Breaking Hearts and Other Body Parts

October 15, 2014 Surrey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen of the Dirty Army, please take the time to read this public service announcement about a dude who gets off on committing acts of violence against women. This guy is abusive and the ladies of Vancouver need to be warned. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if you meet this guy you’re gonna end up in the ER or worse. Aaron is Selfish & Self-centred. He has An expectation of being the centre of attention, having his needs anticipated and put before others. He will not support you or listen to anything meaningful or important that you have to say. He outright does not care about your thoughts or feelings. Aaron has a mind frame of Superiority. He has Contempt for woman and sees them as stupid, unworthy, a sex object or as a house keeper. Aaron is Manipulative. He uses A tactic of confusion, distortion and lies. He will project any image of himself as good, and portray woman as crazy or abusive. He’ll have you believe he’s the victim and that girls are crazy or emotional and that he is the innocent one, when in reality his abuse has caused the damage. Aaron Morgan has been on this site before, so do not be fooled by his lies. A true psychopath can manipulate you into believing anything he says because they are charming and charismatic. Aaron is a psychopath. Stay away from him.

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Fariha Khan – the Plastic Butterface

October 15, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 144

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well we’ve all waiting a long time for her to be on here and shes dodged for a long, long time. But finally its time she got she deserves! Here she is – The infamous Fariha Khan. This plastic butterface is responsible for posting a few innocent people on here. Her reasons for putting them up are this: The men just didnt want to be with her! Yep. Thats all it took for princess plastic to post them up! If everyone did that then you would see half the population on blast here! LMAO Nik! My friend wouldnt put her up even though she took full responsibility for posting him up here. But fear not dirty family, sometimes you have to go above and beyond for your friends and justice! The reason she is known as the plastic butterface is because of all the money this insecure girl has spent getting surgeries done. Shes had 2 nose jobs and spent money on the worlds worse boob job Nik. As we all know, all fake boobs look the same in clothing. But as soon as you see them in the flesh you want her to put the top back on asap! SCARY! This girl works at a bra store in metrotown mall and will do retail all her life Nik. She is surrounded by boobs all day & she still got butchered on her implants LMAO! The worst part of all, this girl is so naive that all it takes is a few conversations on any online dating site to get some action off her! I had to put her on blast for a few good people Nik, she needs to taste her medicine. She has an accomplice that is next and she needs her day in the sun too.

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Still Living with Their Parents

October 15, 2014 Surrey 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of these 2 surrey jacks: rishaad abbas and waseem khalil (couple of lame hockey guys that will never make it big). Both of them are on POF looking for women to share. Eewwee. Awhile back they got waseem’s car stolen and falsely reported it missing to the police. They got like 20 G’s from ICBC!!! Both of these low lives still live off their parents. They’ve never even been clear about their jobs – probably because it’s illegal. Who knows.. Human trafficking?? Maybe ones the pimp and the other a whore?? Depressing. 12 year old kids have more going for themselves than these two assholes in their 30s.

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Jaswant Sangha: Scumbag of UBC

October 14, 2014 Surrey 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this son of a bitch goes around pretending that he’s a big-time developer in hopes of getting people to invest their money into projects that he doesn’t even invest in himself. He has so many lawsuits to his name that he isn’t even able to keep track himself. This piece of shit has even gone as low as prostituting himself to Belle Dale Wills (who is a low-life bitch and a pansy scheme broker as well) in order to maintain a job at UBC as a custodial manager. It\’s crazy how his “wife” knowingly approves of him calling his mistress his sister to everybody within the community. This scumbag even goes as low as offering innocent females jobs at the University of British Columbia if they agree to sleep with his nasty-self. He chooses to borrow money off his co-workers who spend their lives working hard to provide for their family and never pays them back. In all, I just want to advise the people of Surrey, B.C. to keep their savings as far as possible from this cockroach. Keep in mind that this asshole’s wife, daughter, son, brother, and his bitch at UBC are all willing to rip off anybody and everybody that they can possibly con.

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White Rock Thieves

October 14, 2014 Richmond-BC, Surrey 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these two Mexican bastards stole money from my place. Could someone give me their full names? I need to report them. Apparently, they work in the legal system.. I met then in white rock in BC, Canada. Thanks.

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Chynna Rayne Trites

October 13, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Surrey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Goof bitch has fcked every dope dealer in kelowna and Surrey that she has ever met abd has even been gangbanged over 10 Times by at least 5 guys at once. She has fuked over 200 guys and they are all the lowest of the low doper dealers n junkies. Which suites her because despite her now being a mother to some Surrey 55 year old dope dealers kid she still shoots up m*th and h*roin everyday. On top of all of this I have read over 60 pages of paperwork (police statments). Of her ratting out 2 of her old bfs on 2 fifferent occations. And last but not least for now at least last time I fucked her with 3 of my other friends. Also while she had a boyfriend which is her current baby Daddy. Me and my friends caught 4 different stds. Oh and I almost forgot to all ladys out there watch out this bitch is nutorious for not only banging all her bfs friends but also her own best friends bfs. In fact I dont no one person whos either been her friend or bf that she hasnt banged all theirs friends, bfs, and or husbands or wives! So now you have all been warned stay away from this Goof skanky rat junkie hoe people.!!! ps. I have 4 videos of me n my boys running a Dirty train on this peice if shit. If you too have any videos, pics, and or some kind of dirt nasty story or encounter with this Goof bitch please people do share lol!

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Surrey Pass Around

October 13, 2014 Surrey 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Britney Ulmer surreys biggest pass around. Her and her baby daddy that she constantly cheats on spends their child tax monthly on alcohol and meth. She partys every weekend while her trailer trash, crack head mother “watches” her kid. She thinks she’s tough but when shit gets real she sons down and gets her women beating boyfriend to back her up and punch out girls. She claims she’s in a happy, stable relationship but she fucks every guy in surrey, including other girls boyfriends. This girl got fucked in newton exchange forest with an OE bottle. She beaks off all over facebook and calls every girl ratchet when in reality she’s the most ratchet bitch in surrey. She has a baby to take care of but she would rather pawn off her kid to smoke bowls and party with hoodrats. Nik, this hoe deserves to be put on blast. Girl, stop sucking dick for m*th, sending peoples boyfriends nudes, and being surreys biggest whore and take care of your fcking kid.

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Port Moody Jack

October 13, 2014 Surrey 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: jamie eliades surrey foig how is christie dating this f**get. does she know jamie cheated on her with amy? the night he crash his car was when it happened. y else would he go to port moody at 4 am ? he brag to all his buds bout how he rented a hotel room for amy n she deep throat him so good n they fcked all night till check out. he said amy gave the best head. n was the best sex. once a cheater always a cheater. dog

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