Pathetic 38 Year OId

January 7, 2014 Halifax, Sydney 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pathetic excuse is John Burke from Sydney , nova scotia. This man seems to think he’s god’s gift to women but in all actuality he’s just nasty. He goes around showing off pictures to girls and trying to take advantage of them while their vulernable. He goes around ” claiming ” the book 50 shades of grey was wrote after him. haha please he wishes. at least he’s sticking to his street with the women, working his way through all that he seems to convince that he’s god’s gift to them, and if you have been with him , appearently you become obsessed with with him ( according to him that is ). please your going on 40 dude. and you have a kid that is almost as old as the girls you try to hook up with, you ask me women are idiots if they even give him a second look.but let me ask you. would you ?

That chokers really throwing me for a loop.- nik

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Clown Under Can Do So Much Better

December 24, 2013 Clown Under, Sydney, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so I managed to find Sharni aka Clown Under’s facebook page and noticed this little gem! It looks like the only way to get into her pants is to be missing teeth and old as f*ck. I bet he is a bikie since that’s all these Gold Coast tramps date anyway. It’s all about the money, drugs and brand new BMW’s.. I feel sorry for her. She could do so much better!

If Clown Under came to America she would probably be dating some broke tattooed MMA wannabe anyway. Let Ghostrider have his glory.- nik

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Hottest Aussie Babe In History

December 19, 2013 Sydney, The Dirty 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, what do you think of Aussie model Renae Ayris? She was crowned Miss Australia back in 2012. Perfect body, gorgeous face and blue eyes.

She is still kind of soft in the legs and has Krupa face. I’m not sold.- nik

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Lauren Curtis Is A Fake Bitch

December 4, 2013 Sydney, The Dirty 95

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I use to like Lauren Curtis until I met her at IMATS this year. The b*tch walked in like she owned the place and put on a fake voice while she talked to fans. Her eyelashes are the last of her worries as well Nik, I thought her nose was going to poke my eyes out in the few seconds I could actually talk to her. She is below average without makeup and blonde hair. Rumors have also started from the last post that she is a former escort, doesn’t surprise me.

It’s crazy how much blonde hair saved Lauren Curtis’ life.- nik

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Hottest Girl Down Under

November 30, 2013 Sydney, The Dirty 213

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I am a big fan of beauty guru Lauren Curtis and she just keeps getting hotter. She’s had her boobs done, lips done and teeth whitened. Her Youtube channel has also hit a million subscribers and her IG has over 300,000 followers. This girl is getting famous. You can’t say she isn’t freaking hot as f*ck.

I’ve noticed the eye lashes are a lot more spikey in DirtyOz… I’m not a fan of that. I want fluid flow like a butterfly, not caterpillar spikes.- nik 

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Did Elle Howard Lie About Her Boob Job

November 25, 2013 Los Angeles, Sydney 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, Nik. I know you’re pretty much the expert when it comes to +2′s… This is Elle Howard, she is instagram famous and she’s probably been submitted before. Anyways, she is from Australia and lives in Los Angeles right now “modeling” or whatever. She got +2′s a few months back, saying she was going in for surgery to have a lump removed. That might be true, but then she said she needed reconstruction. Maybe it\’s just me but her boobs looks at least three times bigger than they did before, however she still claims it was for health reasons. I understand getting a lump removed but coming out with gigantic boobs afterward? Check out her recent comment about being 32DDD and 420cc.
So, legit health reasons or bullshit excuse to get +2s?

Pretty obvious she had work done.  She uses her hair to cover her refund gap.- ni

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Sydney Psychopath Revision

November 18, 2013 Sydney 0

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, but what about this picture?

What about it?- nik

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Animals Gone Wild

November 13, 2013 Albany, Sydney 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, THIS IS THE MOTHER(or should I say father) of trolls! meet Roshika Taylor aka Blazikenblade! she is part of a website called gurugossip where they insult youtube beauty gurus out of jealousy! this ugly flat faced Rocky Dennis looking hag has the nerve and the gall to call girls UGLY! she has been badmouthing females for years! she steals photos of girls and makes fun of them on that pathetic gurugossip site! she claims to be a “beauty consultant” one day and a “food and beverage attendent’ the next day! I remember one good day I dragged her and called her out! but the punks on the site blocked me and erased my messages! I went in on her greasy bellpepper nose and her papercut thin lips!!! this psycho is a cyberbully!!! she deserves every bad thing that happens to her! she brags about many guys sleeping with her!
she is beyond delusional. Just recently she does “graphic design/art” and posts anime drawings of what she wished she looks like. This walrus looking hag with the body of a laundry bag has been SEVERELY bullying females! she believes that just because she’s built like a samoan wrestler..she can bully people around and they will automatically fear her! Her name should be rakishi, after the wrestler! it must be hard being soo unfortunate looking. But how dare you post your photos freely and steal pics of young youtubers and girls in general to call out their “Flaws” when you look like 50 shades of ugly! she has no redeeming trait on her! If you are a youtuber or any person in general,please leave a comment! Im pretty sure that this dirtbox has stolen your photo and posted it to her pitiful site badmouthing you! Nik, please go in and let have on this Walrus!

She has no room to talk.- nik

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