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Tommy Gun / Jenny Gun

March 10, 2009 Miss Tommy Gun, Scissor Gang Mafia, St. Louis, Tommy Roberts 47

Tommy Gun/ Jenny Gun

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just say it Nik……

I think Tommy Gun can agree with me on this one.  Tristan was totally creeping on his chick.- nik


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Tommy Gun

February 20, 2009 St. Louis, Tommy Roberts 17

Tommy Gun and his Gay little Buddy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tommy Gun taking a dump.

Dude, just some advice… pull your pants down a little bit so you don’t stain them.- nik

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Tommy Tool Hits Sugars Fashion Show

February 8, 2009 St. Louis, Tommy Roberts 35

tommy gun hits sugars fashion show

Looks like someone is ready for Jungle fever.

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Looks Like Real SGM

February 3, 2009 St. Louis, Timberfake, Tommy Roberts 25

Looks like REAL SGM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres Tommy Gun and his boy Timberfake at the GND party at Lush on Sunday! The ladies dig his style, they love Gun’s glove…..What a playbaby…Hey Nik…I heard when you come to STL you and Tommy Gun are gonna kick it wild style….???

I don’t know where you heard that.- nik


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He Thinks He Is Cool

January 15, 2009 St. Louis, Tommy Roberts 7

He thinks he's Cool?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik…Look what the Dirty army dragged up! I have to put this Douchetard on Blast ASAP! WTF is he thinking….I need your input on this nik….whats going on in his head?

He hung out with Tommy Gun once and it ruined his life forever.- nik


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Tommy Douche

January 14, 2009 Scissor Gang Mafia, St. Louis, The Dirty, Tommy Roberts 51

This has GOT to be a REAL SGM Nik

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tommy Gun really went the extra step here. He is real or fake sgm?

FAKE SGM, I wonder if he cut that crack?- nik

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Tommy Gun’s G-String

January 13, 2009 St. Louis, Tommy Roberts 45

Tommy Gun's G-string

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik… I found a priceless shot of Tommy Gun on my Girls memory card yesterday, thought I would show the world what he used to do in his spare time….Male exotic dancer for a local gig called cocktails…I have more but dont think you could show em on this site! He was pretty good, but I think his girl made him quit when she found out he was shoving his junk in womens faces 3 times a week!

The price of fame.- nik

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SGM For Life?

December 23, 2008 Scissor Gang Mafia, St. Louis, Tommy Roberts 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here ya go nik, Another one of Tommy Gun again reppin the SGM, I heard ever since Richie Rexic told him he was Fake SGM, he’s been going Nuts! Real or Fake Nik…Id still say Fake!

Answer: Fake, Tommy Douche you are not a legend I don’t care what your self made myspace pictures say. Please stop throwing up SGM.

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