Would You Candid

July 3, 2014 Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: My friend snapped this great shot today in surrey. Bahaha Every step you see her nasty panties. Nik would you??

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Monrose Sahota – Hooker Hunter

June 30, 2014 Surrey 37


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Monrose Sahota. Monrose is your typical Surrey Jack. Pushing 30, he spends his nights drinking and partying with 19 year old Surrey sluts. Monrose likes to brag that his family runs a successful business. If that was true, why does he wash cars at some dumpy car rental place for a living? Speaking of his family’s business, his father Manjit Sahota is a ‘pump n dump’ scammer in the oil and gas industry. The family charms investors into contributing money in exchange for oil royalties. By the time investors realize it’s a scam and try to get their money back, the family will pack up and disappear. They’ve been doing this all over North America. It seems Monrose likes to use that money on prostitutes. He was recently arrested for assaulting one in Texas. Just google “Monrose Sahota Texas.” Daddy came to the rescue, and the case was settled out of court. I say it’s time Surrey took out the trash.

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Surrey Jacks

June 27, 2014 Surrey 232

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik for the love of god please put these surrey jacks on blast. If anybody ever deserved to be put on a site like this, it’s these goons. They go around thinking beat anyone up and think they can get any girl. All they do is go to parties with mace cans inside their jackets and knives in their pockets just looking for fights. The one in the middle is Gurinder Natt and he apparently went to Whistler during the May long break and supposedly stabbed another kid in the mouth. Theres a chance he didn’t even do it but just likes to have the reputation of being a true thug. I think somebody needs his priorities set straight. The kid had a lot of potential because he actually has brains but instead decided to fail all his classes throughout high school to pursue the life of a true thug. Not to mention his goons on the side with Sukhraj Birring on the left and Harjot Grewal on the right. Harjot needs to stop being to full of himself thinking hes so good looking. Nobody cares if you banged Navneet Brar. Who even knows if that’s true… probably is though. And Sukhraj for the love of god, stop thinking your the strongest kid alive and thinking you can beat anyone up. He thinks hes so tough that he can even beat up girls. Ya we all know what happened when you almost hospitalized the poor girl at the house party who wouldn’t dance with your drunk ass. All three of these young adult goons need a slap across the face to be set straight.

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Desperate Frenchie

June 26, 2014 Surrey 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Sebastien… He tries so hard to fit in, thinking he’s cool wearing his fake Gucci murse and Christian Audgier hoodie. He’s always desperate looking for girls, especially asian girls. Thinks he can get with any girl becus he’s good looking and “affectionate” haha. you’ll find him POF or craigslist searching for “the one”. Says he’s not looking for sex, but of course that’s all he wants. Btw I think it’s true that French people are hair, becus hes hairy as f*ck.

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Cheating Husband

June 25, 2014 Surrey 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yes, this is who you think it is and he’s a lying, cheating creep. Ladies make sure to not let him into your life’s cause he will destroy everything about it. He acts like a 12 yr old spoiled brat. And if you don’t do what he wants he will throw himself on the floor and kick his feet and cry. The only thing that’s important to him is sex and that weather you like it or not in order for him to stay with you….you are required to have sex. EVERYDAY no excuses. If not he will turn into a goof and the fight is on. Nothing else is important to him except for his car. He will never respect you or your things and he will never be wrong. EVER!!!!. Women are a waste of space and time to him and he will never treat you nice. He\’s greedy and a low life he thinks he’s better than everyone else even though he left his wife homeless more than once. And while she was in jail he thought that gave him permission to go threw all her worldly belongings and then use he past againist her in every argument they had. He will NEVER admit it but he did hit his wife and she didn\’t deserve it. So please he\’s not a very nice guy, so don\’t think he will ever change cause he won’t.

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Poor Nina

June 24, 2014 Surrey 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is nina b from surrey bc I’ve been trying to get my friend to ditch this lieing cheating bitch but to avail he is to infatuated with her and all her bs she uses the parents don’t love me and the fact she has been raped which I don’t believe and beaten to her advantage to use him and possibly lots of guys like him he is better than this slut and I just want the dirty army and world to know who she is and what she does he can do so much better than this manipulative bitch thanks dirty army for putting her on blast ~chels~

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Scabie Queens

June 23, 2014 Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik , Meet Sherry Alaeddine .. Once again (Posted on here before by Kyla Gentes) . This two faced Lebanese trashy slut is the dumbest piece of sh!t you’ll ever meet . Sherry will be your bestfriend to your face , but when she’s with another friend she will talk mad smack about you . Sherry always talks about how she wants a boyfriend but yet shes always on POF trying to get money off of guys , making fake accounts to get more money off of them and basically having sex for money . She’s the lowest of them all . Sherry is DIRTY . Scabies infected bitch , she probably has some sort of drd . Sherry NEVER cleans up after herself . She will come over to your house , wreak your stuff with stains from food or just her body dirt , wear your clothes and wreak them and steal your things . Ive had so many things missing . Her Bestfriend is Kyla Gentes . Kyla is posted on here also (By Sherry), she claims to be Lebanese like Sherry , but she’s a dirty native white trash hoe bag that has such bad B.O she can stink up any place she enters . Sherry and Kyla will lie to your face just to make themselves look better . Both Kyla but mostly Sherry will brag about how skinny they are but in reality , they both go through the drive through window and try to get free burgers saying McDonalds messed up on their order and they have a large cup that they keep to refill pop whenever they go . Supposedly both Sherry and Kyla are engaged to two guys who are brothers . They just met them a month ago … Watch out for these dirty fakes . They might scam you on POF , if you had your money taken by them or even worse , had sex with them ? I\’d go get checked . Their both backstabbers who belong on here more than once . Fuck!ng pigs .

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Beware Aaron Morgan

June 23, 2014 Surrey 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Aaron Morgan. The scum of the Local Fire Department. Sure at first he plays cool and seems like a normal nice guy, but his motive is to get what he wants from a girl, and at any cost. He has been known to frequent clubs to troll for girls and usually ends up getting kicked out for sexual assault and unwanted touching or advances. He landed his last girlfriend in the ICU, where she surcame to heart failure from the abuse and emotional trauma this guy caused. He is a liar and a cheater and has no respect for women. The word needs to get out about this scum bag. Girls if you see this guy, run!

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