Nadia Froese the Addict Escort

March 31, 2014 Surrey, Would You? 88 11,183 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am SO surprised that Nadia has yet to be posted. This girl is the slimiest greasiest most ratchet girl in surrey I have ever met. Not only does she suck dick for a living and fuck 80 year old men,shes also a full blown heroin addict. She started on oxys then upgraded to smoking heroin… mmm real winner. A few months ago she lost everything her animals her house all her friends even her own family members want nothing to do with her. She moved into a “recovery”house where she still couldnt stay clean. Now she’s being seen riding on the local surrey busses. Thought she was to high class for that? This chick is alll talk she likes to start beef with people and make up lies. Shes hated by everyone. No amount of botox lip injections fake eyelashes and tatted eyebrows will make you beautiful. You are an ugly duckling compared to your sister. You always will be. You dont care about anyone but yourself. I seriously hope you figure your shit out NADIA ROBIN FROESE. You are a disgusting person inside and out. Stop judging everyone else and grow the fuck up. She also likes to claim shes such a good fighter haha thats a joke in itself. Nadia also likes to talk about her poo and farts and blood and boogars shes absolute the must unlady like chick i know. And guess what Nadia Im one of your “closest” friends. So watch out:P Also nadia is 6foot shoulders of a football player,no ass,and discusting saggy tits. and has 5$ tattoos all over her body done by greasy old men shed more then likely pay them with her lose smelly vag. Nik ritchie or ANYONE would you? with this beast.

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Jason Karunan the Theif

March 31, 2014 Surrey 15 7,493 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik ill make this short and sweet. There is this guy I dated for 8 months,he practically lived at my house. my family loved him and he was “the perfect boy friend” until we figured out he was stealing money from me, my parents and my grandmother in small amounts over a period of time (over $5,000). I confronted him about the money going missing he said he knew nothing. My family decided to set up cameras around the house and caught him stealing money from my mothers purse. So we ended up calling the cops. anyways I dont want anyone else going threw what happened to me and my family. oh btw his name is Jason Karunan…

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Persian Sloot; Negin Abedi

March 28, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 50 10,066 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Negin Abedi look out for this one because she loves to use guys for whatever they’ll be stupid enough to give her. She basically sleeps her way to get what she wants. Did I mention she has a boyfriend? Haha she’s such hood rat trash and thinks she can get any guy wants and recently has thunder thighs

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Ma Resa is an Escort

March 27, 2014 Surrey 88 11,133 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: MET THIS GIRL AT THE BAR, THOUGHT SHE WAS COOL TILL MY BUDDY SAW HER ON ERSLIST. SHE HAD A REALLY SMELLY P****. Not only that after she spent the night at my place i noticed i was missing cash from my dresser drawer. Heard she steals chicks clothes and also shoes….wtf? Nik, why does she think shes so slick when we all know she thirsty?

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Aman Atwal Surrey Jack

March 27, 2014 Surrey 136 11,935 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Aman Atwal on the left. This dude thinks hes all that bragging about what he drives also that he is better then everyone else and thinks he runs PM. He lives off his parents and drives his parents cars. He has to depend on his hands just to please himself. He also thinks he’s gods gift to girls! His greg is four inches long! He claims to have b*tches all over him but he really had any! He tried to get me drunk and take advantage of me! IF you see this kid around, please don’t shake his hand!

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Brandon Doucette is a Thief

March 26, 2014 Surrey 41 8,151 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guys name is Brandon and hes from East Vancouver Skeena b.c he is the shortest ugliest acne-fat Native I have ever known He’s been pimping Melanie Pelosof Only because hes a broke Iphone stealing Thief. Hes a phony thief who tries to live like he’s rich. In his spare time he hangs out with other whores in surrey, Watch out for this one if you dont want the drd.

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Dipper Jasteen Mand

March 25, 2014 Surrey 81 9,238 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK OMFG dude i found JASTEEN MAND the biggest whore of whores shes also buddys with PRITIKA KUMAR AND JOYTI KUMAR go figure. Jasteen dated some rat ass guy in surrey ata or something cke dealer how i no this shit its because she was my best girl friend im a guy and she was super chill, she told me all of the dirt i need to no about gina ata fozia pritika joyti and the list goes on. ye nik another undercoever hoe , cant believe i was friends with this dipped face. this girl is a rat all she knows is ABC AND DICK …. nik man put this girl or whatever she is on blast thanks

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Surrey Rapist

March 25, 2014 Surrey 11 7,837 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guys name is scott, he thinks he can get any girl he wants. He’s slept with 40+ girls and isnt afraid to tell the world. He lies, cheats and he has been charged for attempted rape on a young girl. He was part of a group back in high school that would pray on the grade 8′s and 9′s that were virgins. its sick and he needs a fcking reality check. Guys like this need to be put away, he’s looks like a rat, and lives like one too. Karma will soon enough get this guy for the way he’s treated young girls its sickening. He Judges people on appearances when he isn’t so hot himself, he’s a sleaze.

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