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Juicy J’s Halloween Weekend

November 5, 2011 Hollywood, Tang, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jocelyn aka Juicy J hasn’t been on here in a while. Figured I show the DA what she’s been up to. She’s posting all over her facebook how she got picked to be painted in Hef’s robe at the Playboy mansion this past weekend for Halloween. Looks like she’s moving up. She also posted pictures of her brand new benz her new boyfriend bought her & how they are opening up a medical marijuana store. Way to go Juicy.

Nobody cares about this chick anymore. Her stock is dead like Playboy.- nik

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What Happened To Tang

July 30, 2011 Cleveland, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Tang, The Dirty 10

What happened to Tang?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what happened to Tang? She had a short run, got involved with Blonde Snooki now she is totally MIA, did she take her fake modeling escort ass back to Cleveland or is she still hooking in Vegas?

Last I heard she was in LA trying out for the Geisha Grasshoppers squad.- nik

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Dirty Celeb March Madness Round Of 32

March 24, 2011 AR Mystery, Burnt Bacon, Elvira, March Madness 2011, Nickel, Rackstar, Scooby Snack, Silver Dollar, Tang, The Dirty 19

*****Voting Ends Tomorrow at 5PM (PST)******

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Dirty Celeb March Madness- Round 1

March 19, 2011 Burnt Bacon, Cigar, Elvira, March Madness 2011, Scooby Snack, Sea Biscuit, Secretariat, Tang, The Dirty, The Pelican 24

Round 1 Winner: Scooby Snack

Round 1 Winner: Burnt Bacon

Round 1 Winner: Tang

Round 1 Winner: Elvira

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Tang Speaks Out About Major Creeper Mikey Hanson And Him Taking Down TheDirty.com

October 3, 2010 Hollywood, Las Vegas, Tang, The Dirty 31

FROM DIRTY CELEB TANG: Nik, I’ve been on your website before and have never submitted anything nor cared but after you posted You Can Just Tell When Someone Is A Believer/Follower Of WWAGD I had to speak out. However, after receiving an email from the douche bag that submitted the story i feel that you need some clarification. “Mikey Hanson” if thats even his real name started messaging me on facebook 6 months back. (if we need pictures, trust me we can do that) stating how he follows me and has his first internet crush blah blah blah…a week ago he wrote me and asked if i wanted to take part in a website he’s launching. he claims he is going to be your ONLY competitor and blow your site out of the water. he asked myself, freddy fags and a few other people that have been on this site to do some advice pieces. my friends all said they were doing it at wet republic so i agreed to take part as well. however, when i showed up 2 hours our dear trashy mess mr. hanson was either completely drugged out or just that big of a lightweight. he met me in the MGM lobby to walk me down to our friends bungalow. the first thing he did was ask someone to take a picture of us like a total creep. walking through the casino with him he almost knocked an older woman down stumbling into her. he walked into peoples chairs playing blackjack. repeatedly screamed “I LOVE THIS GIRL”..you get the picture. needless to say within 5 minutes of meeting him i told him he was a classless degenerate and i left. for the next 24 hours i received probably about 50 messages from him threatening me. (no worries i got some pictures for you)…anywho long story short, nobody went with this creeper to his room, nor dinner.. no one got slapped..isn’t it funny how stories change depending on how delusional the person is…i only wish i knew someone in security at MGM. I’m sure the video of him falling on me and other people in the casino would be even better. PS. i blacked his “website” out in the picture below because me posting it is exactly what he wants, publicity. he believes he’s marketing himself as a brand and is going to blow up for being so disgusting. awesome…by the pictures i submitted i think it’s pretty clear he’s a bit embarrassed, hence his rendition of the story. (apparently no one has told him that the fish pucker face is for women lolol).

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Tang Has Let Everyone In Cleveland Down

August 18, 2010 Cleveland, Hollywood, Tang, The Dirty 60

Tang is Back at it!!

Tang is Back at it!!

Tang is Back at it!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! your favorite Ohio sl*t is back at it! Tang is taking more retarded pictures and it looks like maybe shooting porn in a low budget form! She has let down everyone from Ohio who thought she was going to be some big model! Even posted that she would do playboy now, pfft OK playboy wouldn’t want you! She is addicted to Pepsi and will suck off any rich guy to get ahead. Then to embarrass herself even more she had some wigger make a song about how she isn’t a drug addict, she posted it all over her facebook like it was going to make her look better:  and he even talks about freddy and tons of dirty celebs!

Looks like Ohio failed in producing a role model. Tang had a chance, but blew it. Girls if you move to Hollywood don’t give up after 3 weeks and don’t start partying until you have a real job.- nik

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Freddy Fags Adds Tang To The List Of Dirty Celebs He Has Slayed

August 2, 2010 Cleveland, Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, Tang, The Dirty 25

Are Freddy Fags & Tang A Couple?

Are Freddy Fags & Tang A Couple?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I thought that Freddy Fags was dating Scooby Snack but the last few weekends I have been seeing Tang and Freddy Fags together.  Please don’t tell me that these two are a couple now, also Freddy Fags has been with Pucker, Leper, Scooby Snack, and Tang, any other Dirty Celebs he has tapped?

Can someone explain to me why these girls love his Greg so much?  Is it because I made him famous like my agent.- nik

**Tang, your legs are still fat.

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Tang Still Celebrating Her Birthday

January 26, 2010 Cleveland, Tang 91


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Jocelyn P*nnunzio aka TANG, Haven’t seen her on here in a while and just wondered what your thoughts were on girls celebrating their birthdays for over a month? Her Birthday was over a month ago and it is now Jan. 22nd. Can we give her an award for having the most longest celebrated birthday ever? Also, Anyone going to RJ Boland’s across from the Q in Cleveland tonight beware cause from her facebook it says she has her sister with her who is only 15 years old. JAILBAIT… And Congrats Tang on being such a great role model and taking your sister to clubs to drink and chase purple crayons… Put Tang on Blast Nik!

She is just an undercover club promoter who will lie to get civilians to come to different locations so she can get her cut.- nik

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