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Nathan Roscovich

July 22, 2013 St. Paul 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nathan Roscovich is such a jerk!! He has 3 kids with three different woman who he doesn’t take care of because he’s too concerned about where to get his next hoot! He has cheated on every girl he’s been with. He beats all of his girlfriends and says its there fault! He even puts his kids in harms way. In such ways as holding his children while hitting his girlfriend and even throwing his kids. He holds the woman “he loves” hostage in hopes he wont go to jail for his actions. He doesn’t take responsibility for anything he does. He accused his daughters mother of lying about being on birth control when he knew damn well she wasn’t. He did that to put the blame on her. He cheated on his daughters mother with his ex Julie Brown. And said it was her fault. He would hit her in hopes she won’t say anything to his daughters mother about him cheating. He even looks and 11-12 year old porn, Including sites about daddy daughter stuff. Considering he has a daughter that is gross. His EX f*cked his uncle and all his friends, and accused his daughters mother of doing the same thing when she did nothing but love him and try to help with his addiction. Then he cheats on her, her whole pregnancy with his dirty ex. Also getting his ex pregnant who went for an abortion just so she wouldn’t find out. He has hurt his children and mothers of his kids so bad in every way. He deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life!

There’s no excuse to hit a lady, mess with their emotions instead.- nik

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Put These 2 in a Stable

July 17, 2013 Minnesota, St. Paul 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Thought I’d let you know what the Bottlerat Queen of MPLS has been up to as of late. Turns out she’s FINALLY given up on ever finding a real job and has dropped out of the University of Minnesota for the 7th time and can now be found working at a temp agency. I mean, with Mac forcefield application skills like hers, it’s actually quite surprising that career didnt work out for her either. But, employers do tend to shy away from slores who sleep with co-workers boyfriends… On the plus side, Ms. Krueger has managed to finally score a “boyfriend” of her own!! Well, kind of. If you consider incessent cheating and talking crap about her behind her back, I guess you can consider him a boyfriend. I have to say though, I do hope it works out for them, seeing 2 lonley horses would be really, really depressing. By the way LeeAnn, it’s high time to get your Dad to pony up the $$ for that nose job. Nik Richie rule #1.

Sometime you just have to give up on the face.- nik

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Would You

June 17, 2013 Minnesota, St. Paul 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Courtney Johns. She goes by the Alias \”Kourtnee James\”. According to her, she is a \”actress\” and \”model\”. Which leads me to ask, Would You?


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Who Is This Model

June 11, 2013 Minneapolis, St. Paul, Would You? 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Does anyone in the dirty army know who this model is? I came across this picture while browsing and I haven’t been able to find her name… But anyways while I’m here posting to find out who she is, I wanna know, would you? Her face is a perfect 10.

I see some hard photoshop lines around the lips + stubby fingers.  This post will backfire on you…- nik

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Deadbeat Dad and a Fake Muslim

May 10, 2013 St. Paul 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Dirty Army! Just wanted to let the towns of St. Paul, MN and Boston, MA in on this deadbeat dad who goes by the biblical name Nathan Gilford or “Hamzah Yaseen” in some circles. I met him last year and we started hooking up despite him constantly telling me that premarital sex was a sin punishable by death (I somehow ignored that glaring red flag) He said that since he couldn’t look at porn online due to his religion, he wanted nude pics. We were dating, I obliged and that was my biggest mistake. He then threatened to send those pics to MY DAD and all my facebook friends and the dirty if I didn’t co-sign on a loan for him. A messy breakup followed but he pressured me until I finally helped him sign plus paid several of his bills to avoid being humiliated. Now, a year later, I’m still try to get him to pay me back any money at all while I’m stuck paying the monthly. He then moved to Minnesota and is planning another move to Boston. Then I find out he’s done this to numerous girls in the past and even has a daughter in MN that he hasn’t paid a dime of child support for! He’s only 24 and has been married twice but in the year I knew him, didn’t hold a job for long than a couple weeks. He’s a deadbeat. I know I made some mistakes along the way…so just want to warn other girls not to do something stupid like I did!

He should dye his beard, that gingers a dead give-away.- nik

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Rainbow G.I Joe

April 12, 2013 St. Paul 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me try the best way that I can to tell you about this one… Let me set the stage… He is currently enlisted in the army. think about it, Worked at the Gay 90′s Downtown, has a tongue ring! Really?, not to mention the fact that he arches his eyebrows and shaves his legs. When I was going through his playlists I think that I purposely tried to ignore the extensive list of Cher songs. At first I thought he might just be a metrosexual (one finger snap away) but if I calculate correctly we’ve only had anal sex throughout our entire relationship. Then I realized that my eyebrows began to raise a bit higher than his. He is GAY-ILTY! Now were just waiting for the moment when he admits some things to himself because we already know.

In the Navy you mean…- nik

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UPDATE: Holly Norrgad

January 25, 2013 St. Paul 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, More news on Holly Norrgard, I found out through some of her “friends” that she’s been reported to Scott County 6 different times in the last year and half for straight up WELFARE FRAUD and they haven’t done anything, she’s still on every program out there, hides money, gets money from the old man she’s sleeping with who she has her kids calling “Grandpa” drives a nice car and lives in an gigantic house. … WTF?? this is what my taxes are paying for? Come on! Oh yeah, not to mention still being a horrible mother. No one will do anything about it! I’m hoping you’ll post this in a vain attempt to get her kids some help and to stop this illegal activity!!

There’s too many loop holes in the system.- nik

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Desperate Hot Mess Glue

November 29, 2012 Minnesota, St. Paul 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: There are so many words to describe this “fresh” little goth/emo 21yr old girl, but when you hang out with your parents from the “bar scene” that shit gets unbelievably weird, especially for the guys she meets. For someone who has the brain capacity of a bug, she somehow ends up getting around pretty easily. Living at her parent’s friend’s house with her so called “friends” who are really people who just have to deal with her on the regular scene. She ends up being able to some how afford the so-called gorgeous tattoos she likes to show off to everyone; when in all honesty no one wants to say how gross and nasty it really looks, all stretched out so that the lines go with her stretch marks. Not to mention her nasty obsession she has with cats, but I won’t get into that. This girl has a TON of growing up to do, so think twice before deciding to elope with her, although she’ll totally fck on the first date, if you don’t call back she’ll find you, don’t expect her to run away… ever.

Fresh is not a word I’d use to describe her.- nik

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