Punjab Wannabe

August 18, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 204

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason Lal lives with his mom has a wife and kid goes on kingsway in his cars that his mom bought him looking for dirty hookers beacuse his wife is an ugly ogar and doesnt want her no more.all he does is go to wings with his fat fuck freind shalen who is a nobody spends no money buys one beer talks shit to people makes up storys and when you ask him to come meet up face to face he says he calling somone and that thier looking for them.this guy isnt a man at all cant protect his family he sounds like hes gay dresses like hes gay and has a squecky rat style voice.he drives around in his 4.6l mustang and wen he gets drunk says its a 5liter. no one listen to this guy he lies through his teeth drops peoples names that he doesnt no and cant fight me one on one. these goofs think they run burnaby fuckin clowns hes a wannabe surrey jack lol from vancouver.last of all who is 30 yrs old and makes lotion jus to jerk off. i heard he has a small dick so his besfreind shalen fcked his wife. wake up YOU F*G UR NOT A PUNJAB. and dont try to call people fight me like a man one one one fist to fist. u little bitch.

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Cory Brideau Pedo Dealer

August 15, 2014 Surrey 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cory Brideau… Where do I start. He thinks he runs white rock and that it’s his town but yet he’s a pot dealer who lives of disability even though h’s a capable worker. He attends church every Sunday stoned out of his mind. Touches little 13/14 year olds tits and ass, sleeps with drd infested chicks and spreads diseases. Creepiest guy you’ll ever meet. Lies to everyone and makes up the biggest stories while trying to “one up you”. Did I mention he’s a pedophile (36 year old man) Biggest loser on this planet. He thinks he’s a big time drug dealer who just sells doobs and dime bags to kids. F*cking creeper… End of discussion.

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50 yr Bird

August 15, 2014 Surrey 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik so this is narin Jandu. She has taken money pretending that she was in an abusive relationship making all get friends feel sorry for her. She is on fb adding random younger guys just for a one night stand. She will come across as super innocent but steal everything you own. Unfortunately She did this with. my uncle and she played with him so much he got so stressed out and had an heart attack. He regrets ever meeting her cuz she sabotaged a perfect family!

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Shianne Stgrosstard

August 15, 2014 Surrey 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shianne stgoddard walks around van thinking she’s hot shit , shes a two face little cnt . One minute she’s your friend next she’s shit talking about you , she’s a little miss home wrecker , she will go and fck with your relationships , she loves dicks  . This bitch gave me and my friend drd ! DONT GO NEAR HER FCKING PSSY . It fcking stink like a dead body in there fucking nasty . She will give a quick handjob if you have weed handy  this think she can fight when my home girl fought her we had her down in seconds . Bitches talk shut get hit ! She was talking shit then next when she met us up in person she pussied the fck out and kept aplogizing . The dirty white trash should talk the talk if u ca’t walk the walk . Bitch is dirty as fck ! Anyways nick what’s your thought in her

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Surrey Slore

August 14, 2014 Surrey 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik. It’s unfortunate that all these brown girls are giving each other a bad name. This girl parm is having a hard time keeping a man in her life so she has decided to msg married men she offers them discreet services. She used to be a friend of mine. Until I saw her with a married man coming out of the Sheraton in guildford. I confronted her and her answer was clearly someone gotta please unhappy married men” stop this girl. Teach her a lesson never to mess with another’s love cuz karma is a bitch.

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Wreckless Slore

August 14, 2014 Surrey 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch is the spawn of satan, A complete Gutter slut with kids from 2 different guys that has fcked over anyone she has ever been with. Before you know it you are now completely fcked and now babysitting her kids while she is out fcking around with any random cock she can find. Lying, Manipulative, psychotic, BiPolar. Uses her kids as helpless pawns to collect money from the government to get extra money for “special needs” but she is the biggest reason for them being that way due to neglect and mistreatment. She is to busy trying to find her next victim to care. Anybody that encounters this one should just HIT THE GROUND RUNNING AND DONT LOOK BACK

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Vandirty Garbage

August 13, 2014 Surrey 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jasmine “youngmoney” savage. Your regulare surrey skeeze, sleazing it up with whoever she please. It don’t matter if dudes wifey’d up or not, she’ll straight try to infiltrate, cause that\’s the type of chick she is, just a waste of skin surrey cm dumpster who will spread her legs like mayonnaise, and mimic the scent too. The thing that I find the most ammusing about this troll looking mother fcker is the fact that she tries to defend & justify her scandelousness and acctually has the odacity to claim that me and my girls are just hating on her cause were just jealous of her and blah blah blah…like are you fcking serious bitch? Why in the fck would anyone be jealous of a soulless bitch whose daily activities consist of home wrecking, skin picking and smoking heroin. Your a fcking loser, who will eventually get the type of pounding she so desperately deserves. You may be the flavor of the week right now, but eventually your gonna expire bitch…

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Loose Goose

August 13, 2014 Surrey 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik hoe’s it going man ! This site is dope lol..well nik I’m going to intro Duce you to Anissa dean !she is a fat hippo who thinks she is all that her crew don’t even like her . I met this girl at a club we was both wasted she left with her friends I had given her my number she.called me a day lAter saying she is wet like a fountain and how she wanted to fuk me I she insisitec to get a room a sleezy motel in surrey so I met her there we got drinking and she was naked within a minute!! She should have kept her clothes on man it was a horrible sight we got the fuking I ate her out and her pussy iz so scary looking looks like her pussy was gobbling my dick I never called her back lol she called me so many times I had to change my number 3x Muslim girls r nasty As fcuk every guy needs to br aware of this grenade nik blast this hoe

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