Thinks She Is The Hottest Thing Out

December 16, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 384


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, turned this girl out and showed her what an actual sex is all about. She failed at modeling because she’s on the heavy side, and short side (model wise).  So now she wants to be a Realtor… So does everyone who doesn’t have a REAL college degree, and no Com doesn’t count. Had to teach her everything she knows in the bedroom. Once she got off, game over… Selfish would be an understatement. Puts on one hell of a show making herself seem to be a nice person, but in reality is a needy bitch… Click here to see some hearts.

Her teeth are very defined as in she must like bareback.- nik

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Cocktail Stripper Syndrome

December 14, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 55



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl works at Penthouse Gentlemen’s club located off Westshore blvd in Tampa. She is an expert at milking dudes for $$$, had her ex buy her all kinds of sh*t and take her on trips, and even got a new car out of him. Meanwhile she was banging me and like 3 other guys. I also learned she screwed this super fat kid, just shows what level she’s on. She won’t ever admit to her lies, which I don’t get because I was just trying to be real with her. Nik, what do you think of her? Next time you’re in Tampa be sure to stop by Penthouse and tell her I said hi.

Fat guys are not fat if they have money.- nik

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These Teenage Twins Love Their Huge +2s

December 7, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, longtime DA member here. I had to post up these two teasing little twins that work at one of the trashiest bars in SoHo, The Lodge. Madeline and Kennedy both got massive +2′s put in as a HS GRADUATION PRESENT FROM THEIR DAD. WTF, right?! They then immediately went to work at the bars in SoHo, showing off their massive refund gaps and making out with each other for VIP/Bottle Service customers that gave a fat tip (rumor has it if you’ve got $2k you can take both of them home). Both of these teenage slores are sleeping with dudes in their 30′s, they’re regularly screwing the owner of the bar, and one of them brags about having a 50-something trout sugar daddy that buys her expensive Louie bags. This summer, dirty stoner Bucs QB and MRSA carrier Josh Freeman came into the Lodge and ended up taking both of them and one of their friends home, and was regularly tagging these two until the Bucs wised up and fired his sorry ass. Even tho these dirty sloots go to USF, there’s no point to it as they tell everyone their life-long ambition is “to marry a rich guy so I never have to work for the rest of my life”.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing these two in Playboy, then porn, and finally at the local stripclub champagne room before they’re 30.

Whatever happen to that Josh Freeman guy? Is his career officially over yet?- nik

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Teri Intzegian Slept With My Husband

December 6, 2013 Tampa 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Teri Intzegian is a home wrecking bitch. She slept with my husband on an ongoing basis when she and he knew I was battling a disease. She gave him DRD. Thankfully, I guess, I was too sick to have sexual interactions with him before learning of this affair. Feel free to facebook her and let her know what a whore she is along with my now ex-husband.

Wow, that is f*cked up.- nik

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Biggest Tranny in Florida

November 25, 2013 Tampa 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy goes by the name Alex De Jesus. He is known around Tampa for going out together with his mom and picking up men (for him and her). Rumor has it that he has the h*rp, and doesn’t tell women before he sleeps with them. He is definitely a catcher with men though, and posted a gay ad in CL but took it down after someone busted him. He also has a fat pig of a wife who he denies and tells people she’s his aunt when they ask on FB, and has even denied his kids saying they’re his nephews. Oh, and to top it off even further, he makes fun of people for their handicaps online. He picks on a few disabled people online and called a guy who has a bone wasting disease “pathetic” for trying to rap online. This douchebag and his douchebag mother need to be blacklisted from any gay club as they are just spreading disease and making Tampa and surrounding areas grosser to live. He goes by Alex San Miguel and his mon is Lisandra Morales on FB.

Two handed self pics don’t lie.- nik

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Pathetic Old Bar Hag

November 20, 2013 Tampa 155

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty middle-aged Asian hose bag is named Sophia Wexler. She is a failure of a mother who abandoned one child and abuses the one she decided to keep out of guilt. She owes at least 50k in child support and refuses to pay a dime for her poor son! She also can’t be alone and is a total gold digging d*ck hopper. Get the hint. You ARE a nasty, loud, pill popping skank and no one wants to be with you! Her nasty tuna and huge gut about made me vomit when I hit it. Even the anal was loose! Stop worrying about stalking ex boyfriends and failed husbands and focus on your daughter. Soon enough she’ll be old enough to tell you to get bent and then you’ll have no one!

Some people don’t grow up.- nik

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Watch Out Guys Revision

November 18, 2013 Fort Myers, South Florida, Tampa 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi there, Southwest Florida and the Dirty Army, I am the REAL Alexandra Drouhard. While I typically do not see myself inserted in the subject lines of sensationalistic journalism, I do think that this particular piece momentarily deserves my undivided attention. Confucius once said: “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.” Sensationalism and bullying tend to go hand in hand in today’s society. Cyber-bullying is an epidemic that is immensely difficult to punish by law for myriad reasons, and sadly, cyber-bullying can lead to suicides, lowered self-esteem of its victims, and can actually even affect a victim’s ability to he hired by many reputable companies that wish for their company’s ambassadors to ensconce an aura of morality and wholesomeness. It would be very simple of a task for me to call upon law enforcement if an intruder broke into my home, however, when an intruder anonymously posts erroneous information about me on a site such as this, my only respectable and realistic option is to shrug my shoulders and be myself. I work hard. Need proof? My tax paperwork, clients, and family could tell you about that. I’m not the kind of woman who goes to work from nine to five- I am actually the kind of woman who stays up late finishing client emails, who voluntarily works on a day off, who makes organic, home-cooked meals for my child and gives him the best emotional and educational advantages, despite being a single parent, and who has a success-oriented attitude in all aspects of life. It is my goal to drive positivity, compassion, and understanding into my actions. I want the person sitting next me to be more successful that I am. Why? Because that is what success is all about: Driving one another to be better. Creating interdependent networks and exuding wisdom. And finally, to the author of “Watch out guys” and the “My Baby Mama is a Hoe” website that have been intended to attack my character: I wish you the power to gain knowledge about what you do not understand. I wish you the compassion and the emotional intelligence to sense when you can make a difference in someone’s life and in the world. Most of all, however, I wish for you the gift of selflessness and the drive to help others. Gaining a broader sense of the world and utilizing your innate skills could change your life for the best. As always: Dress Elegantly, Speak Eloquently, and Always strive to help the person sitting next to you. For healthy lifestyle tips, please also check out my blog: [removed[. Best Regards Nik and Viewers,

Feel better?- nik

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Watch Out Guys

November 8, 2013 Fort Myers, South Florida, Tampa 219

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This one of a kind train-wreck is Alexandra Drouhard. This girl has been making her rounds in South Florida scene for about 10 years now. Shes one of the most calculated gold-diggers you will ever meet. A retired stripper, she knows how to get exactly what she wants. She even BRAGGED about this sleezy club owner giving her paychecks for a “weekly visit”. It’s absolutely disgusting seeing as she is has a poor 2 year old whos he leaves with drunk babysitters. She gets her kicks off making moves on married men and has slept with more than 3 married guys in the Fort Myers area. BE CAREFUL SOUTH FLORIDA

First steady job eh?- nik

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