Kylie Jenner Is 17

October 22, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why is Kris letting her just turned 17 year old daughter date a porn star??? Does no one remember TYGA with his porn website rackcity xxx??? They are totally having sex ….When I was 17… my parents didn’t approve of me even being friends with people who smoked! And that was 5 years ago…. Kris Jenner is all about money… and being a lazy parent…. Kris Jenner wake up! You let your daughter inject her lips at 16…. we all know .. And now date your second oldest friends baby daddy…… Kylie will be in rehab by 21, I’m calling it now.

All this family cares about is money and power. Kylie is just a pawn.- nik

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Our Tax Dollars Hard At Work

October 22, 2014 Dirty Cops, Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty 64


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like the copper on the right is a little jealous. Keep paying your taxes people.

What police department is this? The officer on the right has his sleeve rolled up…isn’t that against the rules?- nik

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Justin Timberlake Did Give Her The Mercedes

October 22, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is May 2010 after the bad flood hit. Justin gave her the car after she lost the BMW Z-4 in the flood. He signed a deal with Audi, so he couldn’t be seen in anything else. This car is custom, over $200,000. They met at his eco-friendly golf course just outside of Millington, TN where he is from. His mother and step-father still live there. She has been to their house a few times.

This shim will not give up.- nik

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Do You Believe All The Stuff You Write About Michael Phelp’s Girl

October 22, 2014 The Dirty, Washington DC 201

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, curious why you only post the worst pictures of this girl? These are all on the web and she is not an ugly old lady like you portray her on here. Just saying…. I think it’s sad she is gone from social media and is no longer working publicly since this happened to her. What happens when Phelps gets out of rehab and they go public with a statement and she looks nothing like the way you have put her on blast here, but more like her public persona outside your website? You probably won’t post this due to the fact it doesn’t fit the criteria of degradation, but oh well. Insert your dismissive, awful comment here and post away like you do.

Stop submitting yourself please, we get it…Phelps was drunk and texted you for naked pictures. Also, why are you implants rejecting from your body…I think it’s pretty obvious.- nik

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Keisha Kimball Is A Scam

October 21, 2014 Dallas, Hollywood, The Dirty 55


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t understand why everyone in Hollywood is so blind? Us Dallas folks know the truth. Keisha loves black guys and has had 4 plastic surgery procedures. Don’t be fooled DA!

Her elbows have always bothered me.- nik

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Are These Real Or Fake

October 21, 2014 Hollywood, Scottsdale, The Dirty 48


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out Natalie. You are the boob job expert. My greg needs to know if these are real or fake?

My gut says real based on her nose.- nik

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Brooklyn Needs A Refund

October 21, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brooklyn Ferreira the fakest phoninest butch ever made. Mommy and daddy buy her everything even those poorly done boobs. She swears up and down she loves god and what not bitch please you’re a wh*re and you’ve had more boyfriends and sexual partners then you do brain cells in your head. Bitch is fried on I tan and the gym. Nik, tell us all what you think of those 2′s!!

How did that body win a fitness contest? I don’t get it.- nik

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Korean Plastic Surgery Is Even Weirder Than You Think

October 21, 2014 Seoul, The Dirty 39


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! A bit more on the insane plastic surgery going on in South Korea: it isn’t just extreme but ultra bizarre. Girls there undergo procedures to REMOVE a thigh gap?!?! And calf muscles are considered very gross so people have their calves “smoothed,” plus they find ultra pointy chins and thin lips sexy on women (????), and often shave down a man’s jawline. Sorry guys but strong jaws are sexy. Then again, so are big gregs–and they don’t have those either. Both guys and girls also have their head rounded if they feel like their head is too flat. Of course, all of this “improvement” will only last until they reproduce–none of this surgery fixes their genes. Nature, and ugly, always finds a way.

Random, but whatever happen to Brody Chinner?- nik

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