Polk Co. Deputy Arrested

August 28, 2013 Tampa 0 6,859 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: BARTOW, Fla. – A Polk County Sheriff’s deputy has resigned after being arrested for alleged physical and electronic interactions with a 17-year-old girl. According to PCSO spokesperson Donna Wood, PCSO Deputy Mark Hicks was arrested Friday by Bartow Police officers after the department received information alleging he had been sending lewd images and messages to the girl. A BPD arrest affidavit stated the girl had visited Hicks’ home on or around August 7, where she told detectives he kicked and fondled her without her consent. She moved away from Hick and left, according to detectives. Hicks allegedly began sending the girl lewd images of himself with a cell phone and asked the girl to send him similar pictures. BPD detectives went to Hicks home Friday and went with them to the Bartow Police Dept. to be interviewed. Wood said Hicks, who was a patrol deputy in the county’s central district, confessed to the allegations. “Hicks’ (PCSO) supervisor was notified of the arrest and responded to the police department,” Wood said in a statement. Hicks resigned his position as a deputy to the supervisor and was taken to the Polk County Jail. He was being held in a “Crisis Stabilization Unit” do to an incident while he was still at the jail. Hicks was arrested in 2004 for a misdemeanor contempt of court on a violation of injunction charge resulting from a child custody dispute. He was later awarded custody of his biological children in December 2005. The girl will not be identified. Read more: (click here)

Get out of jail free card for cops is to resign.  Justsaying.- nik

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Another Cheater Caught

August 25, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 41 88,992 Views


(Click on the image to see the rest of her body)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my friend is married to a naval officer, apparently, he’s been treating her like sh*t, yada yada yada, having attitudes with her, everything that would make a neurotic chick think something is wrong….. so, her husband (dumbass) leaves his Amazon account open for her to take a gander at…. she finds crazy purchase to Victoria’s Secret, and other sexual items… negligees and what not. Anyway, she confronts him with just this, and zero truth…. takes a battle tested naval officer, brings him to his knees, and makes her tell him sh*t she had no idea about, but pretended to, and raised hell like she did. He comes clean of sh*t that she never imagined was true…. saying he bought her the VS get ups so she could model them naked for him, and he could look at them while they had phone sex…. hit the f*cking nail on the head…. he starts crying, admits that all of her…. assumptions are true, and then, to make it even sweeter, he starts producing evidence. Semi-nude photos of this girl…. in the lingerie that he bought and paid for….on his credit card…. that she has access to… did I mention that these girls are best friends! So, I guess while he’s been deployed, and away from his wife, his wife’s best friend has been receiving gifts from navy-guy, and in turn, sending him fap material….don’t worry, his wife sent it to me, I intend to post her in all her glory. Crazy story, listening to her describe it was so much more dramatic…. anyway, I think she’s got a really cute butt, but that mug, and those tits….. something about em…. can’t quite put my finger on it…. maybe that’s the problem…yea, right…enough talk…. I’ll post the pics, if you want to hear more, let me know-peace brother.

Only click the image if you are in the Navy. This girl has water weight = civilian sea sickness.- nik

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Flea City

August 20, 2013 Tampa, Would You? 24 7,470 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Talia Bianchet, one of Tampa’s dirtiest(Literally). You can find her slurring her speech and stumbling around at bars or clubs, wearing some high heels and a skimpy dress. She’s got a pill problem and can barely afford her flea infested apartment. When you talk to her you can’t help but notice the bites all over her skin from her apartment, which she refuses to flea bomb. Her ex roommate refused to live with her after two months, because he couldn’t stand the dirty living environment and he’s a guy. He left the apartment looking like he had the chicken pox, from FLEAS! He said that he’s changed the way he looks at girls forever. She will get with any guy as long as he’s willing to get her fcked up first. She is classless, and loud wherever she goes. She gets sloshed and will make a fool out of herself, I couldn’t imagine being friends with her without being embarrassed… She claims to have a lot of “guy friends” but she attempts to flirt with all of them even in front of their girlfriends. She thinks that no one takes notice to her disgusting and slutty behavior, but I haven’t met a single person who has any respect for her. On top of being dirty, having fleas, and being a slut, she also tries to act like she’s a hardass. Saying she will beat this persons ass and threw her out a window. Yet Ive heard that shes gotten her ass handed to her before. Completely classless. Nik, I ask you only because I am wondering why so many guys would even consider it… but would you?

