Self Centered Helen Floyd

March 25, 2014 Kamloops, Surrey 8 6,573 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, meet Helen Floyd of Kamloops B.C. This immature cow is an ego maniac with the brain of a hormonal teenager. Narcissistic, rude, conceited and basically a self-absorbed waste of oxygen who expects us to grovel at her feet like the unwashed masses she sees other people as. She is someone who talks just to hear herself speak(because no-one else will listen). Her personality is not dissimilar to a combination of Bernard Manning, Roy Chubby Brown and Adolf Hitler after consuming copious amounts of acid and alcohol on a week-long bender. She is thick as pig shit, thinks she knows everything yet knows absolutely nothing, loud and oppressive both at home and in public, totally socially inept, bores the fuck out of everyone with her bigoted opininons, pisses off everyone she comes into contact with, loses any friend she makes or any job she gets, acts like a spoilt little brat, whinges about everything, is never happy, completely financially irresponsible and totally useless in every aspect of her adult life. Please show her the same courtesy as she showed me and post this useless french twat.

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Another Surrey Escort Exposed

March 24, 2014 Surrey 17 9,611 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well look who it is, its Maria Tequila! Aka Ma Ria. BFFs with the one and only, Ariel Ellison! Ariel Ellison was posted on here a few days ago for her dirty escorting ways so why not post Ma Ria on here to since she was ‘bragging’ on Ariel’s comments about how ‘proud she was to be an escort’ well here you go Ma Ria! Now you can be proud that everyone knows…hope both you girls are ringing in the big bucks now $$$ whores.

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Avnit Kumar Sleezeball

March 21, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 134 11,980 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik This sleeeze ball avnit kumar is the biggest douche bag ever. He cheated on me how many times with random girls he met at clubs or even girls he worked with. I kicked him to the curb a few months ago. He still trying to get me back while banging other girls I wouldn’t doubt it if this guy has drds watch out ladies he’s a bad guy to hang out with. He used to hit me when he would get drunk with his friends. He will act all nice to you just to get in your pants. This loser still lives with his parents at home Nik put him on blast

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Vinny “The Midget” Narayan

March 20, 2014 Surrey 127 8,973 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to this “3 feet” midget VINNY from surrey! This dude talks shit about everyone, can’t even keep a set of decent friends! He tries to steal peoples GF’s/WIVES and lies about his age! This little douchebag is ACTUALLY 39yrs old and is currently cradle rocking a 20yr old named MANISHA KUMAR! That’s fckin gross man! He tries to talk the talk and walk the walk but he ain’t shit! His famous quote is “Hey Hun, how’s it going?” He tries to sweet talk girls by putting his friends down and being the one to “run” to when they have a problem in there relationship therefore he’s attempting to steal them away. He has broken up so many relationships including marriages! He was with this fat cow CHRISTINE KUMAR, he also banged the dirtiest girl in surrey PRIYA and her friend RUKSHANA, he’s been with so many dirty girls, it would take me all night to name them all out! He thinks his hobby is DJ’n except he is horrible at it! He really needs to get his shit together and stop thinking he’s a player, he can’t get girls, he steals them! Buddy your almost 40 and your now trying to sell drugs, kinda late for the game! We need to bitch slap you back to FIJI! Anyone trying to find this little man, you can reach him at Poor guy lol if hes “3 feet” tall then I can’t imagine his PP size! Nik what do you think?

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Mc-Donalds Police Informants

March 20, 2014 Surrey 47 6,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Tracy & James Harper. They are Confidential Informants for the police! They are also trying to press charges against my friend but sadly don’t have enough evidence on the alleged culprit. They live in south surrey and own and operate Mc-donalds these 2 greasy monkeys can always be seeing grilling a cheeseburger, The father James likes to lock him self up in motels doing pills venting him self from society while the mother b*tches about her d*m salad bowl being misplaced always pouting off about how she’s going to take all her sleep med’s, They also have a real slutty daughter Cara Harper who likes taking it doggie style while the guy giving it to her is wearing her daddy’s old slippers she’s also always stuffing her ugly face full of mc-chickens and also go’s to the police but in the end has no proof or even any evidence to hold up in a Canadian court, Nik This cheeseburger eating family is full humiliation who recently had there door kicked inn put this trashy family on the blast,

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Murk Maloy

March 19, 2014 Surrey 7 5,312 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, so this right here is surrey’s finest pook. Dakota James Maloy, or “Murk Maloy” as he wants to be known as. Biggest player, heartbreaker and skid ive ever met in my life ! Hes dated and fucked with every girl in surrey. He’s been with all my friends, and tried to get with me, but i wouldnt give him any. He thinks hes hot shit, except the only girl that would stay with him is the so called “Blonde, blue eyed native”  I saw she was on her and i laughed soooo hard. Amber or whatever, just love sucking this kids dick. Hes got a kid, with another surrey slut, Jessica Lebreton. His mom and stepdad are amazing people, so i dont know how he turned out to be such a fucktard. He calls his little sister a Dyke, cause she likes girls and he always tell her to hid his weapons and drugs in his parents apartment for him. He has no contact with his kid anymore and his baby mama isnt even taking care of the baby. Dakota is a huge crack head, hes on speed, coke, meth, everything you can think of. Dating the nastiest natives you can find. He almost punch me in the face once (im his ex) Cause he dropped anf broke his pipe while smoke weed. Hes a fucking goof and he needs to be on here so Other girls dont fall for his bull shit.

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Surrey’s Finest Drughead

March 19, 2014 Surrey 32 5,805 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This Ra*chet Meth head her name is “Amber Petreny” Goes By “Surreys Finest” or “bonde blue eyed native” . Shes a dead beat mother that ditched her 4-5 month old child for jib . Theres even a video of saying jib is more important that her child. And she has also sold her shoes for half a point of jib and walked home. She leachs on to anyone that will hand her mth. Please put this deadbeat on blast .. you wont regret it . She is the definition of a sl*t she needs to stop selling her cloths and start supporting that poor child

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Dirty Darnell Naiker

March 18, 2014 Surrey 101 6,464 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gents we welcome you the one and only DIRTY D DARNELL NAIKER aka BROWNIE, this dirty Fijian’s time has come, warning to all the ladies he needs to be put on blast. Darnell Naiker is a small time crack/coke dealer in surrey where he lives in his mommys basement! This guy has tried to rape several girls by giving them drugs and has even payed hookers for sex! He raped this poor innocent 16 year old punjabi girl just cause she wouldn’t do drugs with him, sick much? Darnell is the biggest shit talker you will ever meet, he’s got no money, no car, no legit job, he can’t even afford his own place let alone his mom (Raj Naiker) president of some Hindu temple shit jacks money from there so she can pay her bills and rent! Darnell doesn’t know how to talk to girls, the only way he can get laid is thru drugs, alcohol, or the old fashion way, pay for sex! He has tried to force me in bed by slipping something in my drink when I just thought he wanted to be friends. Beware ladies, Darnell needs to be recognized! As of the guys out there, most of them want Darnell dead and the others keep your women in check! He is wanted by many for various reasons (owing large amounts of money is one) LOL Ladies…rumour has it, Darnell’s penis size is the size of a triple AAA battery, most girls have asked “is it in yet?”

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