Deadbeat Dad and a Fake Muslim

May 10, 2013 St. Paul 0 9,655 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Dirty Army! Just wanted to let the towns of St. Paul, MN and Boston, MA in on this deadbeat dad who goes by the biblical name Nathan Gilford or “Hamzah Yaseen” in some circles. I met him last year and we started hooking up despite him constantly telling me that premarital sex was a sin punishable by death (I somehow ignored that glaring red flag) He said that since he couldn’t look at porn online due to his religion, he wanted nude pics. We were dating, I obliged and that was my biggest mistake. He then threatened to send those pics to MY DAD and all my facebook friends and the dirty if I didn’t co-sign on a loan for him. A messy breakup followed but he pressured me until I finally helped him sign plus paid several of his bills to avoid being humiliated. Now, a year later, I’m still try to get him to pay me back any money at all while I’m stuck paying the monthly. He then moved to Minnesota and is planning another move to Boston. Then I find out he’s done this to numerous girls in the past and even has a daughter in MN that he hasn’t paid a dime of child support for! He’s only 24 and has been married twice but in the year I knew him, didn’t hold a job for long than a couple weeks. He’s a deadbeat. I know I made some mistakes along the way…so just want to warn other girls not to do something stupid like I did!

He should dye his beard, that gingers a dead give-away.- nik

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Rainbow G.I Joe

April 12, 2013 St. Paul 0 7,012 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me try the best way that I can to tell you about this one… Let me set the stage… He is currently enlisted in the army. think about it, Worked at the Gay 90′s Downtown, has a tongue ring! Really?, not to mention the fact that he arches his eyebrows and shaves his legs. When I was going through his playlists I think that I purposely tried to ignore the extensive list of Cher songs. At first I thought he might just be a metrosexual (one finger snap away) but if I calculate correctly we’ve only had anal sex throughout our entire relationship. Then I realized that my eyebrows began to raise a bit higher than his. He is GAY-ILTY! Now were just waiting for the moment when he admits some things to himself because we already know.

In the Navy you mean…- nik

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UPDATE: Holly Norrgad

January 25, 2013 St. Paul 34 9,449 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, More news on Holly Norrgard, I found out through some of her “friends” that she’s been reported to Scott County 6 different times in the last year and half for straight up WELFARE FRAUD and they haven’t done anything, she’s still on every program out there, hides money, gets money from the old man she’s sleeping with who she has her kids calling “Grandpa” drives a nice car and lives in an gigantic house. … WTF?? this is what my taxes are paying for? Come on! Oh yeah, not to mention still being a horrible mother. No one will do anything about it! I’m hoping you’ll post this in a vain attempt to get her kids some help and to stop this illegal activity!!

There’s too many loop holes in the system.- nik

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Desperate Hot Mess Glue

November 29, 2012 Minnesota, St. Paul 17 9,856 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: There are so many words to describe this “fresh” little goth/emo 21yr old girl, but when you hang out with your parents from the “bar scene” that shit gets unbelievably weird, especially for the guys she meets. For someone who has the brain capacity of a bug, she somehow ends up getting around pretty easily. Living at her parent’s friend’s house with her so called “friends” who are really people who just have to deal with her on the regular scene. She ends up being able to some how afford the so-called gorgeous tattoos she likes to show off to everyone; when in all honesty no one wants to say how gross and nasty it really looks, all stretched out so that the lines go with her stretch marks. Not to mention her nasty obsession she has with cats, but I won’t get into that. This girl has a TON of growing up to do, so think twice before deciding to elope with her, although she’ll totally fck on the first date, if you don’t call back she’ll find you, don’t expect her to run away… ever.

Fresh is not a word I’d use to describe her.- nik

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Worst Human Being That Ever Walked The Earth

November 27, 2012 St. Paul 17 9,187 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Holly Norrgard. A disgusting excuse for a human being, and my ex friend & coworker. She moved in with her boyfriend when she was a teenager, he dumped her because she’s psycho and she started having sex with his DAD. She gets credit cards and cash from HIS DAD, lives in a $900,000 house but still collects child support from 2 different baby daddies and collects Welfare. Her kids are just a paycheck to her, she abuses them by giving them ice cold showers and putting hot sauce in their mouths for misbehaving. She can’t keep a job, she got fired from 10 different employers for getting into fights with coworkers. So she just manipulates everyone into giving her money with her made up sob stories. She is a miserable, manipulative, disgusting person. Please post so everyone knows who she REALLY is, I’m so sick of her secretly doing all this horrible shit to her kids and everyone around her, and still making everyone think she’s so innocent.

Hot sauce is better then soap, trust me..- nik

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Wasuca MN Is Open For Business

October 26, 2012 St. Paul 6 6,408 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this is allison t (chick on the right). I banged her when I was drunk but she was all teary the next day cause apparently she has a boyfriend. Now she won’t stop asking me when she can see me again. She constantly wants the cock but I think she looked better with the lights off cause in daylight she’s a bit of a gremlin.
So nik- would you??

Never fall for distance shots, not that those knees are very flattering though.- nik

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Uptown’s Biggest Joke Ali Palm

October 4, 2012 St. Paul 25 8,358 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trainwreck is Ali Palm or as she refers to her self “AP” She was on a proud thick girl and no has found out what a gym is. She can not walk into a gym without letting everyone knows shes there. No kidding 4 times a day. Her life is facebook after myspace had a fallin out and she lost her million friends. She lives at home and is 24 years old and for the first time in her life has a job. She tries as hard as she can too be different. Her boyfriend hits her but she still runs back to the 30 year old who also lives at home. All of her Facebook status ( Updated at least every two hours) are about getting drunk, being on her period or how she is puking from the heavy night of drinking before. She likes to take pictures with older men because she thinks its the funniest thing on the world. If nobody likes her stuff with in a hour span she deletes whatever it was and will repost it again. She is a joke and has no idea everybody is laughing at her. She legit thinks shes hot sh*t its sad!!

Those piercings around her lips have gotta go.- nik

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Saint Paul Police Brutality

August 29, 2012 Dirty Cops, St. Paul, The Dirty 45 9,264 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you don’t have to be educated in law enforcement to know what you see is wrong. The uniformed swine SHOULD have waited for backup, instead he kicked him in the face, while the man was clearly vulnerable. Waiting for backup, is the protocol, otherwise, you have to be in immediate danger. Since he was on the ground pleading, coughing and struggling to see, I doubt the kick in the chest face neck region, will be ruled procedurally valid. And if it was? Well it is still wrong, and shame.

You gonna get paid!!- nik

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