Sara Cabanas

July 2, 2014 St. Louis 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: This stupid cunt is Sara Cabanas, she thinks she’s better than everyone and she has a kid at the age 14 and doesn’t even take care of him she makes everyone else take care of him while she goes out to party and get drunk I feel sorry for her son David because she neglects him her and her “husband” Alberto she has a  drd and sleeps with every guy that passes so yeah be careful around her plus she judges ANYONE who doesn\’t live up to her expectations and don’t let her around your kids either she has a record of molestation

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Emily of Webster Groves

June 27, 2014 St. Louis 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Emily beck she\’s a huge gold digger with a drd that no one wants. She’s used her last boyfriend for all his money and she. He ran out she left after a year in a half. Used him for everything claimed to love him and it was all bullshit she kicked him to the curb and moved back to her rich ass family because he couldn\’t afford her habits anymore. Look out she\’s all about speed adderall vivans or anything that speeds her up on too of aborting her exs child and leaving him penniless and homeless. She\’ Plays the. I love you card and then shits on you when the going gets rough. When she got called out she ruined her ex and hid away and started doing speed again after she was clean because he helped her. Nik put this girl on blast she\’s spreading a disease no one wants and she\’s only out to get your money. And I say again she has the DRD YOU DONT WANT.. Maybe she\’ll grow up before another guy falls victim to her bullshit.

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Barstar Trystin Mae

June 26, 2014 St. Louis 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the BiGGest Hoe ive ever met! Her Name Is TRYSTIN MAE DENISE ENGLISH she is from St Louis and she can be found at Bars from st louis to wentzville she jumps on stage when the bands would be performing takes her cheap Hoe Clothes off and flaunts her nasty scuzzy body to anyone who lifts a brow! She has been caught over a dozen times in the bathroom with countless guys and females just to get free drinks !! Claims she has a boyfriend but noone has ever heard of him not even her friends Brags she just got off probation like Wow kudos to you shes barely 22 and already a felon. I know a guy who slept with her and its sad to say but he got cr*bs from her ahe doesnt shave and she smells horrible LADIES IF YOU HAVE a BF OR HUSBAND and you go to Any bar aroumd and you see TRYSTIN MAE DENISE ENGLISH there stay far away she will act as if she’s your friend and use you all nite then try and steal your man away. She also likes Old (70yrs old)Nasty Perverted Bar owners too she’s a Hoe !!

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Meg Johnson

June 26, 2014 Missouri, Springfield, St. Louis 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meg Johnson is the biggest two faced person! She is in Alpha Chi Omega at Missouri State University and will flirt or sext any guy who gives her attention, but at the same time yells at others for sexting. She has had multiple scares and is a huge whore. It wouldn’t surprise me if Meg has a drd, she never uses protection.

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Sage Boehner

June 25, 2014 St. Louis 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sage Boehner. Cheated on his girlfriend with a 47 year old obese woman, Vicki Wilkes. Had multiple online affairs with older, nasty women. He even got with his best friend’s mom in high school. Behind his girlfriend’s back, for over a year. He has mommy issues. He thinks he has fooled everyone from his church into thinking he’s the innocent one but he was completely in the wrong the whole time.

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Dam Reichelt

June 25, 2014 St. Louis 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet dickless Dan Reichelt. This clown is quite possibly the saddest excuse for a want to be play boy the world has to offer. He will take down just about anything that breaths. His M.O. is the talk of love. His game is so weak that he lures young chicks in with lies of love and promises of an amazing future. He’s normally got about three donkeys on the go at one time and when I say donkeys I mean the girls he gets are a 4 on a good day. He brags about being a dealer when the only thing he deals is drd’s. This guys such a baby he actually passed out when he got his first tattoo. His second one is the oh so original phrase “live for something or die for nothing”, quite ironic id say for a 30 something year old who still lives with his parents. If their are any young girls left in Vernon that haven’t been dinked by Dan I strongly suggest staying as far away from this clown as possible. I know a girl who once slept with him and actually went to see a hypnotist to try and erase that memory for her mind. She said having sex with Dan would be like having sex with Warren from “Something About Marry”, “have you seen my baseball?” Dan is a giant man baby and his 50 shades of douche game is just about as pathetic as his performance in the sack. Dan if you read this. It’s really time to get a life. Your about to hit middle age and that “live for something” quote on your chest that looks like it was drawn on by a seven year old with tourettes is proving to be the latter half that applies to you.

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Beatdown Barbie

June 24, 2014 St. Louis 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met this run down loser at the bar hooked up with fat ass it was like fucking a football player.she calls herself barbie yeah fat run down amazon barbie.nasty pssy and disgusting body and horrible lay anyone one want this beast her name is christine from highridge

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Racist Juggalo Dads

June 20, 2014 St. Louis 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: These 2 “JUGGALOS” Ha what a joke Right!!! have impregnated girls and dont take care of their own . Theyre Racist they hate everyone who aint down with the clown there so called Music (icp) The skinny guy NEEDS HELP he should be at centerpoint on meds he is psychotic and cuts himself when he doesnt get his way His Name is HURSHELL NEELEY  (ofallon,missouri) & the Fat guy his name is PAUL LOCKHART (wright city,missouri) if they feel that you crossed them in any such way they WILL call C.p.s on you and Lie like dogs on you LADIES BEWARE the fat 1Paul Isnt a Tattoo artist hes a loser with a tattoo machine he cant draw for shit and has Hep C. These guys are dangerous and scary you will see these guys around everywhere feom STLOUIS AREA to Wright City Beware!!

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