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Took Long Enough

December 22, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Were should i start. This guys name is kevin and should have been on here a long time ago.. he uses women till they have nothing.He steals anything he can to make sure he can get dope. he has a wife and kids that he always cheats on but some how gets the stuiped bitch to believe hes not and never has..he fucks over anyone he can. ive never once seen him fight but says hes always knockin people out. hes always either in or on the whalley strip or goes doWNntown to hide from his wife or anyone else for that matter. Says hes an ironworker and he makes good money always has work..HAHA.I never see him with money well cant say that its very rare that he does..I personaly just found out about his wife and kids thru a friend of mine and that hes been with her for like over 5 years. this guy really needs to grow up he tells people hes in his mid 20\’s… hes not hes 37. he lies.. Am so pissed he made a fool out of me he should have told me he was married.. so girls beware this guy is a loser and always will be…

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Surrey’s Biggest Sl*t

December 19, 2014 Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik,this b*tch is N*tasha, surrey’s biggest piece of white trash. She is always on the hunt for some d*ck, she fucks anything and everything. She use to date this white guy and would hit on kids younger than her, now she jumped on some black d*ck and still loves to get pounded by randoms. She loves to show off her t*ts, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has any diseases because this bitch is whack is f*ck lol.

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Fushpinder and Samara Brar

December 19, 2014 Surrey 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, check out these surrey specials, another proud burger kang with his dairy queen… seriously wtf?, Fooshi and sammy are a bunch of bottom of the barrel scam artists pulling scams with icbc. fuck em both, rates are going up cause of these knobs. How about tryin to actually workin instead of living in your mom’s basement rent free or milking ur bullshit claim? Not the first time ol sir-eats alot aka fooshi has been on the dirty, blasted again! now hes on to scamming icbc full time. If you see these two crash test dummies in ur rearview mirror they see $$ and another six month holiday, get the fck outta the way..These two are trying to rock the champane life on a beer budget..He’s tryin to be a baller but his beemer is a lease. put um on blast nik

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Nick Dailly

December 19, 2014 Surrey 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, okay this 4 foot 5 inch midget is one of the dirtiest kids i know. He is such a pervert, he touches any girl that is around him. I myself have seen him try and lift girls’ skirts to see what’s underneath. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten beat up by anyone yet considering he’s so tiny lol. He thinks he is the biggest player ever… but he can’t even manage to find a girl the right height for himself. He acts like a pimp, trying to get his arms around 4/5 girls at once but he just makes himself look like a tiny f*ck standing in between them LOL. please put this short f*ck on blastttt

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Cassandra Robinson

December 19, 2014 Surrey 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: need I say more??

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Juice Head

December 18, 2014 Surrey 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yooooo nik this is surreys biggest f*dh. This guy juices it so hard. This guy parties every weekend and bones with the nastiest chicks cuz every other b*tch know he ain’t sh*t This guy got kicked out of school and got kicked out of his house and stays at different people’s houses every night. This guy asks everyone for money and never pays for shit. This guy comes to the gym and takes selfies L O L he stands in mirror making faces like he’s about to suck d*ck and has his own photoshoot. He gets beat up all the time but still c*cky as sh*t. He thinks he’s nuts when h’s laughed at every day by ever guy in Surrey. He got a girlfriend from he met on the Internet and got money from her but even she canned his a**. Every other girl he f*cks talks smack later saying he’s hung like a tick tack and that he ain’t got no manhood. L O L Nik put his f*ggot a** h*rp s*mr* on blast so everyone can see.

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Tranny Hoesay

December 18, 2014 Surrey 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Joselina Duran also known as Jose Duran is the biggest slurrey sloot since day one. It has fcked a bunch of guys (some dont even know shes a tran and i dont even know how thats possible they dont know) for food and tries to pull off being a girl when its so obvious that he has a dick. He tries to hides the fact that he’s a man to every guy he meets and doesnt tell them till after he’s done shit with them which i think is totally not right and fucking gross. He walks around central at 12 am to find a guys place to get some quick cash or somewhere to go. He wears the most sluttest clothes and tries WAAAY to hard to be a female , his dresses and skirts are so short that when he bends over you can see his balls not to mention is other parts. He is disgusting and should be put on blast. He also has a bunch of fake instagram followers and instagram likes to try to make himself look more believable and “popular” he is also obsessed with his spanish cultual, im not saying being spanish is bad how much hes obsessed with talking about being spanish and dances like a complete slut and blames it on spanish cultural … he makes spanish people look bad. He also is a fucking clamps his teeth and walks around like a psychopathy. Nik, do you think its right to not tell a guy about being a transvestite till after they’ve been with the guy for awhile + do sexual shit with them? Honestly he’s so nasty and its even more disgusting to know that he sells himself for dollar cheeseburgers. lol.

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Gateway Nammer

December 18, 2014 Surrey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little nammer’s name is Leo he runs around surrey thinks hes to tough and so heaty when hes actually just a little pussy thats runs around surrey trying to start beef with everyone he literally is alone every time and saids he has a crew when hes actually alone and no one actually has his back whenever i see him and he sells crap drugs to get money and scams people. Get a life leo!

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