Surrey Trash

May 27, 2014 Surrey 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chaelyn Rae, realiam Wallace, Chris Tilley, Ashley Ferguson. These 4 are surreys finest chaelyn is so desperate that her man realiam cheats on her tells her to move out and she wouldn\’t leave then she gets pregnant on purpose to keep him. Realiam is dirty skid fucking nasty bitches thinks he\’s going to be some big time rapper bitch please ooops does chaelyn no how many times you and Ashley fucked I bet not but keep in the crew. Chris well Surrey knows all about this skid 5 kids takes care of none has babies meets a new slut and ditches his kids sleeps with every nasty pig that crosses his path that\’s how he ended up with trashley. We all no trashley sleeps with guys to get cars, paint jobs whatecer is necessary so she don\’t got to pay. Fcks married men oops sorry all men married her friends boyfriends. Something these 4 all have in common well at least the guys do they both slept with trashley. Realiam your dirty keep your dick in your pants, chaelyn your a gold digger had a baby so your loser cheating boyfriend would take care of you, trashley your surreys looses nastys stinkest fck find your own man and Chris I could go on for days u dead beat useless piece of shit keep your small infested dick to yourself girls and guys stay away from these 4! Nik put them on bladt

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Theiving Couple

May 21, 2014 Surrey 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: This couple from surrey bc are trying to make other couple friends and they come to ur home and the wife goes into the washroom and steals money by sneaking into the bedroom. Nik ppl are horrible and I have 2 small children all this couple wants to do is blaze I am so shocked to see an girl come from India with such deceiving plans, then they get stoned and he was finger fucking his wife on our couch. So disgusting, warning to all ppl with families do not let this couple enter ur home

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Ratchet Parveen

May 20, 2014 Surrey 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Parveen Aulakh. This is the world’s ugliest creature. She is so friggin nasty. She has been around.. You’re probally wondering.. Who the F*K would sleep with that..Desperate people man. Desperate f*cking people. She’s tried to talk my boyfriend at the mall so many times.. He keeps ignoring her.. But she keeps on trying to talk to him . He even blocked her off fbook but guess what she did.. She just opened up a new facebook account and tried to add him again. How f*king desperate are you?!?! She is so god damn annoyingg, it’s ridiculous. She always calls RANDOMS for no reason, she flirts with any guy on fbook catfish. She doesnt understand english, I swear. She wanted to have a threesome with me and this guy one time it was a totall joke i just wanted to see what she will says We both looked at each other and thought.. “f*k that” .. Put her up on blast Nik. This b*tch adds every random guy possible.. Guys need to know to stay the F*K away from this nasty b*tch! STAY AWAY FROM MEN WHO R IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP U UGLY RAT.. LADIES BE AWARE OF THIS B*TCH .. HER LEGS R OPEN LIKE 7-11 24-7 GET YOUR FUCKING CLASS FIVE U SKYTRAIN HOE I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH THIS RAT EVERYTIME SHE COME TO CLASS SMELLING LIKE CURREY IN A HURRY AND HER MOUTH SMELT LIKE FRESH JIZZ PAPER BAG WHORE …BLLLAAASSSSSTT OFF NIK !

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Typhanie Ramsden

May 19, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 10

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THE DIRTY ARMYHere is the town bicycle, Tiffany Ramsden. She used to be fat, but then she lost a lot of weight and just has tons of stretch marks. Looks may deceive you because she looks like your average run-of-the-mill transsexual. This slut has some major daddy issues and constantly seeks validation from any guy by sending raunchy photos of her and nasty messages. Watch out for this whore fellas, wrap your dick!

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Monica Kumar again too sick to work

May 19, 2014 Surrey 311

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Remember when monica kumar was one of the too sick to work but not to party girls? well, here she is again! Let\’s focus on her, her infamous boyfriend and boyfriends bro!

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Katana McFifen

May 15, 2014 Surrey 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katana McFifen is one of the reasons surrey has a bad name..this gateway/surrey street walker sucks d*** etc for crack/coke to support her and her boyfriends drug habits..she always is hanging around gateway..surrey central..bus loops with older crack head looking men or scuzzy little females ..willing to do anything for a dollar or two….shes broke and will do anything for money..its time she goes on here she is a jealous hater and hates her self so much as she goes to the public library to post every single girl she is jealous of on the dirty so its about time she gets on the dirty where she belongs it might not be the first and im sure its not the last. She denies that she has drd but I know two guys she fu***** in the last couple months that got it from her..this surrey sloot has no life so be prepared to see her on the street doing anything to support her and her skid ass bf drug habits…so much more I can say but im sure its already knowen..cut some bangs to cover that huge forehead and eat something put down the cr*ck pipe. there is help out there get some.

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Pedo Pinky

May 15, 2014 Surrey 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, Ian Inkster/PINKY has been posted numerous times before. We would have left this alone if he stayed out of province or on the island but now he is back in BC. This guy is a total sleazebag! He sleeps with girls of ALL ages. He will lie about his age to be able to sleep with really young girls. Thank god that the picture we posted shows his true age! One of his last girlfriends he started dating her when she was just 18. He would go younger if he could. He drinks ALL the time and typically is drunk till early morning hours and then sleeps most of the day. He does drugs ALL the time as well. He is also currently slangin drugs which is one of the main reasons that his crime stoppers photo is on here. He is friends with me and others that are helping to post these things on here on facebook and he actually posted that photo from crime stoppers himself! He is actually proud of that! He is wanted right now, and has court dates for possession for trafficking, breaches of conditions and also identity theft. He truly is scum. Hopefully this will give awareness to every girl or guy out there (bisexual) that he is not to be trusted. If you see him run the other way! Do not date him, do not sleep with him (drd’S), do not buy anything from him (been told its crap). Hopefully he is locked up soon and we all can be at peace again. Scumbag GOOF! Go back to Alberta where all the other scum lives! We don’t want ya here. Take your Surrey WHAT tattoo and vamoose!

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Gerald Bustin

May 15, 2014 Surrey 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Girls…please watch out for GERALD BUSTIN ..espicallly girls under out for your children…he likes to date young females who have young children espically daughters it is very disturbing…seriously he is a surrey creep and he sits around at the bus loops and waits to talk to young moms and trys to pick them up he is homeless and needs a place to stay as well..please be very careful…from what I hear he is dating a young mom who is on drugs she has a fake facebook name as people r looking for her as she steals off them for her crack/coke habbits..she escorts around the gateway area and trys to sell kids her prescription pills for hards drugs.. katana ummie mc fifen is her fb they both need to be locked up and kept away from children..both heavy drug users you can find them around gateway and surrey central

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