Steer Clear

March 11, 2014 Richmond-BC, Surrey 6 5,752 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a very very dirty loser drug dealer wanna be.. He thinks he’s a pimp haha he goes on Facebook msgs random slutty hoes and ask them to web cam with them & tells them to get naked and if they do he will buy them things & these girls are so dumb they believe it LOOL he does after young girls that have a few kids with different dudes , those are the easy ones he likes.. Btw did I mention he had a gf while he was doing this? Of 4 years? Ladies stay away unless you like small dicks & 2 minute man haha he lives in surrey with his mommy doesn’t have a car doesn’t have anything he lives off young slutty girls they fall for his bullshit.

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Surrey Loser

March 7, 2014 Surrey 119 7,281 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douchebag is Ricky Dhillon. He thinks he’s so awesome but he lives at home in his parents basement in Surrey and does nothing but get drunk and creep on unsuspecting women and try to have sex with while claiming he is a good guy and looking for a relationship. His game is this: He tells people that he is a longshoreman and has a lot of money.(I’m not a golddigger but this works on some women) He claims that he is from North Vancouver but in reality he is just another low-life from surrey. I was seeing this guy for a long time before I realized what a player and an asshole he really is.I don’t want other women getting sucked in by him. By the way he has been known to have sex in movie theatres and suffers from severe premature ejaculation! The guy finishes in literally 5 seconds!! Nik, please but this guy on blast! I was seeing him for a year and half and I’m tired of his games and fucking around!! Other girls should know about what this guy does!!

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Agent K

March 7, 2014 Surrey 954 13,015 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: My name is Dennis Watson. I’m a piece of shit. I run a website called gangster out.. My wife fuked some members and now I have a personal beef with them. I wanted the attention. Anyways. I’m the loser in the picture. My name is Dennis Watson. I live in surrey and I work at the post office. This is my innocent daughter that I caused all this shit for. I admit I’m a retard but not only am I ugly I’m also stupid!!

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Homewrecking Sloot

March 6, 2014 Surrey 405 11,404 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik.jus wann start off by sayin that this is jus a warning to all other women.keep your man away from komal Sidhu.she has stolen so much money from people she can’t even show her face in surrey no many ppl have commented on this site wanting to see her posted.well here she is.She fooled around with my EX bf in his car in her parents driveway nik stop this girl from ruining relationships she’s just another fat chug with rolls hangin from her stomach.nik put this girl on blast.

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Surrey Junkies

March 6, 2014 Surrey 2 7,894 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is ERICA J HALLDORSEN white rocks biggest m*th addict and worlds saddest mother. her daughter is young and she got prego by a native guy named bergial DEBUNGI guy takes her kid out hammered in a car and gets stopped by cops while the native was drunk and reial was in back seat . then when her mother pawns her kid off she can be found with her bf matthew riddoch the 80 pound slimey clown running around getting drunk telling people he is a hells angel member cause his old man is talking club business to anyone that will listen . she will go out and cheat on him 24/7 just look on her fb all these guys say she is hot and want to see her again while she is with him and one night she came home and after she was in bed he told us he snipped her dirty panties and smelt some dudes cum….. THESE TOO ARE MENTALLY ILL MATTHEW HAS TRIED TO  HIM SELF 100 PLUS TIMES SO SHE WONT LEAVE AND SHE JUST GETS HIGH AND FCKS OTHER DUDES and comes back to him. well nick put these too child endangering clowns on blast. maybe hild services will be called on Erica…oh wait they have numerous times….

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Racquel (rocco) Stanton

March 5, 2014 Surrey 10 9,370 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: watch the comments blow up on this one. This girl is all over plenty of fish infact thats how she smells. She will fck you for a smoke and a beer. She has been passed around so much i think she needs to know that she is not hot shit. She got really fat and has old pics on p.o.f. She sends ppl her naked pics of her self, i fcked her a long time ago when she used to look decent but SHE STANK! message her on fb and you’ll be sure to hit it just wrap it up!!! P.S put your saggy boobs away they are not nice at all. nik, how do you feel about this one?

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Carissa Selbee

March 3, 2014 Cougars, Surrey 55 7,649 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is carissa aka heaven Lee hardstylez…She’s a slut who sleeps with people’s boyfriends and got his from her friend cheyann.

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Jessica Knotts Super Mooch

February 27, 2014 Surrey 48 10,658 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we are folks yet another posting of Surreys Super mooch. here we have Fleetwoods own Jessica Knotts. The fakest bitch out there. first off cries all day n seeks attention over dead ex david she dumped. And now newer to the collection her cousin. Claims to be independant. 26 years old and freeloads off mom n pop. will use you any way she can. (Lazy bitch) will claim to be great friend n all of a sudden stab you in the back, rip you off. just another shiesty Surrey Sloot.

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