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Gross deadbeat

April 23, 2014 Halifax, Sydney 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this boy is so nasty all he wants is sex from anyone that will give it to him no matter the age. He is a deadbeat dad that won’t pay for nothing for his child and wants everything from anyone he don’t care how he gets it a long as he gets it. He even went as far as to scam a cancer patient out of money. Told her his uncle died and he needed to get to the wake and all he wanted the money for was a new cell phone, who does that?? He goes around town looking for his next victim, bumming smokes and crawling on the ground by the Tim’s or Wendy’s looking for change. Pushes his cart around town all day, never showers and embarrasses his daughter by going to the school and also hides in bushes spying on his ex and makes sure sh doesn’t move on with anybody cause he stalks and tries to control everything abut her even thou they have been broke up for 4 years already like move on already she don’t want you anymore … Now let me ask would you fall for this??? Ladies and girls watch out for this scam artist he only wants you for your money and vagina …. Even thou he has no idea what he is doing … He is a two pump chump if you know what I mean. He looks creepy an stalks and looks in his exs windows and everything so I ask again would you???

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Bikie Mole Plus Infant

April 22, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney 52

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Shay Balfour or “shaydoll” as she calls her self. This human is truly a one of a kind I mean she is a well known crck addict who worked as a stripper at toybox Gold Coast & budabing strip club in kings cross Sydney. While some random lady and her partner take care of her daughter because she hasn’t had a job or house since her 3 year old was born she’s usually in between patched bike club members beds and the sad part is she brings her poor child around this and smokes pipes with her child presant. As I said truly I one of a kind peice of Aussie scum

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Need Opinions Please

April 22, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: I think this guy is so attractive he lives on the Gold Coast and has been seen in pictures with Ritchie twins and clown under. Think he’s really attractive would like to find out people’s opinions on him is he dating one of them?? Hope not id love to meet him lol

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Renae Fischer, Rat Attack

April 7, 2014 Calgary, Sydney 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This renae(sally)she’s a relapsed pos that drives around in beat up charger ,suckn mth dealers off for dope ,and if she has recently ripd someone off she mite have a place with a room for rent , she steals shit so she can buy dope and she talks nothin but shit Dirt bag strait up

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Shelly’s Anal Blow-out

March 11, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl shelly Watson or shelly darlington has 4 kids to 4 different men, she is a stripper in adelaide. She will crawl up anyone’s arse just to have a toilet buddy, she is the biggest bogan you will meet, I mean you can pretty much tell from her masculine jawline and eye-brow ring. The super surprise is saved for when she bends over, which she insists of doing, her massive colossal veiny haemorrhoids which she completely, everyone can see it, just treat it already. She is incompetent of doing anything on her own and uses her best stripper charms and uses them to make everybody do everything for her, then when they refuse she turns on them.

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Plastic Surgery

March 11, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: When do you know when to stop ?

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Mole Patrol

February 28, 2014 Halifax, Sydney 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, i forgot to submit these pic of the two girls that bashed an elderly blind man on a bus. please shame these nasty cows

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What On Earth Is Chesticles Doing

February 27, 2014 Chesticles, Sydney, Vancouver 6


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this came up on my Facebook feed this morning.  Furries freak me out at the best of times, but I swear that is Chesticles. What is she thinking posing for such a weird picture? I’ve always thought she was a bit saucy but have to rethink my girl crush now.

What did the fox say?- nik

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