Drug Head Mama

February 21, 2014 Langley, Surrey 100 7,659 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Kristine Linger. Worst mother ever!!! Pawns her kids off as much as she can so she can go to the bar and take home whatever random she can. she’s 30!!!! Grow the fuck up and take some responsibility. Always parties. Doing as many lines as she can stuff up her nose. Even with her kids at home!!! Goes on benders for days at a time leaving her kids to fend for themselves with no food and a dirty house. Bitches like this fcking discust me. You’ve earned your right to be up here!

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Meet Adam Klassen

February 21, 2014 Surrey 29 7,995 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik i meet this guy adam klassen on POF. we go out on a couple of dates,just short ones, stuff like going for a coffee lunch. we start getting to know one, he another seems like a nice guy. so finally he asks me out on a saturday night to go for drinks and stuff. so i tell my girlfriend about him and show her his profile on pof & wouldnt ya know it, she recognizes him. She tells me that he already has a girlfriend but not only that the girlfriend has a bunch of kids. and heres the worst part when they started dating, she was married and he was the other guy. Stay away from this guy ladies he seems nice but he is a greaseball.

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Meet Suzanna Doran

February 20, 2014 Surrey 63 6,962 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Suzanna Doran of surrey and mother of alisha hanif (nasty whore) and she tought her kid every thing she knows about being a liar and gold diggin slut. suzanna is only after you money. she says she has a job but shes really on welfare. i met her off POF and when she knew i had money she invited me right over. shes an easy lay but not worth it unless you want drd. after only 3 days she called me daddy to her little dog. i found out shes had 4 other guys to her place wen i was out of town and one was a live in BF that just moved out. this nasty old troll is no better than her kid (but she talks like she is) and u cant believe any thing she tells ya. i dont even think suzanna is her real name.

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Dirty Tattooed Bottle Basher

February 19, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 76 11,428 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ceayra Basran. She has been posted here a few times for her filthy greg gobbling ways. Her sugar daddy recently broken up with her because he couldnt put up with her sniffing more pepsi then Miley cyrus and her daily drinking routine. However she was lucky enough to leave the relationship with something to hold on to…herpes. She is contantly stealing her friends panties probably wanting to share the gift that keeps giving. She tries to cover up her infested muff but she sleeps with half of surrey giving everyone the knowledge of her drd. She walks around town, (and I mean walks this sleeze bag doesnt even have her license and seeing as her sugar daddy dumped her she cant afford a bus pass.) Thinking she is the hardest gangster from “da hood”. Always talking about shot guns and how “crazy she be”. When really she is just a pathetic excuse of a human moping about how her daddy didnt love her and her momma didnt raise her right. When in reality they tried but her thirsty bottle and greg hunting ways makes her unbearable to be around. This strangley shaped greg trench will sleep with anything willing to give her a bottle and some pepsi. The only good thing she has going for her is her minimum wage job in the skids of surrey, and even that isnt much. This girl needs a reality check and some lessons about class. Stop adding and messaging random guys Ceayra, they dont need to catch a wif of your tuna farm nor do they need to call diesase control after they sleep with you. You are the definition of deceiving and conniving Ceayra. While youre at it maybe get your cheap home done tattoos scraped off. We are not your haters Ceayra, we are the dirty army trying to straighten you up. Nik… Would you?

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Wanna Be Marshall Mathers 2

February 5, 2014 Prince George, Surrey 63 9,008 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jake The Snake..His buddies call him. Jacob Vanderminne best friends with Barry ‘Cousin Lovin’ Robertson and also good friends with “Wanna Be Marshall Mathers” Dylan Hartly. A bunch of goons who get together do coke and party with the easiest girls they can find in Prince George. Both “Jake The Snake“ and “Wanna Be Marshall Mathers“ Has Fucked Wanna be “Jersey Shore Whore“ Megan Molly Motts. They rap about how they party hard and sleep around, while all three of these goons have kids. Jake the Snake, Wanna be Marshall Mathers #2 has been passing the DRD around without them LG’s not even knowing it. I feel sorry for their dicks and the girlfriends that they might have now . They also brag about how they tag team girls and how much pussy pictures they can get. Nik please post this so all these girls in Prince George Know the real “Jake The Snake“ hes a slimy skinny jerk who deserves to have everybody know what a real slut he is. We could make a big list of girls he has slept with in Prince George But that would be such a long list its terrible and pathetic.

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Pregnant Surrey Escort

February 3, 2014 Surrey 14 8,623 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this professional pregnant whore is Breanna Loree. Best known for losing her first child because she’s a closet junkie & now as a pregnant escort who sells her ass on Craigslist. This girl lacks the fundamentals of being a productive part of society… She sleeps with married men, lives off of the government because of her extensive brain damage from a drinking and driving accident (prime example of a drunk driving vegetable) and can’t keep a job … Hence the whole spreading her legs for cash. That poor little kid inside of her, as well as the apprehended one defiantly have something to be proud of when they grow up. Maybe mommy can teach them how to hustle their genitals. And lest we forget, every john who enters her front door should really get his wiener checked before his wife has a herpes outbreak & clues in her husband has been sleeping with a dirty girl from Surrey.

You’re welcome for paying taxes.- nik

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Surrey Dumpster

January 30, 2014 Surrey 17 7,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Surrey’s finest – Breanna Loree. Where do we begin?! This girl has made a living out of trapping men with pregnancies. Four years ago, two months into her relationship with her first kids dad she stopped taking her birth control and failed to tell him. Now, last year while sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend she’s done the same. As if the first time wasn’t bad enough, especially considering she lost full custody of the child to his junkie father due to the fact she was leaving hard drugs in his reach & having her door kicked in by drug dealers, now she’s pregnant & escorting and once again using hard drugs. You can find her ads on craigslist under “sweet pregnancy special” …. Nik, put this dirty cum dumpster up for everyone to see … Feel so sorry for the men who show up at her place, unknowing to the fact their walking into a herpes infestation. So, not only is that poor little babies head being slammed against by different men, there’s a possibility it could come out blind from all the out breaks. Men in Vancouver need to know who this slimey ratchet it, before she gives them all the

You should never chance it in the first place if you don’t want a kid.- nik

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Kimmie and her Dbag Boyfriend

January 28, 2014 Surrey 61 8,667 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So kimmie Hall has shacked up with another Surrey DBag wannabe gangster. She has finally come to terms with her addiction, after many years of being in denial. She is living In a crack house with a bunch of junkies trying to call It a recovery house. At least now that she has Johnny she’s not posting a thousand pictures of her fat saggy boobs all over the Internet. All her Instagram followers are creepy old men. Every photo “liked” every pill “popped” builds this sad little girls self esteem. P’s. Kimmie filters don’t hide your nose or your dirty mirrors. Clean your house. I feel dirty after seeing your photos. Nik what are your thoughts on this dirt ball surrey sleeze and her gangster boyfriend?

This chick loves her pitbulls.- nik

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