Renee Somerfield Does Have The Best Body

February 5, 2014 Hollywood, Sydney, The Dirty 55


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, you said that this girl’s body is ideal. Good one by the way I completely agree with you, she is perfect. But I wanted to know what do you think about her face?

I never said anything about the face/forehead… you guys asked me who I thought had and ideal body. She is my answer for that.- nik

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Imogen Lovell Loves Her Life

January 30, 2014 Hollywood, Sydney, The Dirty 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Imogen Lovell couldn’t afford a sausage roll until she pursued laying on her back as a career! What are your stories behind this instant jackpot highlife she’s not hiding very well??

Isn’t this girl super famous in DirtyOz for being a high priced bottle rat.- nik

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Kristina Luwshaw

January 15, 2014 Sydney 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Kristina Lusshaw she is a nasty sloot, she is a full time baker a local bakery in Langford, her bread is great but that’s about it, this nasty broad is nasty… she sleeps with any guy on the first date shes 28 and complains about I need a man be in a relationship my bestfriend is a native drunk. she plays her best friends man and said nothing happened, she believes shes more a mother to her best friends child. she wears a pound of make up and omg I wanted to puke, she talks with a deep voice and when she sings look the f .. out your in for a treat, overall shes skinny now but she was a huge bitch prior to….warning to all guys lookout for this one she wants a baby wrap it up after all she literally fcked 90% of Sydney and will suck for blow.. lol shes a 2 bit crack whore fuck wad bitch who is packing back on the weight. anyone at all toss this twat a nickel so she can purchase her self a clue what a useless cunt. I don’t know who the blonde is in the one of the photos but shes sexy

Kept in the stable..- nik

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Sydney’s Ratchet Twins Have A Criminal Past

January 15, 2014 Sydney, The Dirty 37


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Amelia and Kourtney “Ritchie” who have been posted here before as friends of Clown Under are actually Amelia and Courtney Prentice. They changed their names (and their image) I’m guessing to get away from that whole I’m-a-convicted-criminal rep. These girls are ratchet. They are notorious for their drug use and only dating dudes who beat them up. These girls may have only been found guilty of beating one innocent girl, but they have a reputation for it here on the Gold Coast. This picture is them before their stripperella makeovers a few years ago. No class then, no class now.

Crazy how a spray tan and tattoo sleeve can change the game.- nik

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Is Lauren Curtis Using Photoshop

January 9, 2014 Sydney, The Dirty 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, is it just me or is Australian beauty guru Lauren Curtis guilty of photoshoping her nose?

Lauren Curtis looks better with the bump. It pops her eyes.- nik

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Shelley Darlingson

January 7, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a adelaide stripper, from the crazy horse, with fresh new +2s and a body to die for after 4 bastard children to different fathers, however they do not take your eyes away from her ha*oids and prolapsing issue, or her tragic face. This girl is psycho paranoid schizo, diagnosed, and want sympathy for it, she’ll take your heart and your wallet. She is a rude bitch for a paranoid freak, and soon as someone comes in with more money she leaves you and clings to them like a fly on shit. Don’t feel sorry for the ugly girls, they are all the same, they only feel sorry for you if you have cash in your wallet. so would you pay?

I can see why she does such an aggressive crop..- nik

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Pathetic 38 Year OId

January 7, 2014 Halifax, Sydney 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pathetic excuse is John Burke from Sydney , nova scotia. This man seems to think he’s god’s gift to women but in all actuality he’s just nasty. He goes around showing off pictures to girls and trying to take advantage of them while their vulernable. He goes around ” claiming ” the book 50 shades of grey was wrote after him. haha please he wishes. at least he’s sticking to his street with the women, working his way through all that he seems to convince that he’s god’s gift to them, and if you have been with him , appearently you become obsessed with with him ( according to him that is ). please your going on 40 dude. and you have a kid that is almost as old as the girls you try to hook up with, you ask me women are idiots if they even give him a second look.but let me ask you. would you ?

That chokers really throwing me for a loop.- nik

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Clown Under Can Do So Much Better

December 24, 2013 Clown Under, Sydney, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so I managed to find Sharni aka Clown Under’s facebook page and noticed this little gem! It looks like the only way to get into her pants is to be missing teeth and old as f*ck. I bet he is a bikie since that’s all these Gold Coast tramps date anyway. It’s all about the money, drugs and brand new BMW’s.. I feel sorry for her. She could do so much better!

If Clown Under came to America she would probably be dating some broke tattooed MMA wannabe anyway. Let Ghostrider have his glory.- nik

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