he is no longer tattooing, but that he has now bought half of the shop and is co-owner so he has alot more time. Tone goes by, we talk and text and eventually meet. He tells tales of work, giving interviews and hiring someone then having to fire them the next day because they stole $143 from the register. Not to mention he expounded by saying that he put in a very expensive alarm system into the shop. Anyway, within this time, he tells me he was, is, hell i don’t know a Hells Angel. He is laying in my bed crying that he’s had a troubled past and that he\’s killed people before for the Hells Angels. He claims that he was able to get approved for disability in a week. A WEEK – IT TAKES ALL OF AMERICA YEARS SOMETIMES… NOT DAVE, A WEEK. Anyway, i got to thinking.. why would a co-owner of a tattoo shop need disabilty. Needless to say lies, all of it lies. But he claims he can’t tell me what he truly does for a living either. His entire life is a lie. He should be put in blast so everyone knows how much of a wretched, habitual liar he is.

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Tre Dirty

October 14, 2014 St. Louis 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Attention St.Louis and surrounding areas!! This would be Tre, aka: Tre Savage of St.Clair. He currently has 2 girls pregnant and is messing around with a handful of others in the Franklin County area. This little boy is barley 21 while all of these “women” are well in their 30′s He’s currently in “love” with his girlfriend of 3 days. His first baby mama, Andrea (she’s also been featured on The Dirty) is dumb enough to try and reel him back in even though he just uses her to support him. He constantly talks bad about her but she just keeps trying, maybe she likes being cheated on?? He really knows how to pick some winners though. All these girls think they are hot stuff but there are really bottom barrel. It makes for a good laugh though.

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Aden Rahmanovic

October 14, 2014 St. Louis 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this walking jiggalo from stl is the most thirsty person in the country! Name any bitch in Saint Louis or any where and I bet $$$ this queer has tried talking to these thots/ratchets. This clown drives a 2013/2014 beetle turbo 5 speed manual, the most basic of the basic cars! poor kid. and he thinks hes the shit! one night he got his ass beat up at a club while he was pulling up and was beat up through his car window! This ass hole stalled his car a good 10 times before he could get away! LOL talk about a chimpanzee driving! hahaha! This jiggalo is really cocky and possessive over his ratchets. When i broke up with him he was really depresses and cried everyday for me  Please comment stories about this prick telling us juicy stories! HELP THE CAUSE TO GET RID OF KIDS LIKE THIS AND WARN THE PUBLIC!

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