Monica Fay Is A Troll

April 16, 2014 Surrey 3 8,367 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, first post.  I came across this video today and I believe not enough people had the privilege to see it! I may be mistaken, but it seems shes trying to imitate Jenna marbles, except she’s not funny or famous. Monica Fay, you truly are a troll.  Even if she was funny, doesn’t change her frumpy looks and her fat body. Nik, please tell me, not how you would rate her, but how an average guy would. She needs to know her place!

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Raman Toor Thinks she’s Beyoncé

April 15, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 147 10,878 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Raman Toor… She is Vancouver’s scandolous, dirty sloot. She thinks she’s literally Beyoncé with her ugly, tacky blonde hair. When really she’s just a wannabe white chic. She thinks she’s hardcore and ruthless. But let’s face it Raman, just because ur born with a man’s figure doesn’t mean ur tough sh*t. Nik, u can find this b*tch downtown with her look alike boyfriend. Sometimes you can’t even tell if it’s her boyfriend or brother. This is a case of incest. To make herself feel better she bashes on every other chic. You never know if she’s being fake or real. We all know that ur a fat wh*re, so just stop posting photoshopped pictures of urself to make urself look skinny.. Nik, take this dirty fat chunk of lard off the streets by putting her up on blast.

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Doug Burns

April 14, 2014 Surrey 11 6,367 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is unbelievable. This piece of shyt is Doug Burns. Biggest low life u will ever meet. He will sleep with anything and anyone especially if they got a joint on hand. The sad thing is that he is actually engaged to my friend Leanne who is pregnant with his son and this poor woman has no idea that her piece of shit fiancé is going around sleeping with girls left right and center, including her friends. He has been a cheater as far back as I can remember. I was friends with him before they hooked up and I actually believed him when he said he had changed. That was until he tried to get me into bed. This guy is filled with DRD’s which he could have acquired from anyone of the dirty skanks he goes around sticking it into. His “fiancé” deserves to know what kind of piece of shit she is about to marry. Put this dirtbag cheater on blast Nik. Girls need to beware of this disgusting excuse of a man. Grow up Doug and be the man Leanne and your son deserve. If anyone deserves to be up here it’s this guy.

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Welcome the make belief world of Linzee Faith

April 11, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 106 7,850 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: well nik this poor excuse for a “midget model” and “succesful” singer/song writer is such a joke being around her make belief stories she shares on her FACEBOOK and SOUNDCLOUD…REVERBNATION/BANDCAMP is all a huge joke being a respectful lady like the most of us people can easy call her out on these fucking stupid lies about “having fans” her latest bullshit story is sad even for a fake model she claims to be “represented” by the infamous BOSS TALENT AGENTCY lol who dont “SEEK OUT” their clients lol as she plays the role in her current status’s anyone can hire them lol GOOGLE FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE she isnt on their “official” roster lol of three people after a conversation with them they will explain this too you too lol sorry sweetie your not famous or rich or glamorous at all quit telling people!!!! even in school she was in my classes and lied then her REAL ALIAS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE BEATLE JUICE THATS IT SOSRRY MISS MIDGET FAITH BUT YOU AND YOUR SAD LIFE OF WANNABE “CELEBERTY STATUS” IS A JOKE TO ALL THE GIRLS WHO KNOW YOU OMG PLEASE THIS GIRL HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!!! lies catch up with you stop the drugs asap you and mike the looser beck have alway been jokes her soundcloud name hahahahaha LINZEE FAITH your bio is sooo funny your trying to hard at nothing thats going nowhere hahahaha claiming to be so succesful and have a glamorous please stop someone fax this info to her “talent agency” what a joke of a creature and now your doing porn omg and sex toy buisness like give up!!

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Louisiana Heffalump

April 11, 2014 Surrey 7 9,084 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this dirty uncleaned “gem” named Louisa Krystal needs to be blasted, I swear! Although Many know her by her second personality (skinnystripper) & escort name Gemma. She is a no good South Surrey used up escort who is 35 and still hasn’t earned or saved enough to support her so called high maintaince lifestyle. She runs her yap about being skinny and having fake implants and being hot shit and I quote “my pssy is on point” HAH! More like over drove your mileage, her Va J J looks like Homer Simpson’s fcking big ass mouth !! She will sleep with any man rich or poor who will through her any kind of attention.She brings home random men to sleep at her home and sit with her children … Great learning lesion for those babies. She is a no good “mother” who doesn’t deserve those two beautiful children, an in return to horrible parenting she is now left with 2 bratty kids who get turned away from day care centers. When she’s not calling herself Louisa Krystal the great high maintaince mom then she’s paraiding around as Gemma the skinny fake titty’d escort who resides in South Surrey known as White Rock. Please Nik blast this used up p*ssywagon so her mileage gets any higher !!

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Shady Laser Place

April 10, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 53 7,571 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vanish Laser and Beauty is SHADY! They JUST shut down after they took everyone’s money. They offered one year unlimited laser hair removal packages, took your money upfront and now they shut down. Just a week ago they had new packages and deals up on their site and now you can’t even get hold of their office. Their voicemails are full and DANA HLAVACH the owner is scamming people. They didn’t even have the decency to call their customers to tell them they are closing down. I feel sorry for all the people who paid and don’t get a service. FCK YOU VANISH LASER!

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Surrey Junkie

April 9, 2014 Surrey 15 7,507 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl right here is straight surrey what! She goes to jail and cut ally brags about it! And she smokes h*rion! She’ll sleep with your man and your girlfriend! I swear she says she’s a lesbian to get to your man! She’ll fck anything that walks and she will literally steal from your fcking house! Never trust a heri(n addict my mom always told me! And oh ya she ha drd too! So don’t let her sit on your toilet! I got tested after she came to my crib! Se has a horse mouth an she legit thinks shes straight up a G!

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Skitzo Woman Beater

April 1, 2014 Surrey 12 7,577 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this fckin pathetic excuse of a man msgs me on pof a while ago not knowing I am tight with his babymomma from bak in the day and recognized him from her fb I haven’t heard from this gurl 4ever n she calls me the day before her birthday last week fcking bawling her face off because this goof came back to HER HOUSE in Kamloops drunk as shit freaked the fck out and head butts her in the face, breaks her fukn n nose, then has the ballz to rub her own blood all over her fukn face! nd this is where shit starts to get weird ppl this douche rubs her blood allll over his face, hands, and arms before he starts punching himself in the goddamn face. Chokes her out, starts choking himself out gets a butcher knife and get her to push it into his throat all the while their gorgeous love him to death 2 year old baby is awake in the next room!!! This is not his first assault charge on a woman either he has another kid and beat the shit outta his mom when he was drunk too he was released on conditions last week and word through the grape vine is he is back here in surrey. I know 4 a fact she would kick my fukin ass for posting this but as a fellow pof girl from Surrey how could I not? BEWARE LADIES!!!! this dude may seem sweet nice chill n quite but he is a ticking time bomb his quietness is only trying not to scare you off with the crazy when he opens his mouth. He is text book insecure bi-polar drug induced paranoid schizophrenic who beats his women when hes fucked up. I seen him up today on pof under CLVRK aka clark woman beater longo watch out for this coke head wanna be drug dealing gangster rapper. I got some homies down here who know this fool n they all say the same fukn thing he aint shit but a short lil wanna b skid snorts up all his own supply rips ppl off STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE LADIES!FAR FAR AWAY!!!!

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