Kassey Martel

June 10, 2014 Surrey 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the whore know as Kassey Lynn Martel. She is responsible for half the posts on her. So lets look into her life and see how real or fake she is…..O, she wears big rope chains from Ardenes for $5, she always has some face on her make up and someone should teach this sow its not sexy to have a bigger bra then your shirt or to take selfies where you shit. She puts a whole new spin on the word *chug*. She is a full-fledged alcoholic that yells and screams at her kid (well ya, shes a goof)Why they let a nasty ho have a baby anyway. She is a trainwreck that talks tough but shes a pussy. BUT STAY AWAY FROM HERS…..SHE MIGHT HAVE THE drdS!!

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Andrew Homeyer- 40 going on 18

June 9, 2014 Surrey 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Andrew Homeyer, A sociopathic middle aged man with a strong peter pan syndrome going on. First this guy leaves his Wife for another woman who was also married at the time. If that wasn’t bad enough he left her for was his ex-wife’s friend/buddy’s wife at the time. It get’s worse, He has two beautiful daughters with his ex-wife and the woman he left for has two sons that are friends with his daughters(Confusing as hell for the kids). He talks about this situation so self righteously it makes you sick to your stomach.

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Cathy Cochrane Shoutten

June 9, 2014 Surrey 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: In surrey british columbia !! – Cathy cochrane-schoutten - 37 - mother of 4yr old twins - lives in ***nt beach surrey - makes a habit of seducing married men - first husband left his wife and four children the youngest was five, whom she met at his company and wanted to climb the “ladder” by seducing him and offering her whorish services to climb into his pants – after she married her first husband and had twins, she quickly decided to date and sleep with multiple men that she had met on line - then she betrayed her “best friends” loyalty by fcking her friends husband all while pretending to be loyal to her husband and her friend - she came into her best friends house under the false pretence that their friendship was innocent all the while fucking her friends husband behind her friends back - she then got caught doing a threesome with two other guys - she maintained a relationship with her friends husband while she was also fucking a dentist in Seattle and a married guy from the UK, who she claimed to be in love with, and said she would leave her husband and her children for him, his wife told her to go fck herself and leave them alone, and cAthy said “what are u going to do to stop me” - now she\’s separated from her husband she sleeping around like a fucking whore and has got drd, be aware that if she uses her kids to become friends with u she is after your husband and your easy life I.e your money The most opportunist Pyscho bitch stay away for her!!

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Annoying pepsi Greek Stel P

May 29, 2014 Aldergrove, Surrey 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: This interesting character is Stelios Pap who lives in Aldergrove. Has no problem doing rails and rails of coke and then screwing any fat thing that weighs around 900 lbs. With that big Greek nose and size 46 waist, he has no problem cramming it right up there so far that he gave himself a deviated septum. This piece of work has a major addiction problem. We dated briefly and he then cheated on me with my sister who is about 375 lbs right now. We are not on talking terms her and I. Then I find out this coked out parrot nose, that is also a slumlord who drives a piece of shit white truck early 90s at his age. Was also fucking my fat best friend, this fat whale from the neighborhood pub with shitty eyebrows & this blimp that is not the cleanest broad in Aldergrove like town pump action. (No Condom, I am hearing and now she is prego with his kid.) at least I am to old to get Pregnant and I don’t need a 4th kid. But still STELIOS… You are the biggest liar to woman and you are so full of shit. Woman be warned this one takes the cake. He has a small wang too!!!! like tiny!!!

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Surrey Trash

May 27, 2014 Surrey 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chaelyn Rae, realiam Wallace, Chris Tilley, Ashley Ferguson. These 4 are surreys finest chaelyn is so desperate that her man realiam cheats on her tells her to move out and she wouldn\’t leave then she gets pregnant on purpose to keep him. Realiam is dirty skid fucking nasty bitches thinks he\’s going to be some big time rapper bitch please ooops does chaelyn no how many times you and Ashley fucked I bet not but keep in the crew. Chris well Surrey knows all about this skid 5 kids takes care of none has babies meets a new slut and ditches his kids sleeps with every nasty pig that crosses his path that\’s how he ended up with trashley. We all no trashley sleeps with guys to get cars, paint jobs whatecer is necessary so she don\’t got to pay. Fcks married men oops sorry all men married her friends boyfriends. Something these 4 all have in common well at least the guys do they both slept with trashley. Realiam your dirty keep your dick in your pants, chaelyn your a gold digger had a baby so your loser cheating boyfriend would take care of you, trashley your surreys looses nastys stinkest fck find your own man and Chris I could go on for days u dead beat useless piece of shit keep your small infested dick to yourself girls and guys stay away from these 4! Nik put them on bladt

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Theiving Couple

May 21, 2014 Surrey 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: This couple from surrey bc are trying to make other couple friends and they come to ur home and the wife goes into the washroom and steals money by sneaking into the bedroom. Nik ppl are horrible and I have 2 small children all this couple wants to do is blaze I am so shocked to see an girl come from India with such deceiving plans, then they get stoned and he was finger fucking his wife on our couch. So disgusting, warning to all ppl with families do not let this couple enter ur home

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Ratchet Parveen

May 20, 2014 Surrey 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Parveen Aulakh. This is the world’s ugliest creature. She is so friggin nasty. She has been around.. You’re probally wondering.. Who the F*K would sleep with that..Desperate people man. Desperate f*cking people. She’s tried to talk my boyfriend at the mall so many times.. He keeps ignoring her.. But she keeps on trying to talk to him . He even blocked her off fbook but guess what she did.. She just opened up a new facebook account and tried to add him again. How f*king desperate are you?!?! She is so god damn annoyingg, it’s ridiculous. She always calls RANDOMS for no reason, she flirts with any guy on fbook catfish. She doesnt understand english, I swear. She wanted to have a threesome with me and this guy one time it was a totall joke i just wanted to see what she will says We both looked at each other and thought.. “f*k that” .. Put her up on blast Nik. This b*tch adds every random guy possible.. Guys need to know to stay the F*K away from this nasty b*tch! STAY AWAY FROM MEN WHO R IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP U UGLY RAT.. LADIES BE AWARE OF THIS B*TCH .. HER LEGS R OPEN LIKE 7-11 24-7 GET YOUR FUCKING CLASS FIVE U SKYTRAIN HOE I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH THIS RAT EVERYTIME SHE COME TO CLASS SMELLING LIKE CURREY IN A HURRY AND HER MOUTH SMELT LIKE FRESH JIZZ PAPER BAG WHORE …BLLLAAASSSSSTT OFF NIK !

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Typhanie Ramsden

May 19, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 10

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THE DIRTY ARMYHere is the town bicycle, Tiffany Ramsden. She used to be fat, but then she lost a lot of weight and just has tons of stretch marks. Looks may deceive you because she looks like your average run-of-the-mill transsexual. This slut has some major daddy issues and constantly seeks validation from any guy by sending raunchy photos of her and nasty messages. Watch out for this whore fellas, wrap your dick!

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