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April 4, 2014 Minneapolis, St. Paul 0 6,636 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the girl on the right is Blaire Selisker. She spends most of her time tweeting about her ass, and trying to hook up with famous athletes and musicians on Twitter. She shamelessly works as a flight attendant and her dream is to be picked up by a gangster rapper or professional athlete while working in first class. Word is she’s into trains if you’re thugged out and black enough. Then she tweets about her broken heart after the players toss her out like the garbage she is. So with that said, would you Nik? So, would you or wouldn’t you?

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Queen of Self-Pity

March 28, 2014 St. Paul 0 5,917 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Chloe Flanagan. One time she got too drunk at a party and hooked up with this guy, the next morning she was so ashamed about it she claimed he raped her. Every since then shes been throwing a constant pity party for herself and taking her insecurities out by constantly talking shit about other girls. If she’s doing drugs, you’ll definitely know about it because she’s publicly announce it on twitter for everyone to see I hopes that they think shes cool or trendy. Nobody likes this bitch, you can tell because her friends are mainly those she’s met on twitter, who constantly attempt to boost her low self-esteem by calling her things like “cute.” She has this illusion that she’s 100 pounds when she’s more like 180. Somebody give this delusional bitch a reality check.

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Miley Cyrus Is Her Hero

March 24, 2014 St. Paul, The Dirty 34 108,406 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is constantly getting called out on different social networks saying she has sugar daddies and does drugs like they are candy and brags how she’s popped a Molly at almost every social event she goes to, takes adderall and stays up all night and swears she’s Miley Cyrus.  She just turned 21 and gets too wasted and drinks like she’s been an alcoholic for years. She sleeps with your boyfriend your best friend’s boyfriend even her own best friend’s boyfriend. Watch out Minneapolis, she’s making a name for herself and not a good 1.

So what is her first and last name?- nik

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Online Dater

March 24, 2014 St. Paul 0 8,275 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is a Juggalo by nature, drinking Faygo, wearing depressed clown makeup…yeah. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and in doing so, ended up migrating to my couch. Instead of getting his feet under himself once again, he is setting up dating profiles on shoddy websites. Yeah, get drd’s, that will probably help your current situation… But I regress, Hes most definitely “Down with the clown”

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Sydney Krych

February 3, 2014 Minnesota, St. Paul 6 7,820 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Sydney Krych. She is a 19 year old heroin addict who can’t go a single day without putting SOMETHING in her body whether it be uppers or downers, she’ll take it all. She’s always the one girl at the club that is WAY too fcked up on drugs, puking in the garbage can, on the floor in the bathroom. She’s literally fucking CRAZY PSYCHO on Molly, if only I could put the memories I have of her “dancing” on the internet- JEEEEESUS. She has been disowned by two of her best friends because of the horrible human being she is. She owns both of them hundreds of dollars, she also has stolen clothes, bras, panties, hats, etc from the female friend who disowned her. She is the kind of girl who doesn’t practice what she preaches (Peace.Love.Unity.Respect.) She dances/strips to get into $20 concerts so she can get in for free.. Is $20 really gonna break the bank? Shit, I’d rather pay $20 than be known as the atrocious skank that strips at a club (&no, not a strip club… A night club) All her outfits are VERY chaotic, she can’t even dress herself. She has recently asked her exboyfriend to pimp her out to his friends for money even though she has already had one abortion (will there be more?) She blamed her frequent heroin use on her “pregnancy” although she was just barely 2 months pregnant (and trust me, this all came from a reputable, knowledgable source) ! Although she is still just as disgusting and as horrible of a person. Let’s hope the next time she overdoses, it’s for good. You won’t be missed, fat, ugly, whore, prostitute BITCH.

Looks like she has too much time on her hands.- nik

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Tanned and Teen Mom

January 27, 2014 Minnesota, St. Paul, Would You? 78 7,786 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I saw Brooke Bauman was posted on here earlier…… keep in mind she’s pushed a baby through that already loose car exhaust pipe she calls a vagina. So Nik… would you?

Answer: No, It’s be frightening seeing her without filters.

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Airbrushed Attention Seeking Airhead

January 24, 2014 Minnesota, St. Paul 5 10,076 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brooke, the teen mom of Minnesota and Queen of the Trash. I’m not sure where to begin, so I’ll start here. She has a child with a convicted serial rapist (Michael “Swagboii” Stucky) and she is never seen out in public with her baby. (Who she so adorably named “Bentley.”) Now that daddy’s in jail she kicked up her “modeling career.” (Basically, her mommy and daddy pay for photographers to take her picture and use them in their sample books) It’s basically just a way for her to get more pictures for her to post on Facebook for more likes (Brookey baby likes her attention!)Brooke never talks about motherhood but makes about 10 statuses a day using “inspirational quotes,” song lyrics, and how much she “looooves her new boyfriend. She posted pictures of her baby after it was born SUFFERING in the hospital, she used her own sick child for likes. She air brushes her pictures so much RuPaul gets jealous. She has added so many people on facebook that she cant even add anymore. She’s a trashy mom and brags about how she’s a “slut” for any boy who’s “country.” She needs to grow up and parent her baby and get off the internet and embarrassing herself and her family.

Work on one fluid sharpie stroke…your lines are showing.- nik

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Desperate For Attention

November 7, 2013 Minneapolis, St. Paul 1 7,342 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this pathetic girl calls herself Kwinne Bloch, I have seen her on this site before if im not mistaken.. She submitted this picture on Facebook just to win herself more attention of course, I honestly never met this cow, but why would any breathing human post pictures like that of herself, clearly that’s brutally embarrassing, This, dare I say woman will do whatever she can in order to make her skanky ass feel good about herself, she thinks she’s the hottest thing to grace this earth.
Nik what do you think.

Is that an elbow I see?- nik

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