Answer: NO, looks like her stuffings fallen out of place.

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Miss Travel

August 4, 2013 Tampa 1 8,346 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mr. Richie. Hi, I am recently retired and it was recommended to me that I try this new website called “Miss Travel”. I have never been married and have no kids so I decided to give it a try. I log in and one of the first searches I do comes up with this curious damsel. I am no spring chicken but is this an escort site in disguise or a place for people to actually meet??? Is this something you would ever try or recommend?? Now this broad, here known as “tampagirl” has some great characteristics. But do you really think her photos are saying “I would love to see the world with you” or “I hope you are as interested in the ANALS of history as I am” I am not sure about actually contacting any women on this “Dating Website” but I think want to thank one really horrible father for these pictures I found.

If she has an Amazon wish list then you need to STAY AWAY.- nik

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The Lion Queen

July 26, 2013 Tampa 111 10,958 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this disgusting local floozie had to move to Trampa from NY because she spread so much disease in her hometown! This is what I heard through the grapevine , she was begging my boy at the club to take her home and do her. So they leave together . So she tells him she won’t have sex with him if he likes to use condoms. So they get to his place and she takes off her XXL underwear and this is where it gets real scary, she had green slimy stains in her panties with some fresh poop marks . He described it as looking like flubber in her vag and underwear. So he was about a foot away from her and he said her vag smelled like rotten trash and dog poop! So please , if you see this creep coming towards you run the other way quick! She says she looks like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce! I think she resembles a broke version of Adele. Nik , would you?

Answer: No, granny panties are a game killer, regardless of how they look.

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Riverview Slore

July 25, 2013 Tampa 96 9,652 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dorothy Wilson Nowling, this nasty big bitch is like sasqwatch in the present. Whoring herself around Riverview FL preying on men who can daddy her children. Maybe if she thought about who she spread her legs for she wouldnt have to whore her nasty ass out.

Not aging well.- nik

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Why Wont The Government Leave Zimmerman Alone

July 15, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 1231 134,737 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I truly hate this country and our judicial system.  So Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY by the state of Florida but now all the sudden there is news that he might be able to get charged Federally and to me that is complete bullsh*t.  Zimmerman is not guilty and was truly trying to protect himself.  I don’t know what world you people live in but you need to be honest with yourselves.  I’m an elementary school teacher and let me tell you, 9 out of 10 young black men have the same goal in life and that is to be a thug, rapper, drug dealer or professional athlete.  Trust me, Zimmerman did a huge favor to everyone by defending himself and getting rid of Treyvon.  Trust me Treyvon would have eventually ended up in prison for murder or rape or armed robbery.  I don’t get how the federal courts want to get involved and screw Zimmerman, he was found NOT GUILTY… leave him alone.

I think he should have been guilty. George Zimmerman has always wanted to shoot someone, it just happen to be Treyvon Martin.- nik

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Broso Photo

July 2, 2013 Dirty Predator, Tampa 195 8,767 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Bruce Amoroso. He’s a “photographer” in Tampa. All my friends tell me that he is the BIGGEST creeper EVER! He stalks their facebook and instagram and BEGS to shoot with them.. he barely uses any real equipment to do his shoots and is all kinds of touchy feely with them. What is real funny is he goes around bad mouthing every other photographer in town to steal the girls so he can creep on them. What do you think of this guy Nik?

If a photographer tries to get in the shots with you it’d be best to leave…that or if they try and oil you down.- nik

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