Sophia Wexler – Still a Slore

March 28, 2014 Tampa 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty water buffalo has been posted on here before, and I am here to tell you that this bitch is nastier than ever! Just like her and her picture, photoshop is for liars! Nice attempting to hide your fat arms, though! Lol! This middle aged loser recently started attending church, too! What a joke that is…She doesn’t even believe in God! If they only knew the real her. She’s taken money that was given to her child by her grandparents, and spent it on herself! Why don’t you try sending some money to the son you abandoned years ago who doesn’t even know you instead of stealing it! She’s also still throwing her disgusting c*nt around Tampa bay, and calls every man she sleeps with her boyfriend! Maybe you should focus on taking your bipolar medication and parenting classes instead of throwing your hot garbage tuna at anyone who buys you a drink! I think constantly dying her hair due to being a self hating Asian has finally fried her brain! Will this pathetic excuse of a mother ever grow up?

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Once a Sloot Always a Sloot

March 27, 2014 Tampa 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This girl here is Jen Gleave. I’m gonna be blunt and tell it how it is. She is a 20 year old girl who had a 20 year old boyfriend. She cheated on him with a 36 year old MARRIED man. Broke up with her young boyfriend to be with this guy. Her ex moved on and got a better non cheating slut girlfriend. Now she’s stalking her ex and his new girlfriend! what’s worse is shes still cheating with this married man and his wife doesn’t know. Keep in mind she met him at her job Bombardier Aero, where her PARENTS work as well. Also this married man has a kid with his wife. I hope that someone see’s this and tells her cause I don’t wanna be the barrer of bad news. Oh and guys, watch out for JEN GLEAVE. I’m sure she has other partners as well but I’m more concerned of the married man and her ex whom she is now stalking through his friends and facebook. STUPID HOME WRECKING SLUT.

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Nicole Is Nothing But A Fake

March 17, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for starters Nicole had a youtube channel – nguerriero19. She makes youtube beauty videos. I just want to put her out there because I was good friends with Nicole untill we went too Club Prana here in Tampa. I was with my boyfriend and the whole night she was hitting on him and flirting with him infront of me, so I got mad and left. The next night he went over to her house and she f*cked him! My own bestfriend f*cked my boyfriend of 4 years, better yet she has a boyfriend herself. Nicole has always had a fake personality. Everytime I would go out with her, she would be puking and sloppy! She’s been with so many guys and is always cheating on your boyfriend.  I went with her to the doctor to get checked for a DRD, and it came out positive. This girl is just so fake, and a sk*nk. She is not someone you want to be friends with or be in a relationship with.

That chin looks like it cuts.- nik

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Matt Joyce Gets Hooked by Tampa’s Biggest Cleat Chaser

March 5, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Tampa, The Dirty 137

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, anyone who has ever met Matt Joyce knows he is the nicest person ever, so it’s no surprise that he would fall for Tampa’s biggest cleat chaser Brittany Svendgard. This girl moved to Florida from Connecticut with her boyfriend and started cheating on him right away. Any athlete, bartender, reality star or man with money she would lay down for. Having already f****ed a number of athletes she set her sights on Jeter, just like most trampa slores. Preaching that she was a die hard Yankees fan, she began stalking out where he had coffee and always ate, she finally got in with him. Obviously he used her and would never admit to knowing her. She was then tossed around from athlete to athlete, purple crayon or not, until she sunk her claws in Matt. Every chance she gets she cheats on him and laughs about him. One night she came out with a bunch of us and was bragging about knowing all his passwords so she would delete any messages or texts from other people, especially when they would try to blow her in when she was caught out being a wh*re. She posts so much stuff trying to make it seem like she is so sweet and they have the perfect life but everyone knows that if Matt starts slipping as a player she will replace him for the next athlete. He is the laughing stock of every guy who has f*cked her in Tampa and pretty much every sports locker room. You can find naked pictures of her in any man’s phone who makes over 200k a year. She is as fake as her over photoshopped pics she posts trying to hide the worst bags/dark circles ever seen on a girl. Hopefully he smartens up and catches her being her before she takes him for everything. Athletes everywhere beware, this girl is a professional!

As Jeter always says in the locker room, “anybody want some left over pizza”.- nik

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April Walker

March 5, 2014 Houston, Tampa 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ms. April Walker, ladies and gentlemen. I met this seeminly sweet and cute coug on washington ave and have since run into her all over town. She’s from tampa or alabama and claims to have a legit job but I’m pretty sure she just lives off of different sugar daddies. Her and her botox-model friend Julie Davis love to snort coke off of young boy’s dicks, fuk with married men, and they LOVE to start drama. From acting like a teenager, the broken filter that is her mouth, her skimpy clothing, everything this hoodrat does is juvenille. I’m pretty sure her cute/sweet persona she puts on for the first 20 min or so has some deep rooted daddy issues because she loves to talk like a baby. Still, shouldn’t take long for her child-like tendencies to make themselves apparent. You may have the impression her ass and boobs make up for her busted face, but telling anyone and everyone about how flexible your asshole is kind of ruins it in my book, am i right? And that tongue…. someone chin check this girl so she can close her mouth for once. MEN, HIDE YOUR DICKS AND YOUR COKE. WOMEN, HIDE YOUR MEN. YOUNG BOYS, JUST HIDE.

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Coo Coo

February 28, 2014 Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do i begin? Let’s start off with how she is coo coo! This bitch has a huge reputation for getting with guys then claiming she is in “love” she becomes obsessive and starts wanting a baby and marriage she even had a guy get her pregnant but she lost it. Now she is dating this girls brother doing the same thing to him but this fool so damn blind don’t want to believe his friend’s or family let alone his sister who knows her true colors see’s what everyone warned him about! she even demanded him to marry her was already considering his last name on pictures SICK would get him drunk so he didn’t use protection just to get her pregnant!. This girl fuks with guys behind his back one is called Rubin but claims he is a”friend” she likes to stalk and hack into peoples accounts and even her own bf’s talks mad shit and makes up stories just for attention tried to get her bf against his own family. i heard she is the reason her bf bank account got frozen and identiy was stolen because people say he gives her all his personal info she blew over 200$ worth. this girl has a huge rep for having a busted p*ssy! rumors say they won’t doubt if she got diseases feel bad for her bf if that’s true. if you in the bush garden area u probably know her she is always at 4U Hookah Lounge she is so nasty and crazy! if you know Jodi Arias that crazy bitch i swear Alex is a twin sister! beware guys!

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Another Trampa girl in porn

February 27, 2014 Tampa 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I just found out my ex is now doing porn. That’s one more Trampa girl in the industry. Having sex with her was like fuking a dead fish, and now she expects people to pay to watch her?? She has a totally awkward body, not to mention her face isn’t any better, I’m really not sure who would enjoy that. Am I wrong? Would you?

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What Do You Think About Eva Marie

February 19, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Tampa, The Dirty 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we all know you hate redheads. I would like to know what you think about the WWE diva, Eva Marie. She is not too muscular, gorgeous, +2′s. What do you think of her? DA strong!

I’m not a fan of her stomach region.- nik

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