Burnt Bacons New Guy

March 15, 2010 Dallas, Texas-AM 8 8,658 Views

Burnt Bacons new guy?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went to highschool with this guy and have lost touch but a buddy of mine claims he lives at the same complex as Burnt Bacon and is all over her. Do me a favor and get the army on this one and figure out what the story is. Odds are hes FORGY. Thanks..

He is not, doesn’t look rich enough…he may have hired her for a night or two though.- nik

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You Sure About This Nik

February 23, 2010 Houston, Texas-AM, Would You? 3 8,600 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you once stated in your Texas A&M archives that with a gun to your head you would the one on the left. I am seriously concerned for your health my friend… With a second consideration and the after photos are you sure you wouldn’t rather take the bullet? I know this girl and was sincerely dissappointed when I saw the quality with which you were settling! Please take this opportunity to apologize and atone for your mistake! And trust me you would need to visit your local free clinic for serious testing after your evening with her she has been run through by most of A&M… Take the bullet Nik Take the bullett!

I don’t recall saying that I would, I mean obviously I wouldn’t. She has bigger arms then me and a hybrid of a horse and a chipmunk for a face.- nik

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The Russian

February 12, 2010 Dallas, Texas-AM, Would You? 31 9,501 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Nadya she thinks she is god gift to earth. She thinks everyone owes something to her and how good she looks with her +2s. personally I think she needs a serious nose job. her pick up line is how she was born in Ukraine and moved her when little ….. so Nik, would you?

Answer: no. Look at those shoulder rolls, I won’t even mention the face.

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Red Headed Sloot

January 22, 2010 Texas-AM, Would You? 10 8,878 Views

Red Headed Slut

Red Headed Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl is the biggest (literally the biggest) slut in Corpus. She sleeps with at least three guys at a time, and wanted to get her apartment fixed faster so she slept with the maintance man at her apartment. soooo i have to know… would you?

Obviously not.  she looks like a lawn gnome.- nik

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Special Driver

December 3, 2009 Dirty Rides, San Antonio, Texas-AM 22 5,377 Views

special driver

special driver

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik on a very sunny day, this young male likes to have fun posing through various cars. Notice that the shades he has takes the girls breaths away with his swagga, pimpulatious, no p*ssy take on this. (“Domestics always beat imports anyday!”) Don’t matter the make or model of the car, it always has been the importance of this same very masculine pose.

I feel like he probably works at a car rental place.- nik


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Can You Read This?!

December 3, 2009 Dirty Rides, Houston, Texas-AM 15 6,341 Views

Can you read this?!

THE DIRTY ARMY: This driver loves displaying funny things, but this one particular decal says it all. What a funny man.

Yes I can read it, it says I’m a douche.  I can only imagine what this guy does when he is driving beside a girl.- nik

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What Do You Think?

November 6, 2009 Texas-AM 4 6,434 Views

What do you think?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Leah from Texas A&M, I used to be best friends with her for a while. She thinks she’s the sh*t and all and thinks she can get anyone she wants. She’s really arrogant and has this “I can get whatever I want” attitude. All in all she’s just a fake plastic doll.

I can tell her lower body is huge, just by how full her face is. It also doesn’t get anymore trashy that fishnet.- nik

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Trash Is Here

October 22, 2009 Houston, Texas-AM 26 6,898 Views

Lowest trash there is

Lowest trash there is

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ho(rs)e’s name is Ashley O*born. She definitely goes for the homerun on the first date, and as you can see, it’s usually with guys who are too lazy to put any effort into getting a hot girl. To make things worse, after the guys realize that she’s dirty and not worth it, she calls them and tells them that she’s pregnant. Is there a lower kind of trash on this earth than the chick that fakes pregnancies?

She is desperate, she has that look and those girls are the worst.  I give her a year tops before she traps someone into having a kid with her.- nik

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