Rowans Back

July 23, 2014 Surrey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: I went to high-school with this girl and I still see her around the streets of Surrey trying to hook up with random guys for liquor fcking post this bitch. Shes a gold digger. Karmas a bitch. Shes not as innocent as she looks or sounds dont believe her reason why you left our high schoolIS BECAUSE SHE BANGED ALL THE GUYS she was also known as the school hoe. She lies everyday and also is a CHEATER She is a club rat and parties every chance she gets. She puts a front to the world that she is THE NICEST PERSON ALIVE but all she wants is the D. This bitch LOVES HOOKAH like no tomorrow. NASTY RACHET.

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Giving the Irish a bad name

July 23, 2014 Surrey 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Want to send out a warning to the ladies in Surrey, BC about Brian Easton (known on POF as lilirishbea). This guy is a low-life scammer. He is a broke ass joke who works for minimum wage at Willowbrooke bottle depot. He is MARRIED and still screwing his wife whom he is separated from. His excuse for that, she is catholic and will not divorce him or date other men and therefore it is his “husbandly duty” to sleep with her. His bedroom is INFESTED with bedbugs and I got eaten alive sleeping over there. He takes full advantage of women and will use them any way possible. He has a female roommate who pays the majority of the bills because he is always broke…yet he has the money to drink and do coke! Most of the “dates” we had, I paid! He even had the audacity to ask me to loan him $40 one night, then I found out he went out with the wife! Oh…and he doesn’t use condoms! I got checked ASAP after I found out the manwhore he truly is. He likes to hit up all the local karaoke shows to troll for his victims. A real piece of work with absolutely ZERO class! He told me this girl I use to always see him with was his ex-best-friend and she fell in love with him and he had to end the friendship. I found out from a girlfriend of mine that knows her quite well that she was ACTUALLY his girlfriend for 3 years and he cheated on her constantly. All I can say ladies is run fast and run far. This guy will try to screw your friends and get money off you to support his coke habit. LOSER!

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Gurteshwar Gary Grewal

July 23, 2014 Surrey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a tool. He has a woman, is older than he pretends to act and cheats on his girl while trying to have sex with young drunk girls. He constantly cheats on his wife/fiance and has done it numerous times. He goes to Indian dance festivals where 16-22 year old girls and women dance. They clearly have guys buy alcohol and drugs for them. Some guys like this guy here, take complete advantage by making sexual advances at these drunk women and sometimes forcefully having sex with them. The girls don’t remember much but they do remember enough. He deserves to be exposed and I hope karma bites him in the ass. His wife I feel sorry for. He has hired many escorts and has sex with them. He pretends to be a good boy in front of family and friends, but actually is a really sick man. He needs help. Anyone who knows him other than what he shows, he’s a creep. He constantly looks for young women to have sex with. He thinks he’s famous and can use his popularity amongst his friends to attract and catch younger females. Be careful and stay away from him. He may get you next.

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Asha the Clubrat

July 15, 2014 Surrey 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is asha kisum. I recently met her at the bar not knowing that she had a man on the side. When I told my buddies about her they already knew her. Sh’s known as east vans gold digger. i’m posting her just to let any other victim know that she’s grimy as fck just tryna tap a 20 outta you to catch a cab home after the club. My buddy hit this and told me she was not only boring in bed but was looser than ever. Warning you Hindus this chick is only down for the partyy and is a easy one nighter she ain’t even worth the chase. She hops around the club like a lose goose. Girl you need to get your act right before you even try to consider me spending my g’s. You’re just another hoe with a empty purse

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Holly Forrester

July 7, 2014 Surrey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this here is Holly Forrester from New Westminster BC. This bitch is nothing but a nasty ass whore. Holly moved from Edmonton a few years ago to get away from drama, but every time someone logs on to FB all they see is her posts about family drama. Word of advice people don’t want to see your family issues Holly. Also this dumb cunt uses people for their money and smokes! There are people who will agree with that too. She claims she isn’t a slut but she’s always trying to figure out who the fuck her baby daddy is. One minute is this guy the next it’s another guy!! Like fck sakes you’re nearly 40 get your life straight.

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Amarvir Sohal Is Creepy

July 7, 2014 Surrey 288

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this loser preys on younger girls he goes to school with, while he is engaged to some poor girl who has to put up with his shit. He told me he was single but then I found out from mutual friends he wasn’t. He pretends to be this pure nice guy, until he is ready to go for the kill. This guy has been in school for 10 years. Girl of Kwantlen beware. Put this creep on blast Nik.

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Hastings Trap

July 6, 2014 Surrey 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty Hindu is the nastiest person alive !! You must be wondering why .. Sad enough this squished face Rat is my ex lover he gave me a drd, he refused to use a rubber. The thing is his dick is too small for a rubber Nasty uncut dick. And damn his new gf looks like a tranny off of Hastings .. Two of the biggest hoodlum These pussies need to be put on blAst ! Most ratchet couple ever

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Dee Williams

July 3, 2014 Surrey 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Okay let me tell you about this chick named Dee williams, she lives in surrey(so we all know where this is going) and I\ve know her (not personally,but through talk) for about 10 years. She is your typical, SURREY girl, Parties HARD at any chance her and her stupid slut friend kim hoskins can get. Her Facebook pictures consist entirely of her and all her scummy surrey skid friends partying it up in someone’s dirty disgusting basement or in the bushes somewhere. pictures of booze bottles after booze bottles like they’re proud they can get a boot from some random.( She’s 18 years old), she’s always doing some kind of hard drug or has a cigarette or blunt in her hand, if someone were to ask me who I thought was a good description of “surrey scum” it’d be this girl. NOW the best part, she has recently dropped the pregnancy bomb on Facebook, and everyone is going NUTS, because of her crazy partying.she’s getting pissed off that people are asking who the dad is, she probably doesn’t even know. people have been commenting that when her kid is born that it’s going to get taken away from child services, well gee i wonder why. the bitch didn’t even finish high school dropped out at grade 9. The sad part about this is that until recently she has stopped partying (apparently) even though she is 8 months pregnant, scrolling down her news feed she was having a vodka and smoke in her hand not even a month ago, her excuse? I didn’t know i was pregnant.This chick is a train wreck.

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