Surrey Cheater

September 15, 2014 Surrey 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Danny Clap aka cheating bastard.  This is his gf from the island I thought I was his gf hes dating Katrina Cairns from the island I thought I was his gf until this I found out about this girl hes been with.

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Dominic is a Deadbeat

September 15, 2014 Surrey 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dominic a typical surrey dead beat crck head father. All he does is do drugs with hookers and rob old lady’s for there purses. This asshole doesn’t see his son who’s almost 2 years old and in in and out of jail.

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Delta Dirt

September 10, 2014 Surrey 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: This right here is Ameet Kalirai. I’m shocked to see he hasn’t been posted here before because anyone from Surrey and Delta either knows or knows of this dirtbag. He’s a grown man that still lives in mommy and daddys basement, JOBLESS where he brings over cheap prostitutes and little girls to sleep with. He doesn’t even deserve to be called a man since he acts like a child, parties everyday, moochies off all his friends etc. This coke whore has been around so much its disgusting, the only way he gets action is when he buys it or drugs and drinks up little girls almost 10 years younger than him. He should be considered a rapist! Every single thing about this fob is vile and I hope one day hes locked up so the streets are a little cleaner here in Delta.

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She Is Back At It

September 9, 2014 Surrey 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this girl here is the biggest whore around, her name is ashika singh but she spells it like asheeka. ever since highschool shes been going to diff schools sleeping with different guys and pretending to have babies with them, after everyone starts to hate her she moves schools telling her family shes being bullied and does it all over again. shes been to a least 6 different school and just dropped out after meeting a guy and saying she wants the THUG LIFE as she claims hes a big time hustler and she doesn’t need school or a job,but its funny cause he doesn’t even work or drive. She married a guy for 15 grand when she was 18 years old and spent all the money buying makeup, drugs and liquor. this girl scams all her friends and all her family for money and drugs and i would know cause she stole my phone and money after we’ve been friends for 5 years . shes the dirtiest most thirstiest bitch around. shes cheated on every guy shes ever met and fcks her best friends friends. i cant even go on cause just thinking of her makes me wanna puke Nik you know about these ratchet bitches better than i do, what do you think, is she classy like she claims ?

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Cheating Fire Fighter

September 9, 2014 Surrey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik let me introduce you to Aaron Morgan. The liar, the cheater, an emotional abuser and manipulator. This guy think believes he can hurt any girl and get away with it. This guy, along with his ego will run though a girl, tear her down and shatter her heart and confidence faster than you can blink. He’s out for one thing, and he doesn’t care how he gets it or who gets hurt in the process. This guy is a smooth talker at first and will make you think he really cares about you, only to turn around and toss you out on your ass once he’s had his fill, but not before he’s broken down your defences and trust. He gets off on using and abusing any good girl and has complete disregard for the consequences of his actions. Aaron refuses to care about any damage he’s caused and simply moves on to the next victim. He’s very convincing with his pretty words but they are all lies. Aaron is a fire fighter in Surrey, and certainly has taken the “brotherhood” to a new meaning. He plays games with the guys to see how many girls he can get with in a night, or seeks out one solo girl and messed with her head, or will chase after the cougar, the youngest girl or well anyone. It depends on what his theme of the evening is. You know what they say about fire fighters “trust them with your life, not with your wife.” He will of course seem appealing at first but really he is not worthy of wearing any patches, he’s no hero. Aaron has no reservations of destroying any hopes and dreams of the girls he goes after. I’m sure he takes pride in knowing that his malicious acts destroy, even though he doesn’t think twice about what he does to anyone. Word needs to get out about this guy and the emotional and physical damage he causes.

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Selfie Queen

September 8, 2014 Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is Carissa Selbee or Carissa Smith on Facebook, she has so many selfies you would think she was trying out for Maxim. Sorry to break it to you sweetie but you ain’t Maxim material. Take a good look in the mirror..oh wait, it’s what you do all day anyways. No amount of lighting or make up can fix ugly babe. I don’t think she realizes that blond hair and dark eyebrows with bright red lipstick just makes her look like a hooker. Oh wait, news flash she is one. This chick thinks she is all that and a bag of chips, put a bag over your head babe and maybe we can talk. I hear she works the track in surrey, has herpes and will hustle anyone with twenty bucks for a hit of crack or heroin. Banging lots of men doesn’t make you more sexy babe, just makes you a whore and walking DRD factory. So stay away guys, unless you want the gift that keeps on giving. Keep looking in the mirror babe and taking selfies, maybe one day you will make it one day. As a fluffer on a B rate porn set!!

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Plus Size Taylor

September 5, 2014 Surrey 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have lived in Surrey my whole life, I met a friend a while back through a group home we have been best friends for a couple years. She was pregnant at the time and had some problems going on at home, she would come to me for some support and someone to talk to. One day she called me sobbing her eyes out, because Taylor had dumped boiling hot mop water all over my friends feet, (keep in mind that this friend of mine was 5 months pregnant)on other occasions i got a phone call that Taylor attacked my friend, Taylor cornered her in a room of their house and started punching her. My friend also was verbally abused almost everyday about how “fat” she was, and how her stretch marks made her ugly. (SHE WAS PREGNANT!!!) So happy my friend moved away and doesn\’t have to deal with this girl anymore. I myself have run into problems with her, she screwed my boyfriend when I was still with him, and her friends tell me all the time how much she manipulates them!! Why hasn’t anyone else posted this loser on here?! She has sex with guys who are taken, attacks pregnant women, sucks the D for drugs and hurts anyone that comes in her path…! Who else has run into problems with her?

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Doucle Team Dare

September 4, 2014 Penticton, Surrey 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: dare maddyson is one of the most nastiest girls one has ever seen a while back she got pig roasted by alex and jonathan, witch made her ass hole bleed. everytime i hear somthing coming out of this girls mouth im always hearing about her stupid pathetic baby daddy. ive seen her begging for money on the streets, probs sells her body to pay for baby food. all her facebook posts are about how shes homeless. all she ever dose is go out and party when she could be making time to spend with her CHILD. she dated people who told her straight up they want nothing to do with her daughter nasty gold digging whore. all shes looking for is a child support check. stay FAR FAR AWAY

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