Lindsay McDermot

May 12, 2014 Surrey 121 9,290 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this fcking cnt decides it would be cool to message me up and state my new boyfriend gave her drd and All this shit. As one who studies infectious disease on their free time and who is in the process of becoming a doctor I know she’s Lying. She was with my Boyfriend for three years prior he treated he like gold for the first year or so then she started injecting and escorting and we all know what that entitles right? This bitch is under the delusion that she contracted it through him. Wake up Lindsay you were a whore having sex with random men for money for whatever reason. It’s to bad you had to flash your fishy ass cunt all over this fine city stinking it up evey opportunity you have. My man is a fucking king compared to any man you get and I would be upset too if I were you trust me like I said I’ve been there to but not since I was 16 you tell me to grow up you stupid cnt I was not the one who struck this conversation about. You made a mistake telling me you have herpes you made a mistake trying to fuck with possibly the best relationship I have. It’s not his fault your a whore who liked to fuck niggers he can’t help the fact that your unhappy with your body and therefore you treat people like shit because deep deep down in that bottomless pit it make you. Feel a fuck load better about yourself. That’s fcking bullshit all I can suggest is that you perhaps go on a diet and get some plastic surgery instead of wasting your time with me. Because if you fuck with me you get hurt.. And your name besmirched on this site that has now affected your life and career once I send this to your boss trust me if this does not come to a halt you will pay worse than this I can tell you that I mean look at her fcking forehead she looks like she got dropped on that shit lol. She’s got this weird look about her like a rat sniffing through garbage. Ugly nasty girl who can\’t keep her cunt in her pants. Just watch out gentlemen she’s infected 2 men apparently my new boyfriend and her “pro athlete” boyfriend as well. Enough for now thanks nik

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Sweet Bi Sexual

May 7, 2014 Surrey 102 8,048 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Marc He is a sweet bi sexual prostitute Marc becomes Marca Lynn at night and she/he loves the D more then the pum pum she/he wears his dresses regularly and looks stunning in heels. This guy has drd so buyer beware he caught it from some toss around kundi chick that went to Mathoeson secondary she does not know about Marcas double life till now but she got the herpys so what both are very easy and sleezy that they prob just shared the herps. This just amuses me so much that now the world can see mental health issues that are co morbid and deranged (from one snap of a camera)and he was calling his ex Brandee a hoe “now who’s the hoe”it is not Brandee but his racist cross dressing ass. I think he deserves to be publicly humiliated and have rocks thrown at him or show the public how he inherited his mothers penis!

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Surrey Baby Makers

May 1, 2014 Surrey 24 9,202 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Brandy Slawson and Dave Hope. Two pieces of white trash from Surrey. Dave was convicted of weapon offences, is a m*th head, and doesn’t have custody of any of his kids. Found the perfect match in skanky Brandy Slawson and they had a kid together. They can’t take care of the kids they already have, why pop out another one??!! She spends all their money on weed, and is a crazy bitch to her kids, his kid, and their daughter together. Its sad when trash like them have wonderful children that they can’t take care of. Dave is always posting on facebook about how proud he is of his oldest child. Never mentions how she was taken in to foster care years ago and the bum couldn’t get his crap together to fight for her custody. Instead he went on a weapons rampage through an apartment building and spent time in jail, then rehab. Then knocked up Brandy Slutson. Dear God, somebody take away their new baby before she winds up messed up in the head like her parents. They are such trash that they got evicted from their basement suite for fighting. How do you get evicted from a Surrey basement suite??!! She’s been bragging about how she got her hair done. I attached a picture. How pays somebody to do their hair like that??!!

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Watch out for This Theif

April 30, 2014 Coquitlam, Surrey 26 10,984 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING!! This disgusting bitch is a lying, stealing, piece of trash! Don’t let her in to your home or anywhere near you! She’ll be nice to you and act like she cares about you. It’ll start with borrowing a few bucks here and there, then she’ll scope out anything that’s valuable (pretty much anything she can sell for drugs for her and her crack head friends) and next thing you know, she’ll take off and rob you blind! She goes by the name of “Lola Dubz” on Facebook. Anyone know her real name? From what I hear she hangs out with cack heads around the Maple Ridge to Coquitlam area. Any intell on this trash is appreciated! She stole from the wrong person and is hiding out… and now she’s got a debt to pay!

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Kegan James – Racist Punk

April 27, 2014 Surrey 78 8,599 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this racist punk thinks he can drive around the city yelling shit about elderly citizens of other ethnicities and making videos of it to post on Facebook. Immigrants made this country what it is today so rather than acting like a douche bag, learn to have some respect. For anyone who wants to see the “funny” video of him mocking an elderly Indian man and calling him a “Hindu” check it out on his Facebook page and be sure to let him know how funny you find it. Kids got no class so he deserves to be put on blast – surrey/delta’s finest

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Black Justin Bieber

April 25, 2014 Abbotsford, Surrey 43 7,345 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, He looks just like the Biebs, except black. This is one sexy man. Justin Bieber should take notes.

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Delta’s Radhika Naidu

April 25, 2014 Surrey 153 8,570 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Radhika Naidu! This fat, jiggly, nasty black ass panda LOL walks around like she’s a hot piece of ass when really all she does is give ass! She’s married with two kids but is constantly telling ppl she’s single ready to mingle! She went on vacation with her friends and she slept with two different guys and she even tried sleeping with my husband! You will find her fat ass at all dinner n’ dances strutting her fat GUNT looking for cock! Radhika this is a lil lesson to you to stay away from other ppls men! Start taking care of your husband and kids you dirty bitch! You can’t even keep a set of decent friends! FYI the lil secret you told me to keep, I’m about to tell the whole world LOL…how can you sleep with your friend ROHINI’s husband, what’s his name again?? Ohhh right GANESH MURTI!!! Not so much a lil secret anymore huh LOL!! It’s about time you learn to stay away from ppls men and keep your legs closed! Your kids are getting older HOE!! P.S. Just cause your last name is NAIDU, it don’t mean I DO!!!

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Dennis McCallum

April 24, 2014 Abbotsford, Surrey 45 10,169 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skid was caoght sucking off his dad.he says he slangs and runs a crew called ruthless regulators…more like ruthless cock goblers…he says come to my house i sell it all tru fact he doess he sells his ass his mouth his skin floot any thing he can to please u .this kidd is pc too the max he checked off just to gain wait on cum .bro-tein he resently got stabbed he says but the only place hes been stabed is in his hoop…his uncle touch touch cant stand him bc he stopped swollowing 4 him.he calls him self spazz lol bc he o.d on 4skin leftovers he collected on the strip.his favorit thing to do is walk down the strip with his hoop gapeing like a unnasafe donation box collecting flailing loads like its the amaizing race wally addition.he once got caught sucking a doggs hard pink penis wile taking anal beeds in the ass……..dennis has not 1 freind because hes an agressive gerbaler he gets made wen the gerbal commits *** in the tube bc his ass hole looks like peewee hurmans feefee all purple and torne apart

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