Tampa | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Sam the Scam Atkinson

August 5, 2014 Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: All over the country-cheating, stealing from everyone including family..real estate agents, car dealerships, women, retailers, craigslist people.. He is a true fAKE! Says he’s a physicians assistant. He hasn’t had a real job in LONG TIME! Just got out of jail in Tampa.. Before that, was in jail in MA.

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Rebecca Tomicki’s Sugar Daddy

August 4, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Rebecca Tomicki’s sponsor and the guy whose been funding her. I remember seeing her the day she took that picture last summer and she was high off weed making a complete fool of herself being seen with a guy almost twice her age. I guess dignity and self respect goes out the window for nice shoes to share with Saundra. Besides her few close male friends she never posts pics of guys shes dating and when she does their face is ALWAYS covered. Because they all have gfs and some of them are even pregnant. I wont even mention the crew that helped with the yacht Blake got in Australia. It’s funny how men she was banging are slowing getting rid of her at the same time Saundra’s daddy Blake ditched her and now Saundra is finding any guy who will pay her. How was that Vegas trip last week Saundra? Don’t worry I’ll post about that trip soon. We all laugh at these girls who try so hard to be socialites when we see them out. How does Kari Tomicki have a job dealing with kids when she can’t even raise her own kid right? Maybe your sister should stop letting you be around her baby so you don’t rub off on her kid.

I feel like to be a good Sugar Daddy you also have to be a decent photographer. Since all these bitches on IG have the John’s taking their pictures.- nik


No One Is Jealous Saundra Harper And Rebecca Tomicki

Rebecca Tomicki Went Full Groupie Mode This Past Weekend

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I Love Her But Not Her Tattoos

August 1, 2014 Tampa 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, long time follower of the site. Wanted to get your opinion/advice on a issue. I have fallen in love with a beautiful woman, we get along great, my family loves her, live if good. I see my self spending the rest of my life with this person. Only down side is… She has tattoos all over her body. I my self have non. Many of my friends and family look down at body art and I am just fearful of what this “art” will look like in ten, 20 30 years? I drove buy Walmart the other day and spotted an elderly woman with tattoos on her wrinkled skin that look more like a BP oil spill then body art. Maybe I’m just over thinking this whole thing? Being a superficial d$&@? What would you do Nik? *Note picture I have attached is via google search and not my actual girlfriend.

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Clinton Keilman – Port Richey

July 23, 2014 Tampa 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here I present you Port Richey Florida’s biggest lame ass. He can’t get a girl to go on his boat if his life depended on it. When he does its some 40 year old thats been rode hard and put away wet. He still rocks ed hardy in 2014 and lives in a small 1 bedroom 1.5 bathroom home. He tried to perv on pics in my iPhone of my friends and myself. Also his friends take the girls he brings out on his old boat. This guy needs to sell his boat and invest in some self help therapy. Grandpa truly believes he is in his 20′s and is in denial of being almost 30 looking 45.

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Lauren Gandarilla

July 18, 2014 Tampa 87


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this stretch mark covered, tummy tuck scarred, lumpy breasted horse faced fuck really takes the cake. She is 28 and has no job and has 2 kids and lives with her parents. Her father (Robert) is well known hairdresser who is firmly planted in the closet and her mother has to go through a cabinet of pill bottles just to get out of bed. She is divorced because she would rather fuck the greater Trampa area then put her kids first and raise them. She leaves them at home for her parents to watch while she sucks any and every dick she can get her mouth on. She has fooled plenty of guys when they see her with her clothes on but when she takes them off and then you see the flabby mess that are her arms and hips along with the saggy 70yo grandma ass she has it is kind of hard to maintain a erection….she has to make up for it by acting like a whore and she has certainly succeeded at that. Congrats, Lauren

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Tell Me This Is A Joke

July 18, 2014 Miami, Tampa, The Dirty 52

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please tell me this is not true?  Is Hulk Hogan really DJing now or is this one big joke?

The Hogan’s are making so much money on the EDM game right now… it is ridiculous. I blame Dave Grutman. All he does is make everyone else rich.- nik

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Pete Gruner Jr

July 9, 2014 Tampa 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is 40 years old and the nastiest, most ratchet POS I’ve come across who still thinks he’s all that. He cheated on his Playboy model ex-wife with everyone from married women to random s**ts during their marriage when he wasn’t cleaning out her bank account. He’s currently into bimbos and young girls; 20 years old and under seems to be his ideal type. He disses and treats like trash any woman over 20 (unless he can use them for his own agenda) and is a broke a** deadbeat. He got a federal lien placed by the IRS in April 2012 for the tune of $123,191.53 in unpaid taxes dating back to 2006. Check out Hillsbourgh County records in Florida and you’ll find more previous judgments against this loser. Don’t get me started on how many co-workers he screwed over and thrown under the bus in the past to get ahead.

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Bayshore Slore

June 30, 2014 Tampa 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I met this chick, the “Bayshore Whore” at the Bay Oaks pool. It’ started as a game between friends to see who could fck this chick the quickest. After the the first few hours I come to learn on this fcked out rule …the 40 days. After going out Friday night and a few bottles of wine and vodka, I decided its time to drop the CHASTITY BELT. It was a NO GO and kicked her to the curb. Everyone BEWARE of the “Bayshore Whore”, she uses dudes and adds days as she goes. Nik WTF??? Help every dude in South Tampa and spread the caution!!! Where does this bitch get the BALLS? Is this middle school?

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