Tampa | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Kassy Kizzez

October 30, 2014 San Antonio, Tampa 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dis dirty ratchet azz hoe needs to be put out on blast. Kupcake kizzez as she well known on facebook itz more like dirty kizzez. Diz bitch claim to stand 100 by my boii Struk datz locked up. Word got back to him dat she was jumpin on errbody dick a week he was in der. Now she claimin she depressed cuz my nigga left her azz. Den she goes out an gets his name tatted to cova her azz stupid broad. Now she been with all these different boyfriends on facebook page. Dirty slut. She has drds she burned up my boii Struk. And errbody she fckin on the north, south, and da east. She gotz dem drd. She Iz a her**n crackhead pill popper hoe. She prostitutes herself on da south by south cross to get her fix of he*oin fckin all da homeboys on da south ask anybody ova der Brandon Jay and Mark. She also gave errbody in well fed ent mouth hugs. People don’t touch her she got dat lick.

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Human Resource Guru

October 28, 2014 Tampa 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stacey Niederhofer calls herself the HR Guru. While she obtains contracts by flashing her boobs having affairs with married men or any man who can give her business. She is married but that too is just part of her plan. She’s all over the Internet as a self proclaimed HR guru but she’s just a W—-! Selling herself for a contract. May even be having an affair with her current patsy!

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Confused Rachet

October 27, 2014 Tampa 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Danielle Hurst, and she is by far the nastiest of the nasty. All she posts on FB is how she has no help and no one loves her, wah wah wah! Sweetheart, your baby’s father left because all you do is party and cheat, these aren’t very endearing traits. Not to mention your mystery child that you never seem to mention (except when your bringing up Levi and how he abandoned you both) I see your saving for an apartment… funny you can’t afford that but you always have new tattoos and are drinking. Nik, please put this wannabe hoodrat on blast and warn all the future Levi’s out there that once this girl latches on, she will try to take you for everything your worth and no matter how it ends, they’ll be the bad guys.

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+2s Giveway In Tampa At The Drynk Halloween Night

October 24, 2014 Orlando, Tampa, The Dirty 0


I’m doing my Halloween party in Trampa this year. Because Trampa appreciates +2′s!! Trampa come celebrate a very Dirty Halloween with me at The DrYnk for your chance to win +2′s from Dr. Martin in Scottsdale.- nik

Click here to enter the contest for your chance to win +2′s!!!

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Porkey Piglet

October 22, 2014 Tampa 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this beast goes by “lindsey hamm, more like the whole pig! This bitch will spread her legs to anyone that shows her any attention. She’s pregnant and claims it’s one man’s baby but has told other people it may not be his. She. likes to threaten.people. anf show up with weapons and still gets her. ass beat. she’s a blue springs little Pussy bitch . she runs hrer mouth and can’t back it up. she’s been known to have drds.

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Mother of my Children Update

October 21, 2014 Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik things have gotten crazier with Taylor Tackett, Taylor Guilfoyle, Taylor Biggs, whatever it is she is calling herself these days. After getting a protection order on me, she has called quite a bit of times. Each time saying how she still misses me, and that this isn’t what she wanted. Than this past Friday, somehow she ends up meeting me at the Police station to give me our daughters, for 30 minutes she sat inside crying, while her boyfriend waited in the car. Crying how she wanted to see if we could get along and work things out, all the while still saying these things in front of our kids, like it wo’t affect them. Asking me to hug her? What the fck? At this point, it’s trying to figure out is she just sick in the head and trying to play everybody? Or have the drugs just taken her mind completely. And her family thinks I’m delusional and making this shit up even when they see the phone records. I’m not just sitting back now though, there is another hearing next week. Is this story just getting crazier or is it just me?

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Elaine Ivanowski Is A Great Manipulator

October 8, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, someone finally needs to put the skeet on blast, Elaine Ivanowski.  She is a manipulator and has serious emotional problems. She uses guys for drugs and neglects her sugar daddy/fiancés kids. While engaged to this tool, I know literally of over 40 different men she has banged out. A different guy every night. She is a stripper and he’s a lawyer. Would you hire Brett Malofsky? Also last time she got caught messing around with some guy in his car, she said she was kidnapped. Did I mention she was messing around with a teacher in high school?

You can tell by the mole…these are two different men.- nik

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West Coast Ratchet

October 6, 2014 Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: DRD alert! I’m talking about the permanent kind. Yea, this girl has it. Her name is Aris, unique and easy to remember. I was dating her and hitting it for a few months but she was always shady, seemed to keep her phone out of sight at all times and never seemed to be real about anything. And I hate being lied to. All her stories about her past and present seemed to be too perfect as if she could do no wrong, which didn’t seem realistic. Her ex then somehow found out about me (bc she was still playing him) and I realized the whole time she was still asking him for $$$, which is pretty ratchet move if you ask me. I guess I didn’t have enough for her to ask me? The worst part was when he sent me proof that she knew about her DRD, then to prove it he sent pics of his infected greg. I thought it was a scare tactic at first and believed her, kept blocking him but he was relentless. I could clearly see how pissed off he was that she had given him the permanent DRD , and I cut her off right away and went and got tested. I lucked out and got away clean. She basically REFUSED TO GET TESTED or show any kind of results. I’m pretty sure that getting tested would be the normal thing to do in scenerios like this, but she is far from normal. F*ck this girl. Aris is the true definition of white trash. Good luck to anyone who meets her next.

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