Lauren Gandarilla

July 18, 2014 Tampa 83


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this stretch mark covered, tummy tuck scarred, lumpy breasted horse faced fuck really takes the cake. She is 28 and has no job and has 2 kids and lives with her parents. Her father (Robert) is well known hairdresser who is firmly planted in the closet and her mother has to go through a cabinet of pill bottles just to get out of bed. She is divorced because she would rather fuck the greater Trampa area then put her kids first and raise them. She leaves them at home for her parents to watch while she sucks any and every dick she can get her mouth on. She has fooled plenty of guys when they see her with her clothes on but when she takes them off and then you see the flabby mess that are her arms and hips along with the saggy 70yo grandma ass she has it is kind of hard to maintain a erection….she has to make up for it by acting like a whore and she has certainly succeeded at that. Congrats, Lauren

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Tell Me This Is A Joke

July 18, 2014 Miami, Tampa, The Dirty 52

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please tell me this is not true?  Is Hulk Hogan really DJing now or is this one big joke?

The Hogan’s are making so much money on the EDM game right now… it is ridiculous. I blame Dave Grutman. All he does is make everyone else rich.- nik

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Pete Gruner Jr

July 9, 2014 Tampa 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is 40 years old and the nastiest, most ratchet POS I’ve come across who still thinks he’s all that. He cheated on his Playboy model ex-wife with everyone from married women to random s**ts during their marriage when he wasn’t cleaning out her bank account. He’s currently into bimbos and young girls; 20 years old and under seems to be his ideal type. He disses and treats like trash any woman over 20 (unless he can use them for his own agenda) and is a broke a** deadbeat. He got a federal lien placed by the IRS in April 2012 for the tune of $123,191.53 in unpaid taxes dating back to 2006. Check out Hillsbourgh County records in Florida and you’ll find more previous judgments against this loser. Don’t get me started on how many co-workers he screwed over and thrown under the bus in the past to get ahead.

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Bayshore Slore

June 30, 2014 Tampa 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I met this chick, the “Bayshore Whore” at the Bay Oaks pool. It’ started as a game between friends to see who could fck this chick the quickest. After the the first few hours I come to learn on this fcked out rule …the 40 days. After going out Friday night and a few bottles of wine and vodka, I decided its time to drop the CHASTITY BELT. It was a NO GO and kicked her to the curb. Everyone BEWARE of the “Bayshore Whore”, she uses dudes and adds days as she goes. Nik WTF??? Help every dude in South Tampa and spread the caution!!! Where does this bitch get the BALLS? Is this middle school?

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Julian Rose Perkins

June 18, 2014 Tampa 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so you might think you broke up with her. Sure you pissed her off to no end. But no she will still make shit up and try to call the cops on you and claim you are stalking her. All she wants is to see you in person. The only way in which she can do that is in court. Even though you weren’t even anywhere near tampa, shit you could be outside of the country when she claims you drive by her home. She will threaten your life(she owns guns) she pops xanax smokes weed with her son who can\’t pass the 8th grade(for the second time) and lets men finger her when you meet her at the bar and shows off naked pictures of herself and brags about how much cash she has and how she owns her own home and a 2008 shitty explorer. Once she shows you how she likes a fist in vagina and squirts from her vagina she will have you hooked on crazy sex. BE CAREFUL STAY AWAY. She will break out into random outbursts of tears over her dead husband that she had an argument with right before he rode his motorcycle so fast and so recklessly he died. It’s ashame this ex stripper was treated to a nice middle class life that her and her toothless fat mother live off of now until her 3 kids are 18 she sits on her ass all day while you work. Your tax dollars go to her xanax,marijuana,vodka and constant sitting at a bar til it closes hoping someone will fck her. Shell ask you questions if you have a roommate like “do you have a couch a floor somewhere we can fck”. She carries a “party bag” with cheap pinnacle.

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Tampa’s Newest Douche

June 18, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 249

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little filthy rich 20 year old comes out of no where on the Soho Scene. You can catch this douche bag in Tampa any day popping bottles and taking home the biggest sluts in Tampa or starting huge brawls. Gave my Ex drd and his Ex Ina who use to work at Reeves in Tampa now works at Rachel’s in Orlando she has a huge shovel and knows how to dig for gold.. Also decided to split my nose in half and break my friends jaw… Then rode off in a Black Aventador also seen this douche bag in a Silver GTR With Bright Orange Wheels.

What does he do for a living besides eat 20′s?- nik

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South Tampa’s Brittany Moree Ivancic

June 12, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, now this girl is going on full blast. Brittany Moree Ivancic, 24 years of age, takes the cake and crown as the South Trampa Slut. She is on anti depression meds, inhales keyboard dusters, and let 2 men take her home from a bar called Hyde Park Cafe and double team her as her roommate Elizabeth Griffin (Dollhosue Stripper) watched and messaged Brittanys ex husband. It doesnt stop there though. This girl has drd! She is on pills that are only used to treat drd, while she is having unprotected sex with multiple people I know as well as myself. She actually has a pretty good routine though, going from guy to guy from her ex in Pinellas Park, to guys all over Tampa Bay, all the way to Lakeland and Orlando. She has been fired from the dollhouse, drynk, hattricks, and KEL law firm. Brittanys closest friends are on the dirty as well, go figure. She has no job, no money, DRD, a ton of drama, and celulite all over her body for being 24 years old. She has done some horrible things to her ex husband, whom I have been in contact with, and cannot believe what she did to him AND THAT MORON took her back when she threatened to kills herself. She plays him all the time and brags about it because he is giving and loving. If you see this girl RUN!!!!

Not a fan of the double chin.- nik

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Arab Scammer

June 2, 2014 Miami, Tampa 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is so disgusting, he is pure scum. He doesn\’t even have a valid visa to be living in the states, he works at the Florida mall and you could always find him at cheap hookah bars or downtown. I’m not sure how he even has money to travel to Miami and constantly buy bottles, maybe the fact that he’s not paying taxes and is scamming everybody he meets! Currently he is married to a girl he has’t even known for more than 6 months! The real reason why he married her was to get his residency! That’s pathetic. He’s currently cheating on her with multiple girls but she is too blind to notice. So are all the girls he’s been getting bjs from. I think he needs to get his ass deported back to his country!

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