Jatinder Brar

October 23, 2014 Surrey 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik, check out jatinder brar, another fcken Surrey jack wannabe. R u surprised this fuken loser still lives with mommy? one to many bowls of mammas butter chicken.this fck thinks his shit don’t stink,yeah ur bigtime selling fireworks outta ur pos car. Nothing has changed since since la still a fcken joke.Legit biz?we all know da shit your really into don’t we g?

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Mr, Pakistan

October 20, 2014 Surrey 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Myself zohaib. I want to b model n Bollywood acter. Im sexy n hot n queet. I look it like sharukh khan. Im sweet lovly boy. Sum1 tell me I post me pix here that I get hire for picture. Nik u make me famous. I be star. I m like brown tom cruse. I virgin cuz I save me for marriage to preety wife. I dance really gud. I speak urdu, hindi n punjabi. Cannot forgot the English speaking I m too! O wait I noe french language to u noe hola amiga los siento fiesta!! I can do action movies. I whole package. Plzzzzz make me poplar!!! Thnx

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Warning to Surrey Parents

October 20, 2014 Surrey 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik.. This guy must be put on blast for the things he has done. He owns a dance academy for young teenage Girls. My daughter was in his dance academy until I caught him watching the girls Change clothing. I confronted him and his wife Aman sahota but they both denied it. Please post this so parents are aware of this. My daughter told me he wears loose shorts and does not wear underwear so his privates get exposed while he is showing his students ” dance moves!!

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Icky Vicky

October 20, 2014 Surrey 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: People this fat bitch likes to pick on innocent children and bully them, cause of her daddy issues. This hippo is a 30 years old who used to fuck her maternal uncle. She is jealous that her uncle has remarried and has had other children. She started picking on his 9 year old step daughter when she was 23, traumatizing mentally and physically for years and threatened the child if she said anything she will get it,even she has no access to the child now but this didn’t stop this whore. She has recently started bullying the poor innocent girl again by driving around the school and the house to terrorised the kid,she is now threatening that she will make her life hell in her new school, at this point the girl is afraid to go to school. she has stolen the pics of the girl ( 12 years old in the picture and now 15)and her mother from facebook and posted lies about them on the dirty. Here is the link (click here). Please Nik put this EVIL HUMAN on blast, hope she burns in hell what she has put this poor child through. Please people stand with me to bring awareness to cyber bullying before more kids get hurt.

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Surrey Women Beater

October 15, 2014 Surrey 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want to warn all women of the lower mainland about Daniel Woodward, known on POF as studlywood, also uses aliases “youngman51″, “woodward”, and God knows what others. I met this creep on POF in September 2014. We dated for the past month. Found out he was playing numerous other girls while dating me and insisting he wanted to have a serious relationship with me. This guy’s M.O. is the poor me routine. He tells you he has been broken by his ex that he caught in bed with another man. How he busted his ass for her for 13 years and didn’t deserve what she did, etc. I fell for it all hook line and sinker…until I confronted him about another woman and seen his true colors first hand! Since then I have spoken to his ex as well as the Delta RCMP and found out the truth. She caught HIM cheating. He strangled her and beat her regularly. He recently spent a month in jail for threatening to k**l her. He has a LONG history of violent charges. The Delta RCMP have told me he is very capable of violence. I have messaged and talked to other women he was leading on and warned them and have had a few contact me. Word gets around fast. I hope to warn as many women as possible about this piece of dirt. I do not want to see another woman hurt by him. Look hard at his picture ladies! If he messages you on a dating site, etc. RUN!!!

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48 Living with his Mom

October 15, 2014 Surrey 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…..you need to warn all the girls in the surrey / delta area of this pepsi head. His name is Jeff Durie. He tells people he is and actor, mover and car broker. But he is actually a liar and thief. I was at Panchos in surrey and he started drinking with us, he got me drunk then offered me some lines of pepsi. I got so drunk he took me back to his place…which is actually his mom’s condo. He is 48 and lives with his mom. He tried to f**K me but I said no and passed out. I left in the morning and took a cab home. When I got home I realized he stole my money out of my wallet. I am so upset. The worst part of it is he played hockey with my dad. If I told my dad he would kill the F**ker..

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Breaking Hearts and Other Body Parts

October 15, 2014 Surrey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen of the Dirty Army, please take the time to read this public service announcement about a dude who gets off on committing acts of violence against women. This guy is abusive and the ladies of Vancouver need to be warned. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if you meet this guy you’re gonna end up in the ER or worse. Aaron is Selfish & Self-centred. He has An expectation of being the centre of attention, having his needs anticipated and put before others. He will not support you or listen to anything meaningful or important that you have to say. He outright does not care about your thoughts or feelings. Aaron has a mind frame of Superiority. He has Contempt for woman and sees them as stupid, unworthy, a sex object or as a house keeper. Aaron is Manipulative. He uses A tactic of confusion, distortion and lies. He will project any image of himself as good, and portray woman as crazy or abusive. He’ll have you believe he’s the victim and that girls are crazy or emotional and that he is the innocent one, when in reality his abuse has caused the damage. Aaron Morgan has been on this site before, so do not be fooled by his lies. A true psychopath can manipulate you into believing anything he says because they are charming and charismatic. Aaron is a psychopath. Stay away from him.

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Fariha Khan – the Plastic Butterface

October 15, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well we’ve all waiting a long time for her to be on here and shes dodged for a long, long time. But finally its time she got she deserves! Here she is – The infamous Fariha Khan. This plastic butterface is responsible for posting a few innocent people on here. Her reasons for putting them up are this: The men just didnt want to be with her! Yep. Thats all it took for princess plastic to post them up! If everyone did that then you would see half the population on blast here! LMAO Nik! My friend wouldnt put her up even though she took full responsibility for posting him up here. But fear not dirty family, sometimes you have to go above and beyond for your friends and justice! The reason she is known as the plastic butterface is because of all the money this insecure girl has spent getting surgeries done. Shes had 2 nose jobs and spent money on the worlds worse boob job Nik. As we all know, all fake boobs look the same in clothing. But as soon as you see them in the flesh you want her to put the top back on asap! SCARY! This girl works at a bra store in metrotown mall and will do retail all her life Nik. She is surrounded by boobs all day & she still got butchered on her implants LMAO! The worst part of all, this girl is so naive that all it takes is a few conversations on any online dating site to get some action off her! I had to put her on blast for a few good people Nik, she needs to taste her medicine. She has an accomplice that is next and she needs her day in the sun too.

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