Surrey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Sean Prasad, GHB Predator

December 2, 2014 Surrey 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this sick fck tried drugging my little sister , thank god she got out of there ok, we need to find where this guy hangs out so we can prevent stuff like this happening to anyone elses daughter or sister

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Michael Hart

December 2, 2014 Surrey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: LADIES BEWARE!!! This man, his name is michael hart. Yes, that’s right. He likes to remark on the people of different ethnics for making a various cuisines, you shall find the facebook photo of his racial remarks. Ever since 2010, he likes to show off by boasting that how much “wannabe” he is. He loves posting the most inappropriate photos on the facebook to show his interest in pornography. Yes, that’s right, i am talking about him, the pornography addict. He also loves to spoke the “N word”, like the hiphop artists. In surrey, he used to reside on the streets of whalley neighbourhood, most likely got a serious problems. PLEASE SPREAD THE PHOTOS OF HIM AROUND THE INTERNET AND IF YOU SEE HIM, STAY AWAY FROM HIM PLEASE!

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Beware of Parvider Grewal

December 2, 2014 Surrey 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is the dirtiest of all Vancouver mainland. Her name is Parviender Grewal, mother of two and owns a tire store in Surrey, BC. She is east indian but pretends she is white, acts very racist against other and treats her employees like shit. Her ex husband dumped her because he couldn’t deal anymore with this B****… her sons can’t handle her either. She is all over internet POF and Craigslist trying to find man to hook up. Few weeks ago i found out she was texting my husband but i haven’t found out what really happened. I have other friends telling me that she has slept with alsmost every men in the valley. Nik please help me put her face out there so other can be aware of this whore.

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Womanizing Scumbag

December 1, 2014 Surrey 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: He has always cheated on his GF’s and has his current GF since they have been together.. All he does is lie to anyone who will listen.. He thinks his cock is big when in fact it isn’t… He has given me an drd and I am sure he has his GF as well. He lives in Surrey is going to University. Meets his women thru school or online. I have even gone as far as laugh with him about his GF. Look out women he maybe easy on the eyes but he is an Asshole and will Fck anything that’ gives him any attention… You can find him on websites looking for sex!! Look out women! He doesn’t care about abyone but himself ! He goes by the name of Alex and I am sure if you do meet he will make you feel like your number 1 but remember yoi might be now but more likely one of hundreds of women he has fcked ! I don’t know why his Gf is still with him all he does is cheat…

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Surrey Bottle Rat

December 1, 2014 Surrey 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ugly little troll with Jay Leno’s face loves to stalk exes, drink all day, and dig for Pepsi when she’s shitfaced. She either whines about her ex, or starts preaching (WTF?) when she’s fcked up enough. She smells like B.O. and rotting tuna. Time to put Rebecca Dawn Gulenchyn on blast!

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Worst Person

December 1, 2014 Surrey 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: normally I do not believe in this site at all, however, this guy is the worst of the worst. I met him on a dating site and we started dating, I honestly believed he was a nice guy. Minus the fact the he was unemployed and had no money, I thought he had a good heart. Boy oh boy was I wrong. I found out he’s compulsive liar, married, has kids and has a bad drinking problem. Lied about everything he ever told me. Would steal my car at night while I was sleeping to go see other girls and take it during the day to “job search”. He gave me a drd, played me for a fool. His ex-girlfriend or wife keyed up my car, because he was lying saying it was his. This man is so evil. This is a warning to all other woman out there, stay away from him. His name is Immanuel but I was told he goes by a few different names.

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Kock Gobblin’ Kat

December 1, 2014 Surrey 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Miss “Kat Lau” or better known as Kathryn Lau. She is the most cock hungry whore I have ever had the disadvantage of meeting. She sits on POF all day waiting for her next “Sugar Daddy” to arrive, even while she’s sitting there with the current guy she’s spreading her legs for. I’m surprised she can even open her legs with that giant amount of fat she’s got on them, must make the smell worse. She used to just show up with random money, even though she couldn’t of worked in weeks, legit anyways, and for a Craigslist escort she only charged $20 a pop! I’ve seen this skrag naked and damn, she’s got some nasty orangutan nipples and thunder thighs as wide as the highway you can’t even see what her vag looks like, you can just smell it. She thinks her dirty trailer park tattoos & fake glasses make her hot. This dirty, lying, FAT (don’t let the angles fool you) thief needs to be put on blast. Everyone needs to know that this one has some SERIOUS drd’s… the kind that don’t go away!

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Delicious Dakota

November 27, 2014 Coquitlam, Surrey 176

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Ashton Connors, but she also goes by the names LOVELY MISS CALLIE Callahan and delicious Dakota. She claims to be an elite escort, but uses the dating website badoo to deceitfully ensnare her potential clients. She has serious substance abuse issues and problems paying her bills and rent. Tsk, tsk. This is not the behavior of a supposed elite escort. It is time to grow up Ashton Connors if you want to be a true Canadian COURTESAN companion.

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