Miss Charity Tanpreet Parmar

August 4, 2014 Surrey 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl tanpreet parmar is the biggest hoe in surrey she shows her image as a good girl but loves to fuck around with other guys. Tells guys she loves them and makes them her boyfriend tricks them into thinking she loves them and cares for them but in reality just makes another options. She never puts one hand in a basket. And fucks numerous guys at the same time. She will hop on any guys dick as soon as they message her om Facebook if they have any importance in the world. Loves the attention and acts as if she is sweet simple good girl but is a caniving bitch. She is selfish, egotistical, manipulative, and will say anything to control a guys mind. She will appologise to u and lie she is with the family but will be sleeping with other guys. She won her peoples choice award by buying votes. She uses guys for ownself and once done she throws them away. Loves to go after older guys. And makes her seem as if mature. She will create u as an option if you come anywhere close to her. She will always tell you what you need to hear but loves to fuck around. Biggest, lying decieving bitch in surrey watch out.

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Jessica Knotts Recovery Fraud

August 1, 2014 Surrey 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is surrey bcs Jessica Knotts this plate chaser claims to be a recovered drug addict but has been seen numerous occasions running around with groups of guys high as shit most likely prostitution herself for the Devils dandruff. it\’s sad but funny lol Jessica has a degree in addictions specialist we all know she has the experience but what boggles my mind Isthat she is going through this massive effort to pput up this huge sharade all to mask her giant load of past baggage and poor life choices from her past stop looking for pity and face the music some are fooled for now but it\’ll come to bite you in the ass.

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Nina Bennett (Roofing Diversity)

August 1, 2014 Surrey 5833

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. It is time now to turn our attention to the fraud queen herself. Ms. Nina Bennett. Through falsifying documents and claiming single as her marital status, she has recently frauded no less than 4 government agencies (Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation, Child Tax, Revenue Canada) for both monetary gains and other financial incentives. In addition to government fraud, she has also shown her willingness to fraud charities such as the Xmas bureau. A couple years ago she bragged about how she spent over $700 on Xmas gifts before convincing the Xmas bureau to send her more toys for her kids. When it comes to her vehicles, she quite frequently blames the mechanics for the problems she encounters due to lack of maintenance. Many people now deny help due to this blame. Awhile back while driving her children, she crashed her Jeep, probably driving while stoned, and claimed that a nearby cop “distracted” her. There is often a scent of marijuana that tends to trail her as she exits her vehicle. After this particular accident, she convinced Nick’s sister to loan them her van When the van was returned to Nick’s sister, it contained plenty of garbage, as well as maggots as illustrated by the photos I have included. In a fairly recent altercation that arose between Nina\’s mother and Nick, Nina essentially through Nick under the proverbial bus on her statement to the police until she realized that with Nick being gone, so goes her ability to pilfer his paycheque. TBC…

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He’s No Hero

July 31, 2014 Surrey 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Dirty army, here go again! This is Aaron Morgan, and I just want to warn everyone out there about this loser. Not only does he land his ex girlfriends in intensive care, but he goes one step further by destroying their dreams, trashing their good name and well basically destroying them and anything good they had going for them. This selfish jerk only thinks about himself and how h’s going to get his rocks off and doesn’t care how his actions affect the lives of others. Aaron is a fire fighter in Surrey BC, but trust me he’s no hero. Aaron needs to be put on the blast and he needs to learn that his actions have consequences. He needs to learn how to treat women, instead of being a malicious coward. What kind of fire fighter destroyes a life anyways?

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No one cares Rob

July 30, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is famous for his annoying facebook status rants! Rob word of advice, NO ONE FCKING CARES! You started the year off with your gym status updates…He needed everyone to know how awesome he was for going to the gym at 5am before work… lol.. bench press heavier weights bro.. Now that it’s summer he always tries to plans these lame ass BBQ’s in the most ghetto parks in Surrey…I’ve been once and I’ll never go again. Just a bunch of old losers getting drunk and high at the park… He’s still heart broken about his polish ex gf. Rob get over her already!!! Move the fck on bro! He likes to think he’s a DJ too. Always posting sample tracks online that he probably stole from someone else. I dunno how his friends even like him, he always talks shit about them. Made fun of Adam’s new home, something about a guy named homer being a junkie and some Nick guy being a shitty DJ. Word of advice Rob!!! You do drugs, you don’t even have a home and you aren’t a DJ either!!! Don’t rant about shit when u can’t even back urself up bro!

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Perverted Hot Shots

July 30, 2014 Surrey 138

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik for god sake please expose these surrey gangsters. , to the right Jujhar Bains and to the left is Arsh Klair. These guys think they can roam the streets of surrey without being touched and as well they think of everybody as peasants , To start with Jujhar loves to show off his parents money and clothes as you can see in the photo and also his nick name apparently is “Benzo Bains “. He loves to run his mouth on any social media website whether its about cars, money , and girls but in person he’s as quiet as a ghost and not to mention he tends to slip the occasionally pill in a girls think here and there from what I’ve heard. His best friend Arsh Klair is basically another replica of him , he acts as if he’s a one of a kind and a legend that is irreplaceable and a god for all women , he just loves to get close to women, earn their trust and manipulate them by having sexing with them or forcing them to buy him clothes and food . To conclude this Ali have to say is that these kids need a reality check and need to realize that flaunting your parents money and cars doesn’t make you the worlds most unique male

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Nick of Roofing Diversity

July 29, 2014 Surrey 6761

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a drug addicted scam-artist roofer will show up on site under the influence of narcotics and instruct his workers on the tasks he wants done. The workers, not knowing that they will not be paid, or will have their pay shorted, will generally do what asked without questoin. When workers quit, Nick will lure workers back by offering them incentives such as pay raises and better job sites. He currently has fines and fees outstanding through the Workers Compensation Board as well as through his GST#. Due to these past due amounts owing, he regularly relies on using registration numbers assigned to other people. This is clearly fraud on his part. And since he likely doesn’t pay those fees where he can get away with it, that would constitute theft as well. When his family asks him why he hasn\’t paid his workers he lies to them saying that he has made arrangements with his workers. His own brother now refuses to work with him out of disgust with Nicks business practices. I have personally witnessed an account where an unpaid worker, or someone sent by an unpaid worker, came looking for him on a jobsite although Nick was not around at the time. Unfortunaltey his dispicable actions are not limited to his business practices. Nick also has a history of faking heart attacks, as well as claiming he has cancer, in order to exploit sympathetic charity and avoid confrontations dating back to when he was using speed. He has likely never filed a tax return in his life. More later…

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Junkie Hoodrat

July 29, 2014 Surrey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Carla aka Taylor or coral seas. She does old men back to back all day, for 220 you can eat her pssy get a bare back blow Job whatever you want imagine being the tenth client that day greasy! Anyways this little troll is 25, has no education, no savings, no goals or future plans. She hope from house to house and has no idea about stability. And here’s the kicker she’s a junkie, her drug of choice is meth but if you have crack she will smoke that too. Girls as trashy and ghetto as they come. She has a kid, who doesn’t stand a chance with a cheap hoe junkie mom. This girl acts tuff but she’s just a powder puff surry junkie with no money, no real friends and a meth habit. Enjoy boys and girls

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