Coo Coo

February 28, 2014 Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do i begin? Let’s start off with how she is coo coo! This bitch has a huge reputation for getting with guys then claiming she is in “love” she becomes obsessive and starts wanting a baby and marriage she even had a guy get her pregnant but she lost it. Now she is dating this girls brother doing the same thing to him but this fool so damn blind don’t want to believe his friend’s or family let alone his sister who knows her true colors see’s what everyone warned him about! she even demanded him to marry her was already considering his last name on pictures SICK would get him drunk so he didn’t use protection just to get her pregnant!. This girl fuks with guys behind his back one is called Rubin but claims he is a”friend” she likes to stalk and hack into peoples accounts and even her own bf’s talks mad shit and makes up stories just for attention tried to get her bf against his own family. i heard she is the reason her bf bank account got frozen and identiy was stolen because people say he gives her all his personal info she blew over 200$ worth. this girl has a huge rep for having a busted p*ssy! rumors say they won’t doubt if she got diseases feel bad for her bf if that’s true. if you in the bush garden area u probably know her she is always at 4U Hookah Lounge she is so nasty and crazy! if you know Jodi Arias that crazy bitch i swear Alex is a twin sister! beware guys!

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Another Trampa girl in porn

February 27, 2014 Tampa 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I just found out my ex is now doing porn. That’s one more Trampa girl in the industry. Having sex with her was like fuking a dead fish, and now she expects people to pay to watch her?? She has a totally awkward body, not to mention her face isn’t any better, I’m really not sure who would enjoy that. Am I wrong? Would you?

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What Do You Think About Eva Marie

February 19, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Tampa, The Dirty 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we all know you hate redheads. I would like to know what you think about the WWE diva, Eva Marie. She is not too muscular, gorgeous, +2′s. What do you think of her? DA strong!

I’m not a fan of her stomach region.- nik

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Michael Montoya The Woman Beater

February 14, 2014 FSU, Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ass goof right here is Michael Montoya a harmless student by day and cock sucking woman beater by night. He is known by many people by the name of Dakota (but the only name that really suits him is TROLL THE F*GGOT MCGOOF)he haunts little girls nightmares and is the man which everyone warned you to stay away from. Unless of course you enjoy being beaten to a bloody pulp by a hungry hungry 10 ton elephant. This pussy fudge packing fa**ot has beat on not one, not two, not even three woman, but six! that’s right! six! “He’s climbin’ in your windows, he’s snatchin’ your people up, tryin’ to rape ‘em. So y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause he’s rapin’ everybody out here.” He put my sister in the hospital by throwing her down two stair cases and beating her with his faggot ass steel toe boots! This PREDATOR is nothing but a gay ass coward who’s bending over for every butt pirate sissy fudge packer in the entire state of FLORIDA! And if he isn’t beating woman you can sure guarantee that we will be smothering them to the near brink of death with all his hungry hungry hippo rolls on that nasty greasy body of his. Truth is girls if you want a man that will drown you in his sweat and grease from his wide load fat lard or a man that will beat on you until him and his anal assassin buddies get their dip sticks shit stained here he is! Look no further!

Chokers = roids or emo. Both are overly sensitive and have violent mood swings.- nik

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Your Adderall Advice Is Dangerous

February 9, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 206

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I have a very good friend who was recently hospitalized with heart palpitations and seizures due to taking the drug you so highly recommend – Adderall! She and I both read your advice on how if all other dieting fails – just tell your doctor you have ADD and get a prescription from them. Being a medical student myself, you have to know this is terrible advice. Adderall is an amphetamine that can be extremely addicting and potentially dangerous to the wrong person. My friend is now having seizures every month because of what she read here on The Dirty. We all know this site is all about your ridiculous personal opinion on the lives and appearances of others, but suggesting someone fakes an illness to get a script made to lose weight is a horrible thing to do. You will have young girls addicted to these medications that they never even needed to begin with. My advice to you is to stop encouraging the use of any drug that may harm people before you get slapped with a lawsuit. Hey if a cheerleader can beat you in court – a medial professional definitely can.

I was being sarcastic. I’m not an adderall fan. RELAX.- nik

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Central FL Fake

February 7, 2014 Tampa 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Tampa FL’s biggest and creepiest “photographer.” He’s been on here countless times, and why? CAUSE NO ONE LIKES YOU BRUCE! He is a pathological liar, he never returns any pictures he takes of you, or if he does your face is so photoshopped you can’t even recognize yourself. People actually pay him? Yeah, okay Bruce. Not only is he almost 30 still living in his dads home, I don’t even think he has a job. If so it’s at t-mobile in the mall. He would show me pictures of other girls and talk shit about them and make fun of them, or say how annoying they were. I have shot with him several times. Back before he got super great at Photoshop, and I would actually get some pictures like promised. You cant rely on anything he says, because it is probably a lie. He plays Call of Duty all day and night. Im not sure if he does drugs but he looks methed out. He has bags under his eyes and whenever I would message him no matter what time he always answered. He takes photos with his models and has videos of his shoots. He goes onto Private property that clearly says “trespassers WILL be arrested” but he claims to know the guy. One time we shot and a cop actually did tell us we were trespassing. I feel bad for him, but then again I don’t. Anyone who photoshops their arms to look bigger is a douche. Oh and I’m sure he’s gay. NEVER has a girlfriend he always claims to “like” you but will not act on it, I even tested him watching a movie in bed not one move made. I knew he wouldn’t. I may not be the hottest, but trust me for this Asshole it’d be the best he could do. Also the girl in his the picture I submitted, he claims is an ex-girlfriend. She looks like a tranny and he always found those types of girls the “hottest” I even said once “she looks like a dude.” But he just didn’t say anything. But it’s okay I love gays! Just not this one. Ladies wisen up and stop replying to this loser!

Work on improving your own life, not your characters.- nik

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No One Needs Your Blessing

February 7, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for the queer who originally posted this beauty… After some Investigating im almost positive this broad had her share of work done not sure if her month hiatus was a enough time…. looking that way or maybe she took the advice of the public ha! No way a bombshell bra or makeup can change that flatness and that nose.

I’m telling you, she looks like a skinnier version of Z-List.- nik


I Need Your Blessing

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South Florida Watch Out

February 5, 2014 Jacksonville, Tampa 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: We all know those car groupie whores. The girls that pretend to be into cars, attend car meets, hang with only guys, and offer to change a guy’s oil accompanied with a blow job as a two for deal. This particular female, is the most disgraceful low life trashy slut i’ve ever had to deal with. She owns an e36 and “loves” cars. My boyfriend and I have been together for years and he rolls with a group of about 10 guys. This girl has slept with each and every guy in his friend group and they all find it hilarious. Of course she has no problem with throwing her p*ssy at any guy that owns a wrench and a set of wheels. So naturally, she tries to pursue my boyfriend after she’s made her filthy rounds with his friends. It goes without saying he wouldn’t touch her with a 10 ft pole, but this UGLY nasty used up wh*re seriously needs to learn to keep her legs closed.

Empty houses mean trouble.- nik

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