Surrey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Vanessa Bellamy

December 9, 2014 Langley, Surrey 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Vanessa Bellamy. Funny thing is her mom ended up on this site before she did, Linda Bellamy Conservative!! like fuk she is but Like mother like daughter, now I understand why you are the way you are. I use to go to school with Vanessa she would f^ck all these younger guys like seduce them its gross!! she is also bisexual with other well know Langley/Surrey sluts. funny thing is she doesn’t charge them anything other then booze or drugs.. she should just post her self on Craigslist escorting her self so at-least she could buy her own dam car and stop f*cking and sucking guys for rides. she is currently working at footlocker where she meets more guys there to take home at the end of the night. when she’s not sucking the hammer she’s out licking box. ladies don’t trust this slut around your man she ruined my relationship!! by spreading her legs. word is she has a stinky pu$$y Because she’s an alley cat who jumps from couch to couch and dose lots of hard drugs with many known Langley whores!! like groups of them every weekend is sex and party weekend this bitch makes me sick!!!!!! Nik, Put her on the blast!!!!!! its about time she ended up on here!!!

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60 Year old Coug

December 9, 2014 Surrey 199

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik DAYA, she’s a 60 year old cougar. Shes a night crawler but she’s a special kind of nightcrawler, cause she only comes out if there’s anyone down to sleep with her. She actually thinks she’s so fckin hot did u see her face? Or wait you might not be able to see what I’m talking about cause she literally fills up all those holes on her face with thick makeup, as you can tell, this lady is known to only come out at night for her male co-workers other than that she tries to pull it off as some very decent housewife. She needs to go shop at a store of her age, rather than try to dress like a teenager. I mean really? She’s 60. Act your age. She’s the biggest hoe in surrey at the moment, she’s getting around though. She needs to be put on blast, we need to warn all these ladies to keep they’re men away from her. She’s so discusting she’ll do anything to sleep with your man. As long as she knows he is married she will do it. We need to let her know loud and clear that she should start taking more care of herself rather than everyone’s husbands cock. What do you think about her nik?

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When Girls Think They Are Hot

December 8, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 54


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tiffany Haigh, aka reject, washed up looking stripper… makes all the ratchet girls of VanDirty are look like Maxim models. Her eyebrows, manly face, poorly done +2′s, and horribly cheap looking and unoriginal tattoos. Not to mention how she still buys Guess tops from outlet stores lmfao. What ya’ll think of this thing?

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Jail house snitch with ink

December 8, 2014 Surrey 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Marlon Aburto Who first of all beat up a guy then got charged with manslaughter. He works at a tattoo shop in surrey called evil by needle and claims he’s one of the owners but He has been a rat since day 1. Every Canadian Federal Institution he’s ever been sent to “”, Mission, Matsqui, Ferndale and Even Pacific he’s been fukd up checked off the unit or banged up. he even made a wooden carved box for one of the Correctional officers then when confronted he says what its just business then go’s off about even saying he’d tattoo police officers or parole/probation officers if they came in to his shop! the guy has been known to give dirty tattoos in jail by re-using ink and snitching other inmates out to the Security intelligence officers known as the ipso” to save his own ass this slime ball also has a real bad temper when he doesn’t get his way. he also ripped off a bunch of guys who pre-paid him while in custody to get work done as they did not know he was getting released soon!! and some of the work he’s done inside has been decent other then the fact that he leaves big scars and people who get checked for drd’s always come up as something… So for the people on the street watch out who you get your ink from a jail house rat who has h**-c that likes to lie a lot and con people into getting different designs then what they wanted and go’s off about how it looks so good. Nik What do you think About these Crazy Canadian jail birds ? put him on the blast

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Photoshopped Sanghera

December 8, 2014 Surrey 190

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Surreys BIGGEST whore and wannabe JACK Meena Sanghera. This surrey slut makes every girl from Surrey sound bad. She whores around like crazy and fucks every guy there is.. Pretty sure she has aids by now! She’ll lure any guy off instagram becuz of how “HOT” she looks but in person she looks like a stomped on rat and every guy just fcks and chucksh her.. Meena led on my brother while aswell as TWO OF HIS FRIENDS while she was dating he bf she also macked on every single guy, with her next guy she cheated on him god knows HOW MANY TIMES. Shes queen of photoshop hey surrey people if you ever wanna know best apps for photoshop ask Meena! Every single picture of hers is photoshopped you cant even tell who is she in person. Meena is the lowest bitch ever she made FUN OF A LITTLE BOY WHO HAD PASSED AWAY 2 SUMMERS AGO. HE WAS ONLY FCKING 15 AND LOST HIS LIFE AND MADE A JOKES ABOT IT . Meena has beef with every single girl in surrey and delta and has beef with many guys from Delta. She talks about loyalty all day long but shes the farthest from it. Meenas a nasty little whore thats on her way to fck every guy in Surrey.. Beware GUYS if you fck with her you might get aids WATCH OUT . Put this hoe on blast Nik !!!!

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The Queen of Weed and Black Men

December 8, 2014 Surrey 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty fat bi*ch ashley bezanson is surreys #1 sloot and weed queen. this hoe is addicted to black di*k and constantly brags about it to her so called friends which are a bunch of stoners. her stanky ass cu*nt probobly smells like koolaid powder from the dollar store from how many black men shes been with. and when this hoe isnt suckin off shes usually high as f*ck with her best friend Jessica Harman. This bi**Tch siriously needs to go to rehab shes literally stoned all the godamn time and constantly threatens to **herself when her black boyfriends dump her. stay away from this nasty ass hoe!

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Jessica Mookie Derxel

December 4, 2014 Surrey 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl here, Jessica, shes a fat slut who acts like a porn star on a daily basis on this fetish site called She goes by Little-Messica on the site. she’s a complete control freak and can’t accept anyone’s little flaws. She’s entirely insane. She says she’s pregnant after a few days of dating someone new and sleeping with them. She’s on POF which is where my ex-bf met her. So she’ll pretty much sleep with any guy she meets as far as i can tell.. Doesn’t matter the age. You really shouldn’t as she has a nasty ass, loose, stanky pussy.. I’ve heard someone say she’s got drd of the cl*p from all her sleeping around. She thinks she some hot shit but she really isnt. Just smells like some. people need to know not to go near her, she wrecks relationships.

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2 Wongs Dont Make a Right

December 3, 2014 Surrey 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik look at this autistic looking Jordan Guy, trys messaging girls everyday to come sleep over behind his girl friends back. BUTT little does he know she makes fun of his micro penis to other men! Yes micro im talking under 4 inches, she told me hes hung like a tic tac, Johnny focus on your girl bro and quit messaging whores online to come cuddle. Put this douche bag on Blast Nik

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