Green Eyed Doll

March 19, 2014 St. Louis, Would You? 49 10,908 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This sweetheart goes by bri. She is 19 and from what i know is a sassy fun loving chick, she drinks but holds her liquor. She rides horses too and that ass looks phenomenal on one. Would you??

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Jeff Co Ratchet Seth Schodroski

March 18, 2014 St. Louis 1 6,841 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Seth Schodroski or as he likes to be known as Hashbrown. He will not go after any girl that is over 15. He thinks this makes him the biggest player in all of Jeff Co. He thinks just bcuz he took steroids it makes him the biggest bada** ever. In all reality, he is the biggest trash talker and will not back it up ever. He has been known to sound like the girl moaning to make sure that everyone thinks he is doing the dirty deed, when he is really just playin with himself. He smells worse than a landfill. He is one of the dirtiest people around Jeff Co. He never cleans up anything n will blame everyone else for anything he has done wrong. I heard he likes puffing on some peter sometimes. He also admitted to making out with a guy before. He has DRD so if u have been with him, I suggest u get checked. One of his proudest moments is the fact he lost his v-card to a girl in a wheelchair. He talked about how his rhymes would get him to fame n fortune but really they r whack n a joke. He even once let a ratchet girl take a dump on his face. So for a guy looking for a good time with a weird, stinky, n ratchet little wanna be gangsta look him up. Nik please expose this nasty kid.

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Butt Plug Troll

March 18, 2014 St. Louis 57 8,369 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I recently was “talking” to this girl a few months ago and things were going great. She sent me pictures, had a nice rack. Her pictures on facebook made her look decent. Like she had a nice body. I meet this girl and she is a beached whale. Gut is hanging out everywhere, looks NOTHING like her pictures. She uses Photoshop or something because she had craters in her face, a pound of make up (i didnt want to see what was underneath) drawn on eyebrows, and plenty of other things. I admit, i did have sex with her and i am ashamed, but it was so easy i couldn’t turn it down, although i wish i would have worn a bag over my head so i didnt have the memory burned into my brain. Fast forward a few weeks I found out mutual friends of mine had all slept with her and told me about how she begged for them to stick it in her a$$ and how desperate she was for attention. I wouldnt be surprised if at one point she was fisted because she has been around and back again. once they slept together she would blow up their phone calling them names for not wanting to really talk anymore. One of the guys even said he thought about getting a restraining order because of how obsessive and crazy she is. Luckily i black listed her after she started in on calling various names to try and “hurt my feelings” THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL MEN OUT THERE, DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY PICTURES. THIS IS A CATFISH. and the sex isnt worth it.

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Wannabe Model

March 18, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 10 9,850 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I honestly dont even know where to begin with this so-called “model”. She thinks she’s extremely sexy and hot when all she’s ever gonna be is incredibly easy. She has no ass or tits but she tries to pretend that she does. Her body literally creates optical illusions by her having wide hips and traffic cone tits and it makes her LOOK like that she has big tits and a round ass when there isnt anything there. There is literally nothing sexy about her. She’s also confessed that she cheated on one of her ex boyfriends with over 20 guys. One of those guys was 36 and she was 18. All you have to do to get in her pants is be either a decent looking guy, get her hammered drunk (which is also very easy to do), or be one of her ex boyfriends and tell her that you still love her. she was sending my friend naked pics of her the same day that she told him that she wasnt single anymore. She’s also dirty as hell. she gave one of my closest friends 2 DRD’s and threw him under the bus saying that he gave them to her when it was the other way around. she may not look like it but this girl has slept almost double if not more than her age in guys and i feel bad for anyone who dates her or wants to hook up with her. you will have some of the most boring and bland sex ever and you will be constantly cheated on. the worst part of this is that she’s not even 21 yet and all of this will become alot worse once she starts bar hopping and picks up random guys from bars in st charles. all men AND women should avoid this girl.

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Desiree Humbolt

March 18, 2014 St. Louis 13 6,578 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty thing is Desiree Humbolt. Biggest dope whore around. She will beg borrow and steal for her heroin. Her husband finally got wise and dumped her…only to find out the boy he raised for 18 years as his own is not even his. She’s a sad piece of work. Sorry I ever even met her. Last time I ran into her, I pretended not to know who she was. She looked ate up like a rat. I didn’t want people to know I knew her. I feel sorry for her son. He’s gonna end up just like her if he’s not careful.

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Dirty Barry

March 18, 2014 St. Louis 25 7,504 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is dirty Barry Skeeters. He’s a horrible wanna be tattoo artist who is desperate for money! Did I also mention he’s 42 lives at home with mommy and daddy has 2 kids with no job who does botched tattoos charges like he’s Kat Von D will ask for the money up front and not do the tattoo! He also likes girls fresh out of high school. He’s a dirty old man who thinks he’s Vin Diesel or the Rock! Do not let him come near your body for any ink what so ever and lock up your teenage daughters! This guy is a dirty rat!

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March 18, 2014 St. Louis 6 6,457 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this guy on blast! What kind of 40+ year olds act like this?! Not to mention he has a “resort and spa” in his backyard that he has specifically designed for the 25 and under crowd. Has slept with every female in Oakville under the age of 30. Creep.

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Tricia Rulo

March 16, 2014 St. Louis 9 7,747 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is dirty nasty tricia rulo. She likes to start problems with people and air her dirty laundry so I am going to air hers. First off patricia is a cousin hopper yes that’s right she dated johny morphis then his cousin Greg then went back to johny and got married. They had 2 boys ,later they split up.johny got addicted to heroin as did tricia. They both lost custody of their 2 boys both of the boys are placed with different family members why johny is out drugging it up and tricia is running the trailer park of fenton . So patricia before you decide to air peoples dirty laundry make sure yours is clean

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