Watch Out Guys

November 8, 2013 Fort Myers, South Florida, Tampa 219

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This one of a kind train-wreck is Alexandra Drouhard. This girl has been making her rounds in South Florida scene for about 10 years now. Shes one of the most calculated gold-diggers you will ever meet. A retired stripper, she knows how to get exactly what she wants. She even BRAGGED about this sleezy club owner giving her paychecks for a “weekly visit”. It’s absolutely disgusting seeing as she is has a poor 2 year old whos he leaves with drunk babysitters. She gets her kicks off making moves on married men and has slept with more than 3 married guys in the Fort Myers area. BE CAREFUL SOUTH FLORIDA

First steady job eh?- nik

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Katina Scammer Willis

November 5, 2013 Dirty Business, Tampa 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Ms Willis or as she likes to be called Katina says that she runs a organization providing financial assistance for people looking to get some funding or get a loan for business. Well If you fall for her trap prepare to pay for more. She’s associated with a really good pre-paid legal services firm unfortunately she also misrepresents them. She makes “clients” buy the services so she can get paid upfront and never delivers the services required. What you only get its a never ending religious mumble jumble that even if she was GOD fearing she doesn’t even follow it. She states that is her divine mission to help people and with complete ignorance she will play the Religious card every single time. She’s not regulated or is under any compliance from the SEC so if you value your business and your cash and don’t have time to deal with nonsense religious talk stay away from her. She has a complaint under the Ripoff report and also several other under the SEC so stay away. Here’s a few pictures of her and her driver license. So NIK can you do some justice and make sure this so called “lady” doesn’t ripoff anyone else?

Whose that cree-eeping in the window!- nik

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Why Is Liz Bodner Stripping Into Her 30s

November 2, 2013 Tampa 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know this kid that DJs I won’t say where but he used to always talk about this chick like a dog. He told me she was a stripper that sleeps around with used to be famous ball players and singers and cheats on her current on again off again wanna be baller boyfriend smh. Well I have to say after looking at her Instagram page, this chick is an attention wh*re. All the self promoting pic she takes I just had to see this chick in person so I finally got to see her at The Dollhouse in Tampa. I have to say she needs to stick to the face shots and distant/photoshop body shots. First of all she has lots of wrinkles around her eyes like she’s 40, she has a baby pouch and stretch marks all over her stomach and hips and had the nerve to have a belly ring smh. I don’t know who hired this chick but she must have given out a BJ to get hired. Just had to bring this chick down a notch, she ain’t all that!

They have Mexicans in Trampa?- nik

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October 29, 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty little slut cheats in every relationship she’s been in. First, she cheated on her fiancé and broke up an engaged couple. After that relationship ended she had to marry a guy because he knocked her up. He cheated on her and a one night stand gave him drd, which he passed on to her. She too had a very public affair and denied it, but later admitted, “I f*cked Frank C. all over the place!” After her divorce she got engaged and cheated on him too. With her next boyfriend she had threesomes with a co-worker, and laughed about riding a doubled-headed dildo with her. They’d go to swingers clubs to fill the void after she moved to Florida. She likes to be tied up, gently whipped, and her fantasies are to have her face slapped as she’s being raped and gangbanged. “I can’t be with just one man” she says, and admitted “I should be a porn star because I love sex.” Not only does she love sex, but is enamored with herself, and is the most conceited person you’ll ever meet. She’s remarked, “Men are stuck to me like bubblegum on a sidewalk.” Again she returned to her cheating ways, and was screwing her boyfriend, former fiancé, high school sweetheart, some other guy, and her roommate’s boyfriend. An alcoholic to boot, she carries Jello shots to work in her purse and is frequently buzzed. Shes strongly pro-choice but if you had four abortions from four different guys wouldn’t you be too?

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More Drama for Ashley Kompare

October 24, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Since the original Ashley Kompare post it has been chaos for her and all the people she has slept with that now know about her, you know. Lucas, Larry the sugar daddy, Teri, Derrick and others have all caught wind that she is sleeping with all of them at the same time without telling anyone about her disease and the sheer volume of views from The Dirty has put everyone on high alert about her status. She continues to prey on the wallets of her customers at the strip club and restaurant but her looks and time is running out now that her family know about her Pepsi addiction and side jobs. With all that being said and the truth hitting the air what could possibly be left for Ashley?

Looks good in the bottom pic, must be one of her profiles…- nik

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Middle Aged Troll seeks your BF

October 21, 2013 Tampa 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Natasha Taglia she will send tit pics to her brother. YOLO. She is old as shit and needs attention, sending photos to other chicks bf’s even when they are her ex bf’s friend and were even once married to her best friend. She looks like a trany and the only thing she has going for her are her tits, because if you saw her face you would bet your life she had a penis.

What good are texts like this without a face to match?- nik

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Proud Trampa Strippers

October 21, 2013 Tampa 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the most proud strippers in Trampa: Valerie and Jamie. Why do girls these days have no shame?! They post pics of themselves dancing at Hush like it’s the greatest thing ever.  Why does stripping make so many girls feel powerful like they are doing something important… I just don’t get it.

Good to see that Hush is their life goal.- nik

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Ashley Kompare

October 18, 2013 Tampa, University of Miami 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Ashley Kompare, a 27 year old krusty sloot in the Trampa area that works at a strip club. Ashley has DRD, 3 previous abortions, multiple bacteria infections and still doesn’t tell her sexual partners about her DRD. Her most recent incident involved having sex with a co worker without telling him of her status and when she was confronted about it she lied as usual. She frequents the Miami and Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale area with hopes of bagging a sugar daddy so her mommy and daddy don’t have to keep paying for her BMW, shopping, and plastic surgery addiction. She has consistently lies to her family for the last several years about where she works because she doesn’t want her family in Syracuse to know that she works at a strip club and sleeps around but the truth always has a way of airing itself out. Maybe some girls will learn to tell the truth instead of spreading shit for life but once a sloot, always a sloot.

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