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Worst Human Being That Ever Walked The Earth

November 27, 2012 St. Paul 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Holly Norrgard. A disgusting excuse for a human being, and my ex friend & coworker. She moved in with her boyfriend when she was a teenager, he dumped her because she’s psycho and she started having sex with his DAD. She gets credit cards and cash from HIS DAD, lives in a $900,000 house but still collects child support from 2 different baby daddies and collects Welfare. Her kids are just a paycheck to her, she abuses them by giving them ice cold showers and putting hot sauce in their mouths for misbehaving. She can’t keep a job, she got fired from 10 different employers for getting into fights with coworkers. So she just manipulates everyone into giving her money with her made up sob stories. She is a miserable, manipulative, disgusting person. Please post so everyone knows who she REALLY is, I’m so sick of her secretly doing all this horrible shit to her kids and everyone around her, and still making everyone think she’s so innocent.

Hot sauce is better then soap, trust me..- nik

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Wasuca MN Is Open For Business

October 26, 2012 St. Paul 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this is allison t (chick on the right). I banged her when I was drunk but she was all teary the next day cause apparently she has a boyfriend. Now she won’t stop asking me when she can see me again. She constantly wants the cock but I think she looked better with the lights off cause in daylight she’s a bit of a gremlin.
So nik- would you??

Never fall for distance shots, not that those knees are very flattering though.- nik

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Uptown’s Biggest Joke Ali Palm

October 4, 2012 St. Paul 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trainwreck is Ali Palm or as she refers to her self “AP” She was on a proud thick girl and no has found out what a gym is. She can not walk into a gym without letting everyone knows shes there. No kidding 4 times a day. Her life is facebook after myspace had a fallin out and she lost her million friends. She lives at home and is 24 years old and for the first time in her life has a job. She tries as hard as she can too be different. Her boyfriend hits her but she still runs back to the 30 year old who also lives at home. All of her Facebook status ( Updated at least every two hours) are about getting drunk, being on her period or how she is puking from the heavy night of drinking before. She likes to take pictures with older men because she thinks its the funniest thing on the world. If nobody likes her stuff with in a hour span she deletes whatever it was and will repost it again. She is a joke and has no idea everybody is laughing at her. She legit thinks shes hot sh*t its sad!!

Those piercings around her lips have gotta go.- nik

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Saint Paul Police Brutality

August 29, 2012 Dirty Cops, St. Paul, The Dirty 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you don’t have to be educated in law enforcement to know what you see is wrong. The uniformed swine SHOULD have waited for backup, instead he kicked him in the face, while the man was clearly vulnerable. Waiting for backup, is the protocol, otherwise, you have to be in immediate danger. Since he was on the ground pleading, coughing and struggling to see, I doubt the kick in the chest face neck region, will be ruled procedurally valid. And if it was? Well it is still wrong, and shame.

You gonna get paid!!- nik

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Good Girl Gone Bad

August 14, 2012 St. Paul 0

Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rebekah Reiff. She works for General Mills and claims to be a good girl. After just meeting her and talking for less than an hour she was sending me half naked pictures. She was begging me to come over and screw her non-stop. She would not stop taking about how she is a sex addict and she has sex like three times a day when she can find a guy. She is not on BC pills but will not use a condom and normally will not tell the guy. She likes taking a risk. She is down to try anything.

Not tell the guy what…that he’s not wearing a condom.  Pretty sure he’s aware of this.- nik

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Dirty Mid Western Guy

August 1, 2012 St. Paul 1

Dirty Mid-Western Guy

Dirty Mid-Western Guy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tyler Smyth, He thinks he is a big shot running around sticking his c*ck into any girl willing to spread her legs. He uses his money (his dad is a multi-millionaire) and his charm to get girls to do anything he wants. Don’t be fooled by his words, he is dirty and not worth the money.

Polka beads and butt shots = for the gays (forgy).- nik

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Drunk Tickles And Giggles

July 19, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, LSU, St. Paul 8

drunk tickles an giggle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok this girls name is gloria cardinal and she is the most scummiest girl of bonnyville… she thinks she is so good hanging around with her ugly friends she has 3 kids and does not take care of any of them because she is to busy partying and going to wetlander every day of the week trying to find some poor scum to take her home she has no morals no cares all she wants is money money and people to buy her what ever she wants she uses people all the time to get what she wants she is dirty and deserves to be on this sight. she is very easy and does not respect her self at all it is very digrading she may need mental help too she is very dumb and spinny some one needs to tune this hoe to a whole new level lol.

All I see is Mole.- nik

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Make It Nasty

June 28, 2012 St. Paul 5

Make It Nasty

Make It Nasty

Make It Nasty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ni, this RATCHET here is Maynah Vang. She would get on any guy who will give her play. She been around so much she came back around! Don’t let the makeup fool you! She NEEDS to tattoo the makeup in her face! Instead of talking to guys she needs to join a GYM asap!

Guys are her gym…- nik

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