Marilou Fortin

June 16, 2014 Richmond-BC, Surrey 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Marilou S Fortin is going around having unprotected sex spreading her drd . Cheating with other peoples boyfriends having sex with multiple guy’s a day, people stay away from her she has drd . She has been infecting men since she was like 15 . Do not date this girl she will cheat on you if you wanna fck her just give her drugs she trades sex for drugs . She is basically a prostitute that get’s paid in drugs. We need to put a stop to her spreading her std\’s so many guys have been affected by her she is a user.

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Wicked Witch of the Westcoast

June 16, 2014 Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Roohi Sheikh. She and her family reside in Surrey B.C. Roohi is a dangerous woman. She poisoned myself and members of my family because her daughter was obsessed with my fiancee. My family and I survived, but we lost a lot of our money due to medical costs. It took us two years to fully recover from our ordeal. I can’t contact the police because there is no evidence linking her to the crime. I have reason to believe she’s been doing this for years, and knows how to cover her tracks. Nobody would suspect a mother of five children could be capable of such a horrendous act. Although I can’t get justice for myself and my family, I want to prevent her from repeating what she did to someone else, because I just know she’ll strike again. Roohi masks herself well. She comes off as a good hearted, religious woman who prays daily. Underneath she is pure evil. It\’s not easy to get away from her once she sets her sights on you, but you can protect yourself. DO NOT take anything to eat or drink from this woman. She will try to lure you with foods such as bakhra (goat curry). DO NOT give out personal information. She preys on highly successful people, namely men. This report may sound ridiculous. I’ll admit, I would have my doubts if I read a similar report from someone else; but it’s the stone cold truth. It’s not a matter of being gullible. She is quite clever, and knows how to get what she wants. Roohi, if you’re reading this right now, I SURVIVED!!!!

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Alicia Cory

June 16, 2014 Surrey 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl here is nasty as fck. Has a new boyfriend every week and always cheats on them with other guys. Has no problem sleeping with other girls boyfriends and will hook up with anyone that shows her attention..she’s a hood rat and rips people off for everything cause she’s a thief. She got knocked up and didn’t know who the dad was and had some guy thinking he was the dad and when the baby was born he came out brown..pretty much everyone has slept with her guys and girls I wouldn’t be surprised if she had something either.. You need to put this trashy hoe on blast!

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Tiffany Beswick’s Husband Is A Notorious Cheater

June 13, 2014 Hamilton, Surrey 173

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tiffany Beswick is married to CFL player Marc Beswick of the Hamilton Tiger-cats. Marc is a notorious serial cheater who has slept with half of the greater Vancouver area without a condom, he has knocked up so many women and paid for abortions, he has multiple girlfriends in Surrey, Coquitlam and Hamilton and has yet another baby on the way with a makeup artist named candace pernarsky. He even was cheating in the days before their wedding last year, apparently Tiffany BUSTED him and this stupid twat still married this diseased nasty guy. She talks shit about all the other women as if they even KNOW about her because he denies being with anyone or being married or tells people they’re married but separated. She needs to look in the mirror and figure out why she isn’t good enough to keep her man satisfied and change or better yet get a LIFE and move on. He cheats because this loser is weak and will always take him back. she plays mommy to his 3 kids and its pathetic. everyone is having kids by this man BUT her. so funny. Tiffany grow a pair and get some PRIDE woman, you’re a damn fool. Everyone laughs at you behind your back and every chick has NO respect for you, but thats not hard to believe when you have no respect for yourself. leave before you get an drd you moron.

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Sandeep Mann

June 13, 2014 Surrey 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sandeep Mann, is a piece of crap, he thinks hes an amazing Dj, thinks hes sooo hot and thinks it’s fair to find girls online, meet them in person, use them, and than run back to his wife and pretend he doesn’t know whats going on, leave it to a pig to do this, Surrey’s girls must be filled with A*ds by now, if you see this clown, keep your girls away before they catch something lol and for you fellow girls, your better off not falling for the accent and just getting a dog, they’re loyal and won’t lie to you. Go back to your own country and get lost their you bastard!

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Lochella Grand

June 12, 2014 Maple Ridge, Surrey 198

THE DIRTY ARMY: BEWARE anyone in MAPLE RIDGE or EAST VAN…. there is a slooth on the loose….. her name is LOCHELLA GRAND but she goes by LOCHELLA J. KOSTYK on Facebook and lovancity on IG. She is your typical white trash slut, she is a heroin dealer, cocaine user and oxy popping pill head who is always so doped up on drugs that she cant take care of her daughter, clean her house or do laundry or bathe her kid… the dishes are piled up and bugs are always flying around. It\’s the most infested disgusting house. She is the WORST mother, she gets drunk and leaves her daughter sleeping while she goes to neighbors and gets high and wasted, she\’s a welfare bum loser who cant get off her ass to work a JOB or go to school but she\’ll drive to meet her dealer in E.Van and fuck old married men for free tattoos. She\’s a RAT and a snitch so be careful not to tell her the TRUTH about herself, she\’ll call the cops, make up lies and false reports… yet this diseased cow says she\’s affiliated with HELLS ANGELS… YA RIGHT! Since when do they associate with RATS??? this shit talking drama queen has NO friends and the ones she has are all druggies or recovering druggies and no one hangs with her or calls her unless its to use her, like her dealer, pumping her full of drugs so she\’ll sleep with him. She has so many “issues” and diseases…. her face is always broken out with weird rashes, she CAKES makeup on and looks cheap. EVERYONE needs to know about this RAT SNITCH and stay away from her!

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Surrey Filth

June 12, 2014 Surrey 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this is Lindsay Burger and her bf Evan Hinton they are complete scum, for starters these two trailer trashes deal maryjane Evan has it tattooed on his neck so does his ex wife Ashley. Cute right! Try and get a real job with that. Lindsay stole her bestfriend Ashley’s husband to be, burger help the ex plan the wedding and then moved in for the score. There’s no score because the whole town of surrey sleeps with Evan, burger is just to dumb to realize. She thinks she’s tough shot because she has Evan. I stopped sleeping with Evan because he probably has caught some thing from all the girls he sleeps with. Watching Lindsay be the next Ashley is funny because she’s fatter and acts the exact same! Nik put these two on blast.

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Classic Douche Bag

June 11, 2014 Surrey 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off this guy thinks he is gods gift to earth. He is egotistical and thinks because he has a big dick hes great in bed. NEWSFLASH – You’re a terrible lay and he really needs to quit with pressuring girls to have sex with him. You will get an instant bladder infection once you sleep with him, even though he showers twice a day apparently he doesn’t know how to clean his pecker. He’s your best friend to your face but once you leave you’re his hot topic to talk about. But don’t let his tough exterior fool you — if he finds out people are talking shit about him he goes crying to his mommy!

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