Daisy Needs To Keep Her Legs Closed

August 12, 2014 Abbotsford, Surrey 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whore is Daisy. She needs to stay away from taken men. She has been msgin my man for a few weeks now I found msgs on his phone and this slut has a history of doing this. She is a going no where loser. 31 years old still taking the bus to work. Her parents kicked her out because they caught her to many times sneaking random guys into her room. I heard that she doesn’t even clean her house and goes months without doing laundry. And the fag in the picture is a retard who thinks this smurf looking troll is gonna be his wife words from the wise. You can’t turn a ho into a house wife. This girl has many different drd’s. And word is she got them from her days of making low budget porn. Daisy go back to what ever hole you crawled out of and you are not hot at all you look like a pile of dog shit. So nasty. Nik put this whore on blast. Another surrey/abotsford whore. Spreading her stuff. You talk so much shit about ppl now you can hear and see what ppl think of you Daisy. Eww

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Akmal, Mall Theif

August 12, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Akmal Balooch, the worlds ugliest lizard face creature his job is working at the doller store and on his time off he goes back to the doller store and tries to rob it for candy then he smokes crack and will rob you in the streets when your reading the news paper! he hangs out with little kids and they all do bad bad drugs disguisting, so not mature for 23 year old watch out for him hes a bad one girls !!! XD by the ways his … uhm you know is so SMALL!!! thats comming from me haha trust me I KNOW

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Angie Maher

August 12, 2014 Abbotsford, Surrey 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this whore at Vancity. We hung out a few times. She gave me the worst head and was the worst lay ever. Then she would call and text me all day long after a fee weeks I have her another chance. And again boring. But the worst smelling vag I have ever been around. Now she calls me telling me she wants me. Well I find out she is married to some white dude. I confront her and she tells me he is a doctor and has no time for her. lIES. I find out he is not a doctor but just a waiter at some lounge. What a liar. The worst part about this whore is she lies like crazy. Angie you freaky slut. Your married and if your not happy then get a divorce. Don’t go out trying to fck every dude nik put this ugly Fijian whore on blast and Angie you are from Fiji and married to a white dude and your going no where and straight up your ugly. So hopefully this puts you in your place and Mr. Trevor sorry Ito hear what a whore your wife is.

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Leaving a Trail of Destruction

August 11, 2014 Surrey 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Aaron Morgan. A liar, a cheater, an emotional abuser and manipulator. This guy thinks hes god’s gift to women. He and his ego will run though a girl and shatter her heart faster than you can blink. He’s out for one thing, and he doesn’t care how he gets it or who gets hurt in the process. This guy emulates Rico Suave at first and will make you think you’re special and important, only to turn around and toss you out on your ass once he’s had his fill, but not before he’s broken down your confidence and trust. He gets off on using and abusing any good girl and has complete disregard for the consequences of his actions. Aaron refuses to care about any damage he’s caused and simply moves on to the next victim. He’s very convincing with his pretty words but they are all lies. Aaron is a fire fighter in Surrey, which of course will seem appealing at first but really he is not worthy of wearing any patches. Aaron has no reservations of destroying any hopes and dreams of the girls he goes after. I’m sure he takes pride in knowing that his malicious acts destroy any hard work a girl puts in to better herself only to end up being left lying in the dirt and struggling with sleepless nights. Word needs to get out about this guy and the emotional and physical damage he causes.

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Candice Lander

August 8, 2014 Surrey 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, i wanna hear what you have to say about this Surrey junkie. Her name is Candice Lander. she likes to smoke, snort, and have dirty sex with whoevers willing. oh yeah headsup guya if you have some extra drugs she’ll probably suck your dick if you share with her. did i mention she still walks around acting like top shit? teehee its funny cause shes just a 20 year old highschool drop out going nowhere except the brothel. ) last but not least . . . FIX YOUR GOD DAMN EYEBROWS ! !

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Nasty Amanda Fern Prasad

August 7, 2014 Surrey 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Amanda Fern Prasad, this Mcdonalds assistant manager chick gave me herpes and ruined my life. She lied and said she was single, she said she didn’t have a boyfriend but the whole time she did. Im never eating Mcdonalds again it just makes me think of that scandalous whore. I was so into her and she told me she was clean. I normally would never eat out a chick and the next day I had herpes on my lip herpes on my dick. Now I realize she’s just a bar hopping slut. She says she\’s not native but she sure drinks like one on Hastings. She’s a regular at bars all over BC, strip bars, swinger clubs, dives. This girl chick is a herped up bar hopping Closet case drug addict you’ve been warned, watch out for Amanda Fern Prasad she\’s looking to spread her disease…

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Victoria’s Worst

August 6, 2014 Surrey, Victoria 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets interduce ppl to shaesta Rajabali from victoria . Slut would be a nice thing to say about this drd infest chic. she trolls websites trying to meet ppl and then shows up in her 1990 toyota corolla and opens her door cause the windows dont roll down ( i guess anyone who claims they make as much money as her could afford more then $500 dollars for a car) this chic talks shit about everyone she sees only to cover the fact that she is a big time pepsi and drd whore. Nik put this girl on blast she needs to understand that she is what we call a PRACTICE GIRL . and will never be a wife Shaesta stop calling ppl pepsi heads when ur on pepsi and the palms of ur feet are pointed to the sky taking whoever was willing to pay the $40 blast this hoochie Nik

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Danielle Power Scanlan

August 4, 2014 Surrey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, When i first met this lying twisted psycho fuck, was when she first moved here to B.C With her now ex bf. (who is also the father of her 2 year old son) She was a lazy, nagy, bitchy cunt who never takes responsibilities for her own actions and not once or ever will she show appreciation for anything she has gotten in life. She’s never worked hard at anything or done anything on her own without her parents or families money, and she has never cared about the family her child needs. She sleeps around with all of our friends and talks about other people like they can’t hear or see what shes doing. Shes a hoe and its time people start viewing her as the slut she is sleeping with my bf…. She even went as far as to fuck a married man and everyone or anyone she can get her hands on. She never takes care of her child, just pawns him off to who ever’s next or can so that she can go camping with her boy toys, have guys come over to fck her or go party like shes 16 again. Danielle, you need to grow the fck up and start acting like a parents you crusty ass hoe.

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