Surrey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Powder Sniffing Demon

November 4, 2014 Surrey 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik this is Jessica I would say her last name but i’m not sure which one of her Ex’s name is she using? Mairid, Khangura, Deol or Damri. Jessica is a Cock Devouring Fake face and Boob having Joke of a Mother. She cry’s that her daughter is on the Dirty and calls it CyberBulying then “Blackmails” her Ex’s family saying that she is going to post something about her Ex’s Niece on the Dirty. (She Actually thinks its going to bother her Ex LMFAO!!) She calls everyone a Dipper but she Can’t even Communicate with English. There’s a difference between not being able to properly speak the language and not even able to say a sentence. (She’s lived in Canada for more than 15 years) She Make’s fun of people for their weight so she won’t feel so bad about her 7 ABORTIONS!! She sits on the Dirty 24/7. Copy and Pasting crap from Google. Put this Slut on Blast Nik, I have work in 5 minutes (I actually provide for y family) That’s why i didn’t go all out.

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Drunk Animal Abuser

November 3, 2014 Surrey 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Stefanie Septon of good ol’ Surrey B.C.. This mother of 2 is a raging drunk, only happy or tolerable when she is, according to her boyfriend steven. All she does is complain about her youngest then blames drinking and her shitty personality on the kid. She just recently aquired 2 rabbits. When she found out they once belonged to an ex of her bf\’s she said “I want nothing to do or have any connection to her” and just let them go on the street to get run over on 96th and laughed about it. They were pets not outside wild bunnies you fuckin b**ch.Thats what the SPCA is for, are you too dumb to make a phone call. Her bf is a really great guy. Stephan, you need to wake up! your girl is crazy, abuses your daughter,does nothing but put you down, is only ok to be around when shes drunk…move on, you could do way better brother and take that poor little girl with you 2. Stephanie, if it wasnt for steve and his mother you would have nothing, but I guess I would be a angry hateful person to. Go be with the guy you want to be with and let steve go.

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A True Guildford Sloot

November 3, 2014 Surrey 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Holy crap what a true surrey sloot, I have seen many postings but THIS GIRL IS TRULY A SURRY SLUT…Stephanie hurst..this girl has been knocked up at least 4 times that I know of, had 2 of 3 kids taken away by te ministry. She continues to breed as well as continues to cheat and dupe men. She’s had more drd’s than surrey has southeast Asian citizens…she has horrible personal hygiene, spend her entire welfare check on booze, and let her pedo brother “shoe shine” watch her kid b4 the ministry stepped in. Oh ya. Shoe shine, her brother…took $2 two Canadian dollars to lick the bottom of some guys shoe…the whole family is fcked. Even her tacky ass, saprano wife wannabe cousin Darby, who thought naming her daughter heaven backwards was clever…a buddy of mine trid to convince me she was worth saving, she “has potential” he said…right before she have him an sti and losses his bed….gross smelly c*nt that everyone including her uncle has fcked…I feel sorry for the guy she’s trapped now..he’ll eventually clue in like every guy that tried to be a dad to her kids before..

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Her Dream Come True

November 3, 2014 Coquitlam, Surrey 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is the definition of dirt!!! not only will she screw u and all your friends but she’ll screw their girlfriends as well. normaly sluts like this are good times but this one’s too insecure and dirty to share her lovely lesbian sluts with her boyfriend. u wanna talk double standards, u can screw the city and their sports teams but i’m nasty because i want to screw u and your bestie at the same time?? waste of a bi sexual bonus if you ask me… not to the sludge, what do u know about hiv tests? nothing because you know you already have it so who needs a test right??? finaly this bitch is so sludge worthy she will fight with you for almost 2 years swearing on anything and everything that “you are the father”, then she waits until you believe her, man up and be the father that baby needs, only to have her mommy do a dna test with her ex boyfriend behind your back to mess with your head and prove you were right when you questioned the baby. sadly your no longer the father and you can kiss your “child” goodbye because its not actually yours… this pond sludge of a person doesn’t care about anything, anyone or even a little baby… all she wants is dope, drd’s and the baby she can’t even take care of properly

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Disgusting Couch Hopper

November 3, 2014 Surrey 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Surrey’s nastiest couch hopper honestly when she talks and looks like a man it’s impossible to believe she has even had three kids because when i look at her i think she either must have a wide pssy or she looks so much like a man i wonder why people would even fk her and her baby ain’t no better he’s literally a monkey man so that’s how she got him honestly because they came from the same breed they aren’t even human and those kids NEED to sty in MINISTRY if ministry has any brains they would keep this woman i mean man away from these kids she uses you for money a place to stay and eats all your food steals your clothes and she’s an extra extra and wreaks peoples clothes that are a size 00 or 0 and thinks she is small fat person in denial and the other day she fuked three homeless guys in a bush and likes to try and fck other peoples mans and all she eats is microwaved dinner time for a new diet i think so?? Nik she thinks she isn’t a slut when she has fcked way more than she can even count sad the epilipces must be getting to her she must hit herself in the head to much she belongs in a mental hospital she thinks she is hot shit do you think so nik ?? would you?? this slut needs to be stopped!! or thrown in ditch!! either is equal!!

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Carpet dont match the Drapes

October 29, 2014 Surrey 135

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey DIRTY ARMY! I have a new soldier for u. take a look at this hottie sure she aighnt a natural blonde but she got me believin blondes not only have more fun they r more fun PERIOD shes a party girl hella fun! down for it all. slip her a football give her some coke n a smile she will ride that d for hourzzz. those titties be bouncin all she wants is a line, some booze & a hard d*ck. now who could turn that down.  does she get the official nik approval?

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Spreads like PB

October 28, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: The headline says it all..the crazy thing here is That you look up her ex (who is also here on the dirty) she admits she is on welfare…claims to have a protection order from baby daddy but will fck him in the park..fucked a guy the same day she met him cuz he asked her to pet His snake…with her daughter in the bed! Yea she is such a good parent her kid is unweight and looks like a gremlin..she has never had a job but brags about being on welfare and having everything…the only thing she has to brag about is that she spreads like crunchy peanut butter..the only good thing about her “parenting” is that her kid is to young to know her mom is a bike that lives for meeting ppl to smoke pot and pop pills Some one report her to welfare and have her kid taken…seriously..I guess in her case tessa You are a better parent then your crck smoking/meth doing/coke snorting parents..other then that you are a prime example of why I dont fck surrey rachets unless im really desperately needing to get offand got five dollars to spare

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Jatinder Brar

October 23, 2014 Surrey 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik, check out jatinder brar, another fcken Surrey jack wannabe. R u surprised this fuken loser still lives with mommy? one to many bowls of mammas butter chicken.this fck thinks his shit don’t stink,yeah ur bigtime selling fireworks outta ur pos car. Nothing has changed since since la still a fcken joke.Legit biz?we all know da shit your really into don’t we g?

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