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Don’t let him in your house

December 16, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware this guy is a thief and he will set you up. Today skid gak head wana be rapper that will set you up and rip you off. Just watch the comments roll in. Be warned.

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Surrey’s finest hoodrat

December 16, 2014 Surrey 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Selina Ramussen is a disgrace to mankind. She dumped a girl with her son right there in arm reach crying for it all to stop. The child was only 17 months old sitting in his stroller confused at why three girls and one one guy are trying to hurt his mommy and daddy. thr funniest part of this whole situation is the mom ended up kneeing selina in the face a good five times and selina didnt touch her. and the dad beat the shit out of one of the girls boyfriend because they were in defense to protect their child. Selina is so pathetic that she goes around lying about what happened because the beginning the part where she faught the mom and got her ass whooped wasnt filmed. the mom had to fight selina\’s friend because she couldnt handle herself, biggest low life and pussy in surrey. Congratulations Selina you won top scumbag award for 2014 thank god the child and parents came out on top

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Surrey’s Fattest Hoodrat

December 16, 2014 Surrey 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty cum dumpster Brandee Vee lives on her over sized knees sucking dick for cheese burgers. In high school she would constantly play the victim of being fat although she would be holding a juicy burger in one hand while she complained about her weight. You would hear her gagging in the washroom while she made herself puke. She is so desperate that shes the one trying to get any guy drunk so she can feel loved while she sucks their dick as they are passed right out. I felt bad for her until I partied with her one night and she got hammered begging this guy we were with to piss on her, it was so embarrassing but hilarious. Poor big sad Brandee doing anything for guys attention to fill the spot her daddy never did. News spot ms piggy when you have no standards or limits expect to be called number one’s town pump.This post is for you giving my very good friend ghoneria. You nasty trashy hoe please stop embarrassing yourself and you family. god bless

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Riley Tubbs

December 14, 2014 Maple Ridge, Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this “self made” crack head is the nasty’a kid I’ve ever met. He’ll do anything and backstabb anyone he can to get a little bit of meth. This kids been living on the streets for months since he’s fcked over everyone who ever cared about him at all. This goof and his friends call them selfs “mission crooks krew” or as everyone else likes to call them “mission crackhead krew”. Riley is not only the greasiest crack head ever but a player a cheater, and a straight up loser. Not only do I have no respect for this kid but no one else does either. He sells shit he steals off of people on Facebook and he’ll play anyone and everyone he can. I honestly hate this kid so much Nik, I think he deserves to OD and a lot of people would agree with me.

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Samantha The Pinter Burns

December 11, 2014 Richmond-BC, Surrey 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Burns This bitch is disgusting she’s hurtin and all she cares about is drugs and booze if you got it you can have this one for cheap every drug dealer knows her because she will do anything to anyone for a line or for a shot she always seen with nasty guys that creep on girls and that’s the shit she likes she stinks she’s dirty and wears 6 layers of clothing to try and cover the smell little does she it doesn’t work you stink girl she needs to get a job or at least get paid for all the dick she sucks everyone needs to know about this bitch she will steal rob you she robs her own mom and dad that’s sad she has a son that she never looks after and spends his money on drugs stop smoking pint and close your legs

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Rachet Surrey Sloot

December 11, 2014 Surrey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: She would open her legs just for anyone. She has dirty name n will do anything for $$$. She thinks she’s all class but shes not. Ladies and gentleman beware of this hoe. She chests on her husband all the time and claiming she’s single. Hope her husband sees this.

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Big Hole

December 10, 2014 Surrey 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK THIS IS Kam Dhanda(maiden Brar) SURREYS GUTTER SL*T. ***WARNING*** This b**ch will rip you off and f**k your man f**ckin home wreckin b**ch..this thing has three kids for the sole reason of claiming a welfare check so she can buy her pills and drugs and leaves one of her poor baby daddys at home to watch her kids while she goes out to suck di*k for perks and busfare. shes got no friends cause she does nothing but rip them off. I heard she lives in cloverdale, the dealers in surrey musta got sick of her suc**ng their d**k and giving them *** if you wanna find her you could probably find her at the free clinic in Langley getting checked for hiv and pickin her pill up for gonorrhea. please Nik put this thing on blast everyone needs to be warned

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Kora Fill’er

December 9, 2014 Surrey 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik this girl kora fuller is a homeworker that like to suck on penis for a living and is a fat bitch that gets drd’s and spreads them around like a messy hoe. shes just crazy im scared for the guy shes dating now and the guy she will date in the future this girl is a walking wrecking ball.

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