Mazhar Hayat

August 28, 2014 Surrey 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: He dates woman and uses them for money. He is married and sleeping around here in Surrey. He has no job lives off his dad ad drives his fancy car . Acts lie he said untouchable. Truth is he thinks bc he is lMuslim that non Muslim girls deserve to be used and its no big deal. He needs to be exposed

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Atention Seeking Haer

August 27, 2014 Surrey 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Introducing drum roll please. Kirandeep Kaur Haer the whore around L.A Matheison Seconday and scott road mcdonalds. Here is the dirt for this dirty haer she is known to talk to other guys behind her boyfriends back claiming they are just buds when they actually are ex boyfriends or guys she has seen. These guys are some of many guys she speaks too but wait the list continues. We had messaged her numerous times to stop talking to all these guys and just stick to one man but she continued like always because she is a attention seeking whore. All this does make sense tho she is best friends with a big whore Navi Gill and oh wait her current boyfriend is such a changed man that he wont even look at another girl and showers her with everything a girl wants or needs but this lying whore treats him like shit and puts him into a level where no guy should ever deserve to be. Nick blast this whore that no guy bud wants her again. Kirandeep Kaur Haer kept my word as promised why dont you try figuring out who I am and try putting me in jail next to your ex boyfriend parm. Apologies to the guys in the pictures wish you knew the only reason she talks to you was to grab attention

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Payal Kumar – Little Theif

August 25, 2014 Surrey, Winnipeg 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little bitch is Payal Kumar. I used to be chill with her as we worked together at McDonalds. Anyways she is the biggest theiving whore I’ve ever met. She would steal girls purses and wallets from the crew room at Mcdicks. Not only would she do that but she’s also try to sell their ids and sin cards. Wtf who fcking does that trashiest thing i’ve ever heard. Her ex bf Jaison and he used to steal stuff from all their friends houses it was ridiculous she has no shame. Plus he used to sell her to other guys for sex obviously she’s lacking a lot of self respect. Not only that she told me and all out friends she’s had over 4 abortions with Jaison…wtf girl stop spreading your dirt around you were just asking to get posted on here. And get this Nik she finally got promoted to manager at McDonalds and STILL steals stuff for her “friends” that work with her from the crew room. Grow up girl and work hard for your own shit and stop abusing the trust of your store manager and co workers. Everyone be careful of this dirty theif sh’ll make friends with you but never invite her or her fat lasbian girlfriend to your house. They’re dirty your own shit. Nik put this hoe on blast!!

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Meagan Adams

August 18, 2014 Surrey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Meagan Adams! Nasty yes! this floozy has Herpes and other drd’S , and i know this for a fact because when i was in the same recovery house as her, the med’s that came in for her were for her herpes. GROSS!! BARF She’s a nasty junkie that will fck anybody lmao, she is from white rock but lives in surrey, just another whore that gives surrey a bad name! She’s a crack head but will do any drug she can get her hands on, she steels clothes (including panties) Nasty right! haha Hey boys if you need you dick sucked look her up on FB! she’ll suck it any day! i know this for a fact!! its funny because even when she has a boyfriend she’s trying to fuck other guys and trying to get there number’s… key word “TRYING” lol This whore is such a drama queen and will do anything for attention!!! She loves to make up lie’s when she doesn’t know what else to do! She does anything to stir up shit with everyone. Can you say PATHETIC! HAHA, its pretty sad. she thinks she’s on top of the world while everyone laughs about her behind her back hahaha Why is is like this!?! who cking knows Her and Fcked up sister Mandy need to disappear off the face of the earth. She’s so manly looking haha! along with her HUGE nasty nose lmfao what do you think about this whore nik??

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Punjab Wannabe

August 18, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 206

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason Lal lives with his mom has a wife and kid goes on kingsway in his cars that his mom bought him looking for dirty hookers beacuse his wife is an ugly ogar and doesnt want her no more.all he does is go to wings with his fat fuck freind shalen who is a nobody spends no money buys one beer talks shit to people makes up storys and when you ask him to come meet up face to face he says he calling somone and that thier looking for them.this guy isnt a man at all cant protect his family he sounds like hes gay dresses like hes gay and has a squecky rat style voice.he drives around in his 4.6l mustang and wen he gets drunk says its a 5liter. no one listen to this guy he lies through his teeth drops peoples names that he doesnt no and cant fight me one on one. these goofs think they run burnaby fuckin clowns hes a wannabe surrey jack lol from vancouver.last of all who is 30 yrs old and makes lotion jus to jerk off. i heard he has a small dick so his besfreind shalen fcked his wife. wake up YOU F*G UR NOT A PUNJAB. and dont try to call people fight me like a man one one one fist to fist. u little bitch.

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Cory Brideau Pedo Dealer

August 15, 2014 Surrey 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cory Brideau… Where do I start. He thinks he runs white rock and that it’s his town but yet he’s a pot dealer who lives of disability even though h’s a capable worker. He attends church every Sunday stoned out of his mind. Touches little 13/14 year olds tits and ass, sleeps with drd infested chicks and spreads diseases. Creepiest guy you’ll ever meet. Lies to everyone and makes up the biggest stories while trying to “one up you”. Did I mention he’s a pedophile (36 year old man) Biggest loser on this planet. He thinks he’s a big time drug dealer who just sells doobs and dime bags to kids. F*cking creeper… End of discussion.

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50 yr Bird

August 15, 2014 Surrey 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik so this is narin Jandu. She has taken money pretending that she was in an abusive relationship making all get friends feel sorry for her. She is on fb adding random younger guys just for a one night stand. She will come across as super innocent but steal everything you own. Unfortunately She did this with. my uncle and she played with him so much he got so stressed out and had an heart attack. He regrets ever meeting her cuz she sabotaged a perfect family!

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Shianne Stgrosstard

August 15, 2014 Surrey 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shianne stgoddard walks around van thinking she’s hot shit , shes a two face little cnt . One minute she’s your friend next she’s shit talking about you , she’s a little miss home wrecker , she will go and fck with your relationships , she loves dicks  . This bitch gave me and my friend drd ! DONT GO NEAR HER FCKING PSSY . It fcking stink like a dead body in there fucking nasty . She will give a quick handjob if you have weed handy  this think she can fight when my home girl fought her we had her down in seconds . Bitches talk shut get hit ! She was talking shit then next when she met us up in person she pussied the fck out and kept aplogizing . The dirty white trash should talk the talk if u ca’t walk the walk . Bitch is dirty as fck ! Anyways nick what’s your thought in her

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