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Timberfake On A Date With Tommy Gun & Miss Tommy Gun

June 1, 2009 Miss Tommy Gun, St. Louis, Timberfake, Tommy Gun 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is pics of that f@g Timberfake or #1 Playbaby whatever you guys call him hes now calling himself the Golden Boy as well. I guess he has 3 nicknames. Here he is at Pointfest a music festival in st louis with Tommy Gun and Miss Tommy Gun on his myspace it says they are sex shows and they rule the world.What is this world coming to I bet these Homos will somehow have their own TV show sometime soon.

These guys are losing DIRTY CELEB status… not even worth posting on the main page anymore.- nik

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Rock And Roll Sex Show

May 17, 2009 Miss Tommy Gun, St. Louis, The Dirty, Tommy Gun 88

Tommy Gun Jenny Gun

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik Heres two of my closest friends- Tommy Gun and his girl Jenny Gun, two of STL’s Finest. Everybody knows that STL is no L.A. and that being something here doesnt really prove anything but I just have to say Damn this Couple takes it to the next level…without even trying! He used to be a playbaby Nik but I guess a Woman like this can subdue even the wildest Rock N Roll Sex Show. They are like the Beckhams of STL. But thats just another Playbaby’s opinion….

Thanks Tommy “Douche” Guntm for the self write up.  Still wondering why you kicked Timberfake out of the band?- nik

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The Return of Tommy Gun

May 1, 2009 St. Louis, Tommy Gun 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Ok, so I used to be friends with Tommy gun oh wait ” Gregory” and his girl Jen on myspace untill I got deleted the other day. WTF? Actually it was a relief because I think if I had to see another pic or read another caption on how this couple think they are STL’s Hottest new thing I would put a FU(%!ng gun to my head! Do you notice the new style? What did they go EMO or sumthin? P.S. They joke around calling themselves Gregiffer-Seriously???

At least his emo douche cut is long enough now that he doesn’t need shades indoors any longer.- nik


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Breaking “Dirty” News

March 25, 2009 St. Louis, Tommy Gun 17


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik…as for the latest post on about Tommy Gun being in the new Band “SEX SHOW” That is just a Rumor…Hearsay. However there is talk of him and Basu going on tour together this summer….that would be a real “Rock N Roll Sex Show”

I bet if they recruit Timberfake, they could give the Jonas Bothers a run for gayest band ever. Look out fifteen year olds (boys).- nik

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