Brown Wendys trash

September 29, 2014 Surrey 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there is no need to single out only the male lowlifes in surrey. Right here we have a girl that is longggggg overdue to be called out. This is Alisha Mohamed aka Alisha Ashiyana. I wont make this long because honestly, this write up would take a few hours. This floozy is now married to an oblivious chump only to cover all the scandalous sh*t she has done. heres some small examples Nik: lil miss wendys has f*&#d around with her hubbys ex best friend, a dj (right in the dj booth too) and then she started dating the dj’s brother. And that brother happens to be the current hubbys BEST FRIEND! Shes been passed around like a joint! Everyones taken a hit or 2. Nik, can you please tell the brown girls of surrey and vancouver that red and blonde hair DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ON THEM! This girl needs to stop drinking and making a fool of herself. Her marriage is just a front! Ill end by saying this. My gf was going out with a guy who used to hang with lil miss brown wendys and her hubby. She never felt safe whenever her man went over there alone because miss wendys would wait for her poor sap hubby to pass out and then she would pounce on the prey! DO not take your men anywhere near this red devil. You have been warned

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Hoes Shacking Up

September 29, 2014 Surrey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: ew these to stank pssy ho’s are shacking up. surrey finest, gross

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Old Bag

September 26, 2014 Surrey 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is teison biggest perv in surrey slept with taylor which is her husband now while she was his gym teacher and slept with brad yomans while they were her student biggest sk ank ever to be in surrey post this pig old woman for being a perv watch out kids shes coming for u

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Best Buy Christian Reich GM Forced Me To Lie

September 24, 2014 Dirty Business, Surrey 17


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am an X manager from Best Buy South Surrey who has been hired under false so called values by one of the most evil deceptive and a hazard to the environment companies I have ever had the misfortune of working for. When I was hired I was told that the compnay values were of the highest standard and that they keep them in high regards! Yet every day at work I would be caught up in meetings where my general manager would coach me in how to lie to customers in order to sell their extended insurance! At first I thought I was in a dream but soon I realized that this is how the company makes their pure profit and that this is how my GM gets his fat bonus checks! Soon after I discovered that the companies fake values were an obvious front for what really goes on behind closed doors! During this time the employees get to anonymously let the upper staff know what they fel needs to be changed. On our last view point my General Manager Christian Reich decided to bribe people with $20 bills and $25 dollar gift certificates days before viewpoint in exchange for their positive votes for him!! I witnessed him on 3 occasions handing over a $20 dollar bill to younger staff members then saying “I want to say thanks for all your hard work and wanted to give you this $20 bill for your efforts here at Best Buy and can you take your view point survey?”. He would then follow the staff members into the private room where the surveys would take place and even stay in the room behind them as they did their survey! On top of his dishonesty he also engaged in illegal drug and alcohol consumption with other staff who he later favortized and protected when they were caught. I guess this is what happens when you hire a kid to be a GM and he does not have the maturity to run a business. In addition to an already dishonest company who hires dishonest people who are trained liers they also have the worse environmental impact with their massive disgarding of metal, electronics, paper and plastic all being thrown into the same containers!

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Surrey Jack Alert

September 24, 2014 Surrey 158

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This lying Surrey douche bag, Waseem Khalil, goes around trying to prey on girls claiming to be 29 years old when in fact he is 38 years old!! What a creepy mofo! He a low life that works at his fathers business answering phone calls and doing account payments, so pretty much just using his Dad. BUT he goes around telling girls that he went to film school (over 10 years ago and dropped out) trying to impress them so he can get lucky. This asshole even almost drove a girl to a point where suicide was an option for her. He thinks because he is a light skinned indian guy that every girl will fall in love with him. Girls let me make this easier : its 4.5 inchs and there are skin tags surrounding it. He has NO respect for women and thinks very little of them.He thinks they should just be used and controlled. Hes into transformer figurines, anime tshirts and toys, and loves watching other people play video games on youtube. Hes just an old bald guy that is having a mid life crisis and wants to take anyone down with him. So he poses with girls and tries to put up a “cool” image. Ladies please avoid him and dont believe anything he says.Compulsive liar!One more thing, Guys, keep your sisters,cousins,step sisters,friends,aunts, and pets away from this toxic cretin.

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The Lorax

September 24, 2014 Chilliwack, Surrey 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this homewrecker moved from Chilliwack to be closer to my ex boyfriend whom she ucked in my bed while I was at work. She’s so pathetic that she buys him whatever he wants. If it’s 2 am he would call her and she would run to bring him whatever. She’s disgusting. She used to come to my house when I wasn’t home and even made facebook accounts under other names just to talk to him. She made an identical facebook account under my ex’s best friends name with all the same information. Any men interested in this beached whale? She will do just about anything to feel loved. She’s obviously psychotic. Fat pig whos 240 pounds with a gunt that hangs way over her pants. DISGUSTING.

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Body Odor Pepsi Slores

September 23, 2014 Surrey 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessie (red bottoms) and to her left Chantelle (black bottoms) two of the ugliest slores of Surrey, you can find them either getting drunk and parading through various newton establishments looking for pepsi from random guys or you can find them downtown slooting away. These two sloots are gossip queens and try to flirt with everyones bfs on purpose, guess what ladies it doesn’t work. Chantelle cant get any guys because of her hideous face and body odor so she tried asking my bf to chill when she knew he was taken and Jessie is a little gremlin looking midget who looks like if jay leno and Gollum from lord of the rings had a baby and that baby took a poo and out came Chantelle, complicated explanation really but its understandable. Nik put these sloots on blast we need to alert the females around them to stay clear from their devilish ways.

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Henry Bolar the King Pin of Bonnyville

September 22, 2014 Bonnyville, Surrey 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this is henry bolar he moved here from surrey to sell pepsi and other stuff please post this low life drug dealer that cheats on his fat girl friend that works at the bank. I slept with him once then found out his women works at the bank. he sells to that carlos losser then carlos sells to kids can u please put this person up I hope he leaves town even though he just bought a house with his fat girlfriend that he cheats on every time he goes out! thanks nik

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