Animals Gone Wild

November 13, 2013 Albany, Sydney 27 6,935 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, THIS IS THE MOTHER(or should I say father) of trolls! meet Roshika Taylor aka Blazikenblade! she is part of a website called gurugossip where they insult youtube beauty gurus out of jealousy! this ugly flat faced Rocky Dennis looking hag has the nerve and the gall to call girls UGLY! she has been badmouthing females for years! she steals photos of girls and makes fun of them on that pathetic gurugossip site! she claims to be a “beauty consultant” one day and a “food and beverage attendent’ the next day! I remember one good day I dragged her and called her out! but the punks on the site blocked me and erased my messages! I went in on her greasy bellpepper nose and her papercut thin lips!!! this psycho is a cyberbully!!! she deserves every bad thing that happens to her! she brags about many guys sleeping with her!
she is beyond delusional. Just recently she does “graphic design/art” and posts anime drawings of what she wished she looks like. This walrus looking hag with the body of a laundry bag has been SEVERELY bullying females! she believes that just because she’s built like a samoan wrestler..she can bully people around and they will automatically fear her! Her name should be rakishi, after the wrestler! it must be hard being soo unfortunate looking. But how dare you post your photos freely and steal pics of young youtubers and girls in general to call out their “Flaws” when you look like 50 shades of ugly! she has no redeeming trait on her! If you are a youtuber or any person in general,please leave a comment! Im pretty sure that this dirtbox has stolen your photo and posted it to her pitiful site badmouthing you! Nik, please go in and let have on this Walrus!

She has no room to talk.- nik

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I Don’t Get The Big Deal With Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley

November 10, 2013 Sydney, The Dirty 503 95,455 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is plus size model Robyn Lawley and she will be featured in Cosmo Australia for the second time this year in December’s issue.  Everyone is making a big deal about how confident she is and how she is setting great example for your plus size girls.  First off, no one should ever promote that being “plus” size is ok, because its not. It just means you are not healthy.  So what are your thoughts on Robyn, not sure how tall she is but all I know is she has no ass and is about 6 foot 12 or something like that.

This is all Kate Upton’s fault. Because of her FAT is making a comeback.- nik

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Found The Eyes You Were Looking For

November 9, 2013 Sydney, The Dirty 198 96,500 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been subscribed to this girl for a year now on YouTube. Her name is Zoella and she’s from the UK. Her Instagram name is zozeeboo. I’m sure that to you she’s not a perfect ten but she’s quite cute and those eyes she has are stunning.  So I wanted to bring her to your attention.

What a creepy smile and terrible eye lashes. Sorry, but the black outer ring scares me away.- nik

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The ITG You Have Been Looking For

November 4, 2013 Sydney 1 9,762 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been a DA fan for a while and I know how much you love the ITG and blondes. I found the perfect gal for you. This is Nicky Whelan, an Australian actress. I think her ITG is a full fist. Enjoy!!!

She is spreading her legs. This picture doesn’t count.- nik

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Why Do The Chubby Ones Always Do This

October 28, 2013 Sydney 4 6,601 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chelsea Maybury another dumb girl from down under.  I found her on IG with her posts going well into hundred likes for each photo. She plays it off like shes a sweetheart but seriously every photo of her is showing off her fat tits. Like their are +2′s LOL.

Chelsea you aren’t fooling anyone.- nik

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Bluest Eyes

October 23, 2013 Melbourne, Sydney 13 10,767 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’ve been a follower of the dirty for less than a year, and this is my 1st submission. You’ve been searching for the perfect pair of blue eyes so here’s my entry. This girl is from Texas, her name is Bunny Meyers and is a blogger and a youtuber going by the name grav3yardgirl. It’s really hard to find flattering pictures of her since 1. She definitely isn’t your type 2. She loves crazy faces on cam. That is her real eye color and I’ve never seen such a pair of eyes with more intense color. Ignoring everything else, how are her eyes?

They’re contacts.- nik

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Junkie Alert

October 22, 2013 Sydney 1 10,923 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  nik this little slut spends most of her time doing m*th (among other drugs) when shes not fcking anything that walks, and then stealing from them. shes as dirty as they come

That’s it? you couldn’t think of anything else to share….like a name, frontal stamp, lack of eyebrows, bedside q-tips…- nik

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Zyzz Is Still Alive

October 22, 2013 Norway, Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 31 95,659 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I swear to god I saw this man in Norway. He shaved his head. I yelled out Zyzz and he turned his head and ran off towards the adjacent alley way. He is still alive Nik. He fooled us all.

You are the third person who has told me they have spotted him in Norway.- nik

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