Surrey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Travis Marchenski

November 13, 2014 Surrey 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’d like to introduce Travis Marchenski. Be aware ladies he is a 100% fck up, liar, cheater, on/off again drug addict, narcissist loser- & as soon as you’re involved with him, the shadow that engulfs him for life will soon be cast on you too.. He will convince you that he has a good heart & tell you all about his past, how he’s confronted his demons, how he’s working on being a better person. You’ll believe him, maybe feel sorry for him (thats we do isn’t it)he looks tough but really he’s great at expressing himself, emotionally mature & seems genuine.. The reason he is good at expressing himself is its really all just lies, he’s not a good person at all, I’m not sure anything good in him runs deeper than his skin, don’t believe a word he says. He’s very convincing I’ll give him that, but he’s TOTALLY full of shit, there is not a sincere bone in his body, he says these things trying to convince even himself. The real truth, is that whilst telling you all this, he is addicted to porn, eyeing up everything with tits, cheating without using protection, endangering his own and his partner’s sexual health, lying to cover up lies, is an on/off drug addict, looses his job about every 2 months, has debt in the 5 figure mark, takes out payday loans to go on trashy trips to Vegas,and jumps from woman to woman doing the same thing over and over.. Anyway, not interested in saying a lot else, he’s just a loser- stay away unless you want to become a loser along with him.

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One Tough Cheater

November 11, 2014 Surrey, The Dirty 353

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Barinder Rasode running for Mayor of Surrey on the ethnic vote. She is a dirty lying fake. She calls herself one tough mother, yet she’s the reason her kids don’t have a father in their lives. She spread her legs for campaign money when she first ran for public office way back. She pushes family values, yet she is a cheater and the worst role model for people. She is trying to make the Indo-Canadian community look stupid by preaching, I have the same skin colour as you, so you should vote for me. She is highly uneducated (doesn’t believe in stats) and cock hungry. You were part of the problem to begin with in City Hall, what makes you think you can fix it. BTW who’s your boyfriend supporting? Guess you can’t spread your legs for money from him anymore!

I blame Obama.- nik

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Anyone Know Who this Is

November 11, 2014 Surrey 64


THE DIRTY ARMY: Found picture on husbands phone, would like to know who and where it came from may need to edit picture I am sure not everyone needs to see her (tummy scar)

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Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

November 10, 2014 Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well now this is just a little bit of info about a lil so and so that is just the biggest whore around. She cant be loyal to just one man but instead she is loyal to every man.  See just recently she got knocked up again for the 5th time if I am not mistaken and she is only 24!!  She has none of her kids in her care cuz she is just to busy f*cking every body she can to take care of them.

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Jessy Damri

November 10, 2014 Surrey 302

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING..Stay away from this nasty, trashy, lying, cheater, cum dumpster slut Jessy Damri, This slut is definition of dirt, she calls her self happily married but cheats on him, she will STICK up any dick who pass her by . this bitch thinks she is first class but nothing but a gutter Rat.Bitch is bad mother, all she does is drink 24 hours a day and do drugs, she will give a head to for 5 bucks, fucing low life. This Gold digger has Broken so many family’s for money. she is evil and ruthless and don’t care how she hurt others, I hope karma get this bitch soon

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Tej Kainth for City Sloot

November 10, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Tej Kainth. She is not a good role model for the youth of new west. I wasn’t gonna say anything but since she is talking about wrking with the youth it pisses me off. She is a classless ho. She does drugs an drinks so much that she doesn’t have a clue who shes fcking. Now she wants to run for city council an be a role model to the youth? My question is for her bosses and political party, have you done a drug test? you should. She has been on drugs for a long time. That’s why she looks so messed up. Even a test for std’s. for sure she has a disease.I remember her in high school days when she was always on something and hanging out wit the gangsters. Tej fucked all of them. Used them for money an drugs then ditchd them. She had a realy dirtty nickname cant remember now what it was. Anyone remember??She tells ppl she works for the city when she really just has sum dumb job in tourism. Doin nothing but fucking old gross men. shes so disgusting. Her pics look like they hav been photoshopped too much or she got fillers or botox. Shes so fat and her face is so messd up. Why does she look diff in every pic. Is it the drugs or photo shop. Shes slept with almost all of new west. she fucked all of them and fuks around with guys from Burnaby an surrey too wannabe thugs.Even the gross old dudes. Rumor is shes now fucking the old guy thats backing her campaign. That’s the only way they let her run. She gives new west a bad name. she even has her home address on her website to send money to her. Wht the fck is wrong with her?? She fuks ppl for free who put her sign wit her ugly face on their lawns. Or maybe it was free blow jobs I cant remember. Tej says if new west was a guy she wud marry him, who says that! No wonder no one will marry her. I do not want a trashy ho represnting me or my city. She acts lik shes better then everyone but shes just a loser and she knows it. How do ppl like this even get involved in politics. She knows theres pics an videos of her out there. Ask anyone in new west they all knw her and what shes really about not the act she puts on. I demand a drug test before the election!!!!

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Raj D

November 10, 2014 Surrey 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pig lies and cheats like whore , kiss and tell like teen, gossip like bitch and cries like a cunt and hides behind sister like pussy. He aint no man in anyway, dude needs Viagra in room and his sister out to do his deeds.Bitch like to play daddy and hubby but dump them on the street when done. Cheats on women while in relationship but calls them sluts. loves to make baby’s but forced the abortion on them or dumped his brats on women and refuse to help with kids,while she dealing with all that he goes on to find new bitch. Judge slaps him with child support and order to pay back the money he stolen from her, now she is gold digger. Disrespect n beat her and the kids, throw them all out on the street like garbage without warning or reason when he is done with them. He wont even stand up for his daughters or wife to protect their honor. Hurts his own kids in the process but calls himself great DAD. He is middle age fcked up retard with 4 divorces( Geet & married for $ India)3 kids child support, alimony,7 broken relationship and lots of mileage on him. Not to mention he got drd and does drugs. lnlaws mentally, physically n emotionally torture the wife and her kids, they have no fear of God bunch Gold diggers. stole 50000 from his wife and gold, Bylaw he has to pay back and now they all pissed off, why cant we just burnt her with gasoline like we did in India.

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Helen Placewitch

November 6, 2014 Surrey 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ugly, fat bitch couldn’t handle her boyfriend having female friends. Well, look at how nasty this cow looks. Not my fault, this hippo is so self-conscious that she has to get her bf to cut out his friends just to make this fatass feel better about herself. When she first came into his life, he wasn’t even into her. I had to convince him to give her a chance! He’s even mentioned that she’s not a looker & that she could lose a few pounds, but he gave her a chance after. Next thing ya know.. This asshole goes MIA changing his contact info & shit. Wtf? I don’t even get an explanation for this? This fat bitch ruined a good friendship. Things were fine until this pig came into the picture. Karma will serve this piece of shit. Now, go do something about those angel wings.

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