Rachel Bradshaw Slept With Bridesmaid Sarah Davidson’s Husband Dallas Davidson

June 4, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Tennessee, The Dirty 33

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rachel Bradshaw, daughter of Terry Bradshaw, slept with her bridesmaid Sarah Davidson (private lives of Nashville wives) husband Dallas Davidson (BMI songwriter of he year) and attempted to sleep with other Bridesmaid Kellie Pickler’s husband Kyle Jacobs but he turned her down. She has also slept with Jay Cutler, Jerrod Neiman & Jamey Johnson to name a few. Terry should be so proud of his daughter. Rachel has been dropped from her business label and marrying her ex NFL “kicker” who was just cut from the Titans. Rachel is dirty the definition of dirty.

Isn’t Rachel Bradshaw a famous singer (in her mind)?- nik

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Sucubis on the Prowl

May 21, 2014 Memphis, Tennessee 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this girls name is Kimber Jordan Newman! And she is disgusting! She goes from bed to bed getting her fix of the D! She will basically do anything for a painkiller. She has even went so low as to try and claim rape and suicide to get attention from people! She can’t even drive her SUV without having to blow in a breathlizer cause she got caught driving drunk! Then tried to claim to cops treated her wrong! She’s not even 21 yet and has a DUI! Real classy Kimber! She’s is riddled with drd’s and likes to post snapchats of her at the obgyn looking for attention! She claims she is lifting at the gym, but b*tch looks more like skeletor and needs to eat a cheeseburger and needs serious help! She will go days without eating claiming she just forgot to eat? Who can just forget to eat? Maybe if she put down the drugs and alcohol she could remember to feed herself. Kimber Jordan Newman is a low class tramp who’s own family doesn’t want anything to do with her! She should just go and take her flat chested, stretch marked, herpes riddled trashy ass on somewhere. Actually she should hide under a rock cause people are tired of her showing up to parties uninvited and attempting to sleep with every guy there. Do everyone a favor and just disappear already and save a lot of people the mistake of catching herpes from you. People of Germantown and Collierville TN watch out!!

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Cheating Fireman

May 20, 2014 Tennessee 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man has been married 3 times, cant keep his dick in his pants, has 10 plus kids, loves to have sex with young females and has a sister fetish. He will tell you anything you want to here to get in your pants, he cheats on his soon to be ex wife 3 different times. Girls you better watch out because he has a huge ego for young females. He will fuck you and leave you and lead you on. If you want a man like this who has plenty of kids, will never care about you, and is a sex addict look him up. He is a fireman and lives in Spring Hill, so beware of this piece of shit.

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Yana “Elizabeth” Crouch the Russian

April 23, 2014 Nashville, Tennessee 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, allow me to introduce to you Yana “Elizabeth” (Liz) crater face Crouch. This is one of Middle Tennessee’s easiest bags of the night. She can usually be found hanging around inside (or behind) Dirty Jim’s bar in Murfreesboro. She uses men, pretends to want to have a family with them, let’s them buy her things, then cheats on them OR begins to have an abusive relationship with them! Currently she is on probation for hitting her ex boyfriend while she was high on drugs. She spends her life gossiping about everyone she hates, (all while pretending that she is a changed Christian) being checked for drds, and picking all the acne she has plastered across her face, and plotting against the world because she is a miserable, nasty skank that everyone knows is about as easy as they come! Even her own family can’t stand her!! She’s a home wrecking whore, who’s ruined marriages and even stolen money out of the wallets of the guys she’s screwing while they were sleeping! This girl tried to get one over on me and I honestly hope that no good man ever falls for her disgusting tricks!

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Watch out for CJ, Florida Newby

March 28, 2014 Las Vegas, Tennessee 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk This is Cj from Florida moved ddown where with his girlfriend amy rose to be the head bartender at blue-martini.. As most of us vegas residence its good to know who are the knew comers to vegas and how dirty they are getting down in this sinful lifestle. Cj whill smosze you and talk sweet and will even let you have free drinks and food ad bluemartini while he works. Quess hes trying to pocket those tips he takes. I must admit hes very friendly and can be so charming that you see how fake he is all along while his poor girlfriend is a waitress at martini .. Ladies he will tell you that him and his girl is not together and its not going to work out while all along thhey are working and living together. H e Trys to be smooth but he sucks at being a player… and will f you behind his gf back. I Think its time we vegas girls band together and know who are the knew comers to Vegas and what dirty dirty they are doing here… Stay away from Cj diaz bad news and a liar. Why did blue martini bring him from florida to Vegas to work don’t we have enough lying cheating douches bags as it is

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I wonder what she wants for Christmas

December 23, 2013 Nashville, Tennessee 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Warning .. Her sister Sybille Whaley just got out of prison for k**ng her husband .. It’s hard to believe that someone would ever touch this unfortunate ogre .. What’s worse is the amount of untreated ‘s she carries. If you run into this chick just be sure you run as far as possible. Her psychotic behavior and family history of mental illness makes it impossible for this woman to accept any help or treatment of any sort. She refuses to treat any of her current conditions which include ***. Sabrina doesn’t care who she sleeps with and is broke jobless and staying in a trailer when she’s not taking selfies , you can find her at almost any place that has any pathetic cover band playing. She came to nashville looking for a rockstar and does whatever she can to act like she’s young again . Nik you be the judge.. What\’s your thoughts on this beauty ? I think she would kill to have someone like you.. For 39 years Sabrina does all that she can to live by her only life motto “support live music, sleep with a musician”

A face lift…- nik

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Army Solider Sarah Harris

December 4, 2013 San Diego, Tennessee 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik! This is Sarah Harris or Sraah Haus as she goes by on Facebook! She’s from San Diego but stationed in TN. She has slept with many married men in her short time in TN! She’s the type of girl that says “I hate hanging out with girls because they cause too much drama!” The real reason is she prefers to hangout with guys (especially) married ones because she likes to sleep around. She has already gotten in trouble with the army for sleeping with other married soldiers and she’s doing it again! Please put her ass on blast!

Solo chicks are never ‘one of the guys’.- nik

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Cheatin Forgys

October 24, 2013 Tennessee 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I caught these two qu*er’s sucking each other Curtis Hembree and Eddy Robinson.behind his place of buisness the back to wellness center in oak ridge tn plus i saw curtis riming eddy sick f*cking f*g’s spread the word.

Classic snake charmer.- nik

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