Cheating Old Hag

January 15, 2014 Cougars, Tampa 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lives in Riverview and Jacksonville, Spehpanie Oreair Crews cheats on husband for one year then cheats on him with another. info i got. He’s a good guy knew him but she did not, i went undercover. dirty person lead on wanting sex. 38 i wont post her nudes or number. message me for more info

More info woulda helped the post.  The DA needs to see your undercover work.- nik

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Pedophile Davey Theiland

January 8, 2014 South Florida, Tampa 17


You’re giving him sympathy points and bashing him all in one.- nik

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St. Ignatius Day Care Worker

January 7, 2014 Tampa 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there are alot of sluts in this town (men & women) and normally I wouldnt give a shit but this one needs to be called out. Her name is KRISTIN HANTZ GANAS and she works at St.Ignatius Early Childhood Development Center in Tarpon Springs, part of St.Ignatius Catholic Church. In addition to being an out of control alcoholic, she has slept with half the town. She’s a drunk that has fucked anyone that pays attention to her. She has recently had a sexual relationship with a woman named Kelly Carr and had her in her bed while Kristin’s 3 kids were in the home at the same time. Kelly was nice enough to lend her money to pay for a motorcycle that Kristin wanted and soon after, dumped Kelly and has never payed her back and said she never will. Kristin leads a double life that MOST of her friends and family dont know about, she has had threesome’s all over town, MMF and FFM’s, and I can name names. She comes home drunk almost every night and in front of her kids and is one of the biggest sluts I have ever known. She has no morals, she constantly brings different men to her house for sex, while her kids are home, yells and screams at her kids for no reason because shes drunk, prefers going to the bar to get wasted rather than feeding her kids and will suck any mans dick that pays attention to her (NO exageration)…She has told numerous men that she loves them while sleeping with 3 or more at the same time. She uses people for her own gain and most importantly, is a disgusting example to her kids who are old enough to hear and see what’s going on. I would not want that kind of person working at a daycare where my child attends, just ask Johana Milena Gonzalez who found out Kristin Hantz Ganas was fcking the father of her kids who happen go to St.Ignatius School. This woman is a disgusting slut and a terrible mother

Got leather?- nik

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The Thirsty Groupie Of South Tampa

December 26, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just feel like you need to know about the groupie girl named Ana Karina Guerra.  She is nothing but a molly popping, coke head who doesn’t know how to keep her legs close and her tongue in her mouth.  From the time that I’ve seen this girl at The Lodge to Vue 19 and Jackson she’s tonguing some random ass guy no wonder they call her a groupie?  Her ex boyfriend dumped her ass, she is nothing but a South Tampa h*e who acts sloppy.  Look out guys if you run into this girl you might catch something and I’m not talking about feelings.

Wow, tonguing random dudes in the club is kind of an aggressive move.- nik

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Drunk Elementary School Principle Is A Bully

December 24, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 96

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this principal is trying to make a name for herself, hiding all the bad and bad she does. The District looks the other way. The Children suffer, because she treats the teachers like crap and gets away with it! The better she hides all the wrong going on, Well makes her look better. This came out at a party she was bragging about her behavior while sloppy drunk. She needs to be fired!

This is one for your books on how poorly teachers are treated.  In Hillsborough county Florida, the district does nothing about their principals behaving poorly. This one in particular was bragging how she berates her teachers, blames them for bad student behavior, and laughs how she makes them cry, so she can get rid of them. The whole time she is saying this she is sloppy ass drunk. She is the principal at inner-city Philip Shore Elementary School in Ebor, Tampa FL., Jaime Gerding. Her behavior is appalling, and to bully the teachers she is in charge, well she should be FIRED. Yet the school district is like the Catholic Church and moves these trashy principals to new schools, in efforts to hide the deplorable behavior. It’s your kids and the teachers that suffer. This principal in particular is hiding the bullying going on in the school so she looks like she is doing a good job as a new principal. This tattooed skinny drunk bitch doesn’t deserve the position heading a school much less being around children. One source said she told them they don’t know what they are doing as a teacher, yet this teacher, teaches at the university level too. Other teachers she has berated in front of students. Once again Fire this Skank. Why give this here, is rather self-explanatory, she is dirt and the world needs to know the truth about what is going on. Another source, someone in area administration said that if you are a whistle blower in the district, you will be black listed and treated worse, if not fired! So the school district protects these Bullies, and allows them to continue, yet the district is losing teachers at an alarming rate because of it. Your child is losing because of DRUNK Skanks like Jamie Gerding ruining classroom activity and good teachers. Call the district, call the board of education and demand action against this rancid principal, it will only get worse if you don’t.

Elementary school Principals shouldn’t have tattoos. I decided.- nik

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Tampa’s Parasite Jessica Ryan

December 22, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 280

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessica Ryan! She is a parasite that lives in the Tampa Florida area. She is the most annoying person you will ever meet. She boasts about her eye color being real when eye color isn’t a sign of beauty and its not a redeeming trait for her. Her eyes are still beety and not enough false lashes in the world can enhance them. She is in her 20′s(so she claims) but she looks straight up 100!  Her overuse of instagram filter and her 100000 pics of her in the club makes me feel bad for the small number of people on her facebook. She is flat chested and tries to squeeze those mosquito bite sized boobs up and call that “cleavage”. Someone with a man face, a teenage boy’s body will not be busty!  Stop claiming your busty! She has the ugliest chicken legs I have ever seen. Her bony knuckle knees are hilarious to look at. She likes to run her mouth and call everyone “haters”. You have nothing to hate on.  She bragged about having many friend requests from guys and girls she doesn’t know but knows their boyfriends(insinuating that she steals people’s men) how can you steal a man when you look like one?  And she brags about cheating on her fiancé!  This girl is an all around mess!

The armpit really shows her true age.- nik

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Thinks She Is The Hottest Thing Out

December 16, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 384


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, turned this girl out and showed her what an actual sex is all about. She failed at modeling because she’s on the heavy side, and short side (model wise).  So now she wants to be a Realtor… So does everyone who doesn’t have a REAL college degree, and no Com doesn’t count. Had to teach her everything she knows in the bedroom. Once she got off, game over… Selfish would be an understatement. Puts on one hell of a show making herself seem to be a nice person, but in reality is a needy bitch… Click here to see some hearts.

Her teeth are very defined as in she must like bareback.- nik

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Cocktail Stripper Syndrome

December 14, 2013 Tampa, The Dirty 55



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl works at Penthouse Gentlemen’s club located off Westshore blvd in Tampa. She is an expert at milking dudes for $$$, had her ex buy her all kinds of sh*t and take her on trips, and even got a new car out of him. Meanwhile she was banging me and like 3 other guys. I also learned she screwed this super fat kid, just shows what level she’s on. She won’t ever admit to her lies, which I don’t get because I was just trying to be real with her. Nik, what do you think of her? Next time you’re in Tampa be sure to stop by Penthouse and tell her I said hi.

Fat guys are not fat if they have money.- nik

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