Why Do The Chubby Ones Always Do This

October 28, 2013 Sydney 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chelsea Maybury another dumb girl from down under.  I found her on IG with her posts going well into hundred likes for each photo. She plays it off like shes a sweetheart but seriously every photo of her is showing off her fat tits. Like their are +2′s LOL.

Chelsea you aren’t fooling anyone.- nik

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Bluest Eyes

October 23, 2013 Melbourne, Sydney 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’ve been a follower of the dirty for less than a year, and this is my 1st submission. You’ve been searching for the perfect pair of blue eyes so here’s my entry. This girl is from Texas, her name is Bunny Meyers and is a blogger and a youtuber going by the name grav3yardgirl. It’s really hard to find flattering pictures of her since 1. She definitely isn’t your type 2. She loves crazy faces on cam. That is her real eye color and I’ve never seen such a pair of eyes with more intense color. Ignoring everything else, how are her eyes?

They’re contacts.- nik

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Junkie Alert

October 22, 2013 Sydney 1

THE DIRTY ARMY:  nik this little slut spends most of her time doing m*th (among other drugs) when shes not fcking anything that walks, and then stealing from them. shes as dirty as they come

That’s it? you couldn’t think of anything else to share….like a name, frontal stamp, lack of eyebrows, bedside q-tips…- nik

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Zyzz Is Still Alive

October 22, 2013 Norway, Sydney, The Dirty, Xyz 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I swear to god I saw this man in Norway. He shaved his head. I yelled out Zyzz and he turned his head and ran off towards the adjacent alley way. He is still alive Nik. He fooled us all.

You are the third person who has told me they have spotted him in Norway.- nik

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How Do You Feel About Her Body

October 20, 2013 Sydney, The Dirty 31

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how do you feel about Kaysha’s body? You’ve said before that you thought she was hotter than Imogene, but I’ve noticed her body is a little thicker than you usually like. I think she looks great and could maybe use just a little toning in her stomach. What do you think?

I think girls in Australia are dumb… leg/thigh tattoos are the grossest thing on the planet.- nik

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Sydney Phsycopath

October 17, 2013 Sydney 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just found out you do Sydney posts. I am from Sydney and this guy Ronnie Boukaram is an absolute phsycopath i know both his ex gfs and i feel so bad for them, he has phsyically, emotionally and mentaly fkd them both up and any other women than unfortunatley are fooled by his snake like ways. He calls himself “satan” and “the devil”. He beat both his ex’s up soooo bad they both went out with him for a few years each and both of them went through similar phsycial and mental abuse and wouldnt let them break up with them threatening to kill them!!! He is crazy he beat them till they were bleeding and couldn’t leave the house for weeks. He then goes and tells everyone that he was the one getting abused. This is NOT the case he is soooo violent heres a picture of him at a party where he made someone carve the satan star into his chest because he thinks he is the devil. GIRLS BEWARE he is a snake do not go anywhere near this monster, i wont go into detail but he has done HORRIFIC THINGS TRUST ME!!!

Its an Austrailian emo.- nik

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Imogen Lovell Ruined Her Look

October 15, 2013 Sydney, The Dirty 162




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have to ask you about Imogen’s red hair.  She thinks its so damn awesome but everyone is laughing at her because that is not a good look at all.  What you think?

She must be practicing for Halloween.- nik

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What Happened To Clown Under

October 14, 2013 Clown Under, Sydney 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: What happened to Clown Under Nik?  This chick is looking round in the face and is now doing some sort of MLM type work/home business?  Should this be taken as a good thing that she’s not relying on selling her body or is this just a new way to profit from her social media accounts?

I like how she tries to crop out her tattoos.- nik

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